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Alice (Scenesys ID: 9025)
Full Name: Alice Thompson
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Citizenship: US-American
Residence: Mutanttown, New York
Education: High School
Status: Approved
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Xavier's School, Hellfire Club
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 15 April 2008 Actor: Angelica Bridges
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 57 kg (125 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Alice is just another face in New York's mutant crowd, working in a little costume shop. Adept with making props and costumes, she is willing to make such clothes for who asks and pays.

Current Player Approved: October 05, 2019



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Long red hair falls freely in tumbling waves from her scalp, reaching about the middle of her back. Standing almost 6 feet, the young woman is definitely on the tall side, her long legs making up a little more than half of it. Her gently cut face features high cheekbones, the red eyebrows shaping a nice curve and telling it's her natural hair color. Below, her blue eyes have the color of a sunny sky. Between them her narrow nose emerges. Smooth lips gently curve up, but are a little too slim to be called lush.

Bared from jewelry, the young woman's neck displays it's slender grace before flaring out into toned shoulders, exposed just like her sleek arms from the pale yellow tank top hugging her body. Gifted with ample chest, her figure swoops in gently at the waist, the fabric hanging free around her midriff without exposing it. Jeans ride high on her hips, the blue fabric clinging to the toned muscles below, before falling onto the runners on her feet.


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She was born in Mutanttown as the offspring of a green skinned mechanic and an empath who worked in advertizement. Alice grew up in the neighborhood and used to visit the local schools, pretty much understanding mutations and powers - obvious or not - to be her norm background. As she aged, she struggled through the pitfalls of puberty and her high school carreer while also discovering her own mutant power of control over polymer materials. Not a forerunner of her class and only being able to expect minimal support from her parents, she opted not to try to pursue a college carreer for the time. Instead she turned her student job in a little costume shop into fulltime to try to put away some funds for later while slowly inching further out of her comfort zone of home.


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Alice is usually friendly and nice, offering help to most if it doesn't hurt or inconvenience others. To get what she would like to have she puts in the effort necessary, but also realizes that she has a limit of what she is able to do or give. Even having grown up at the fringes of one of the worst parts of town and possibly having experienced anti-mutant agression first hand, she is a stout believer in trying to deescalate a situation first before leashing out, but also knows that self defense is always necessary.


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Polymer Reshaping:

Alice mutant ability is to change the shape of polymer items according to her will into new shapes with her immagination and concentration alone. The control of shapes does not only alter the macrostructure but can also affect the microstructure of a batch of polymer. While she can't change what a polymer is chemically, she can alter its density by including air bubbles or other inclusions and some of its physical properties by shifting it along between more amorphous and crystaline structures. Only by using different batches of material she could alter the colors. When taking control of a polymer item's shape, she can feel what the item under control tocuhes, allowing precise manipulation, even out of sight.

The alteration of a material's shape is dependant on the complexity of the new shape. Simple tasks like mending a broken plastic part or shaping a simple items from a bunch of plastic are a deal of seconds. More complex tasks like creating a functional plastic scale armor from the housing of a washing machine range in the area of minutes while highly complex composite constructions from several interwoven polymers like a ballistic vest could take as much as hours.

The general reach of the ablity is short: The material has to be fully within about 9 meters (30 feet) of Alice. At once, no more than a kilo (~2 lbs) can be moved at once. Larger ammounts would need to altered piecemeal over time, adding to the time needed to achieve them.


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Alice has a knack for shaping aesthetically pleasing objects and recreating items. Using her hands, blades and the occasional power tool she can build models and props just as much as create art.

While Alice is not superhuman or even peak performance, she is a natural athlete. She had been in both the track and swimming teams in her High School days.

Highschool Graduate:
Having worked herself through the hellhole of public education in and close to Mutanttown, Alice earned herself a highschool diploma. She knows the typical curricuum with a good chunk of math, some science and a little about classic literature.

Sword and Board:

Having undergone training in the Danger room and a few unplanned Field exercises, Alice had to learn how to stand her own ground in a fight - and has trained with a local SCA Group in Heavy comnbat. She distinctly prefers the combination of a Shield with a blunt sword-replacement, both of which she can be made from hard polymers by shaping if needed, and while she isn't a master, she surely is competent enough with it that she could join the fray at Pennsic and score well.


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Artist Red:
While working at costumes can be a creative outlet, Alice prefers to make something different as her outlet: sculpting. But instead of storing the stuff somewhere, rescupting it again an again or offering them for sale, she mounts them to street lamps or railings in the subway. These plastic statues are vandalism and a nuiscance to some while others call them street art and praise them. As much of the works soon are removed, Alice posts her work also online under the handle @ArtistRed.

Cosplay Scene:
Having worked in the Little Costume Shop for a years, Alice has not only deep knowledge about the cosplay scene, she is actively engaged with it. Her work has gained her a good reputation as an excellent propmaker even on short notice.

Recently, Alice has moved out into a tiny flat on her own. While it is barely larger than a dormitory room, it is her own spot to retreat to.

Little Costume Shop:
After having worked in the costume shop since her Highschool days, Alice took over the backroom workshop of the shop fully after her stint at Xaviers. While she mans the counter of the costume rental and fixing them up as needed, she is mainly making new costumes, props and cosplays on order. When working, she avoids having to sew with needles at all costs, often opting to shape polyester yarn through the fabric to form immitations of a proper seam. In the end, enough comes by to foot her bills well enough.

Even having moved out, Alice parents care for her well enough that they might provide backup if asked for, even if Alice tries hard to stay on her own feet. Her father is a car mechanic with a rather low powered obvious mutation: his green skin can supplement his body via sunlight. On the flipside, her mother has combined talking skills with her empathic ability to read the most relevant feelings of people into marketing. Having a decent advertizing carreer she actively doesn't want to be promoted into management and trying to stay in the sales deppartment.

Xavier Alumni:

Alice had been part in a two year college program with Xavier's. While she doesn't live there anymore and is back to working, she still might swing by occasionally at the campus and has access to it.


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Alice never liked needles in either shape, and in fact they frighten her. Be it syringes or sewing ones, they are nothing she wants to see, or be around. Usually she can cope with it by removing the needles from her sight and putting them into containers, but if forced to confront her fear she will react with panic, trying to get these items away from her as far as possible.

There's something to be said about being born with an active X-gene. Not the gonosome type, but the mutant power granting type. While it may grant Alice the power to manipulate polymers, it is also a weakness. Some people despise mutants and treat them as subhumans, others fear them and want them registred and locked up. And yet others have developed the Sentinel technology to track down and eradicate mutants.

With her parents being of the obvious and (somewhat) successfull mutant group respectively and further living in mutanttown, they are obvious targets for the Friends of Humanity and their Sentinels. Having a good relationship with them, Alice feels that it is her duty to take action to try to help them if something bad would happen to them - or avenge them.

Too Nice:

Alice is usually nice to people and often might be actually too nice to them, giving more than they deserve as long as it doesn't harm her too much. Yet, if people dig further and stress that it would just inconvenience her a tiny little more, they usually achieve in maiking her go the extra mile.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Coffee, Bagle and Boots April 7th, 2024 New Boots for Emma - molded right on the feet!
The Whisperer in the Desert July 27th, 2023 Magneto, Alice and Israa meet with the owner of The Serpent's Den in search of the Whisperer. The owner agrees and offers to arrane a meeting with the Whispere in exchange for a blanked favour from Magneto
Secrets of the Sands July 10th, 2023 Magneto and Blink encounter an archaeologist with information about the mysterious cult they have been tracking down
Hallway Run-ins July 5th, 2023 Random encounter, catching up between Alice and James. All about her continued training.
Parks and Parkour June 29th, 2023 Copycat and Alice rescue someone from the Foot who is being pursued.
Join the 501st, they have cookies! June 15th, 2023 Remy is talked into chaperone students to ComiCon as a Stormtrooper!
Kitchen Encounters and Random Notions June 13th, 2023 A random encounter within the kitchen with Alice and James. They discuss the past and current events. Also James learns that she's working for the HFC - which sets him off.
Familiar halls revisited June 11th, 2023 To be continued, perhaps
Drink of the Champions May 13th, 2023 Summary needed
Forging Alliances May 6th, 2023 Alice attends a meeting between Magneo and Juggernaut, with Juggernaut agreeing to work with the Brotherhood of Mutants
A Hellfire Meeting April 28th, 2023 Magneto's attempts to find Emma Frost leave him frustrated and disappointed
Girl. Friday. March 31st, 2023 Emma retains Alice as her personal assistant.
Spring is Here March 29th, 2023 Enjoying the spring weather
Say Yes To The Dress March 26th, 2023 When LARPing it Real goes wrong.
Smashfest! March 12th, 2023 It should have been an easy heist for The Juggernaut but when The Incredible Hulk gets involved, nothing is ever 'easy' resulting in Alice getting a front row seat to her very own kaiju battle.
Costume Shopping March 9th, 2023 Gwen comissions a new costume! And is low key rude by accident. Oops.
An (Un)Lucky Day In Mutant Town March 6th, 2023 A failed search for donuts leads to Juggernaut being put on the spot and challenged nice.
Lessons for a High Flying Hyena February 26th, 2023 Summary needed
Rock Me AmaDoomus May 19th, 2022 Doom kidnaps rock stars and respects women.
To make a Leprechaun March 17th, 2022 Mr Kent needs a costume! Luckily, some are still in stock...
Daily Meditation September 8th, 2021 A short conversation with Kit and Alice in the back garden.
Ring Chasers August 4th, 2021 John Stewart, aided by Shanon and SHIELD Agent Skye Johnson, chase after his Lantern Ring when it is squirreled away by some rather fleet footed robots!
Along for the Ride July 28th, 2021 John talks to Alice and Skye about what happened and the Green Lanterns as they fly out to intercept his ring.
Even Green Lanterns need help sometimes July 22nd, 2021 Clint, Skye and Alice go to rescue John from an underground bunker!
Fourth of July Celebration July 4th, 2021 A pleasant 4th of July celebration. There was plenty of good food and company.
Alone in Central Park June 22nd, 2021 By sheer coincidence, Kit managed to meet two other mutants in central park and wound up with an offer for a place to stay.
Fixin' Hulk June 14th, 2021 Bruce orders a French BDU at a costume shop to go cosplaying... or something.
Frosty Costumes June 13th, 2021 Emma Frost re-offers Alice a job as her personal seamstress.
Coffee Talk June 1st, 2021 Coffee Talk
Hard News May 16th, 2021 Alice tells Rogue that Magneto's in time.
Old Problems, New Solutions May 13th, 2021 Magneto visits Mutant town to ensure that Dr Brightman is 'behaving..'
Guilty Until Proven Innocent May 12th, 2021 Alex's 'arrest' likely isn't all it appears to be.
Keeping a promise May 8th, 2021 Alice impresses Hawkeye with her abilities and their potential
The Cake is a Lie May 4th, 2021 Idle banter about fake food and uniforms.
Tea Break April 30th, 2021 An afternoon of ithe coffee, tea and realizing potentials
Into the Batlands: Martyrs (2) April 27th, 2021 It's a Riot!! Critical members of the X-Men cause and stop a riot in it's tracks.
Spring in the air April 27th, 2021 A little pool fight!
Futbol April 23rd, 2021 Grab it with our own hands
Diner Delights April 22nd, 2021 Summary needed
Catching up at Club Evo April 16th, 2021 Andrea practices a new single at the Club and meets up with several friends and a photographer.
Lucifer makes an offer to Andrea and Alice April 11th, 2021 Andrea goes dancing on a night out at Club Lux and bumps into Alice planning her birthday party. Lucifer suggests his club for the event.
Back In Business (Or: How Not To Die On A Rooftop--The Aftermath) April 10th, 2021 Hawkeye pays a visit to Xavier's, to properly thank Shannon for her help a couple weeks prior. A new archer is born, and challenges issued. Potentially a job for Alice as well!
Breakfast of Champions April 8th, 2021 Rogue makes breakfast and talks to Emma about not-so-secret camp plans. They're joined by an Alice and Jeremy for a spell.
Digital Costume March 16th, 2021 Jeremy fixes a computer - and talks what he does.
Biking Break February 20th, 2021 Xiang is almost run over by a bike.
The Cure: Message of Hope January 31st, 2021 Various mutants and heroes show up at starlight clinic to hear Dr Brightman's message of an antidote. Xmen stop an attempted assassination.
The Cure: Raising Spirits in Mutant Town January 26th, 2021 A number of Xmen and Popstars bring a message of hope to a shaken mutant community.
Spirit & Opportunity January 20th, 2021 some people have unkroken spirtis and see opportunities everywhere.
Which dreamed it January 16th, 2021 Summary needed
The Voyage Home December 17th, 2020 With Special Guest Star... Grimy Space Guy!
Prospecting Future Prospects December 3rd, 2020 Alice tries to prospect post college opportunities.
The Devil and the Voodoo woman. November 27th, 2020 Folks chat then go their separate ways.
It never ends. November 25th, 2020 A trip to town ends in a throw down with some bigot sorts.
Rumble in the Octagon November 14th, 2020 Scott and some students find David, an MMA Prodigy and teaches him a few life lessons.
The Cure: House of the Living Dead November 13th, 2020 Lost loved ones are reunited..But a more dangerous evil lurks beneath the surface.
Danger Room in Space November 7th, 2020 James and Jubilee has a DR session with some students.
The morning before Homecoming November 5th, 2020 Everyone gets together to talk about the dance and meet Jax.
Halloween Homecoming November 1st, 2020 Dancing, music, food, family, and fun are enjoyed by all at Homecoming! Crazy costumes and fantastic displays of geekdom abound!
The Cure: Megavolt October 21st, 2020 Four meta human criminals are broken out of a prison transport truck. One is defeated after a gruelling battle.
Prop-Shop October 1st, 2020 Alice does a little Prop Shop class, Tabitha shows up to learn.
The Cure: Burning Man September 26th, 2020 Metaforce sets fire to anti mutant HQ, and comes up against resistance in the form of numerous heroes!
Theory of Combat September 21st, 2020 Shannon and Emma help Alice work out for combat situations.
Starlight: Making moves to build a free clinic September 13th, 2020 Warren brings some students by to visit Andrea and talk about funding the free health clinic.
The Cure: Enter Metaforce September 11th, 2020 A field trip is interrupted by anti-mutant protestors and the villainous Metaforce.
Poolside with the Mutants August 22nd, 2020 Alice, Alexis and Megan are out by the pool, and discussion about why so many students stay during the summer occurs. Sam Guthrie joins in
High Fashion! August 10th, 2020 Dazzler and Alice discuss concert fashion.
Backyard BBQ August 5th, 2020 Some Xavier students gather in the backyard to relax.
Totoro Blue August 3rd, 2020 Beast hangs out with Alice, Kitty and Shannon.
Danger Room Issues July 15th, 2020 A training session went sideways quickly as the Danger Room went from training level to actual threats to those inside. The resulting wreck and shut down at least got everyone out without being injured.
Preparing for the Show July 11th, 2020 Ali runs into Alice. The two make costume plans.
Dance Dance Evolution! July 9th, 2020 Hank and Sandy go on a date. Alice and Shannon are at the same club. Things end up going strangely.
An evening in. July 8th, 2020 A draw on poker and some classes suggested
Summer Class - Polymers 101 July 2nd, 2020 Alice first lesson in Polymer Chemistry turns into planning to turn Dr. McCoy into Totoro!
Weekend Relaxations June 27th, 2020 A casual chat about powers over puzzles.
About the New Mutants... June 25th, 2020 What does it take to join the New Mutants? Talking to their leader!
Summer Classes June 25th, 2020 Alice takes summer classes at the Librarian... eh... Doc McCoy
Recreational Relaxation is Rewarding June 25th, 2020 And a lesson in pool and hummus snacks were enjoyed by all
What is college all about anyway June 24th, 2020 What started as study advice turns into life talk and a recommendation for Alice to join the New Mutants... maybe.
9-ball side pocket.. June 21st, 2020 A (mostly) friendly pool game is played. Shannon buys pizza for everyone and Remy gets his face on the $1 bill.
Costumes and Stuff June 19th, 2020 Megan and Alice discuss costume designs.
Morning On The Lawn June 6th, 2020 A general gathering of various people in the morning to talk.
Waiting for Butterflies May 18th, 2020 Some chatting in the garden.
Math is an Eternal Threat May 16th, 2020 Participants decide to investigate SpiderByte.
Towers, Ta and Talking May 12th, 2020 Ice cream party on the roof. Chit chat and all that fun stuff
Let's do the Limbo (DR session) April 30th, 2020 Danger Room antics happen!
A Past Meeting April 28th, 2020 A backdated scene in which Jean meets Alice, a new student.
Sunday Morning at Xavier's April 26th, 2020 Kitty plans for a movie night while chilling with Scott/Jean/others
Back in the Backyard April 25th, 2020 Alice, Kitty and Megan laze around and discuss things....and Megs' changes get noticed.
Sailors Fighting In The Bar Hall, Oh, Look At Those Cavemen Go April 23rd, 2020 Kitty goes to scout potential mutant friends, her and Alice run itnto FoH and deal with them in Alice's unique ways
Gremlins: Dark Night of the Soul April 18th, 2020 A hiking trip takes a dark turn as gremlins attack once more. And something precious is stolen.
Malls, Mutants and Mischief....maybe April 17th, 2020 Three mutants walk into a mall. Talk (literal) shopping
The Polymer Storm April 16th, 2020 Ororo checks on Alice, now a student at Xavier's.
Butcher, baker, birthday cake makers April 15th, 2020 Kitty, Shannon and Alice make plans for Alice's birthday. Cake or ice cream? Tough choice
Milk Cartons: The Lion, The Beast, The Beat April 14th, 2020 The X-Men and allies come to Cloak and Dagger and learn more about the prey they hunt. Lines have been drawn. Are you prey, or are you the hunter?
Down the Rabbithole April 13th, 2020 Some talk about... mutants?
Alice in Scholarship April 11th, 2020 Kitty delivers the Scholarship to Alice herself.
In the Shadows April 5th, 2020 A shopping trip with a stop at the Bronx subway station turns into a chaotic misadventure when Pixie follows a fairy down an abandoned tunnel...
Whose Birthday is it, Anyway April 2nd, 2020 A birthday party is thrown for Megan (And Logan). Cake and gifts are had!
Kitty Offers April 1st, 2020 Kitty dances by in Alice shop and asks for movie night advice... and hands some application papers for a scholarship.
Dang Money March 28th, 2020 Kitty invites Alice to discuss employment or school, but poor Alice can't possibly afford that...
Little Costume Shop 6 March 27th, 2020 Kitty sleepwalks into the Little Costume Shop. Luckily, she has friends looking out for her.
Little Costume Shop 5.5 March 17th, 2020 Flex picks up his new costume
Witches & Cars March 17th, 2020 Random coffee scene.
Little Costume Shop 5 March 10th, 2020 Adrian needs a costume... copy of his Beta Flight uniform. So he visits Alice.
Little Costume Shop 4 February 22nd, 2020 Pixie is on the hunt for a costume for ComicCon!
A SuperHero Needs A Good Costume February 3rd, 2020 Jamie takes Vi to Alice's shop to get a cloak for Vi's nighttime flights.
Little Costume Shop 3 February 1st, 2020 Rogue needs a last minute Civil War costume, and talks a little with Alice.
Painting by ten codes January 29th, 2020 Murphy and Alice paint, Colossus gives advice
City Fall: Under the Foot January 23rd, 2020 A couple Foot goons try to further the Foot protection racket, but end up shot, cut, tied and locked up.
Cravings of Huitzilopochtli January 15th, 2020 An aztec statue come to life and wants to sacrifice a couple visitors, yet Darkhawk and Raissa save the day!
Custom Costume December 27th, 2019 Nemean decides to have a custom costume made for himself. Alice can provide.
Holidays are overrated. December 26th, 2019 Helena orders a new costume for...
Witches, Blades and Plastic Demons December 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Muddy Birthday December 12th, 2019 Rogue beat EVERYONE in a mud wrestling birthday blowout for her 21st birthday. From a wayward Gothamite to a giant harry pokemon man, to a created-from-lube Kitty Pryde and more. What a crazy time!
Hellfire Hiring November 29th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels Aftermath: The Beginning November 13th, 2019 Alice comes to Nelson and Murdock looking for justice, plans are made to make sure Trask and the Friends of Humanity pay for their crimes.
Hellfire Pickup November 5th, 2019 Emma Returns to the little costume shop - not to retrieve her order but to recruit Alice as a personal seamstress.
Hellfire Costume November 4th, 2019 Emma Frost visits a little costume store to order a custom piece from Alice... and scout her?
Little Costume Shop 2 October 29th, 2019 Andi discoveres the costume Shop Alice works at and ends up rending the goddang Advanced Enclave Power Armor for a weekend party.
Costumer Service October 28th, 2019 Sara goes costume shopping and following a lead...and meets Alice.
This really is art October 17th, 2019 =Summary needed
Little Costume Shop 1 October 6th, 2019 Wolfsbane takes a look at costume options for halloween


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