15356/Creatures of the Breakstone Campgrounds

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Creatures of the Breakstone Campgrounds
Date of Scene: 17 July 2023
Location: Campsites - Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Hunting creatures?
Cast of Characters: Kit Killovarras, Rift

Kit Killovarras has posed:
Breakstone lake, always a good place to visit for a little summer fun, for for a particular student around these parts? It's more like his home away from the school. It's out here that he can truly be himself, where he can truly let lose and train his own way, without the watchful eye of the professors.

It's here that Kit can be found, hardly dressed beyond a pair of shorts and not much else, leaving the majority of his inhuman form visible to anyone who might actually be able to find him out here, though he's also far enough out into the lakeside campgrounds that mostly only students or avid hikers might be able to reach him, too.
Rift has posed:
Rift decided to come back to the area that she grew up while on break from school. So... she went back to Xavier's School. She decided not to go to the school itself - she just wanted some fresh air. So she tears open a portal to the campground that she spent so much time with a flare of red light.

An eerie sight steps through said portal. A young woman - but her entire body is glowing red tothe point that any colors are washed out by her aura, with brighter glows in her arms, legs, chest, and head as she looks around, sighing happily as she feels the sun shine on her. Her portal was right by the lake as she stands by it, looking over the water. She just stands like this for a bit - for one listening to see if anything is going on around her. But it's just... liberating... to be able to power on without anyone really caring - she knows she looks weird like this, but doesn't really care.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
So, a portal opens up and a strange, humanoid creature steps out of it in this part of the woods? Yeah, that's got Kit's attention and for a moment, he studies them from a distance. Once he's satisfied that they aren't an immediate threat or something predatory? He'll step out from where he was skulking, almost intentionally allowing his foot to fall on a stick as a way to let whatever this creature is, know he's near before he pipes up with a simple, "Hey." with his typically friendly tone.
Rift has posed:
Rift whirls and stares as she hears the snap, staring with glowing eyes, a few globes of water rising out of the lake that's now behind her and orbiting her as she studies - then... she hears a rather normal voice coming out of him. She then nods slowly as the waterballs stop glowing and fall to the ground, splatting. "Ah - you must be from Xavier's. I went there a few years ago, until I graduated." She moves forward. "You can call me Rift," she states, extending a hand to shake... as she floats upwards to be at eye level, her feet over a foot suspended in the air. "Sorry for the reaction - I didn't think anyone was out here."
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit sees the responses and for a split second, a violet energy can be seen jumping across his fur like electricity, but when the response is halted and Rift relaxes?

The energy around the yeen dissipates and he just chuckles. He rubs the back of his head and muses, "Sorry if I startled you and yeah, I'm a student there, for the time being at least." then takes a few steps closer, shaking the offered hand with a surprisingly delicate grip for someone who looks the way he does. "Name's Kit. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rift." he adds.

He doesn't seem to notice - or simply doesn't respond to - the way that Rift looks, or the fact that she's now hovering in front of him. Though then again, this is also probably a little more 'normal' for the aardwolf than most people would suspect, too.
Rift has posed:
Rift smiles softly. "Welp, mutants come in all shapes and sizes, huh? You met Doctor McCoy, right?" she asks as she settles back down after the handshake. "Well... did you bring any food? I brought a small lunch with me," she states, floating a picnic basket over to her - that is bulging at the seams. "I... kinda eat a lot. Telling gravity where to shove it takes a LOT of calories, y'know?" She winks.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
There's a little chuckle from the hyena when lunch is mentioned and he once again scratches the back of his head. "I mean, I tend to eat a lot too, but in my case though I'm sort of... Well, living in a buffet." giving a sheepish little grin as he very badly explains his eating habits. "Though I mean, I've got a few other snacks in my bag, too." he adds with a shrug.
Rift has posed:
Rift smiles softly as she opens the basket and tears into a sandwich on top. "Feel free to grab something if you like - I always get carried away when I cook..." And as she eats, her appearance suddenly shifts in the blink of an eye. She now looks... normal. Well, her hair and eyes are fire-truck red, but she can easily pass as normal as she just digs in. She doesn't even seem to notice that she reverted as she sighs happily. "Gotta love that smoked cheddar..." she mumbles softly as she glances at you. "Do you like it at Xavier's?"
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit watches Rift for a moment before one of the sandwiches from the basket simply levitate up to him, watching her change and tilting his head curiously. Then he gives a little shrug as he admits, "I do like it here, though some of the rules can admittedly be a little stifling.." as he gives the sandwich a slight sniff, then takes a bite.

There's not much that beats smoked cheese, even for a giant talking Hyena, but after his first bite, Kit lets his eyes close a little and flicks his ears for a moment before a segment of bark peels away from a nearby tree and floats over to him. "I'll admit though, it's been a wild few years since they brought me in too. Some of it, I wouldn't trade for the world."

Then he gives Rift a glance and adds, "How about you? You said you were a student a while back, too. How was it?"
Rift has posed:
Rift smiles. "Ah - my actual name is Kitora. I just go by Rift when powered up for I think it looks cool." She smiles softly. "Think about it. They run a school full of people who can do all sorts of crazy things. Rules keep us from blowing up the school or in some cases, the entire county." She shrugs. "I had nowhere else to go... my parents didn't take my awakening very well... well, I kinda tore the house apart but..." She then stares at your choice of snack, saying nothing.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit manages to fairly skillfully pry a grubworm out of the bark he's pulled over to himself as he listens, coupling the sandwich and the insect fairly casually before he nods and sighs. "I've heard a lot of stories like that, honestly.. I kinda feel bad at times that I can't really relate.. I never had a moment of 'awakening', I was born this way."

There have only ever been a few mutants who were fully born in the form they take, though the next comment might make it either a lot easier or a lot harder to understand, as the aardwolf muses, "Then again, in a family where people regularly have dinner with gods and your dads 'inner demons' are literal beings from hell..." He sort of just trails off and chuckles a bit when he notices Rift staring at his choice of treats. "Sorry." he muses between bites.