15272/A Truly HEAVY Gym day.

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A Truly HEAVY Gym day.
Date of Scene: 29 June 2023
Location: Fogwell's Gym, Clinton
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Superman, She-Hulk, Lois Lane

Superman has posed:
Clark walks into the gym He may stand out a little bit. The man is wearing a running jacket, or hoodie. It's black with accents of gray, but in a triangular pattern that sprawls acrors the chest and shoulders it's caution tape yellow. Something bright and obnoxious.

Clark will give a hesitant wave before pushing up his glasses. Why is Clark in New York? It's due to a story. Thsi trip to the gym is just to help blend. To show what -does- Clark Kent do. Plus, there's the added bonus of helping give Lois a cover story. So, Clark will pay any guest fees then immediately go to a treadmill. Smiling, "So, this is how they work," and then he starts to go at a gentle pace. A good warm up pace. Something you'd use for the first few moments before actually cranking up the speed to something more appropriate.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Is here, but she's Jennifer right now. She's in her size-changing purple and white suit, just in case.. But right now, she's got her air pods in her ears and is just skipping .. though for those with super hearing.. they would detect that what she's got playing is actually somebody reading out legal transcripts.

     She's also skipping at very high speeds event though she's in human form. She's in really good shape and is doing that boxer style of skipping, almost looking like she's running in place.
Lois Lane has posed:
Lois Lane's cover story? That she was engaged to be married to a mild-mannered, gangly, and vaguely technologically-inept farm boy from Kansas that loved his mother more than just about anything else on the planet. And as a world-renown, two-time Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, she didn't hate that. Not even a little.

It's with this farmboy that Lois enters, clad in her own workout gear -- a pair of black leggings and running shoes, a black tank-top, and a loose, light blue tank-top that hangs baggily down to her thighs. She has a little pouch strapped around her left bicep (in which she presumably has her phone tucked), and though she steps up onto the treadmill next to Clark, she waits.. half-smirking, half-gaping at his statement.

"Yes, Clark. They're these new machines that allow you to run in place without actually going anywhere," she says, and though her tone is chiding, there's nothing but adoration in her eyes.

She throws their towls over the rails of the treadmills (one each) and sets their water bottles (one each) into the drink holders. She'd been carrying them ever since Clark stopped to pay their admission. But now she was starting up her own, matching his pace.
Superman has posed:
Clark chuckles and shakes his head, "I'm not used to them being -this- fancy. I mean, I'm happy for incline, speed and five settings including custom. This has a built in screen and blue tooth technology," he says and sis working on the gentle pace. "How do you not get distracted with the screen?" he says not in a loud voice, but people can hear him because he's speaking while running.

Dull blue eyes trying to focus on the running rather than the screen. He will look at the woman in purple running. "Is she training for a Spartan Race?" he asks loudly, not in a bad way, but in an amazed way. For those that don't know, the Spart Races are a grueling set of races that people have to train a lot for.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Is normal(right) , so she doesn't hear Clark.. but she does spot them and lifts an eyebrow. Not the normal type for grungy .. a boxing gym but okay, that works for her.. She walks over and plops down to put on some tape.. it's, of course, right in front of the two who are running .. She's being polite and not looking at them but she does give them a once over.. A leftover bad habit after training with gamora and Captain America.

     She pulls out Some Pink boxing tape.. She ordered it special .. and started to tape her hands with practiced ease.. But She taps her Earbud " Hello? ... Bruce! How's my favorite cousin.. Is Tony driving you nuts yet? " She gives a laugh " You still in space helping him build that Avengers station? " She keeps wrapping " Un huh.. Un huh.. So that's your fancy way of saying it's going bad and it's gonna take longer.. I'll tell the fam.. Hmm, no, I'm not interested in you, man, splaining it to make yourself feel better. Bye, I'm working out ". She taps her ear and chuckles.. looking to Lois " Men " .
Lois Lane has posed:
"Don't worry, Kent. We'll get you back out running on the asphalt soon," Lois muses, smiling over at him. "This is just a short trip, after all. Once I get the scoop on the..."

And then she's distracted by a series of names. From the same woman Clark had pointed out.

Avengers. Bruce. Tony. She might not be a New York resident, but she wasn't living under a rock, either. She was one of the most well-known journalists on the planet.

"Tell me about it," Lois answers Jennifer with a smile. "As if we couldn't understand how a space station works?" Of course, it's more curiosity in her gaze than admonishment, apparently trying to prompt the other woman into more details.
Superman has posed:
Where Lois smells a story, Clark's not so sure. So many people in Metropolis say they know Superman. A few villains even boasted about being Mrs. Superman. He imagines Gotham has similar people Bruce Wayne. Avengers probably have their own answers to this.

Clark's suspicious about this "cousin." It seems too perfect, too serendpitious. Although, deep down he knows the truth. He heard the voice on the other end. She's the real deal. It's why he's not questioning.

Lois has started the investigative trail, so Clark is silently taking lead. A professionalism between them. She pointed out the lead first, Lois gets point.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Looks over as she finishes up with the Wrap and stands up " Oh, I have no idea.. I'm a lawyer. He's the science geek," she beams. She chuckles << (4th wall breaking ) and looks at the people reading " I just didn't wanna hear him explain how some villain blew it up and it's gonna take a while or how complicated it is " >>.

     " So what brings Lois lane to this neck of the woods? " Yep, she knows who Lois is.. then again, when your one of the top superhero/villain lawyers on the planet, you make it a point to know who are the top journalists are, just in case, as she leans sideways to Punch hard into a heavy bag covered in tape.
Lois Lane has posed:
Lois's eyes narrow, and she keys the button to bring her treadmill to a stop so she wasn't bouncing along and trying to talk. "A lawyer with connections to the Avengers. I thought I recognized you." She grabs her towel and brings it up to dab at the her temple. She hadn't been working hard -- just warming up. "You're Jennifer Walters."

Then there's a little shake of Lois's head. "Following up on a tip that there's some new guy trying to start up the Westies in Hell's Kitchen. I don't suppose you've heard anything about it? What we have is thin, but.." She glances over at Clark. "Well, we're sure enough about it that we both came to follow different leads. This is Clark Kent."