15322/Secrets of the Sands

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Secrets of the Sands
Date of Scene: 10 July 2023
Location: Old Cairo Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt
Synopsis: Magneto and Blink encounter an archaeologist with information about the mysterious cult they have been tracking down
Cast of Characters: Magneto, Blink, Cyclops, Phoenix, Red
Tinyplot: Eternal Eclipse

Magneto has posed:
Under the scorching Egyptian sun, Old Cairo Bazaar thrived with vibrant life. Its narrow alleyways create a labyrinthine marketplace, where the air becomes an enchanting fusion of spices, sandalwood, and ancient mysteries. Adorned in flowing robes, merchants beckoned to passersby with persuasive whispers, offering a cornucopia of treasures: handcrafted jewellery, silk scarves embroidered with intricate patterns, and intricately carved statuettes depicting ancient gods.

Amidst the bustling marketplace, a symphony of sounds filled the air. Exotic languages mingled with the calls of merchants, while the rhythmic clang of copper pots and pans emanated from the heart of the bazaar, where masterful chefs prepared tantalizing Egyptian delicacies. Fragrant mint tea wafted from a nearby cafe, drawing weary travellers seeking respite. Patrons sat beneath the shade of a centuries-old sycamore tree, indulging in sweet pastries, and engaging in lively conversations that resonated through the cobbled streets.

Within this vibrant tapestry of colours and scents, the history of Egypt whispered through ancient stones and worn facades. Weathered relics and artifacts adorned antique shop entrances, inviting the curious to explore the mysteries of the past. The tales of pharaohs, pyramids, and the secrets of the Nile permeated the atmosphere, fuelling a sense of wonder and adventure in all who ventured into this captivating bazaar.

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the ancient city, Old Cairo Bazaar transformed into a mystical haven. Bathed in twilight's embrace, the bazaar pulsated with an energy transcending time, reminding visitors of the echoes of centuries past and the enduring allure of an age-old civilization.
Blink has posed:
Blink can't wear the evil little black dress for a desert adventure. So, she goes with khaki shorts, matching boots, a tied-off khaki top, and a wide-brimmed hat.

She is not leading this, so as things start she will remain quiet. Folowing instructions, following the leader.
Cyclops has posed:
The sun bore down hard on the hood of Scott Summers. It wasn't unheard of to tackle a mission alone or go spend time by himself elsewhere as a break from the overwhelming stress his life can inflict. He's dressed for the weather and the culture, wearing long flowing robes that help protect him from the heat, a wrap that was doused in cold water beforehand has been wrapped around his forehead. The hood helps obscure him, but there are things he can't hide...like his ruby-quarts shades that serve a dual purpose of keeping unnecessary light out of his eyes and to keep his power in check.

His eyes scan the perimeter, looking for anything out of place. Does his presence serve a purpose?

Cairo was a beautiful city...but it harbors its own secrets...
Phoenix has posed:
It has been a long time since Jean visited Cairo, and a lot has happened since then..But it seems the team's attention has been pulled to this mystical corner of the world and she is determined to enjoy the little side trip while they are here. Dressed in flowing mint green dress that compliment her flame red hair well, she smiles as she peers around at all the lovely sights and sounds, finding her attention drawn to one glittery object or another, but as she walks along side Scott after a long absence, she has to remind herself that they're here on an important mission.

"Alright then, where are we headed?" she peers around to do a quick head count..
Red has posed:
Desert Adventure? Well, someone packed properly. Like, someone packed very much exactly how you pack for filming a desert adventure. Indiana Jones Replica hat, olive Tank-top (Tomb Raider!), pine needle green jeans and high boots (Relic Hunter, right?) and those infamous leather holster/suspenders from The Mummy. Yes, all the movie archaeologists in one. Because, why not? Backpack full of water and a few bricks of ASA polymer, she lifts her hat a short moment to get a look up, then shudders as she follows along.

"Now I feel like I am the tourist here... The Bazar, right?"
Magneto has posed:
In the scorching heat, Magneto stands tall, his presence intensified by the commanding aura exuded by his helmet and billowing cloak. The shimmering fabric sways in the hot desert breeze, a dramatic contrast to his bare, sleeveless arms that reflect a practicality borne out of the searing temperatures. Beads of sweat emerge from beneath his helmet, tracing a treacherous path down the back of his neck, a testament to the unforgiving climate.

Turning his gaze towards Blink, Magneto's voice resonates with authority as he unveils the details of their investigation. The witness's account from Madripoor hints at a group of individuals desperate to locate something of significance suspected to have been found within his shop. However, their search has proved fruitless. Unfortunately, the fence doesn't keep track of his inventory.

"Either they believe the item might have come to Cairo or they have a base in Cairo. I have concluded that if they were looking for something that might be stolen, or on the black market, then this bazaar is a good place to start looking for clues. If not, then someone might know about a group of brown cloaked individuals operating in the area. Although, it might be a bit hot in this heat for cloaks."
Blink has posed:
Blink is quite impressed with Magneto's commanding presence. She stares up at him, the hat shielding her eyes from the sun for the most part. Very impressed with him the whole time.

"I understand. Do you think we should be discreet, and try to hide who we are? Try to avoid being noticed?"

If the sun has already baked her arms, midriff, and knees, it'd be hard to tell, really. But she's as sweaty as anyone in this climate.
Cyclops has posed:
There is no place in the world where Scott feels safer than when he's next to Jean Grey. His wife to be looks as though she is the jewel of the sands. Slowly, a hand leaves Scott's side to try and take Jeans own into it. A silent promise is made: they can tour Cairo /after/ their task is complete.

Though he hesitates to answer her question, Scott eventually let's a whisper escape him. "Can you link us?" Telepathically, of course. Helps in case speaking normally tips off the wrong person.

Only when the link is made does Scott start to loudly think, assuming perhaps that Jean was listening to his thoughts.

<<There's rumor that Magneto is here. Hunting someone...a group. Brown cloaked individuals may have a path to an artifact that more nefarious individuals are looking for. I don't know who is friend of foe in this situation...but keep your eyes peeled for suspicious activity.>>

Red-tinted eyes search, and eventually, he spits the Master of Magnetism as he stands tall with Blink at his side. <<Found him. That's one thing true.>>
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey smiles warmly at Scott, grateful for his timely return after an extended solo mission. She takes his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and nods, reaching out to mind link with Scott and Alice as he fills her and the others in on the details.

She nods slowly, thoughtfully, a soft frown marring her features. "Do you really think we can trust him?" she murmurs to him softly, but they may not have a choice if they wish to find this all important artefact. His cautionary warning is responded with a short nod.

Glancing up ahead, she spies the master of Magnetism himself with Blink at his side and she tenses slightly, nodding to them both. "Magneto, Blink..Who else is here?" she peers around.
Red has posed:
Hiding a yawn behind her hand, Alice shakes her head a little. "Artifact hunt... I got the perfect outfit then. I mean, Tell me an artifact Indie couldn't find?" she remarks with a shrug, rubbing over her suntortured arms a moment.

"Magneto? Probably more than Deadpool. You can't trust that sicko one step, so... I guess?"
Magneto has posed:
"Regrettably, my face has been plastered across international news, making it nearly impossible for anyone not to recognize me," Magneto laments, a tinge of frustration in his voice. "Whether they perceive me as a villain or a hero, my visage is one that remains deeply etched in the collective memory of the world. However, let us exercise caution and refrain from needlessly drawing attention to ourselves."

With an air of wariness, Magneto confidently takes the lead, deftly navigating Blink through the vibrant and crowded market, seemingly unaware of the presence of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Alice Thompson. His sharp eyes scan the surroundings, searching for any signs of suspicion or objects that might hold value or intrigue. He exhorts Blink to remain watchful and alert, ready to identify anything unusual amidst the bustling tapestry of the market stalls and meandering crowds.

As Magneto continues to engage in conversation with Blink, his words flowing over his shoulder, his focus momentarily wavers, resulting in an accidental collision with a young woman---a woman noticeably younger than himself. She possesses an alluring elegance, her features accentuated by dark, wavy hair that cascades down her shoulders. Dressed in khaki shorts, cargo pants, and sturdy boots, her attire suggests an adventurous spirit and practicality.

With a gracious and apologetic tone, the woman quickly recovers from the impact, her nimble fingers deftly gathering the scattered papers she had dropped onto the bustling marketplace floor.

"I apologise," the woman says as she stands back up. "I am Israa, Israa Al-Masri."

When she stands up, she properly notices the two individuals before her, her face drops from a smile into one of bewilderment.
Blink has posed:
Blink can't help it. She laughs slightly at Magneto's comment about being recognized. "Well you've changed the history of the world. People will never forget you. Especailly those of us you saved."

She wipes her forehead, and sighs. Following along.

Smalltalk is smalltalk, but when Magneto gets bumped into, she kind of gets defensive. hopping alongside him, her hand goes to her side, where she has a knife hidden. Eyes intense.
Cyclops has posed:
<<I don't think we have a choice. Magneto can be unpredictable if he wants to be. But if he was the enemy...he could rip Cairo apart to find the artifact. So I'm hopeful we're of like kinds this time around.>> Scott smirks Jean's way, his eyes turning back to the Master of Magnetism. But she made a good point...if Magneto and Blink are there...who else could be about?

<<Truthfully? I have no idea. Keep steady and eyes peeled. Anything can happen.>>

He starts to round the corner, leading Jean by the hand in a soft grip. Helps keep them together as much as it is an outward display of affection.

Though there's an impact.

Magneto bumps into a woman, and Scott lifts a hand to his eyewear, his eyes narrowing on Blink's knife as if prepared to try to disarm her.

But....no violence occurs.

"Jean, can you tap us into that conversation?"
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey bites her lip and nods to Scott, glancing over at Alice. <<Stay close, we're going in..>>

She gives a start when Magneto bumps into some woman who seems to be of some importance perhaps and slows her gait, all the while keeping an eye on Magneto and Blink and the woman..<<Alright, here goes..>>

There are a lot of people in this crowded marketplace, and it takes a bit of focus to narrow her attention upon Magneto, Blink and the Woman, but she does so, spreading out her psychic radius to attempt to include those three. Of course it might be harder to catch Magneto's thoughts with that helmet obscuring her powers but at the very least they should be able to pick up the general conversation between the three, with any luck..
Red has posed:
Nodding as she tags close enough, Alice's eyes wander the crowd, trying not to get disconnected or robbed as they close in some. <<Not like I ocould do much else at the moment.>>
Magneto has posed:
Magneto extends an open hand towards Blink, his gesture aiming to provide reassurance, while his piercing gaze appraises the woman standing before him. Israa Al-Masri---her name is unfamiliar to him, yet he senses it might be worth remembering.

"Israa Al-Masri," Magneto responds, infusing his voice with warmth. "I believe that name has Arabic origins?"

Israa nods, her expression poised. "That's correct."

"Tell me, Israa, would you happen to be from around here?" Magneto inquires, his curiosity piqued.

A smile graces the woman's face, a spark of confidence returning. "Indeed, I am. I was born and raised in Cairo. I've lived here all my life and even attended university in this city. Egypt's extensive history holds a special place in my heart."

"Is that so?" Magneto raises an eyebrow at Israa's mention of her interest in Egypt's history. "Tell me, Israa, have you heard of any groups operating in Cairo? Perhaps individuals clad in brown robes, adorned with horns atop their heads, and bearing fangs?"

Israa's eyes widen slightly, a glimmer of recognition flickering within them. She considers Magneto's words before responding cautiously, "Well, I can't say I've encountered anyone exactly like that, but there have been murmurs of a mysterious group with peculiar appearances. Their intentions remain shrouded in secrecy, but whispers of their existence have circulated among certain circles in Cairo."
Blink has posed:
Blink takes a deep breath. And well, the knife didn't get drawn. So it doesn't get drawn. She instead smooths her shorts, and settles down her posture. Breathing shallowly, coming down from the nerves of the surprise, she folds her hands in front ofh herself and listens. "Is there anything you could suggest we do to find out more?" she will chime in to ask, though.
Cyclops has posed:
<<Don't get seen.>>

Scott transmits that to Alice. They maintain the element of surprise for as long as they are not easily detected. IF Magneto is an enemy, Blink can teleport them both away and they have absolutely nothing.

They have to be smart.

"She knows something."

He looks towards Alice Then to Jean. "Don't think we can move in without starting a fight. But perhaps we extend the olive branch to Magneto. Find out direct."

Bad idea? Absolutely.

Necessary? Most likely.

He looks at Jean more specifically, trying to get her opinion.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey nods to Scott, drawing back the white gauzy shawl from her flame red hair that tends to make her stand out as they move a little closer. She keeps her distance from the three up ahead but continues to listen in on their conversation, glancing at Scott.

"Right, we should let him know we are here rather than catch them by surprise, let him know we are not a threat but let him extend the invitation to join if he wishes. We don't want to spook the lady either.."
Red has posed:
Alice nodding a little, Alice eyes over to Magneto. Well, she was going all touristy... "Shall I make the introductions? just give me a moment, I think I saw a good mocca stand..."

There's a little chuckle on the lips of the redhead as she lets Scott and Jean try to draw eyes from MAgneto as she just goes to buy a tray, five cups and a can of mocca for a few dead presidents and then approaches Blink and Magneto, a little whistle on the lips.

"Excuse me, can I interest you in a cup of mocca, Mister Eisenhardt?"