15370/Interview with an Empire

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Interview with an Empire
Date of Scene: 22 July 2023
Location: Executive Offices - LexCorp Tower
Synopsis: The Daily Planet interviews Lex Luthor.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Supergirl, Lex Luthor

Superman has posed:
Clark walks up to Lex Luthor's offices with press pass in hand. He's wearing a grey coat that almost looks like the color of wet cement. A grey that could be darker, but it could be lighter, too. Beneath that is a gunmetal grey button up shirt, a midnight blue tie with subtle lighter accents and black slacks. "Do you think this is too much?" Clark turns and asks the person coming with him. It's not Lois, but someone equally trusted, that's shadowing his day job. "I'm trying something new and I-I-I don't think dark colors are me," he confessions and between sentences he whispers words, feather light, barely audible, "Keep your eyes peeled. Rumors swirl about our subject, but you know already know that," it's just Clark trying to impress the attentiveness they'll need. Also, it's him looking out for family. Last thing he wants is something to happen to Kara Danvers, his cousin. He's also sure to give this warning OUTSIDE of the building just in case. People like Lex Luthor, Tony Stark, Justin Hammer, Anthony Ivo, all have technology so advanced the last thing he wants is a device somehow snagging that whisper. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

Pushing up his thick rimmed black glasses, he gives Kara a soft smile. "Impress the chief and you'll go far," he says knowing even if they don't work together, a nod from Perry White does carry some clout. And like any good family member, Clark is trying to be supportive despite the many other reasons he agreed to do this.

The pair eventually walk into the building where he shows his press pass. Then prepares to go through any scan available. The costume isn't under the suit. So, there's nothing to hide. He only has a simple recording device, press notebook, five pens, wallet, spare change, that sort of thing. The standard stuff one would expect a reporter to have. Clark's just going through the motions before they get taken to Lex's office. Although, he will scan the area just to take a good look around. Rumors about this building and some unexpected trouble swirled about, but nothing could be confirmed outside of stray eyewitness stories that talked about noises. Sadly, known of them were close to confirm anything.
Supergirl has posed:
That tagalong was in the form of one Kara Danvers. She had her blonde hair pulled back in a professional looking bun, which had taken forever to get just right but she was positive it made her look more mature than her actual age in numbers. She was dressed properly too, unlike many of the other multimedia reporters at the Planet. Ma and Pa Kent, as well as Mom and Dad Danvers, would have her hide if she did otherwise. Not to mention Clark and Lois! A pair of white slacks, simple pumps with a little heel. A blazer in a light charcoal over a pale blue, button-up blouse. She had her own glasses on because that was how it was done. As her cousin had done, no costume underneath. Just the normal stuff girls wore beneath their clothes. Though she did have a small messenger bag but inside it was just a few things like a notepad, pens, a small camera because she wasn't like the big name reporters who got their own cameraman. Person. Whatever. She had to take her own photos. Though generally she was reporting on the local fair and who won the pie-eating contest at this point in her career.

At the advice, she gave a quick nod. "On it. And I hope so. I keep trying to get some bigger stories. I'm just glad that they let me shadow you and Lois," she murmured as she approached. She grabbed her own press pass, which was hanging on a lanyard around her neck, and held it up a little too eagerly for security to peruse. Then she felt the urge to smack herself in the head. A soft mutter, which probably would be picked up by any sort of listening devices at this point possibly. "At least I didn't say Leeloo Dallas Multipass." Because that's how she felt like she was presenting in that slightly too eager way.
Lex Luthor has posed:
Lex Luthor is completely and utterly prepared for any and all interviews at all times. It's just part of being a billionaire that runs one of the most successful companies in the world. The global market is damn near his to sway and control as he sees fit but he's going to be as humble as he can be in order to make sure that this particular interview goes well.

It's for the Daily Planet, after all.

When it comes to scanners and what not, LexCorp Tower does everything as secretly as possible. Scanners and cameras are built into the structure of the building and things just get taken care of on that end as much as possible. There is a more obvious security check to set people at ease and for the uniformed LexCorp Security Officers to actually have something to do. They check things and make sure that these reporters are not bringing in any weapons or anything that could be harmful to the likes of their boss: Lex Luthor.

It's Eve Teschmacher that meets the reporter duo and brings them to the open office that Lex Luthor has chosen for this particular interview. The doors are opened by Eve Teschmacher and she allows the others to head inside before she closes the doors behind them.

Standing at the head of the long table that takes up this office is, of course, Lex Luthor. He's standing there with his arms wide open and offers a big grin of welcoming. "Mr. Kent. Ms. Danvers." Lex Luthor makes it a point to know who is coming for an interview. Always does his homework. "Welcome to LexCorp."
Superman has posed:
Clark tries not to giggle at Kara because he remembers being like that, too. Just when he did it, he felt like one of the -other- children at the chocolate factory with their golden tickets. Eve Teschmacher that comes down to greet them. Before she can introduce herself, Clark extends his hand. "Miss Teschmacher," he flashes a small smile. Lex isn't the only one that does their homework. "Clark Kent. Behind me is Kara Danvers, we're with the planet," he figures she knows that. It's still the civility of the Midwest coming out. If she takes the hand, he'll awkwardly shake it. Inwardly, he will compare this meeting to the last meeting he had with an assistant. Miss Potts is a very nice lady and created a benchmark in Clark's mind.

"Thank you for having us, Mister Luthor," he says honestly. They are still guests here, technically. So, the civility continues from Clark. "A lot of questions have surrounded your company, and yourself, lately and readers want to have them answered. Something more than a prepared statement," he will pause for a moment. "A warm welcoming message from one of the brilliant minds in this fair city," and Clark dies a little on the inside saying that. He can hear Lois screaming at him from miles away. She wouldn't have been as soft with the intro. Still, that's not exactly Clark's methodology.
Supergirl has posed:
"Nicetameetcha." It all comes out as a quick flurry of sounds and more like a single word than four. Kara too would respond positively to a handshake offer but she's well aware some people prefer not to do that anymore. In the past? It was like a requirement. But times and circumstances changed traditions, some more quickly than others.

Then she fell into step with her cousin. And upon seeing Lex there was that...weird moment. She knew who and what he was behind that big smile. She knew that he wasn't what he presented to the world. But by Rao, the man just oozed charisma. That greeting would immediately have someone feeling welcomed and comfortable, even though he was one of the richest men on the entire planet. He was the kind of man who could have a cult if he'd taken that path. A quick glance at the door as it slid closed then a quick scan of the room as she brought her gaze to Lex himself and kept them there. No peering around, no rubber necking even though she wondered if there was an echo point in this room potentially cause that was a big table, no acting dodgy. Just her own bright smile in return. And this time she managed to keep the words separate. "Mr. Luthor, thank you for accepting the interview." And she pulled out her tape recorder, holding it up with a questioning glance on if he would mind her recording this instead of just taking written notes.

Her job, to shadow and learn. So she intended to keep her lips shut and her other senses open.
Lex Luthor has posed:
Eve Teschmacher might actually be the nicest employee at LexCorp. She makes pleasantries with both Clark Kent and Kara Danvers, makes sure that handshakes and greetings are handled well. It's all a combination of making sure that they feel very welcome. It's all quite lovely because Miss Teschmacher is the textbook LexCorp employee. And leaving them in the capable hands of Lex Luthor is a mission that's incredibly well done. Hopefully, they both will feel quite at ease.

LexCorp is completely safe and lacking anything weird. Any scans of x-ray nature will come up with just the natural structural integrity of the building. These offices are not Lex Luthor's private office so there's really nothing to see here. Even Lex Luthor himself is completely and utterly normal in his scans. The only thing that may be weird is the class ring on his finger with the embedded Kryptonite core.

Motioning for both of the reporters to have a seat, he buttons his jacket and smooths out the sleeves as he takes a seat himself. "I'm an open book." Lex Luthor remarks as he gives Kara a nod of approval for her recording technique. His eyes do focus on Clark for a moment, though. Since he's quite sure that he'll be the one conducting the bulk of this interview. "Anything that I can do to set the people of Metropolis at ease." Lex Luthor seems well aware of his reputation and almost looks like he's wanting to fix that as quickly as possible. "I want the people of Metropolis to know that I have nothing but the best of intentions for this city. It's my home as well." Lex Luthor getting a bit /real/ already.
Superman has posed:
Clark will shake the hand, because he's too busy looking at walls not Lex. If this is a meeting between Superman and Lex, then Lex would have been the sole focus. So, he will shake Lex's hand. The shake will end and Clark will turn and pull out a hankerchief to cough. Honestly, Clark feels a little rattled by this. Quickly, he thinks of a time Jimmy sounded similar and runs it. "Sorry. I had a triple belly slammer that didn't agree with me last night. You know how Big Belly can be," he gives a rueful smile and sits away from Lex and tries focus on the story.

Shaking his head and feeling some sweats, he just pushes past this uncomfortable moment. "Lex. Why have you been so silent? Is it because you're taking a vacation? Is there a new Misses Luthor? Or are you busy creatiing the next project that will revolutionize humanity somehow. The world wants to," cough. "Pardon. Know. Why so quiet lately?" he asks, curiously and just pushes past what looks to be a bad cold. Thankfully it's slowly creeping away.
Supergirl has posed:
Kara doesn't go to shake his hand. Not that she's being rude, nor did she actually notice the ring yet being a little further away. But she was still in her little bag. After a quick smile and pushing the record button before Clark got to more questions, she was digging for her camera.

She was no Jimmy but she at least knew some pictures would be good to have.

But that cough from Clark had caught her attention because that was not even close to normal. No actual look of concern, just a glance over at him. At his explanation, she knew it was a load of bull yet she wasn't sure what had set it off. Thus as she got out her camera and lifted it, again that silent question to Lex if she could take pictures during the proceedings.

And should he agree, she'd start doing just that. Even as she peeked around the room for anything odd in the process of. Course, she'd be looking for anything green after that second cough. And that's when she would spy the ring. Which just seemed like a class ring, nothing odd. If not for that stone. Was it...? Could it be?
Lex Luthor has posed:
"I have a meeting with them at the end of this month. I'll have them do something about that burger. Just for you, Mr. Kent."

LexCorp likely owns the heck out of Big Belly Burger so there's a big chance that he can make something happen. At least in regards to making sure people do not get sick after the burgers.

Kara gets another nod of approval. Lex Luthor doesn't seem to have anything to hide so he even motions around the mostly blank office for her to be able to take all the pictures she wants. He's all for allowing them some access to whatever's in this room.

"To be honest? I don't have an answer that will be acceptable." Lex Luthor just shrugs a bit, his hands going down to the table to rest on them. "I'm always working on ways to push humanity forward. I want nothing more than to help lead us toward a future where we shall be as incredible as those that sit on pedestals now." A glance off to the side as Lex considers those words. "I have big plans for Metropolis. And the world."
Superman has posed:
"And what are those plans you stride toward? Will these be collaborative efforts with individuals like Daniel Rand, Anthony Ivo or anyone similar? What about heroes like Guardian? What do these plans entail," Clark asks and he will loosen up his tie a little. The coughing stops, but he does feel a little warm still. Not as much before, but it's a subtle thing Kara will see. Clark's acting like he has a cold. Since when has her cousin ever had a cold?

"What's something the citizens can expect to see in the immediate future?" Clark asks curiously. Just trying to get an idea of Lexcorp and the future.
Supergirl has posed:

The picture of Lex Luthor, sitting composed at the table with a slight angle. Then Kara rises to move to a better angle--yet keeping her distance from the area where Clark first coughed. She's not sure what caused it. *Click* A shot at a 3/4 angle for Lex, getting his good side hopefully. If that was his good side. She'd have to get the other side as well perhaps.

Then she caught a glint of green. A ring?! *Click* Making sure that this was an image of him, high def, but having that hand in the image for a closer look later. But if they wanted to peruse the images, it was just another picture of the man and the ring was just barely in the corner so it obviously was not the focal point.

Kara then moved to the opposite side of the table, closer to Clark. And felt that little...something. *CLICK* Then she smiled happily and moved back to her seat, which was further away than Clark's. Quickly flipping through the images to be sure she was satisfied. She even held over the viewscreen to show the angles to Clark, for approval, subtly putting her thumb on the corner with the ring for a second so it zoomed in then she 'realized' what she'd done and quickly fixed the view back to normal.
Lex Luthor has posed:
"I would very much like to work alongside anyone that also loves Metropolis as much as I do. I want nothing more than to partner with like-minded individuals that would like to make this city better than it's ever been. Metropolis has so much potential. It is my hope to help everyone realize it."

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Lex Luthor almost seems to pose. He considers all of his sides to be good but managing to make these pictures being snapped look even better while also remaining candid, it's just a thing that Lex Luthor does. He doesn't miss a beat or a step in his responses to Clark Kent. This fingers even get steepled in front of his face, showing the ring off a bit but not on purpose. It's just a bit obvious that Lex Luthor is not ashamed of his graduating class.

"Transportation." Lex Luthor offers a nod. "That's what we're focusing on at the moment. I would like to do something to streamline the city's transportation infrastructure. We're working on a few designs that we hope to pitch to the city later this year."
Superman has posed:
"Would this rival other country's systems that run arguably smoother than our own? How would you streamline the process?" Clark asks getting ahead of himself. He does feel a little better the longer he stays this distance to Lex. Gears are turning a little bit. However, he is trying to stay on the focus on hand.

"Are there no other plans like power? Security?" he'll wait for a response. "And what are your thoughts on Tony Stark recently losing an Iron Man suit?" Because Clark suspects Lex has a lot of opinions on this semi-recent event. It could also get some insight on future projects Lex may not want to disclose directly, but may let some details slip. Plus, maybe show some other thoughts.
Supergirl has posed:
Kara decides to continue clicking just a couple more pictures since Lex is being such a good sport about it. Her favorite was one from sort of behind Clark, the reporter being a slight blur to the left side of the frame and the shot obviously taken over his shoulder for a straight on image of the powerful mogul before them. Straight on might be his best angle, now that she's looking at this.

But at mention of the Iron Man suit being lost, that has Kara glancing over at Clark in obvious surprise. Seems the intrepid reporter missed this particular story, which she is mentally kicking herself in the bottom for. She fights the urge to break out her phone and do a search for it.

Instead, she settles like a proper reporter again and takes out her little tiny notepad to jot a few things on. Which seem to be, if analyzed on video, the words: How the heck did he lose a suit? Because yes, she didn't write swear words either.
Lex Luthor has posed:
"We're still in the early stages, Mr. Kent. However, as soon as we get some concrete details about our ideas, I'd be more than willing to make them publicly accessible. As I'm sure you can understand, I wouldn't want to tip my hand. I'm sure most of my competitors faithfully read the Daily Planet." Lex's response comes along with a smile.

"LexCorp has plans for everything. Whether or not Metropolis is ready to move into the future is up to the citizens of this city. I will always take Metropolis as far as it is willing to go. Farther, if you all will let me."

Lex almost smirks at Clark when the topic of Tony Stark comes up. "Mr. Kent, whatever issues Tony Stark may be having are his issues to have. I also offer him my full support and any assistance that he may want or need from myself and LexCorp." Lex Luthor is always willing to support other billionaires.

Lex makes sure he's always in whatever perfect light is needed for Kara's shots to come out the way they need to. He even takes a moment to reach into his pocket and comes out with a holographic business card with his personal e-mail: 'lexluthor@lexcorp.com' and it gets slid onto the table in Kara's direction. "Ms. Danvers. If I could get copies of all these shots sent, I'd be quite appreciative. I'm a bit of a dabbler into photography myself."
Superman has posed:
There's something in that "Farther. if you all will let me," comment that sets him on edge a little bit. He doesn't pose any comemnts. Immediately his thoughts go toward Icarius and the Sun. Dull blue eyes watch Lex a little bit.

"What would Lex do to avoid an issue like Tony Stark has?" he says just focusing a little bit. His gaze lays on Lex for a moment. It's him seeing if more would come about from Lex. Clark thinks Lex has his fingers in multiple projects. So, he's trying to dig and get some kind of insight to these other projects without outright asking. Any narrative Lex will control, so Clark is trying to just keep the narrative on track, but wouldn't mind taking a dip here or there, gain insight of the other routes.
Supergirl has posed:
As that card is offered, Kara does not tense although everything in her says to. Because she needs to play it cool. She's just a reporter visiting and taking pictures while learning from the Big Dog Reporter how to do the job right. Nothing else. Plain old normal person.

As he slides it partway, she knows that to reach for it will be her slightly in that range she has sort of guesstimated at this point. Though, in theory, at least she'll know how far she can be okay, right? Who was it that said there was no such thing as a mistake, just having learned another way that something didn't work? Or was she remembering that correctly at all? Or was she maybe stalling?

She gave a smile and reached over for that card. And at about that five foot mark, she felt it again. That slight discomfort. And a another few inches, that slight wave of weakness. She put her hand on the card, glad to see she wasn't shaking cause she really felt that she was shaking. Then slid the card back to herself.

Once out of range, she felt a little better but not perfect. Darn ring. Darn Kryptonite. If it wasn't that ring, it was somewhere on Lex's person but no way to tell without further testing. Which she was not in the mood to do.

She looked at the card, grinning a little at how fancy it was. Probably cost more than some small cars to make these things.

"I'll be glad to, Sir. But you probably are far better than I am. I'm still a novice," she offered in response to his words. "Thankfully the Planet is willing to tolerate as long as it's in focus."
Lex Luthor has posed:
"I can assure you, Mr. Kent, that I have no intentions of ever having any issue like Tony Stark has." There's a bit of a pause that comes along with it. Whether or not he was throwing shade is going to have to be left up to various imaginations. "I prefer to keep my ambitions on the ground." Okay, so maybe there's just a little bit of shade.

A glance over to Kara as Lex sits back in his seat. "I'm sure they will be lovely." Lex offers a small grin. "If you would like, I could make a few calls. There are many opportunities for young photographers in the city." Not just the Daily Planet seems to be what the next unsaid part of that is.
Superman has posed:
Something about Lex and Kara worries Clark. He knows she knows better. It still irks hiim a little bit. Pushing that feeling aside for a moment, Clark focuses on that shade. Like Lex has a particular type of tea this morning.

"What would you like to tell the people of metropolis. What would you add?" he asks curiously. Sky blue eyes looking at her for a moment as he is curious on this one. Also, allowing Lex to make his own personal statement. It's a good way to end any nterview.
Supergirl has posed:
And that gets a shake of the head with another polite smile. "No thank you, Sir. I am working to be a journalist, not a photographer. Though I really appreciate the offer. This just is one part of my position as a multimedia reporter." She even had a title! Yes, it was like the mail room level of reporting but it was still being a reporter.

She caught the look from Clark and the smile remained for him then a little polite nod of her head as she looked back to her notepad. Because this was his interview and, though she knew the glance was not for this reason, she had already spoken too much. In her opinion. She knew he was just making sure she was good.

Silly cousin. She was the one sent to protect him. Yet, here they were.

She tucked the camera back into her bag and the business card into her pocket, since it felt like things might be wrapping up. The last would be the recorder, though not until they officially ended.
Lex Luthor has posed:
"Never let yourself become beholden to blind ambition. You never know what your future may hold." Lex Luthor offers a grin to Kara. She has his business card. That's enough right there to make sure that career opportunities are on the horizon.

With that said, Lex turns his attention back to Clark so that he can give out another thing to be quoted. "I just want every one in Metropolis to know that I'm here for each and every one of them. Lex Luthor believes in Metropolis. Always and Forever." See? Metropolis? Lex Luthor loves you.
Superman has posed:
Clark is quick to take that down and then sits up. "Lex. I want to thank you for your time," he extends his hand. Clark knows it's going to do something. However, he needs to do this for appearances. And so he braces himself for that wave of sickness. If Lex takes hs hand, Clark will take that urge of sickness.
Supergirl has posed:
As Clark rises to his feet, Kara does the same. Though instead of offering that hand like the senior reporter but junior cousin. Instead she picked up the voice recorder and clicked the Stop button on the screen. Then it was tucked into her bag which she settled back comfortablely over her shoulder.

Her smile remained polite as she did offer that quick verbal, "Yes, thank you. We know you are very busy." He spared a lot of time for a flash piece but all publicity was good, right?

She also didn't want to get too close because she wanted to be able to help Clark on the way out if it came to that. Hopefully not that severe if he was quick.
Lex Luthor has posed:
"You're welcome here any time." Lex says as he reaches out to do that final handshake with Clark Kent. "Both of you." A glance is tossed in Kara's direction because he's all about offering some extra chances to individuals that could give them an opportunity for greatness. "LexCorp is always open to the Daily Planet." Lex Luthor is all about fostering a relationship with the Planet.