15259/Dreams are fun

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Dreams are fun
Date of Scene: 25 June 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: 15259
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Molly Carpenter

Harry Dresden has posed:
Just another day in the life. Harry has less paperwork since Molly returned, but there is still other things to deal with. It isn't often he messes with his pistol, but right now he his cleaning it. He has all the next tools and cloths, making sure the weapon fires when needed.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
It was still morning. It wasn't so early it was indecent, but Molly still had a big, double-walled mug of what was presumably coffee in her hand when she walked through the door. She also had two styrofoam food containers in a plastic bag, and she looked... tired. Maybe like she'd just woken up, except her hair was brushed and she had her makeup on. She'd been up. Had she been up all night?


She wasn't even looking at Harry sitting at the kitchen table with his rag down and his pistol taken apart. She locked the door behind her, but she didn't put any wards back up.

Instead, she put her bag on the floor, set the food down, hung up her jacket, and then picked up the food again, carrying it over to the counter beside the sink.

"I got you breakfast."

A peace offering, maybe? A gesture of, 'things don't have to be weird,' maybe? A kind of affectionate, mothering gesture? Had she really been processing everything that had happened... all night? And come to this conclusion?

She takes the boxes out of the bag and sets them beside each other.
Harry Dresden has posed:
He concentrates on the weapon and doesn't reply right off. He gets the barrel clean and then he looks up. Looking at the styrofoam,"I appreciate it. I didn't have time for dinner last night or breakfast." he admits and then starts putting the clean weapon back together.

Doing this without watching his hands he tells her softly,"I'm glad you came back. I know things were..." Yeah he is bad at words and so he doesn't try,"Anyway. Thank you." he finally manages.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Well, the topic had been broached, so there was no sense beating around the bush. Molly turns and leans up against the counter, watching him and crossing her legs at the ankles, arms folded across her bare midriff.

"I don't know what you saw, Harry. I... don't know what I want to know. We both saw what we saw. And.. I don't think we need to dwell on it. I had a really bad night.." Phrasing. She holds up one hand for a moment and shakes her head, clarifying, "Not here. /After/ I left here."

Soon enough, she's collecting coffee mugs, opening the top of her big tumbler and pouring the steaming hot coffee -- splitting it between the two mugs.

"This is going to be a weird question. Was Mouse here all night? Like.. did you.. let him out at all?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
He gets up finally and walks to see what she has brought for breakfast,"I don't know for sure everything you saw either. So we'll just carry it with us and leave it at that." he replies.

When she mentions that things got weird last night he looks at her quizzically. A brow raises curious and he thanks her softly when she hands him coffee. He looks at Mouse, who looks at her when she mentions his name, maybe hoping for food,"I mean. I didn't let him out to speak of, but sometimes I think he comes and goes however and whenever. As far as I know, he was here all night."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly's quiet for a moment, lips pursed in consideration as she pops open both of the carry-out containers. They're both exactly the same: a pile of scrambled eggs, a pile of roasted potatoes, a couple of slices of bacon, a couple of links of sausage, and three pancakes. And they're both still very warm. She just picked them up.


She reaches out to drag one of the containers over to her and takes one of the pieces of bacon. She lifts it up to take a nip off of the end with her front teeth, chewing, then walks over and places it flat on her palm, offering it out for Mouse to take.

Her hand, when Mouse finishes with it, is a slobbery mess.. and Mouse is a /very/ happy camper.

"Good boy," she grins, rubbing him behind the ears with her non-slobbery hand, and when she walks back over, she holds it up to show Harry.

"At one o'clock this morning, I woke up with my hand /exactly/ like this." She pauses. "And in my dream? It was Mouse."

Finally, demonstration over, she washes her hands in the sink.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Looking at the food she brought, he takes a piece of bacon and starts to eat it. Curious about the sitation as Molly takes the long approach for the time being. Watching Mouse take the bacon he mutters,"If he gets gas, he's going home with you tonight."

Looking at the slime on her hand, he gets more questions than answers. Harry cocks his head to the side and manages only,"What?" at first.

He looks at Mouse and asks,"Do I want to know what you do at night?" Mouse just looks at him, still licking his chops from the bacon,"So you dreamed about Mouse?" Oh there are bad jokes, but things are a little tense for that.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"It was a /weird/ dream. I thought, at first, it was part of the soul gaze. I was..."

Here, Molly grins a little, a blush touching her cheeks. "I was a Warden. But.. that's obvious, right? I had been worried about using psychomancy, so, dreaming about the Wardens isn't weird."

She opens a drawer and pulls out a couple of forks and knives, setting them in the to-go containers rather than getting proper plates. Then she sets out the butter and the syrup containers from the bag for Harry, grabbing one of each and smearing the butter on the pancakes first. She doesn't bother taking it over to the table. She just stands at the counter.

"I was in some kind of.. village. It's hard to remember the details. But there were these kids tending goats, of all things. And then were all of these eyes all over the village.. and these things came out and started going for the goats. They were.. not big. Like..." She makes a gesture with her hands. Then she starts dumping syrup. Over everything. "Kinda creepy. It was night, so it was hard to see everything."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Listening to the story, he looks a little confused in a way. When she mentions being a Warden he mutters,"You didn't mention it was a nightmare. You are probably right, the psychomancy probably did add to that."

He starts to work on his pancakes as well, butter and syrup. Not too concerned about the table just now either. He listens to her talk about the kids and the goats and frowns deeper,"So something small. Kinda creepy. Going for the..." he pauses and looks back at her again,"...the goats? Small like rodents or larger?"
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Bigger. Like.. dogs. Maybe smaller dogs. It took a couple of them to drag a goat off," Molly says. She grabs her coffee and takes a long drink from it, then sets it down again.

"I did what I could. I conjured up a ring of fire -- an illusion because I didn't want to.. you know.. hurt the goats -- to try to scare the creatures off. And it worked for the most part. Except."

The story hangs there as Molly takes a bite of sausage and chews. Don't you hate it when people leave stories hanging like that?

"Except.. there were these two bigger ones that took their place. After the rest of them scattered, these other two were /huge/. I mean, you're tall, but.."

Molly holds her hand out, lifting it up in the universal gesture for /bigger/.

"Glowing red eyes. All the spooky stuff. And.. they scared the rest of the little ones off. And then.. you know. My dream. I can't just stand by and watch all the scary stuff happen to everyone else, right?"

Molly smiles.

"So, these things charge me... but before they can get to me, Mouse runs up and gets between us. I didn't even realize it was Mouse, at first, but he scared them off. And then he came up to me, and.. it was him. He had his collar on and everything."

She shrugs.

"And then I woke up and.." She lifts her hand, wiggling her fingers, and then cuts and forks a bite of pancake. "What do you think?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
Just when he thought he had an idea, she changed the parameters of story. Frowning when she mentions the bigger ones, changes everything. Finally he asks,"The smaller ones, the ones that killed the goats. Were they trying to eat them or were they trying to take them away for later. Did they do anyting strange, well stranger than that?"

He is quiet a while and admits,"Bigger ones, that doesn't make a bit of sense. I believe you and I don't doubt Mouse was there somehow. One puzzle at a time though, tell me anything else you can about the smaller ones." He takes a bite of food, chewing thoughtfully.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly shakes her head, wrinkling her nose as she chews like she was trying to remember. Dreams had a nasty habit of slipping away from you too quickly.

"There were dogs.. like.. actual dogs. And some of the creatures were like.. protecting the others?"

She shrugs.

"It kind of happened fast and.. I don't know. It's kinda.. fuzzy. What are you thinking?"

She goes to stab another bite of pancake, but the phone rings.

"Duty calls. I got it. You eat."

She smiles, setting her fork down in her to-go box and moving around him to head towards the sound of the ringing.

"To be continued," she calls over her shoulder.

And then, from the next room, "This is Harry Dresden's office. Can I help you?"