15321/What about the Warehouse

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What about the Warehouse
Date of Scene: 10 July 2023
Location: Abandoned Warehouse, Lower East Side
Synopsis: Scouting out a possible Hand base... and streaming talk.
Cast of Characters: Colleen Wing, Iron Fist

Colleen Wing has posed:
The pattern happens with monotonous regularity. For whatever reason a warehouse falls silent. Tax burden. Owner incompetence. Bad economic times. There's talk of re-opening it time and again, but it never happens. Eventually even the security guards hired to keep it from being vandalized are too expensive and the place is fully abandoned. After that it becomes, in effect, community property. It's used for shelter by the homeless. It's used for raves by the young and energetic. It's used by criminal gangs to facilitate business. It's used as a canvas for taggers over that entire span of time.

This one had its big rave six months ago. There was an unfortunate incident at said rave and several teens got critically ill from bad drugs. Then the place fell silent. Only...

"I'm sure of it, Danny. This place reeks of Hand now. It took me a while to see it, but now the signs can't be missed. Do *you* see any homeless people around it? Do *you* see anybody sneaking in for a tryst or a dare? Or do you see what I do: well-disguised security in a building that only poses as being abandoned?"
Iron Fist has posed:
Danny and Colleen had come to the abandoned building, and done their reconnaissance. Observing a building for Hand activity, or any other criminal organization, didn't happen in just one night. They were never that lucky. They had to come watch, come watch, and come watch again. But with observation, patterns became evident.

"I see it, Colleen," he had to agree. They had seen people go in, or out, and while they may have looked the part, they didn't act the part. The kids were a bit too confident. The homeless were a bit too kempt. They were disguises. For some one, Hand, or otherwise.

"It's clever. Hide in plain sight. The same concept could be used for a superhero base. It's giving me ideas. But, yeah, I see it. Just, what makes you think it's the Hand, and not any number of other criminal ventures?"
Colleen Wing has posed:
"There's people going in and not coming out," Colleen says. "Always younger people. Run of the mill crime types: same number go in as come out. Sometimes front door back door, but I corrected for that. Got some cheap Chinese junk cameras and pointed them everywhere people can go in or out. Not gonna get us any IDs, but it's enough to count how many go in, how many come out. And it's not balanced. About 10 percent of the people going in aren't coming out."

She turns to look at Danny. "Which means either they're being kept inside for some purpose: slavery, target practice, drug testing, that kind of thing. Or they've got another way out that I can't find. And sorry, no run of the mill criminals are going to have a way of getting out I'm not going to spot. This is Hand. Or kissing cousins with."
Iron Fist has posed:
Danny nodded from their observation point, quietly speaking with the Daughter of the Dragon. There was no part that he disagreed with. Something was up, it could be Hand, it could be Foot, it could be the Kingpin, it could be Intergang, it could be... well, the list just kept going. "Do you think there could be any sewer access, basement, or anything underground? I saw a pretty elaborate tunnel system connecting two homes on Better Call Saul." Yes, he had been catching up on media that he had missed while in K'un-Lun.

"So, do you think we should go in, create a stir, kick some butt, get in over our heads, or should we get Luke and the others?" He was grinning as he said it. She knew him well enough which way he was leaning.
Colleen Wing has posed:
"I think we should scout it out. We're both good for that. Get in. Find out what the deal is. Get out. Then come back with the Defenders and let them join in the festivities as we kick ass. Luke needs a workout, after all, and Misty ... I think she's getting a bit stir crazy."

She pauses a moment with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Of course if things get out of hand, there's always fighting our way out, isn't there?"
Iron Fist has posed:
Danny had to work really hard to contain laughter. "So, fighting it out is option A, B, and C?" He shook his head, grinning widely, a smile playing across his lips. "So much for Misty and Luke getting a workout... actually, I think they might be getting a different kind of workout." Looking across at the warehouse, he stroked his chin, "when are we going to go those uh, infrared scanners, thermal ones, where we can see a layout of the building from a distance, like in the movies? I have money, but where do we even buy that sort of thing. It's not on Amazon. I looked."
Colleen Wing has posed:
"You ... saw this in movies. And think it's real?" Colleen pushes Danny. "You'd better be joking!" she says warningly. "Or so help me I will kick your ass up and down this street so hard you'll have to go all glowy-fist on me!"

She's really adorable when she's pretending to be tough with Danny.

"I mean there's probably government shit for that, but that's not for us. Maybe that Stark guy? He might have things like that. Best thing for us would be to buy a bunch of small drones we could send ahead with cameras to make sure the coast is clear or something. Those are a thing I hear. It might be something we set up with the Defenders: get some technowiz type to fill an area with drones and let us know where things are, know to watch our backs, etc."
Iron Fist has posed:
"I saw something like this." He explained, "and it wasn't a movie. It was a sequel, uh, no, a prequel, to Breaking Bad." She definitely could be quite adorable when pretending to be a hard ass. "But I'm not going to go all glowy-fist on you. That's for them, not you, never you." When she went into talking about Tony Stark and other tech guys, "Okay, by next Monday, we need to talk to somebody about getting some gadgets. Do you want to do that while I find out what happens on the show?" Oh, he was deliberating trying to agitate her now, like he'd lay on the couch watching streaming, while she did all the work.
Colleen Wing has posed:
"Danny, you are going to get a pizza in the face. Soon. I won't say when. But soon. And when it happens I want you to remember this conversation so you know why."

Colleen's voice is now deadpan. She's not putting on the hardass front. She's promising something.

Danny had better watch his back a while until she's over her mad.

But she's a pro. Her attention is back on the building.

"What happens is that he turns into the scumball lawyer from Breaking Bad," she says. "SPOILER!"

She snorts and then can't help but giggle at the notion of spoiling a prequel.

"Anyway, let's get in there and do that voodoo that we do." Her eyes go back to the building. "You take bottom, I take top, we meet in the middle?"
Iron Fist has posed:
"What kind of pizza? We're not having that fight again, are we? I like Hawaiian and I like the Meat Lover's, whatever they call it. How come every pizza place has to have a unique name for their meat pizza, but they all call ham and pineapple as Hawaiian?"

"He didn't seem that bad. I guess, I mean, he is, he was, he will be. But Better Call Saul has his girlfriend. She's so great in it." Much like Colleen Wing.

Then he heard her description of their attack strategy, and he couldn't help but smile, "will do."