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Green Arrow (Scenesys ID: 181)
You know us billionaire vigilantes, we do love our toys.
Full Name: Oliver Queen
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (DFC)
Occupation: C.E.O. of Queen Consolidated
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Mansion Alpha (Tamarind Island, Sunshine Coast) and Queen Mansion (West Vancouver, Metro Vancouver)
Education: University of British Columbia
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Starling-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Team Arrow, Alpha Flight, Justice League
Other Information
Apparent Age: 40 Actual Age: 40
Date of Birth 9 December 1990 Actor: Stephen Amell
Height: 188 cm (6'2") Weight: 88 kg (194 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


Once a brat with no real direction in the world, Oliver Queen has been through a crucible. Where there was once a free-floating playboy heartbreaker who didn't know what he wanted in life... there is now a traumatized survivor.

Spending five years on an island and traveling globally has given Oliver a fairly diverse -if odd- skillset, and has turned him into a hardened warrior in his own right. A hardened warrior who now protects Starling City as Green Arrow, and the planet as a member of Alpha Flight.

His willingness to kill -when there's no other choice- can put him at odds with other heroes, though.

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This tall man appears to be in his prime, and of a build of a toned and almost stocky nature. Close-cropped blonde hair rests atop his head, and his eyes gleam behind a dark green domino mask that extends to his blonde arched brows and the bridge of his sharp nose. The nose ends in a slight point, hooked down above his mouth.

He is dressed in a dark green outfit whose hood sits over his head, framing his face. He wears a lightly armored kevlar and composite nano-fibered suit whose chest and shoulders are reinforced with thin armor plating, while slung over the man's back by a pair of shoulder straps is a large technologically advanced quiver filled with arrowheads, shafts, and various attached tools. A pair of archer's bracers are attached to his forearms and fingerless tactical gloves cover his hands. The man's pants are a tough green fabric that tuck into a pair of dark green boots with reinforced plates from the knee down to the toe.


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Oliver Queen was born into wealth and power, the son of industrialist Robert Queen, founder and head of Queens Consolidated. He spent his entire childhood as a snotty brat whose days were spent avoiding his education and his evenings socializing and clubbing. He did just enough work in school to get by... but with no real interest in self-improvement, his days were more about getting high and getting laid

Over his teenage years Ollie found a bit of focus, studying laborously in school but preferring to spend all possible free time slacking off. Thanks to his family's wealth and connections, Oliver attended an Ivy League college, but he mostly slept through his courses.

On a vacation with his father upon the family's yacht, Oliver's life would change forever. The ship wrecked, and he was the craft's only survivor--he washed up on a deserted island, where he spent several years on and off learning to hunt, track, and survive with the aid of his archery and marksmanship skills while trying to come to terms with the tragedy that had befallen him--and, in the process, dealing with a number of other individuals who ended up becoming the catalyst for his transformation into a weapon to survive.

When Oliver was eventually found, he found himself a radically different person from his island and global journey: where before he was carefree and unconcerned with others' conditions, now the young man wanted to make use of his 'second chance' at life to try and help others as he could. Finding Starling City in need of a hero, Oliver decided to don a green costume, hide his identity, and serve his fellow citizens as 'the Green Arrow'. At the same time, Oliver was determined to improve the world, promoting a number of initiatives through Queens Consolidated's massive influence, aimed at improving the planet in various ways.

Since that time, Oliver has spent the last several years amassing a cabal of allies--in the city and abroad--to help him in his quest, even as he finds himself opposed more and more by a growing population of enemies. The work, it seems, must continue.


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Queen is an incredibly focused and dedicated individual. Having a life-changing experience during his time marooned in the China Sea, Oliver both believes zealously in helping others survive (so as to avoid any sense of tragedy he has felt) and thrive, as well as in doing everything he can to use the skills he developed (so as not to have wasted the practical lessons of that experience).

This sense of dedication extends beyond what change Queen believes he can personally effect; Unlike most CEOs, Queen takes an active role in the economic and political landscape of the world, trying to make their planet a better place for all... not just the shareholders.

Despite the focus on his work, Queen does not look on his work as a burden so much as an opportunity, and thus he has come to be relatively jovial and enthusiastic for working with others who share his goals and ideals--a potentially morbid sense of humor and satisfaction, given Queen's recognition that he's doing the work of a superhero armed with a bow, some tools, and his mind and body.


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A skill initially developed alongside his hunting and survival skills, Oliver Queen is an agile acrobat, capable of performing a number of difficult and complex physical feats that might injure or otherwise compromise the average individual's body. He continues to train his body daily in order to keep this ability at peak condition.

Oliver Queen is a master in the art of archery. His abilities have been honed across a number of years, and he continues to practice. Queen is an expert with a variety of bows, can make complicated trick shots with ease, and even shoot any number of special arrows with incredible skill; all with perfect accuracy. He has trained to shoot for a quick kill, his styles experimented with and perfected, honed in part by the close study of kyudo.

His accuracy with bows is a combination of zen-like intuition, intelligent factoring of environmental vectors, and plain old fashioned practice.

Of all the various weapons and styles he can use, bows and arrows are his preference; using modern technology, Oliver can quickly and easily switch between arrowheads for damage, utility, or other versatile purposes.

Since being shipwrecked, Oliver Queen has honed his body to nearly its limits. Compared to most other non-powered humans, Queen has exceptional stamina, strength, and speed, as well as an ability to deal with pain and fatigue beyond normal capacity.

Aviation and Driving:
Oliver is proficient in using ground and aerial vehicles. He learned how to operate these vehicles beyond what an average pilot and driver does.

Since his return to Starling City, Oliver has spent the last several years honing his business and administrative skills, learning to run and delegate duties for Queens Consolidated efficiently and effectively. He's not quite a born prodigy for it, but Oliver has taken to approaching his work as a businessman with the same zeal and focus as he does his vigilante efforts.

By no means as smart as Batman or Lex Luthor, Oliver is nonetheless a quick witted individual capable of learning fairly quickly if he applies himself, making him capable of adapting to new situations in the field with surprising speed.

Some might not call this a 'skill,' but Queen is proud of his ability to cook--especially dishes that are particularly spicy. (Some might also say he's just leaning on the spiciness to mask his culinary shortcomings.) Whether it's good or not, his knowledge of cooking is rather vast, and Queen can whip up a dish on the spot from most ingredients put before him.

Escrima and Staff:
An expert in the use of escrima stick fighting, Oliver has been able to best Arsenal, among others, with this. This comes in handy for those few times his bow manages to break in the middle of a fight; he can simply use the broken ends in an improvised manner.

His main bow also transitions into a solidly built staff, with the bow cabling tucked away into the core of it, leading Oliver to become an expert in staff fighting as well, rendering him a capable melee and ranged combatant.

A side effect of his practice in archery, Oliver Queen is capable of using any number of ranged weapons with near perfect accuracy. He can't quite seem to bring the same zen like intuition he uses for archery to any other ranged weaponry, rendering him inaccurate at times... but he's still skilled enough with things like throwing knives and other improvised ranged weapons to be able to hold his own if archery fails him.

Martial Arts:
Oliver Queen is an expert martial artist, in terms of both unarmed and armed close quarters combat. He's studied such approaches as judo, aikido, kung fu, SAS combat, and krav maga, trying to meld together the fighting styles in order to be as effective as can be, and has learned pressure points from his hobby of medicine to make him more effective at non-lethal blows. While he may not be the top combatant in any individual form (or with any particular melee weapon), Queen can hold his own against the vast majority of opponents.

His time abroad has forced Oliver to learn the basics of self healing, first aid and herbalism. By no means a replacement for formal study, he nonetheless knows how to identify a good number of natural remedies and poison by glance, and has a basic idea of general body structure for diagnosis and other purposes from his time on the island, and traveling willingly or otherwise during his time abroad. He's since picked it up as a hobby to compliment his field work as Green Arrow as a field medic.

This means he can usually keep people from bleeding out, knows when an injury is serious, and can handle self treatment and treatment of the average human to a point in the field.

Thanks to his time shipwrecked on a desert island, Queen has become a superb hunter and tracker. His abilities to trace the path of an animal or person are well matched with his steady hand and collected calm in facing them down. He can be thrown off track, of course, as can any hunter. On a related note, Queen is skilled at moving and acting stealthily, given the need to prevent alerting prey to his presence.

Tactician and Leader:

His five year absence has seen Oliver learn tactics and strategy, as well as leadership skills as he dealt with various situations around the planet, requiring him to learn how to manage a team in the process. This has come in handy when dealing with Team Arrow.


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While he may often feel like he's fighting a good fight alone, the Green Arrow is accompanied--if not surrounded--by a circle of allies (including Team Arrow) that he can faithfully rely on for aid when needed, especially when their areas of expertise fill gaps in his own. They, in turn, trust that he'll be equally loyal to them when they need his help. He can also rely upon the help of Alpha Flight members, being a reliable member of the team.

The Green Arrow's most frequently-used equipment includes a set of various bows of differing weights and substance (longbows, shortbows, break-down compound bows) for various purposes. His main bow is a versatile compound bow that can transition into a solidly built staff for melee combat in seconds.

The bows are complemented by an arsenal of arrow types, conventional and special alike, stored in a specialized, technologically advanced quiver. Large enough to almost be a backpack in itself, but very lightweight, this quiver is designed to build custom arrows on the fly with modular pieces, with the majority of arrowheads and shafts stored in a central cylinder, and 'produced' out to portions of the side of the quiver as needed. In addition to it's typical use as ammo storage, it also serves as an anchor point for any number of devices and utilities Green Arrow might need; grappling hook arrows, being a typical example. This quiver is neurally controlled via an ear mounted device that serves as a communicator and voice modulator as well, allowing Green Arrow to build or change up his modular arrows with a thought, and to speak to others with an altered voice.

Green Arrows suit is also made from various armored and flexible materials. Built for agility and speed, it can nonetheless take direct bullet rounds with a combination kevlar/carbon nanotube matrix. Hardly tank armor, a .50 caliber round can get through... but anything below that well typically be stopped, or at least slowed down.

Thanks to his majority shares of Queens Consolidated (inherited from his father), Oliver can exert considerable control over the direction of the company. It's not always accepted without question, and he can't quite divert tons of cash into private R&D like other tycoons might, but Queen can reasonably assume he'll have support for legal activities he wants the company to engage in, so long as it doesn't seem like market suicide. This also means that he has a personal fortune from the profits that he (and his family before him) accumulated as a result of Queens Consolidated's activity.

A customized motorcycle mainly used for road travel, this can transition into a flying motorcycle within seconds. This mode is extremely draining on the energy cell though, and can only be sustained for a few hours at most.

The Bunker:

An underground bunker built to be an HQ for Green Arrows activities, this place serves as a nerve center of computer and information processing, a museum, a gym, and a storage depot for equipment. While Batman might have a ton of Cave space for his various vehicles, Oliver prefers his Skybike over anything else... so doesn't need as much space for his gear.

There is a backup ArrowCave bunker under a nightclub Oliver has purchased as well, if the main one is ever compromised.


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Unlike many heroes, Oliver Queen is active in the political landscape of things, and to a lesser extent as Green Arrow, and he works to support that agenda. Sometimes, this means that he loses potential allies that want to keep out of the political limelight. Other times, it means that certain groups target him specifically because he's known to oppose their causes.

Not unlike Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen has to constantly keep up a public facade of his identity, coming across as a vapid playboy, in order to throw off suspicion that he might be the Green Arrow. This is not always successful, and it forces Queen to act in many ways antithetical to his actual beliefs, but it remains a necessity to keep his identiy secret.

While his experience on the island transformed Oliver Queen from a brat into (what would become) a hero, he has never entirely healed, psychologically speaking, from the five-year isolation he lived through. He lost his family, he lost all sense of self-importance, he lost his innocence--and, occasionally, Oliver gets overwhelmed by intense flashes of memory where he relives parts of that time all over again and, depending on how unexpected they may be, is left unsure of how to handle it.


The Green Arrow has amassed a considerable group of criminal enemies, costumed and non-costumed alike, since initially taking up the persona. The vast majority would stop at nothing to see him--if not also his loved ones--tortured or killed, and so Queen must take considerable care on a daily basis to make sure that he is not inadvertently risking their lives or his own (to a degree beyond what he's willing to accept for the latter, at least).


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Maui Acquisition, Day One July 14th, 2023 Summary needed
The Secret Volcano Lair June 25th, 2023 Felicity updates Oliver about the encrypted drive they recovered, and he updates her on... Maui.
A Talk With Diggle March 9th, 2020 Diggle dishes on Oliver's chili to Vanessa
Safety Of The Waldorf February 22nd, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa discuss her situation and the threats made against her.
State's Witness Comes With It's Own Problems February 13th, 2020 Oliver's legal help gets Vanessa a deal to turn state's witness. But Yu Phun's men pressure her to not testify.
Lawyering it up February 7th, 2020 Oliver and one of his lawyers, Horton, met with Jennifer about representing Vanessa Carlysle. They found an understanding in more ways than one.
Penthouse Raid January 30th, 2020 Green Arrow gets info from an NYC drug dealer who supplies Starling. Vanessa Carlysle gets caught up in the ensuing police arrest.
Some Small Diner In Some Big City January 24th, 2020 In NYC investigating a drug source impacting Starling, Oliver Queen stops at a diner and meets Vanessa Carlysle. Try the blueberry pie.
Christmas Queen January 1st, 2020 The Christmas party ends with an unexpected revelation for Oliver and Felicity.
China White, Starling Green December 25th, 2019 Green Arrow and John Diggle stop China White's crew from taking out their competition, while Felicity dodges stray bullets
Having some Phun December 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Just One More Mr. Queen December 19th, 2019 Peter Parker gets a scoop and some pictures of Oliver Queen visiting a company he may invest in
A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words December 14th, 2019 Oliver looks at Felicity's photography despite his assistant's interference. Ollie's girlfriend walks in on the meeting.
It's Sifu time! December 14th, 2019 Carrie and Oliver meet through Sifu Yin's dojo, they mend past mistakes.
Age of Darkness: Riddle Me This December 6th, 2019 The Justice League and her allies have a strategy/planning session to determine what to do next and go over intel brought forth but multiple people and groups. Can it be? Can Superman be alive? We'll have to see.
Who Treats Their Computer This Way December 5th, 2019 Felicity retrieves information for Oliver on China White's planned attack on rival drug dealing gangs.
Lunch And A View Of Orchid Bay December 3rd, 2019 Oliver and Dinah meet for lunch, and bump into Felicity.
They Should Be Open 24 Hours December 2nd, 2019 Oliver takes Felicity for a burger after hours, and she starts to realize he isn't the shallow playboy she thought.
Have You Tried Rebooting It November 29th, 2019 Oliver stops in IT and meets a tongue-tied Felicity. He gives her a computer to recover the hard drive from.
Hunting a Boar: Lady of the Dragonfly July 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Incognito in New York July 1st, 2019 Oliver goes out for a date in New York incognito... and meets Remy, bribing him to silence with a drink.
JL and Age of Despair: Epilogue June 8th, 2019 The ending of the Age of Despair TP, with the heroes of the Justice League, banding together to bring Superman back from the abyss!
The Turn Card: Queen of Diamonds May 6th, 2019 Summary needed
Age of Despair Part IV: Assassination May 1st, 2019 AN assault on the JL Watchtower was thwarted by the combined might of the Justice League and her allies, at the cost of losing Superman to the minions of Darkseid. Next target - Apokolips!
Ding Dong: The Arrival April 16th, 2019 Princess Ellisandra's grand arrival to meet King Thor. Instead, she meets Captain Marvel as much confusion ensues.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: Tracking a Link April 8th, 2019 Summary needed
Dealing with Arms Dealers: Adaptation March 30th, 2019 A new player (Turtle) is brought into Starling to try and throw off Green Arrows investigation of the smuggling ring in his city. With Kids help, he grabs his first solid lead in months.
Justice League on The Tonight Show March 9th, 2019 The Justice League go on the Tonight show!
Mission Monitor Changeover March 8th, 2019 Green Arrow does his first shift on Mission Monitor Duty, with Superman showing him the ropes.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: Financial Troubles February 26th, 2019 A Bank Robbery aided by Domino is dealt with by Green Arrow and Black Canary... until the Joker comes along and takes advantage of the chaos.
Haunted Watchtower February 13th, 2019 The Enchantress attacks the Justice League in the Watchtower in an attempt to make them slaves. Although defeated, Superman is now missing!
Alpha Flight: Interrogating Alien Visitor - Dark Elf Edition February 11th, 2019 Carol interrogates the Dark Elf prisoner Alpha Flight got a hold on, determining she must speak to Thor before making a ruling.
The Abominator arrives in Midgard. February 10th, 2019 Arella Despana's ship crash lands on Earth
Black Sky: We Walk Through the Fire January 24th, 2019 Daredevil and friends interupt Madame Gao's ritual to dispose of them all. Elektra is forced to make a decision: Black Sky is no more.
Outreach January 18th, 2019 Green Arrow reaches out to the Justice League for membership, and is accepted
Failure to Communicate January 2nd, 2019 After a protracted fight between Green Arrow and Remy, both ultimately came to a draw with Green Arrow managing to recover some of the vials and Remy recovering two. Most of the mercinaries were prosecuted but were able to get on technicalities from the well funded law firms that had already hired them and the thugs, who had no such lawyers, were all books and sent to Stone Gate.
Black Sky: Allies from Afar December 9th, 2018 Green Arrow and Yin come to NYC to join the fight against the Hand and meet with Daredevil, Hawkeye (Bishop) and Richard Dragon. Not everything goes as planned.
A New Arsenal December 5th, 2018 Arsenal returns to the Bunker and reunites with Oliver and Dinah. Catchup is had, and an archery competition.
Black Sky: The Hand Comes to Starling November 24th, 2018 The Hand makes moves in Starling, Green Arrow and Yin stop their plans, for now.
Canary Songs November 22nd, 2018 Queen Consolidated hosts a charity event at the Blue Lady in Manhatten, several personalities mingle.
Pet shop club November 9th, 2018 A meeting at Pops, about wolf sightings.
Tournament: There Can Only Be One October 20th, 2018 The Tournament culminates in one of the oddest battles yet. Robin, in a self-sacrificing move... WINS? How does that even work? (Because: Deadpool)
A Vancouver robbery October 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Tournament: Red Ranger VS Green Arrow! -FIGHT!- October 4th, 2018 The Cristmas Clash ends, with a surprising victory..
Tourney: Welcome to Kairos September 30th, 2018 The combatants and guests of Elektra's Martial Arts Tourney are welcomed to Kairos Island.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: A Gotham Connection September 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Dealing with Arms Dealers: A second Cut Off September 16th, 2018 Summary needed
A Practice Run August 29th, 2018 Green Arrow, Carrie, and the Red Ranger deal with a celebrating gang. Green Arrow takes prisoners. Crowley amuses himself watching the show.
Evening Checkin August 15th, 2018 Green Arrow, Black Canary, Yin, and Carrie, who still needs a costume and a name, meet up at Yin's kwoon to check in.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: Fungal Aftermath August 8th, 2018 Green Arrow resumes tracking down the Arms Dealer ring escalating gang violence in Starling City in the aftermath of the Fungus war. Numerous parties show up and help with the ambush.
Germination: South of the Rip July 30th, 2018 South group fighting the mushrooms also finds a way to close the rip in the sky!
Astral Flux: South of the Rip July 29th, 2018 South group fighting the mushrooms also finds a way to close the rip in the sky!
Germination: North of the Rift July 29th, 2018 The group in the north battle the onslaught of the fungus!
Midterm slump July 15th, 2018 Yin takes Carrie Kelley around Gotham by rooftop. Batman is not pleased. Green Arrow is not pleased with Batman's displeasure.
Fire July 12th, 2018 Wiccan, Speed, Twitch, Rage, Storm and Green Arrow thwart a billion dollar R&D theft and save many lives. Kano wreaks havoc. Pierce weeps into his expensive brandy.
Germination: Just use Tinactin June 29th, 2018 A mix of heroes (and others?) engage a mushroom alien stalk at the Gotham zoo.
Germination: Of Mushrooms and Men June 20th, 2018 Tyler, Tommy and Josh save a boy from a space mushroom with help from the Green Arrow. Iron Man drops in to clean up. Jean busts the boys.
A Test June 6th, 2018 Green Arrow gives Yin a trial, and is given provisional status on Team Arrow.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: The NY connection May 29th, 2018 Summary needed
Sparring in the Quiver May 22nd, 2018 Oliver and Dinah spar, and discuss possibilities.
Dealing with arms dealers May 14th, 2018 Green Arrow and company foil and arms deal, leaving it for police to handle after.
Return to the Quiver May 9th, 2018 Oliver and Dinah return to HQ after months of Oliver being overseas, powering up the Quiver once again.
Yes, officer, the evidence is in the cow May 5th, 2018 The police show up to take a statement about certain mystical hijinks.
OMG give me money! January 29th, 2018 Bruce Wayne throws a fund-raiser.
Flip a coin January 15th, 2018 Shiva shows mercy, and Arrow probably is going to have to do something nice to thank her.
G&T late nights November 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Does he make you feel horny, baby October 27th, 2017 Summary needed
That's the Dangerous End September 14th, 2017 Shiva shows up at Oliver Queen's Super Secret Place and learns a bit about archery
Housewarming. August 31st, 2017 Summary needed
Arrows vs Quarrels: The Great Debate August 29th, 2017 Summary needed
The Fierce Fangs of Star City August 27th, 2017 Summary needed
Oh, It's You. August 27th, 2017 Green Arrow is investigating two warring families, only to find out the true culprit is Lady Shiva.
Grace Choi & The Billionaire August 26th, 2017 Oliver Queen runs into Grace at Chaney's.
Who Do Ya Wanna Be When You Grow Up August 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Shades of Green August 13th, 2017 Summary needed
Starro Light, Starro Bright August 10th, 2017 Starro alien race plans an invasion of Earth, Alpha Flight and other Heroes are out to stop them.
An Arrow to the Heart of the Matter August 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Late Night in the Garden July 7th, 2017 Batgirl meets Green Arrow for the first time and mistakes him for a potential threat.
Emptied Quiver June 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Leviathan: Counterattack June 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Cat's in the Cradle June 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Log June 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Wrong Place, Wrong Time June 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Starling Sapphire June 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Have It Your Way June 7th, 2017 Summary needed
The 'Hopeless' in 'Hopeless Romantic' June 7th, 2017 Summary needed
A Veritable Treasure Trove June 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Log June 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Terror in the Tunnels June 1st, 2017 Summary needed
The 11:25 Train to MAYHEM May 31st, 2017 A train robbery (stolen train!) is thwarted by the Justice League! (Guest starring Snapper Carr)
When Should Crime Not Pay May 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Celebrate Good Times May 30th, 2017 Tigra follows up on a lead that brings her face to face with Ares.
Nocked and Loaded May 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Started from the Bottom May 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Green Arrow and Canary May 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Hello Again May 1st, 2017 Summary needed
Flowers and Stars April 23rd, 2017 Summary needed.


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