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A Mystical Hangover
Date of Scene: 26 June 2023
Location: Central Park, Manhattan
Synopsis: Just another day in New York!
Cast of Characters: Juggernaut, Cannonball, Iron Fist

Juggernaut has posed:
Tis a typical busy afternoon in New York. Traffic is heavy. The streets are full of people. Their daily lives are under way with the usual cacophony of noises, smells, sights and colors.

Of course a typical day in New York these days is to expect the atypical instead. They are all to often besieged by the phrase "We live in interesting times." and once again, this is about to be apparent.

On the streets just oustide of Central Park: A loud /BOOM/ rumbles through the immediate area nearby a park. The impact is accompanied by a rumbling quake. A seismic disturbance that causes people to stumble and cars to swerve. Seismometers rattle elsewhere in thecity as the shockwaves roll forth.

Another BOOM resounds. Then another, and then another. The quakes increase and people look on in confusion. Cars crash and a fire hydrant erupts. When the next BOOM happens, the air in the middle of the streets nearest to the parks entrance ...crack. Literally fracturing like glass with a brilliant red glow emerging through the cracks. The thunderous seismometer level impacts happen again and then again. The cracks increase and then finally a HUGE arm blasts its way through. A massive fist with a gigantic red knuckle duster and red arm guards. Muscled such that the bicep girth is more like that of swamp trees.

So big. So obviously at the sight of this..people begin to panic and clear the area as reality seems to shatter like a mirror breaking. Some phones get to flashing though. This'll make a great Instagram post.
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie just so happened to be in town and nearby. At the first boom, he looks about and as more are heard he starts to head that way. It may seem counter to normal survival instinct but there are some people who run from the fire and some who run in to help people. So Sam is jogging over not flying yet, to get an idea what is going on and if his help is needed. When he sees the arm, he sighs a bit and reaches into a pocket pulling some goggles out and putting them over his eyes.
Iron Fist has posed:
"Some days, are all about zen, while other days end in 'y'." Danny Rand had been in the park, practicing his meditation. But it was disrupted by the rumbling, the vibrations, and whatever might be coming. He was in a clearing, with no trees close enough to land on him, and if a skyscraper did, well, he and a lot more people would have bigger concerns. So he was safe and able to take his time. He slowly and gracefully rose to his feet, wearing navy blue shorts, with white borders around each waist. His shirt was on his blanket, which he lifted up and over, sliding it on. The gray heather was embossed with 'Property of Chikara Dojo' with an address in the left hand corner of his front, while the back was bigger. It never hurt to promote Colleen's business. He wore sandals today, and after slipping into them, and folding up his blanket, he would walk towards the source of the noise. This man must be on something. It was like he was walking back to his car.
Juggernaut has posed:
Heroic movements towards the danger. A calm zen like reaction to this sudden turn of events. They certainlys tand out in comparison to the rest of the bystanders who attempt to clear the way as the air wobbles and distorts with an effect not unlke moving thorugh a collection of fun house mirrors.

The mammoth arm is followed by a titanic body and with a visual effect like a wrecking bar crashing through plates of glass, The Juggernaut finally plows forward and makes his full presence known.

He stumbles down towards one knee, the streets caving in from his weight and the sheer pressure of his strength. Crimson energy crackles around him like the tendrils of lightning as a quick glimpse of the realm beyond the sundered air can be seen..a whirling maelstrom of red clouds and lightning. But it is brief as the dimensional breach, for that is what it is, begins to rapidly heal and seal itself back up .. leaving a glowing red and confused Cain Marko rocking unsteadily to his feet. His helmet and skullcap are both gone, revealing his brutish red-haired confused visage. The energy of the crimson cosmos continues to whirl around him as if some sort of residual effect and he staggers back to his feet while putting a hand to his head..deep voice rumbling out a gravely, "What..what happened. Where the..hell..am I...?" with the tone of a man dealing with the mother of all drunken hangovers.

Meanwhile cars honk and wildly swerve to avoid the giant. Most are able to do so, screeching to a halt or swerving to the sidewalks. A delivery truck is less fortunate. The driver slams on the brakes but finds himself screeching towards the looming behemoth who begins to slowly turn towards it, illuminated by the approaching glare of the head lights.
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie will jet up into the air and move to hover about 10 foot in front of Juggernaut. He knows he can not really hurt the other, but as long as he has his blast field up, he figures Cain can't hurt him to much either. Seeing the other's reaction and hearing the questions Sam does something most heroes might not do and tries to talk before throwing punches "Ok, that was a rather odd sight. Your in New York City Cain." Yea Sam has read the bios
Iron Fist has posed:
"Central Park, near West 87th Street, if that helps," added the other blue eyed, blond haired young man. He didn't seem to be fazed by Cannonball's dramatic entrance from the sky, nor the Juggernaut's from the Earth. "Did you see any turtles down there?" He asked, having heard reports of anthropomorphic turtles residing within the New York City sewer system. "Sammy B's food truck is just a block that way, are you hungry?" He did not read the bios. He was just this way naturally.
Juggernaut has posed:
The Juggernaut turns slowly, moving lethargically as if he's reacting to voices he's hearing form dome distance away and not Sam or Danny's candid and casual reacton to him and the chaos he's introduced to teh area.

"Uh.." he begins, trying to find the words and then slowly frowning. "..Central Park??"

And then the truck hits him. The Juggernaut, who is strong enough to break the bones of the likes of Thor and Hulk, does not move. He may as well have been slammed into by particularly loud tumbleweed as he neither moves nor acknowledges the impact as debris flies crates go flying. Vegetables raining down onto the streets.

The truck flips, driver alive due to airbag, but unconscious. People scatter, a large piece of the trucks cargo tumbling towards one group of them. THe truck itself tumbles towards a rough landing in the streets.

Juggernaut turns, not registering what even happened and repeating, "Central Park...?" as he starts to take a step to rumble slowly towards the park proper.
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie moves to fly up in front of the cargo, and puts himself in between it and the people, it rocks him back a bit but he is absorbing the impact some insteat of flying through it not wanting to send debris raining down on the people. He looks over to the other calm blonde man "See if you can coax him out of the street, but stay out of arms reach." He offers in suggestion
Iron Fist has posed:
"Why don't we get you over," and then the truck barrels into the Juggernaut, with the former taking the brunt of it. Cannonball was quick to do what he could to mitigate things. Nodding to the fighted man, Danny continues his encouragement, "come on big guy, the grass is really soft over here, and there are no vehicles to... break against you. Why don't you join me over here? My name's Danny, what's yours?"
Juggernaut has posed:
It's a job well done!

Perhaps a step too late as the crash could have been averted all together - maybe as getting Juggernaut to move is a feat unto itself - but the people sprawled on the ground, awaiting being crushed by falling debirs, certaily aren't complaining as Sam leaps into action.

The truck itself slams into the ground and slides forward. The driver now pinned and trapped as more food tumbles free ino the streets.

Juggernaut's footfalls thunder and sunder across pavement, sidewalk and then into the lawn of the park itself in slow deliberate yet confused steps. Each lumber rocks the area. Even the lawn of the park ielding to him as giant footprints are left in his wake and the soil does little tonothing to muffle the force of his footfalls.

"No, no, this aint right.." he rumbles, eyes flashing red as if seeing something not there. A huge arm reaches out, pressing against a tree in his way to shove it to the side as he passes it. Its roots rip up wholesale, sending mounds of dirt flying as the tree goes toppling over towards Dany.

"This is..some sorta trick... Where am I!!"
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie will move to see about getting the man out of the truck. He is on damage control for now. He is keeping an eye on Danny and Cain, trying to make sure the other is staying out of reach and really hoping the blonde guy is some hero out of costume. He tells others to stay back, as he tries to gently check the main over and get him out of the trapped space if he can.
Iron Fist has posed:
Danny was banking on Cannonball, emergency services, and average New Yorkers, to help with the truck and those affected by it. As cynical as New Yorkers can be at the best of times, they absolutely join together at the worst of times. "That's it, come on, almost there, nice and gentle," those footsteps were thunderous, but Juggernaut was getting there. Of course, it wasn't going to be smooth sailing. Suddenly, a tree was felled, coming down towards Danny. Except, it split. One hand rose up, perfectly timed, and with the briefest flashes of yellow light, the trunk was split in two, with each side of the tree falling to the side of the young man. "What did the tree?" A glance, "no matter, we can plant more."
Juggernaut has posed:
The man is unconscious, pinned, and hurt. But it could have been much worse. He's alive and so he's not going to complaina bout -that- at least.

And as Danny predicted, the locals -are- getting their wits back about them..coming to join Sam to check on the truck driver. "I've got paramedics on the way!" says one young lady while crouching down to look at the man. "We got him!"

She looks over her shoulder back towards the park where Danny attemtps to mollify the confused Juggernaut as the distnat rumbles continue.

That yellow flash of light -does- more then just shatter the tree. Seeing it in his peripehral, Juggernaut turns, msytic energy trailing form his eyes as his teeth grit and his rough hewn expression sets into a jaw jutting sneer. He rounds about on Danny now, as if percieving that as some sort of assault or attemtped assault even though it was..compeltely the opposite of that.

The ground chasms, splintering as he takes a step forward, knuckles popping and cracking with a sound like boulders being split apart as he bears down towards Danny now. "You..."
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie looks over to the people and says "Thanks." This is followed by a "Shi..." As he sees Juggernaut turn on Danny. He did not see the flash of light. He will head towards the Juggernaut, but again thanks to knowing a bit about the man, he aint trying to come at him head long, he comes at an angle and towards Cain's leg. Trying to make the man veer off to the side so he will miss Danny. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut but hopefully a Cannonball to the knee can make him swerve to the left.
Iron Fist has posed:
The source of Iron Fist's power wasn't mystical-mystical, it was just regular mystical. The former was something granted by the Gem of Cyttorak. The later, was simply chi, poorly understood by the masses, and even some in the business. What Danny had learned to do, could be done by others, had they the shared his experiences, and had his will to continue his training. Still, it had caught the attention of the Juggernaut, and he took an aggressive attitude. "I am Danny, and I mean you no harm." He didn't flinch. It was very strange seeing a man in sandals standing up to the Juggernaut without flinching. Of course, he may not have meant harm, but Cannonball was coming in towards the man's knee.
Juggernaut has posed:
It's a bold move by them both. bold and brave and perhaps a Juggernaut less...inebriated, for lack of better description, would not have been so moved or distracted.. but as it stands he is and Cannonball, true to his codename, comes thundering right into the back of his leg with enough force to cause the behemoth to stagger, stumble and then miss with an arm that was lunging outward and uncurling to try and grasp for Danny.

The ground violently lurches as Cain stomps forward, slamming a foot to arrest his forward momentum and leaning into his missed grasp attempt as his massive fingers go gouging into the ground instead, scoring up piles of grass and dirt as he recovers and then flattens his palm against the earth to steady himself.

Sam may very well rebound off of the giant. He didn't move to far after all, but the impact was jarring enough that coupled with everything else, his eyes seem to flash once again and his ice blue gaze begins to refocus once more.

"Wait a sec.... Central Park. This -is- Central Park..!"
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie will have careened off into another tree, another one will have to be replanted, and plowed a bit of a rut into the earth. He climbs up and dusts himself off not blasting right this moment, and looks over to Cain "Yea, your in New york, and no one is trying to hu.. attack you." He adds "I mean no one can hurt ya but we aint trying to start a fight."
Iron Fist has posed:
Bright blue eyes regarded the Juggernaut, and Cannonall, but mostly the Juggernaut. He was watching, he was waiting, and anticipating. With practiced ease, he took a step, a single step, out of the way of the grasping hand, and then another, calm and casual, relaxed even, to step aside as the man came to ground, digging up grass and dirt. "That's right, it is Central Park, and while I mean you no harm," he glanced over to see that Cannonball seemed to be all right after his ordeal, "I can't speak for the Central Park Rangers. They were pretty scary in Elf." Yeah, he went there.
Juggernaut has posed:
"How'd I get here. I was home.. Some sort of flash of light.."

Juggernaut shakes his head a few more times, trying to dust off the mystical cobwebs and then finally turns, expression bleary as he stares down both Danny and Sam.

His gaze lingers longest on Danny as if there is some distant recognition in there somewhere but to Sam, he seems less sure and he peers at the young southerner before finally rumbling.

"What do you mean, y'mean me know harm What am I, some sorta alien? A dog? You two weren't actually -trying- to fight me, were you?"

He shakes his head again, trying to keep the world from spinning.

"I heard voices..chanting.. THen.."

There's a pause as he puts a hand to his head and then finally he sneers, "Someone summoned me to do something and then dumped me here! I'll kill 'em!"
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie says, "Was trying to make sure no one got hurt while you were out of it. Well no one else." He looks over to the truck driver. Ah know who ya are and would rather not go around with ya, but Ah can't let ya hurt innocent folks." He does not count the summoner as innocent perhaps."
Iron Fist has posed:
"I don't know how you got beneath the surface, but you climbed out of the ground, over there," and Danny gestured, thumbs and fingers together, to the large hole. "You could be an alien, but not a dog, you don't look like a dog, but you do look human, and can speak English. Do you remember anything, even your own name?"
Juggernaut has posed:
"What the..." Juggernaut looks at Danny with an incredulous expression but he seems to have enough on his mind to focus all of his ire and growing confusion and agitation there.

"What're you, an idiot? I'm The Juggernaut!"

There is some fame or ..well..infamy assocaited with the giant after all and so there's some mild irritation at the thought someone doesn't recognize him even if it'd be for all the wrong reasons. He's not exactly an 'upstanding citizen'.

"I don't know either of you though. Yer both stupid - brave though.."

He glances over to see the truck driver but then turns away. He points a huge arm towards Sam, "You slammed into me. You the local good guy then? Well I aint got no interest in hurting 'innocents' as you call 'em so I'll be on my way. I need to find out whose been playing tricks with me." He glances at both once more and then allows a lopsided smirk.

"I'll let ya both off this tie. Call it a reward for being boy scouts..."
Cannonball has posed:
Samuel Guthrie will make sure to tell the Prof about this encounter, and let him forward word to others, but Sam knows he can not stop the man, so better to limit the damage that would come from a fight.
Iron Fist has posed:
"Oh, you're the Juggernaut. My mistake. Sorry, I should have recognized you." He sounded sincere, but he was also trying to placate the mountain of a man, whomever he was. There were a lot of heroes, and just as many villains. It was so hard to keep track of them these days. He wasn't sure whether he should be relieved or concerned that the Juggernaut was going to leave peacefully. He didn't know what he would do to restrain the man, even if he could defeat him, he would have to at some point hand him over to the local authorities. The fact that Cannonball made no move to stop him helped. Danny exchanged a brief glance with the man once the Juggernaut turned to start walking away. His body language suggested, 'well, huh, guess that was something.'
Juggernaut has posed:
"RIiight." rumbles Juggernaut as he hears Danny.

He gives Sam one final glance and then finally just sort of turns and starts of finto a earth shaking jog. This picks up the pace as he gets further away from the two, turning into a full on earth thundering run as he makes his way to cross the park aiming to disappear into its deeper more forested depths. The earth continues to shake after he's out of sight but he's at least got some clearence given that the area had emptied out when the commotion began.

Sadly the truck driver will need hospitalization for a time but the alternative could be much worse and even Damage Control gets off light this time as aside from the downed trees it's largely just the giants imprints and cracks in the ground that must be dealt with. An encounter with Juggernaut -usually- yields much worse where property damage is concerned.

Thus, calamity has been averted.