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Amanda Deveraux (Scenesys ID: 7988)
"It's been 65 years. A girl might think you're trying to avoid her."
Full Name: Amanda Deveraux (Amanda Saint Anne)
Gender: Female
Species: Immortal
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Acrobat
Citizenship: French Republic
Residence: Three Harbour Green (Vancouver, Metro Vancouver)
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Highlander
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 1210
Date of Birth 28 June 820 Actor: Elizabeth Gracen
Height: 178 cm (5'11") Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen


She is immortal, born in the Seine of France twelve hundred years ago. She is not alone. There are others like her, some good, some evil. For centuries she has battled the forces of Darkness, with Holy Ground her only refuge. She cannot die, unless you take her head and with it, her power. In the end there can be only one. She is Amanda, the Raven.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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The woman stands nearly six feet tall, a blend of contrasts and contradictions. Her figure holds the strength and grace of a dancer or an acrobat while also carrying the litheness and shapeliness of a model or an actress. Her gallic features are finely boned as a bird with prominent cheekbones, a strong nose, and full lips. Brown hair usually worn in a pixie cut, short and neat. Dark brows arch over large, brown eyes.

Her clothing is dark, black upon black upon black. A long, tailored coat is worn over a silk blazer and close-fitting trousers, a lacy corset beneath for decency. The black boots are leather and comfortably heeled.


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Born around 820 AD in the Abbey of St. Anne in Normandy, Amanda was born a poor peasant girl. Amanda was bright enough to figure out that she'd need to steal to eat, but around 850 AD she was caught and beaten to death for stealing food. A woman named Rebecca Horne recovered Amanda's body before she could be cast into a bonfire, and Amanda's awakening began.

Rebecca became not only Amanda's mentor but also her friend. For the next three years, Rebecca taught Amanda about surviving as an Immortal, swordplay, and the Game. Along the way, Amanda even repented her thieving ways and learned how to become a proper lady. At least she did for a while. In 853 she left Rebecca's abbey with her mentor's blessing.

Shortly after leaving Rebecca, Amanda met another Immortal who challenged her. Hengist the Saxon pursued her back to Rebecca's abbey, where Amanda claimed the protection of Holy Ground. After some discussion and encouragement from her mentor, Amanda faced Hengist and defeated him to claim his head as well as her first Quickening.

Amanda once more parted ways with Rebecca, only this time she returned to her thieving ways. For the next several centuries, Amanda developed her skills into a most lucrative career. She became one of the most daring and elusive thieves, initially in all of Europe but also internationally.

A partial listing of her adventures, guises and capers is as follows:
1182 -- England, where she is captured by Norman soldiers and hanged (she got better).
1297 -- Monaco, where she met Grimaldi during his takeover.
1635 -- Florence, where she first meets Duncan MacLeod while visiting Rebecca.
1643 -- Germany's Black Forest, where she narrowly escapes being burned as a witch.
1720 -- Haiti, during a slave uprising. She escaped aboard a ship, the Marie Rose, which sank.
1753 -- Turkey, where she posed as a harem dancer to steal a sultan's treasure.
1776 -- America, where she worked behind British lines as a camp healer.
1790's -- France, where she barely escaped the guillotine.
1800's -- Bavaria, where she stole Baron Holstein's jewels.
1819 -- England, where she stole the Star of India from the Duke of Wellington.
1867 -- Manchester, England, where she married for a short time.
1888 -- San Francisco, where she won the Double Eagle saloon, renaming it the Queen of Spades.
1900's -- Russia, where she spent time with Czar Nicholas.
1912 -- England, she left on the Titanic's maiden voyage.
1921 -- Went on a bank robbing spree with another Immortal in the American South.
1926 -- Barnum & Bailey Circus, as part of a high wire act.
1936 -- Berlin, where she posed as a cabaret singer to acquire forged US currency plates.
1950 -- Scotland, where she stole the Stone of Scone.
1985 -- Travelling circus by day, cat burglar by night.

Amanda currently calls herself The Amazing Amanda Deverieux, and continues to work in a variety of circus and show-business roles.


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Amanda is cunning and devious, careless of whether she's manipulating a friend or an enemy. For all that, however, her motives are selfish rather than malicious and certainly not evil. She values freedom above all, and has a soft spot for those who are needy. Perhaps this is a reminder of her impoverished youth.

She usually has some sort of scheme in mind, and often that includes pilfering something of great value. Amanda doesn't have a conscience that she's aware of and never looks back on her mistakes. A very confident woman, Amanda is accustomed to getting what she wants.


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Another trick that Immortals can do is produce a weapon seemingly out of nowhere. There are limitations, of course. First of all, the weapon (or weapon set, in the case of sword and dagger) needs to be personally attuned to them. Second, this trick only works with actual weapons; nothing else can be 'stored' there. And lastly, the Immortal needs to make at least a modest effort of concealment. This means an long coat (Immortal favorite!), cloak, loose clothing, etc. One cannot convincingly pull a sword from a Speedo.

Amanda is an Immortal, one of an elite and mysterious group of beings. After being beaten to death for stealing food, she was somehow reborn as new. She has the potential to live forever, and can only die if her head leaves her body. Amanda will eventually recover from all other injury, with the more severe injuries still taking longer than minor ones. She doesn't effectively age or change, other than her hair continuing to grow.

Immortal Senses:
Perhaps due to some affinity of their Quickening, Immortals can sense each other's presence. This isn't directional by any means and certainly not specific regarding the other Immortal's identity or proximity. There is, however, an unmistakable feeling of -something- whenever another Immortal is nearby.

Likewise, this also applies to those who are pre-Immortals and only need to die of unnatural causes to attain their full potential. In this case, however, the intensity of the sensation is much less and even easy to miss.

In addition, every Immortal senses the presence of Holy Ground, regardless of religion.


Part of the package that goes along with being an Immortal is something called the Quickening. It's another term for an Immortal's power, and all of the benefits that go along with being long-lived. The summation of their abilities, experiences, power and knowledge all rolled into a neat bundle. It provides peak human physique as well as the ability to breathe in a variety of environements (in loose soil, underwater, etc. so long as oxygen is present in some form).

When one Immortal is slain (c.f. - beheading) by another, all of their Quickening transfers to the slayer. All of it. This is known as the Game, and while there can ultimately be Only One winner there are still a heck of a lot of players. Amanda really has no interest in winning the Game, so she hasn't fought in many duels and has really only slain less than a score of other Immortals.


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Amanda has been an acrobat, high wire and trapese artist for about a century, on and off. She perfected her skills in a variety of circus acts, going back to Barnum & Bailey and before. She has absolutely no fear of heights, and is a consummate performer above the ring.

Over her many centuries of existence, Amanda has learned how to manipulate people. Lies, deceit, seduction, interrogation, or simply fast-talking are all skills in her bag of tricks. Amanda has become quite adept at maneuvering multiple people at the same time as well, usually to set up secondary or tertiary conflicts that provide just enough of a distraction for her to escape. She has become used to getting her way, and would almost always prefer to talk her way out of trouble than fight.

Cultural Chameleon:
Amanda has lived for just over twelve centuries, and in that time she has travelled extensively. Along the way she has not only learned various cultures and languages, but has become very adept at learning new ones. France, England, Germany, Turkey, or the American West, Amanda has managed to not only acclimate herself but to settle in as a native. And whether the role she assumes is that of an heiress, an acrobat, a singer, or a harem dancer, Amanda can play it with consummate skill.

Grandmaster Thief:
Amanda has been a thief for several centuries and is still one of the most successful thieves in Europe. While she isn't completely infallible, her jobs are always daring and audacious. Amanda almost never gets caught, and when she does she always manages to escape. Her successes include many items thought to be incapable of being stolen: paintings, jewels, and even rare artifacts. Her targets are almost always banks, museums, or the rich. If she finds it amusing, interesting, or simply a challenge then it's highly likely that Amanda will try to steal it.

In the process of honing her skills, Amanda keeps up with technology and innovations that might be even remotely useful to cat burglars. In the trade there are very few who are even in her league, much less whose skills surpass her own.

Because she has lived through so much of it, Amanda is quite knowledgable in matters of History. Granted, she knows more about the actual places that she visited during certain points in time, but in hindsight Amanda has also done enough research to fill in some of the gaps in her knowledge.

Security Systems:
Amanda began her career as a thief back in the day when 'security system' meant walls, moats, guards, and a sturdy steel lock. As security systems became more advanced, she kept up with developing technology. In more than a few cases, security advancements were designed to guard against her favored approaches. Regardless, Amanda has been responsible for pushing the limits of security systems through her pioneering efforts. And she continues to stay ahead of the game in this peculiar arms race.


After centuries of practice with blades, Amanda is far more accomplished than most mortals would ever hope to be. She learned from Rebecca with a traditional French arming sword, but over the years she's learned many other techniques. Rapier, smallsword, cavalry saber, Amanda has focused mainly on weapons more suitable for her size. When she focused on sword training at all, that is.

As far as her skill compares with other Immortals, Amanda is somewhere in the middle of the pack. She's not trying to win the Game, only to survive. And when given the opportunity, she'll try to talk her way out of trouble rather than duel another Immortal.


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Although she maintains a relatively mobile lifestyle, Amanda keeps a fair number of houses, apartments, and even vaults scattered about the globe. She hasn't visited some in many years, which is why she also hires people to maintain the properties for her.

Amanda has had numerous aliases over her long centuries of existence. While some are proper names, others are professional titles or simply once that various law enforcement agencies use in reference to her work. Unlike some Immortals, with her proper names Amanda has retained her given name and simply changed surname. The long list includes the following surnames: Darrieux, Deveraux, Dupres, Markham, Montrose, and LeFauve. As an acrobat she goes by The Amazing Amanda. Anyone seeking the Black Widow and The Raven might ultimately find Amanda as well.

St. Anne Sword:
Like all Immortals, Amanda has adopted a signature sword of her own and has attuned it to herself. The origins of the St. Anne sword are dubious, although it is likely that Amanda received the sword as a gift from Rebecca during their travels together. An arming sword in the French style, the cut-and-thrust blade is of Damascus steel and kept well honed. The gilt crossguard is curved rather than cruciform, the tips curled towards the opponent and stylized like birds' heads with open beaks. The handle is long enough to grip comfortably with two hands, wrapped with black silken cord and adorned with a golden spiral wire as well. A golden disk set with the image of a sun upon onyx makes the pommel, providing suitable balance for either one- or two-handed use.

Amanda has, over the years trained a variety of students. Not all of these have been Immortals, although she has definitely helped more than a few new Immortals find their way. Occasionally one of these students (or their families) will cross paths with her and be available to assist her endeavors.

Over the years Amanda has acquired a rather complete set of 'professional' gear. In her early days this consisted of simple lockpicks, but has long since expanded with advances in technology. She keeps all sorts of climbing gear as well as equipment for the advanced Breaking and Entering artist in all of her safehouses. Stashed discreetly, of course.


Over the many centuries Amanda has stolen numerous works or art, priceless jewels, and singular artifacts. While most of these remain in secure vaults, some pieces have been sold in order to maintain Amanda's elegant lifestyle. Amanda isn't fabulously wealthly (certainly not as wealthy as those she steals from!) but she lives in the elegant comfort of a global traveller. When she does find herself in need of some relatively fast cash, there is always the option for some long-lost treasure to turn up for auction at Sotheby's by an anonymous seller.


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Ancient Enemies:
Amanda has been alive for a very long time, which means that she's had a long time to collect enemies. There is always a chance that, no matter where she goes, Amanda will meet some long-lost group of Immortal hunters or the descendants of some family she has wronged (i.e. - stolen from). She needs to be especially careful in Bavaria, Berlin and certain parts of Turkey, for example. And Amanda is very cautious when dealing with the House of Wellington in England.

Okay, so there are very few individuals who can survive without their head. In the case of an Immortal, however, it is the only way to be CERTAIN of death. Once the head leaves the shoulders the Game, as they say, is over. Other injuries can heal over time (although missing limbs cannot regenerate if lost or destroyed), but beheading is the final death.

Amanda has known Duncan for several centuries, and the two have remained in contact over their many years of existence. Regardless of how she may try to manipulate him, Amanda has always been loyal to Duncan and he to her.

The Rules:
Taken from the Highlander wiki.
There Can Be Only One - Immortals must fight until only one is left alive. In support of this rule, immortals are subject to the effects of the Gathering, which forces them to seek out other immortals.
Safe Only On Holy Ground - No Immortal may take another's head on consecrated ground, no matter which consecration it may be under.
One on One Duels - No two or more immortals may attack another simultaneously, or interfere with an immortal duel in any way. While considered a major rule, this rule has no real consequence other than preventing other immortals from sharing a Quickening or gaining an unfair advantage. Thus, it is the rule most often bent or broken by evil immortals.
Lesser Rules - Beside the three major rules, immortals have the following commonly understood and accepted rules and custom.

1 - They must keep their challenges and affairs secret from the mortal world.

2 - Immortals normally do not fight or discuss their business in public. The only exception is within relationships, as immortals sometimes share the entire truth of their existence with their significant other.

3 - Immortals who "die" in public are expected to leave the area, in order to avoid contact with those who knew them.

4 - New / young immortals are assumed a brief "grace period" in which they receive training and protection from an elder immortal.


Although Amanda only recently became aware of the Watcher organization's existence, there have been Watchers in her life since her first Quickening. These mortals observe and record, being aware of the Rules and the Game, but for the most part they do not interfere.

Some of Amanda's known Watchers include the following (along with approximate year): Melucine (850), Whitread the Tinker (853+), Elsbeth of Maldon (1180's), Gabriel Sabatini (~1635), Nabil al Alem (~1753), Claus Sieger (~1804), Wallace Hammond (~1888), Otto Goff (~1936), Gerta Schernin (1936+), Richard Bryce (1950+), Renee Ginsburg (1960-1970's), Daniel Geiger (~1995).


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Thunder, Lightning, and Off With 'er Head May 30th, 2023 Blackout makes another eclectic acquaintance in Amanda and learns her long history.
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Two thieves walk into a bar. August 15th, 2021 Remy and Amanda shoot pool, shoot bull and in general catch up after years apart.
Vision of the Past February 10th, 2020 Amanda finds Remy and draws him out to discuss a job.
For Want of a Sword... January 5th, 2020 The sword of St. Joan of Arc is found...and Amanda has a brush with the infinite.
1939 - The Raven in Rouen December 13th, 2019 A Raven insinuates herself into a treasure hunt.
Just Another Show November 12th, 2019 An Andrea club concert! An attack is thwarted and questions are raised.
Arabian Nights November 3rd, 2019 Amanda infiltrates a sultan's harem in Turkey to rob him, and ends up meeting Hercules the legend. And getting more than she bargined for!
An Avid Fan October 30th, 2019 Andrea meets one of her fans, and Amanda finds a date with a bodyguard.


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