15373/How to unstatue a Slayer.

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How to unstatue a Slayer.
Date of Scene: 23 July 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: Harry and Thomas makes their way to his lab to get Faith out of the statue she was turned into.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Thomas Raith, Faith Lehane

Harry Dresden has posed:
The duo drive the statue that used to be the Dark Slayer to the office. He opens the wards and then the door,"Mouse. Watch the place. Something bad out there. Don't look at it in the eyes if you see something unusual."

The hairy, four legged tank goes to the door and settles into a watch posture once the duo carry the statue inside and towards the carpet over the lab.

Quickly, the carpet is moved and the hatce open,"Wake up Bob, we have a situation." he calls down there. The skull mutters back,"It's always a situation with you."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith is stronger then he looks. Actually he rivals a Slayer for just raw physical power if he is well fed... and he's been feeding on one Slayer or the other for the last five years. So the job falls to him to carefully carry the statue into his brother's office, though getting her down the trap door will be an interesting task of logistics.. Instead he leaves her on the floor above jumping down into the lab once his brother has moved out of the way.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry waves a hand,"Ficum Bicus." he mutters and the candles come to life. When Bob sees things and notices Harry and Thomas he mutters,"For once it might be that you aren't exaggerating of the both of you look this way." he muses a little more seriously,"What is going on?" he asks them both.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith often puts on an act. Even in front of Harry. Masks are how he protects himself. That mask slips completely as he looks at Bob and says without any hesitation, "Faith looked in the eyes of a Cockatrice. She was turned to stone. We need to turn her back. Name your price."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Bob starts to do that very thing, but Harry warns him,"We are in a perilous spot Bob. Choose carefully. Neither of us are interested in playing games."

The lights in his eyes fade for a moment and then he finally replies,"I want out for the night. I want to prowl the city." Harry looks to Thomas and then back at Bob again,"All right. What is the catch."

Bob is quiet for a moment and replies,"I want to ride out of here on him." One he is playing games wanting to posess he White Court prince. Harry actually pauses at that idea, not ready to snap back as quick as usual.
Thomas Raith has posed:
"Done." He says without hesitation or equivocation. "Done. Done." he adds, stating his agreement three times. Though to be fair his plans for the evening had had been to go over the Blue Lady's books and payroll. If Bob wanted to watch him do paperwork and drink entirely too much coffee that was up to him.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Not done." Harry finally growls. Of course Thomas already taking the deal leave Harry with very little leverage. He looks at his brother and growls,"You're making a deal with something worse than a fairy. I hope you have your shots." He shakes his head,"You just agreed to let him drive you around the city like a two legged flesh vehicle. I only let him do that with Mister."

He growls softly and looks at Bob,"If you try anything beyond what you would do with the cat, I will put you in a concrete box and sink you into the ocean."

He finally looks at Thomas, hoping he realizes what he ejust got himself into,"Cocktrice Bob. Unstoning someon before thet suffocate or break. Get to it."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith shrugs a bit, "I've made worse deals with worse entities. Starting with my sister." he says calmly, shrugging. "And besides, I'll be providing you a full and detailed report of whatever he chooses to do, so there will be that for him to think of."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Gritting his teeth, Harry looks at Bob and says,"Tempus fugit Bob. Get to it." Bob seems...giddy. It might be a weird look, but then Bob starts listing some very strange ingredients.

Harry makes notes and points Thomas at the shelf repeating the ingredients. He knows he will have to get some anyway, but at least it will be a start,"Keep that in mind Bob, you may be controlling things, but he'll still be watching."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Not that Thomas particularly like the idea of the little perv doing a ride along in his head... but as he's said, it's hardly the worst thing he's ever done or will do. Hell they are throwing a bachlorette party at the Blue Lady tonight. Thomas ftches the ingediants for Harry, at least keeping his mouth closed for now. Would he have done this for Buffy? Maybe, but then he never fought to help Buffy get her memories back..
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry starts making the potion that Bob describes,"I would suggest you either vacate before I break the spell or you are going to have a real hard time explaining to Faith why the fact you are dry humping her leg has nothing to do with you." He shakes his head and starts the fire to cook the potion as well and lets Thomas work out the deal with Bob.

Bob doesn't say much about the situtaion, though a noise is made when Harry tells Thomas to get away from Faith so Bob isn't playing with her.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith nods slightly, "Probibly best he wait till I get back to the club anyway. I somehow doubt he has a drivers licence." He says as he starts climbing the ladder. As he passes the stature of Faith he lets his fingertipes brush across her stony hair before heading for his car.
Harry Dresden has posed:
A smirk as Bob makes an objection sound and Harry realizes Thomas just bought them time,"I will give you a fifteen minute head start." he offers to his brother and then gets the potion ready. He sees Thomas pause and it actually causes him to feel for his brother a moment.

Once Thomas is down the road, Harry says,"All right Bob. You have a choice. You can take Mister out tonight and tomorrow night or you can try to catch and find Thomas. I free you for the night Bob. Be back before sunrise or face the consequences of the White Council."

Bob squawks in protest as he realizes he's been had. Predictably he rushes out into the night trying to find Thomas. The promise is too much.

Harry sighs and goes up the ladder to where the Faith statue is and pours the potion on her. The effect takes a moment and then the stone starts to crack and flake off of her body.
Faith Lehane has posed:
For a moment, nothing seems to happen, except that now she is a wet and sizzling grey statue. Then, slowly, the statue begins to crack in places, chunks of stone very slowly breaking apart and falling to the ground, like plaster of Paris or something. Fortunately there is a living breathing Faith underneath the stone encasement and she sniffles and sneezes as clouds of dust explode around her.

"The hell just happened?" she yells, blinking and taking a deep breath. Wait, it's not night time and she's not in a forest. And she looks ready to fight..
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Calm down." Harry replies to her,"You were turned to stone by the cocktrice. We brought you back to the lab to get you free." He goes back down into the basement and starts to put things away and then blows out the candles,"Thomas is potentially paying a price for the knowledge so you might want to avoid his place tonight since he agreed to let Bob ride him around like a spirit Caddilac. Any contact with Thomas is likely contact with Bob."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane blinks, "Turned to what by a what?" she laughs, "You mean, like a rooster? Are you freaking insane?! Don't tell me Thomas got you high....Ow..Why does my head hurt.." she winces, rubbing the back of her head where a sizeable bruised gas formed, "Geez, I really need a strong bottle of liquor..Don't suppose you have any around here?"

Shes still busy picking off chunks of rock out of her clothes although she's not vain enough to care if her worn clothes look even more grungy. Although a shower would be nice. Right now she's. daydreaming of Thomas' fancy shower..

Until Harry mentions his name and then she scowls. "Bobs doing what?! You mean you let that psychopathic skull possess my b--Er...Thomas? Are you freaking MAD?!"
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Turned to stone by the rooster thing we attacked last night." he tells her. Might as well be simple as possible,"You looked at it, it turned you into stone, and here we are letting you dust the rocks off."

He points to the pile of rocks on the ground at her feet.

"You're current plaything made a deal with the devil instead of letting me do it. He answered before I could say no. It's on him. I've told him multiple to not deal with Bob." he replies and considers her for a long moment,"That being said, I think he might actually like having you around since he agreed to let Bob ride around in his head for the night. He still has to find him, but he probably will."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane groans, stretching her neck. "Okay well tell me we at least kicked its butt, because that bastard could sure hit hard, I've never fought something quite so tough!" she slams her hands together, looking ready for another fight.

Harry's referring to Thomas as her 'plaything' causes her to snarl, taking a step towards him, "The hell did you say?! And how exactly long does your pet skull thing get to ride in his head? Geez, what an idiot.."
Harry Dresden has posed:
He lets her get it all out and shakes his head,"We cut the wings off the thing, but we had to stop the prusuit because Thomas found you in the shape you are in. So it isn't flying around the city, but it is still walking around the woods. Should be easier to find."

When she snarls and starts towards him, he should absolutely be afraid of her, but he has an ace. From behind her, sitting at the door, one loud bark erupts from the door. The energy of the bark hits her like a shock wave that staggers her. It doesn't bowl her over, but she has to reset her balance,"Go home. Get some rest." Harry tells her flatly. His shield braclet rests on his wrist and Mouse is one second all happy, the next moment he is not the one to try your luck with.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane laughs at that, shaking her head, "Thomas did that? For me?!" she sounds surprised maybe. "What an idiot...He could have stopped that monster before it stoned anyone else..Now I guess I gotta clean up the mess like usual.."

She stops in her tracks as Mouse utters a warning bark. She could likely take him on but he's also full of surprises and she's not exactly in prime shape right now.

"Ugh fine whatever, you win for tonight.." she turns to head out, wiping the rest of the dust from her outfit, but pauses, "Oh yeah, thanks for de-stoning me..." a beat. "Guess I owe Thomas my life too huh."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry watches her go and shakes his head,"That's between the two of you. We will go out and find the thing once we have had time to research it and find something better to attack it with."

Mouse gets up, moving enough for her to get out of the place. A strange glow of energy is surrounding the dog and he seems to be letting her know she is free to take her shot whenever.