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Meanwhile, over at Mac's...
Date of Scene: 08 July 2023
Location: McAnally's Pub
Synopsis: Superman meets Amanda and they discuss longevity
Cast of Characters: Superman, Amanda Deveraux

Superman has posed:
A simple yet slow night for Mac's. The usual regulars that drift in more than out. A few regulars that drift out more than in flowing about. However, normality gets a monkey wrench tossed into it when the doors swing open this time. Walking into the place is someone wearing red boots with a matching cape. The man just walks in with confidence and scans the place. It's not everyday Superman shows up into a bar that's outside of Metropolis.

Not seeing who he came here for, he'll turn and walk toward Mac. Flashy a friendly smile, "I know the rules here and I'll respect neutrality. I -am- looking for someone. I need their perspective and they may be a regular," he starts and leans over the bar. While the words aren't whispered, they aren't shouted either. "I'm looking for a man named MacLeod. A lot of rumors swirl about him and I need his thoughts on a problem I'm having. If you see him, can you get him to leave a card? I can check back regularly," Superman asks Mac, who nods. The bar owner doesn't tip his hand. What he knows about people, and their lives, Mac does his part to keep it private. Part of neutrality is knowing how to be an unbiased party in everyone's affairs.

"Sure thing, Superman," Mac says and goes back to the kitchen.

"I love your steaks," he'll comment in a louder yet friendly tone. Even Superman has had one of Mac's steaks.

Superman will look to anyone that might just be staring. "Hello," and turn as if he's going to leave. Although, someone could stop him.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Sitting at one of the tables in Mac's, Amanda looks like any of the clients here. Designer jeans tuck into kid-leather boots that match the three-quarter length leather coat. Her blouse is silk in vibrant green. On the table before her are the remains of a steak dinner.

Amanda's heightened senses pick up the conversation, not that Superman goes to any lengths to be subtle or secretive. A slender brow lifts, the woman settling back in her chair and lifting a glass of red wine.

"What is your interest in Connor MacLeod?" she asks casually. "He certainly doesn't share your taste in fashion."
Superman has posed:
"Not many do," Superman says as he is looking back toward Amanda. His own brow quirks as he doesn't move toward them. "Rumors say he's lived a very long and full life. I had questions about that," he says honestly. Just hinting that he's knows something. How much? Anyone's guess.

Superman will look the person over and pause for a moment. "You. . .are you a model? Your skin looks so perfect and free of anythng," he says noting the telescopic vision over hm reveals skin that any model would kill their own mothers for. That's unusual for a place like this.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda smiles when he asks if she's a model, lashes lowering just enough to pass off as 'demure'. "A model? Not in a very long time, I'm afraid. But thank you." She meets his gaze for a moment, then gestures to the free chair at her table.

"Won't you join me? I'm acquainted with Mr. McLeod. Perhaps I may be able to help in some way." Lifting her free hand, she calls out. "Mac, please add the caped gentleman to my tab."

Amanda uncrosses her legs, and while her posture is easy and relaxed there's a certain watchful energy about her, like a coiled spring or an athlete ready for a starting gun.
Superman has posed:
A soft smile pulls at Superman's lips. The phrasing gives hm pause, but it doesn't show in his body language. "Thank you," he keeps the smile on his face.

Sitting down in the chair, he nods to the woman. Before he speaks, he notices the posture change, and how her body holds a readiness. "Relax. We're on neutral ground. I'm not here to break ground. I'm here to talk," he says hoping that relaxes the woman a little bit. "And you are?" She knows him, by vicarious means, but he doesn't know her just yet.

After the pleasantries are done, he will ask, "Are the rumors about MacLeod, true? I saw photos of a man during World War II that bares a striking resemblance to MacLeod. I wanted to talk to him about that," in truth Superman didn't get too much farther than that. However, that's all he needed to get an interest in the man.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda's expression doesn't change, although her smile broadens a touch. "I know that Mac's is neutral ground, and your reputation is impeccable." she replies, relaxing with a slow, deep breath. "Old habits. I beg your pardon."

Amanda takes a sip of wine, never breaking eye contact as Superman mentions seeing MacLeod in a World War II photo. "A photo of MacLeod from the Second World War? That isn't my story to tell, I'm afraid. But surely the possibility of long-lived individuals doesn't surprise you."

Going back to his earlier question, she adds. "My name is Amanda Devereaux." No, she doesn't clarify any more than that. "And it's also not unlikely that you might find old photos of me as well."
Superman has posed:
Superman waves a hand as he is not offended by old habits. "I understand," he gives a soft smile. The man listens intently to her words. Then those comments take the conversation in the direction he wanted. Amanda is exactly what Superman hoped for.

"What's it like, Amanda?" and there is something she would notice. There's a weight to it. A similar weight to when every immortal asks the question, "I'm immortal now?" It seems mortality and the alien may have a very odd relationship.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda lifts a brow at his question, shifting a little in her seat once more. Relaxing further. "What's it like?" Such a peculiar question, of course. "It gives one a sense of perspective, first of all. Perspective and patience. There is also the matter of memories, of course."

Settling back again, she crosses her legs and takes a sip of wine. "You mentioned World War 2, and my thoughts went back to Berlin, where I sang in a caberet." The woman pauses, then, and her smile becomes more knowing. "Of -course- you are going to have a long life, with your abilities. My own situation is rather different, although the result is similar."
Superman has posed:
Seeing Amanda relax puts him at ease. He hoped Amanda seen him as a neutral party. Maybe a friendly one, but he's not about to go that far. Something about the guarded nature she keeps tells him it's probably not going to go that far.

"What was your life like back then? How did you adjust transitioning to the next one?" Superman asks and it just confirms her comments despite not saying it directly.

Then he sighs as the weight of her words strike him, "The computer simulation expects two or three lifetimes at minimum. Too many variables to narrow down specifics. It may be where a decade for me is a century to humanity, or even longer," the computer can't give an ending trajectory because it can't narrow down how much Sun exposure he gets and what it does to him long term. Sky blue eyes look up at her sadly, "That's why I was looking for MacLeod. I wanted to know what someone like you did from lifetime to lifetime," and that weight in his words continue. These revelations are recent. She can tell that much.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda draws a breath, exhaling slowly. "That's a long story, Superman, that will require several meals." she replies. "I was born in the Year of our Lord 820, in The Abbey of St. Anne in Normandy. Life was much harder then. People suffered and died for reasons that we would be appalled with today."

Another sip of wine follows. "Food was scarce and people were starving. I was beaten to death for stealing bread."

She lets that statement linger, then adds with a shrug. "I got better. I moved on. I learned what I am and how to live." And she is so nonchalant about it all.

"The most difficult part is the attachments, really. You keep your distance from people. You keep secrets. You learn to say goodbye. I've had many names and many identities. I chased after curiosities, and tried to contribute whenever I could manage."

No, she doesn't mention chasing treasures and stealing rarities.
Superman has posed:
"If that's all it takes, then I accept," Amanda did name her price on that one. So, Superman is quick take it because to him that's a bargain. "You like Big Belly Burger, right?" a grin pulls at his lips. He's clearly joking. Judging from the wine alone, he pictures Amanda to be a bit more refined than to lower herself with a Triple Belly Flopper.

Then he listens as she begins telling her tail. Warning about attachments and saying goodbye to lifetimes. And Superman does believe she pursues things in an Indiana Jones way, where it appears to be mostly reputable. H doesn't believe it to be anything scrupulous.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda laughs softly at that. "You'd be surprised at how often I enjoy a good burger." she replies. "I have lived in very... opulent... surroundings. And I have lived the life of a travelling performer, sleeping in tents."

Looking amused for a moment, she offers. "You really might find it interesting to look into the history of Barnum & Bailey aerial performers sometime, if you're curious. There is a lot more that I -can't- tell you, but I don't mind pointing the way to old photos and posters."

Amanda considers for a moment, then offers. "I'll tell you what, Superman. We'll have burgers, but there is also a lovely cafe on the Champs-Elysees that I want to show you. You can leave word for me here with Mac."
Superman has posed:

"Just tell me when to come back and I'll be here," Superamn says getting the feeling she may need to go soon. Although, with that clue, he will definitely look that way. He is a little shocked to see Amanda has lived in vastly different lives. He thought people wouldn't deviate too much from their comfort zones. And so, it's a genuine surprise to hear of it.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda Deveraux chuckles softly at that. "I'm sure that your schedule is far more busy than mine. I check regular with Mac, so I'm sure we'll be able to sort something out." Amanda considers him for a moment. "I will tell you what I can, Superman, but I won't promise to tell you everything. I can trust you with a lot of things, and I'm sure that you have a lot of questions." She finishes her wine, then. "It will be good to share more of my story with someone."