15339/The Maui Acquisition, Day One

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The Maui Acquisition, Day One
Date of Scene: 14 July 2023
Location: Hotel Suite, Maui
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Felicity Smoak, Green Arrow

Felicity Smoak has posed:

The flight in to Kahului Airport had been... eventful. At least in terms of Oliver and Felicity's relationship. While Felicity had done her best to try not to 'read into' the overt gestures her long-time boss/vigilante crime-fighting superhero/friend/crush had been making leading up to and even on the flight, things took an unexpected turn when Oliver suggested in no uncertain terms that he thought they should give a real relationship a shot.

Openly discussing their mutual feelings for each other after so many years had been a big enough step on its own, but Felicity made it clear that she wasn't about to play second fiddle to the rest of Oliver's love life. She'd always be his girl, even as much as it frustrated her to watch him act like this emotionless playboy, but she couldn't be his /girl/ girl and have him doing that, too. As much as she cared about Oliver, she had her own standards for how she was willing to be treated.

That entire, high-emotion conversation had dovetailed into more than Felicity expected in such a short time... but nothing she wasn't ready for -- nothing she didn't already feel for a man who had been just out of her reach for so long, their chemistry together frustratingly strong.

Twelve hours later, they were back on solid ground, and Felicity was still reeling a bit from all of it. She had a kind of stupidly smitten grin on her lips for the entire trip from the airport to the hotel, and though she certainly didn't hang on him, she was rarely more than arm's length from him. And.. yes.. at times she did hang on him, a few overt public displays of affection making them look like honeymooners for most anyone that glanced their way.

Soon, they'd made their way up to the suite. Felicity had checked them in on the way and the key-card access was just their respective phones. It had a gorgeous view of the beach out on the balcony and was more spacious inside than Felicity's apartment back in Star City. She'd been unable to help herself from opening those big French doors and making her way out, heels clicking against the hard floors throughout.

"This is an /amazing/ view," she comments, hands lightly resting on the railing, a bit of excitement clear in her voice. "Are you seeing this? The closest I've ever seen to anything like this is The Palms in Los Vegas. And I wasn't really allowed beyond the bar because I was just a kid. I mean, not that I was a kid at the bar. But, you know, my mom worked there. Briefly. It's kind of a long story... the point being, this is /way/ better."
Green Arrow has posed:
Change - and making concerted effort to taking at least _one_ step for himself in the direction of admitting he is allowed to be happy and not forsake the role he's taken on as the Green Arrow isn't an easy thing for Oliver. This trip, while it has important goals for both the company _and_ Team Arrow, is most certainly also about exploring .. no, taking the plunge into those waters and stop pushing Felicity away... and instead pull her closer still.

The flight over gave them plenty of time to talk, and more, and seeing her as bubbly and bouncy as she is when they get off the plane - well that in and of itself is more than enough to put a smile on his own face.

Oliver's more than accepting of the attention, and Felicity's closeness, the 'honeymoon' like feel to the trip all of a sudden is more than a little uplifting and he has _no_ issues at all with the appearance to the public and no few of the press and media that find them at the airport on arrival that he and Felicity are something more than simply coworkers now.

Stepping up behind Felcity as they wait for all but the bags they kept with them to be delivered to the suite, Oliver sets his hands on her hips and looks out over top of her head towards the sand and water below. Islands.. well he is _very_ familiar with islands, "It is really rather incredible. It's always a huge contrast - seeing the water out here or any of the tropical islands, and comparing it to what we see on the coast near Star City and the like. The difference is always startling, every single time."
Felicity Smoak has posed:
Felicity shifts her weight backwards when she feels the hands on her hips, touching the top of her back gently against Oliver's chest without turning her head to look back at him. Much like she'd gotten on the plane, she was still wearing her sheath dress and pumps, her glasses perched on her nose and her hair tied up into a ponytail. She should probably look into changing once their luggage arrived, but for now her daily uniform worked... and provided some amount of familiarity to 'the norm.'

"It must be nice to have all that free time to go to the beach while your underlings slave away at the office," she teases him, entirely unafraid to get in a jab at his expense, even if the nature of their relationship had changed. Granted, she might even be /more/ willing, at this point.

She finally does turn her attention away from the scenery to shift, tilt her shoulders, and crane her gaze around so she can look up at him.

"This changes nothing, by the way. I'm still not getting you coffee because it's expected."

She had, in fact, brought him coffee, more than once, as a kindness. Just never when he asked for it.
Green Arrow has posed:
Oliver slips his arms around her as she leans back against him, where his hands rest with relative chaste-ness on the flat of her stomach as they look out over the view. Behind them there's the noise of bellhop's working to get their luggage brought in, and as is likely usual for him when travelling in full Queen style, put away and hung up as needed.

"Well, at least they're well _paid_ underlings. I mean, that's what they're there for right?" Oliver asks, returning jab for jab .. in his Oliver the playboy role anyway. Then he pauses, chuckles, and then glances down at her to meet her eyes in turn. "What? Coffee. Breakfast in bed, four course meal on the table every night for dinner ... that's not all something I should expect?" Pause, a flash of a grin just to make sure that it's _very_ clear he's jesting - and a very sharp change in topic direction. "I expect that Terkawah Industries is going to want to bend my ear while we're hear, even beyond the US government rep for the land acquisition we came here for in the first place. They, TI that is, sent a note along while we were flying that they'd some thing they wanted to share with us about getting investment in their bio-agent for oil spill clean up."
Felicity Smoak has posed:
"I mean, you can absolutely expect it. That doesn't mean you're going to get it," Felicity quips back, grinning. For that moment, she'd settled her hand on top of his, just enjoying the heat of his palm through her dress. But finally, as the conversation shifted to work, she turned so she could face him. Her hands settled on his forearms, gazing up at him more directly through her glasses.

"What bio-agent?"

Those blue eyes sharpened.

"You're planning to take me to that meeting, right? I mean, you being out here to acquire land for a secret volcano lair," she wasn't going to let that go, "and then being approached by a mysterious company interested in funding a bio-agent /definitely/ sounds like the start of an episode of Scooby-Doo. So, I'm going to want to know everything down to the bio-molecular formula for this agent."

"Which," she adds, "They're not going to give us. Because it's going to be proprietary. But, if we can get our hands on a /sample/, I can send it back to STAR labs and ask them to reverse engineer it for us."

She furrows her brow.

"Or am I just being paranoid? Is it /possible/ that there are things that happen to us that aren't secretly orchestrated by meta-human supervillains? Because, like, a normal vacation would be kind of great..."
Green Arrow has posed:
"Well, I was thinking that a certain someone I know might do some looking to see if we can find out more than just the public info on Terkawah before we even get to the meeting. Honestly , a bio-active cleanup agent that presumably .. what... eats oil or something? That sounds a bit too much like 'End of the World' stuff - way too much like it. We can get a sample, one way or the other - even if GA needs to visit." Oliver says, his hands moving as she turns within his arms, to end up resting on her hips as he looks down at her.

"One might say that we need to be professionally paranoid, right? " Oliver adds with a smile that mixes amusement and something more .. cautiously pessimistic. A moment later he shifts his attention past her, looking back out at the landscape..and seascape..beyond her and the balcony, "I also need to go have a look at the land, and the bunker area, this evening _before_ we go meet with the government's agent. We don't need them selling us old problems, or anything else along those lines, just because we've offered to take something off their rigid hands."