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How to Train Your Tracksuits
Date of Scene: 01 July 2023
Location: New York's Meatpacking District.
Synopsis: A group of tracksuits corner Hawkeye the second but she's bailed out by a rather eclectic group of ladies. Loud noises ensue!
Cast of Characters: Hawkeye (Bishop), Crush, Spider-Woman (Drew), Harley Quinn

Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
The Meatpacking District of Manhattan has many things to offer. Warehousing for legitimate businesses. Pop up raves and underground clubs. Secret labs for making and selling drugs. Just about everything if you know where to look. Or just stumble down the wrong alley.

Which is probably what happened with the latest shoot out Kate Bishop, also known and the FAB and Awesomer Hawkeye has found herself in.

A dumpster behind probably the wrong warehouse is not the greatest cover but it's enough as the woman gets nigh cornered and shot at by a number of men, enough to fill a van in Adidas track suits. Mostly all yelling in a mix of English and Russian.

Arrows fly where bullets might have come from. Like a Blyat out of hell.

Doesn't help the neighbors might not appreciate the noise either.
Crush has posed:
Crush came her to slap some meat. The unique fleshiness of a good frozen carcass served as excellent punching bags for Crush to get out a little aggression in lieu of anything interesting. She'd cracked through a round two dozen or so when she overheard the gunshots in another part of this particular complex. She breathes some mist from the cold and grins toothily, looking much like the father she's never known.

"Oooooooooooh sounds like some fun's breakin' out. About fraggin' time," she says, meandering to the meat locker doors and kicking them wide open, then picking up the metal door to carry along with her. Might as well havea weapon.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Spider-Woman really hasn't been doing a huge amount of hero'ing for like... the last two years. There's been some appearances with the Avengers here and there, always at a distance, and a recent report of her collaborating with Spider-Man, but really, she's been low-key on the scene for quite some time. Enough to make people wonder about her.

Maybe she's quiet-quitting.

Certainly there's not a huge amount of enthusiasm going on, because she /tried/ -- her SHIELD-mandated psychologist told her she had to 'get out there' -- and so she suited up and used StarkTech to hook into the local police bands, as well as social media. The first failure is a robbery -- by the time she gets there, a security guard's already got the bad-guy down on the ground, knee in his back. The second failure is a little more humiliating -- a bag-snatch in which the old lady victim picks up a discarded bottle and hurls it with surprising accuracy at her would-be-robber, beaning him convincingly. Jess arrives just in time to have something thrown at /her/ too -- and she hastily retreats.

It's definitely time for food rewards. Her psychologist is going to have a field day with this.

Jessica flips through her phone and locates a 'pop up' burger joint weirdly located in the meatpacking district. Strange, but Tripadvisor rates it. Halfway there, she's waylaid by the sound of gunfire. "Third time's the charm?" she mutters to herself.

Nah, she doesn't believe it either, to judge by the drag of her steps before she leaps up onto a wall, and climbs into the roof. It's from above she half-crawls down as she spots, and recognizes, the Awesomer Hawkeye (to be confirmed). "I heard there was a great burger place here, Second Hawkeye," calls down the Spider, who is currently clinging to the wall and decidedly //not// helping with the present predicament. "You want to go there after you're done here?"

Jessica's not about cutting other people's lunch. Or their super-heroing moments. Besides, Kate has it in hand. Right? Right!
Harley Quinn has posed:
Stomp STOMP STOMP STOMP.. comes to Harley. She yanks open the door to the warehouse she's been crashing into, here eyes are bloodshot her hair is a bit of a mess. She's in a red nighty too! . She glares around

Then She huffs, " here I am.. trying ta get some beauty sleep.. and you #@#$@#$$#$ 2#@#$#$ @# @#@# 2#@##@ won't shut up.. "

That's when she moves to the side of the door Grabs something and grunts starting to pull what is clearly a chain gun.. hooked up with an ammo feed.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
People can probably hear the gun fire for a good while. Hell, they could probably hear it on Hoboken across the Hudson. Would not take much from Crush to find the ruckus. And bring her own. The meatpacking plant likely happy with Crush training since deboning is a lot easier in some parts of whatever carcass she was hitting.

The Tracksuits really only brought a few small arms, pistols and only a couple Kalashnikovs. It would normally be enough to do the job for someone squishy and without powers like Hawkeye but it is still New York and it seems that this sort of thing always brings out the hero types.

From behind the dumpster. Kate finds herself being invited to get a burger. The cassual banter of Spiders and Hawkeyes is amazingly good for calming nerves a little. Though Kate doesn't have a mask to also hide the nervousness. Just purple tinted glasses.

"Umm, haven't seen it. I was in Washington heights before i came here. If it's licensed. I'm buying." she could probably do with a drink.

Considering the blonde shouting and swearing on the roof, she might need a few drinks.

Peaking up and and then down as a bullet whizzes off metal just shy of hitting the dark haired woman in purple she eeps at Jessica. "If this whole thing explodes. What would it take to have you not tell Clint?" even heroes can sometimes be bribed. Or ex-ish SHIELD agents.
Crush has posed:
Crush bursts through a wall, using the door she'd torn off as a shield, and finds herself suddenly amidst track-suited gangsters, bopping one hard enough to send him careening about ten feet head over heels.

Her crimson eyes gleam a bit as she regards them.

"I don't know you buys, but I know you're up to no good. Come get your whuppin', you know you deserve it," she snarl-laughs, stalking towards one and preparing to door-bat him up into the sky. She doesn't see much need to ask a lot of questions about what's goign on here. Newsflash: she doesn't really care.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Is it licenced? There's a long enough pause from Jessica that one might well have doubts on that score. "It's rated /really/ highly on Tripadvisor," Jess settles for by way of non-answer. The hastily: "DEAL!" is given when Kate offers to buy. She'll never say no to free food. It makes everything taste better, in her experience. If there is alcohol: even better!

"I think you should be First Hawkeye. I'm going to break the news to Clint next time I see him. I mean, granted, he does post-mission pit-shops for cheesburgers, but you have nicer hair." Sorry, not sorry.

One of the tracksuits notices the figure clinging to the wall. He's got good eyes! Not so great aim though, and the pot-shot he takes at Jessica is rewarded by a holt of electricity that blasts from her palm, knocking the man several feet back, literally head-over-heels before he slumps to the pavement.

Jessica continues like she wasn't rudely interrupted: "A tour of the top five cheeseburger places in New York." She's absolutely bribable, if the bribe is right. No qualms. Maybe it's that Hydra training in her.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn GRowls .. makes sure to blow some of those stray hairs out of her face.. as she yanks the bolt on the Chain/Mini gun.. Her eye's look very crazy and rather upset " I SAID SHUUTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPP!! " That's when she starts shooting

Of course, she's making WAY MORE noise than the people she's trying to shut up, but that's Harley's style!

She's always happy to add to it.. so it goes from a few bullets to 1000 rounds a second, filling the alleyway as she starts to blast at the guys in track suits cause she thinks they look tacky..
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
Eventually the Tracksuits notice they don't have a single young woman to chase and try kill. There's a big fit Czarnian woman with a reefer door smacking one of them like he was a beachball. He even bounces at least once and there's maybe a faintly audible crunch of a shoulder being shattered.

The whimper is high pitched and painful like a scared puppy in a trap.

Meanwhile at the dumpster, Jessica's zapping has another goon seizing up and twitching rather uncomfortably. That ends upn getting a blunt head arrow to his forehead knocking the man down and landing him on his stomach so he doesn't swallow his tongue or otherwise asphyxiate in case of stomach contents.

"I'll settle for Best Hawkeye, we already discussed that. I can let him have OG. And yeah, we'll find those burgers." at least that bit is settled.

The sound of a rather loud gatling gun spinning up and spitting lead gets Hawkeye looking back up. Looking at where it's aimed, the goons realisiinbg it too as they scatter wilding. Way more swearing than before. But at least they aren't shooting anyone now.

Really not wise to take the time to aim at the woman firing.

"Kate being wide eyed and worried kinda pulls her head back down. "On one hand, that's hot! The other. We might kinda need have her stop." she states to Spider-Woman before letting off another arrow. It's a flash bang aimed at the room.

As dumb luck might have it a stray round clips the flights on the arrow, sending it sailing into a window.

Where it goes off a little to close to something volatile.

The BOOM is a lot more than just lights and concussive sound.

Car alarms for blocks going off with it.
Crush has posed:
Crush has her way with a little pack of suits pretty easily. She smacks them around, stacks them on top of each other, wields their bodies as weapons. It's a good time, she recommends it. She doesn't dismember or finish them off, however, just leaves them kind of piled up. She narrows her eyes as she sees the arrows in flight. More interesting things up ahead.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Best Hawkeye? Hmm." Apparently the jury is still out on that, because Jessica is totally open to bribes. Just saying. "I mean I haven't seen you attack a Hydra base or like, shoot a guy off a jetski or anything. But," she snap-points to the goon that gets a blunt arrow to the head, "-that was pretty snazzy, so points for that."

And then there's a mini-gun going off. Her head cocks. "Someone's cranky. Woke up on the wrong side of bed?" Little does she know!

Strangely, she gives a shrug at the idea that they need to stop the woman. "I mean... she's doing good work. Lot of property damage though," is conceded. She's debating on whether to weigh in and actually /do/ something when that concussive force goes off.

Here's the problem with super-hearing: it /super-fucking/ hurts when loud noises happen, especially when they're unexpected. Her suit does have some level of noise-dampening, but even so, she reflexively convulses and brings hands to her ears. Which is unfortunate, because her hands against the wall were the things keeping her clinging /to/ the wall. Down she goes, a fortunately short trip that unfortunately will involve some bruising as she meets the dumpster on the way down. She groans.

"I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today. Fuck that horoscope that said it'd be a good day."
Harley Quinn has posed:
The thing about Harley is she runs into flash bangs .. ALOT when you deal with Batman and various cops.. you get them a lot.. it's not that they don't work on the pale girll... It's more " Ohh pretty! " And the once-aimed shooting goes sooo crazy.. cause she is wobbling and shaking her head from the flash blinking really hard.. ..

So maybe she cuts one of two of those guys in half.. maybe she rips those bullets across where the girls are hiding.. right now she's rubbing her eye's and filling the air with something esle.

@#$#$ 23@# @#@#!#$%$ @## 32#@ # @#@#@#$$ @#@#2 she'd make a sailor blush from what she's spitting out.. It's clear it worked not as good as it could and it tends to wear out fast.. but she's still squeezing the trigger, but now she's flailing about.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
The seemingly almost random aim of the Gatling gun Harley is spraying about does a lot to scatter the Tracksuits. So basic compared to Gotham Goon fashion themes. Where's the clown shoes or the tuxedo t-shirts? The floofy white parkas in summer. How else you gonna know who they work for.

The scattering and running is no problem for Xiomara though, the Extra Terrestrial being always Extra too fast and easily able to subdue and corral them.

Except the couple that run into the oncoming path of screaming and speeding hot led.

There's not much more than red stains and bits of brightly coloured material.

Thankfully some of those smears are not Spiders and Hawks. While Jessica is dealing with instant migraine, Kate moves and pulls her aside so the only thing that has holes in it on that pass is the dumpster. Thin metal might be good for a nine or a forty five. But miniguns are for bigger armor.

The explosion of what was clearly a meth lab. So much consolidated crime, keeps burning and exploding. Black smoke wafting up and bright flames. Makes the night sky a little brighter before the dawn.

There's a check to make sure Spider-Woman is okay. No words in case ears are ringing. That'd just be embarrassing. But the others get looked to as well.

"HEY! I think the big chick took the rest. No need to spit more lead. God I hope you don't have a reload!" she yells up, looking towards Crush and then Harley.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
There's no resistance from Jessica when Kate pulls her to somewhere safer. She'll appreciate it later! If she remembers. Spider-Woman is okay. Sort of. She's yelling because, yes, her hearing is all messed up.

"THAT FUCKING HURT, WHAT THE FUCK. WARN A GIRL BEFORE YOU EXPLODE STUFF, SECOND HAWKEYE." Sorry, Kate, you've been downgraded back to second again. At least until Jessica's ears stop ringing. "THERE'S A WHOLE AWESOME SAYING FOR IT AND EVERYTHING!"

She can't hear what Kate is saying, but fortunately it's not to her and she can just nod along like she totally knows what's happening, finally coming out of her fetal ball of pain to peer around the dumpster and take stock of what's, frankly, a big fucking mess.

"HOPE YOU HAVE INSURANCE!" Jessica yells up to the pair. No, she doesn't really think they own the building. It's just... birds have to fly, fish have to swim, and Spiders have to quip.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Finally lets go of the gun and flails around, still kinda blind " BABBIES, mama needs an exit! " she shouts.. when the familiar sound of hyenas is heard as two huge hyenas Come out strapped to a rather large cart! They run over and Harley falls right into the chair! Even as she takes off she pushes a button and theirs a very loud Rumbling thump.. from the building she was in. and smoke is starting to rise REALLY fast from inside! Green smoke! Anybody who knows anything about Harley knows that's not good news.

Harley for her part, is rubbing her eye's as her hyenas are running away like a pair of horses pulling a carriage!
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
It's pretty loud indeed. Gunfire, explosions, Clint, they can all have an affect detrimental to one's hearing. Which is likely why Kate has earbuds nestled in each of those ears to help alleviate that risk. Much like the padding of her her equipment.

"I'm still paying for the burgers!" she says even if it isn't heard.

The others start clearing out. At least the wound be heroes. That cart being towed by hyenas gets a blink behind purple tinted lenses. "Wow. Is that...?" it probably is. Maybe Harley needed a break from bats getting up in her grill.

The Czarnian seems to have gotten away leaving a pile of of busted and not shot Tracksuit goons in a pile. The rest in puddled where Harley shot them up. The burning meth lab bringing more noise in the form of sirens and fire engines. Easy to find the fire with all that smoke catching flame light.

Fore now it's probably a good idea Kate and Jessica make their exit too. On foot at least till Jessica can get her hearing back and web swing safely.

The tracksuits are likely learning it's safer to only chase Kate inside their own turf.

Valuable lessons for a lot of criminals really.