15398/Trouble draws together old friends.

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Trouble draws together old friends.
Date of Scene: 30 July 2023
Location: Central Park, Manhattan
Synopsis: Angelica met Peter in Central Park. They talked about the Lizard and her patrolling the park looking for him. She made sure he ate too of course.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Firestar

Spider-Man has posed:
It is a rather pleasant summer afternoon, the unrelenting heat that has been assaulting New York City having finally broken into something a little more seasonally pleasant. While the crowds are out in force throughout the park, there is still the odd corner where one can find a little quiet, a chance to take in the natural beauty of this little green oasis in the heart of all that steel and glass and concrete.

Which is exactly what Peter Parker happens to be doing right at the moment, having found a park bench at the edge of the path that winds through the leafy green expanse of the forest, only the occasional jogger or cyclist passing by. Most people seem to have taken to the grassy lawns, or down by the water, but this suits him just fine as he absently fiddles with his camera.
Firestar has posed:
People are milling around the park. Sometimes the most clandestine way to meet is out front in the eyes of everyone. Not that this needs to be that really, but the duo rarely get a chance to see each other when business isn't on the table.

Seeing him sitting on the bench, she smirks a little and shakes her head. Good ol' Pete. She walks up to the bench from behind and walks around to look at him,"Got room for one more? I brought food." she teases mildly and does have two oblong boxes that scream New York hot dog by their scent. A plastic bag holds to bottles of Pepsi to chase it with.
Spider-Man has posed:
These days it feels like he spends more time in the costume then out of it -- though it is a good bet that despite the warm day there is a certain webbed outfit on under his much more mundane outfit as well. Busy fiddling with the settings on his camera, he doesn't notice her arrival, at least at first but the sound of her voice brings Pete's head snapping up, a wry smile sliding over his expression.

Of course that's nothing compared to the mention of food. You would think he barely eats! Which is not out of the realm of possibility, given his paycheck. "You are a goddess," he enthuses, holding out a hand and making puppy dog eyes before giving a quiet chuckle. "But seriously, it's good to see you and not just the food. Honest," he teases right back.
Firestar has posed:
She chuckles softly and passes him a hotdog and takes a seat. Once she is settled she passes him a Pepsi as well. Looking out over the park she tells him,"Hardly an Angel, let along a Goddess." She teasing him of course,"I'm glad to see you too my friend. It's been too long."

She turns on the bench towards him to talk a little easier and opens her hot dog and Pepsi for easier consumption,"It's good to see you too. I've missed you."
Spider-Man has posed:
The park bench is pretty spacious with more then enough room for the two of them, though Peter does edge over a little bit to create some extra room for him. It's the least he can do really. She's feeding him That's gonna earn some big points in his books. "It's all in the eye of the beholder. I'm definitely willing to offer up a few prayers in your name right at the moment," he says, taking a big whiff of that hot dog and letting out a contented sigh.

The villains of the city could probably do pretty well with him if they were just to bring food to their criminal outtings. Their success rate would skyrocket.

"Missed you too," he offers up between bites, flicking a brief smile her way. "Hope everything is going well on your end? Or at least better then on mine," he adds ruefully.
Firestar has posed:
A roll of her eyes and she nudges his arm playfully,"I fear the sort of prayers you might offer up." she teases. Angelica takes a bite of the hot dog and closes her eyes, savoring the flavor of the thing that is really bad for her no matter how good it tastes.

A wink to him as she chases the hot dog with Pepsi, then she adds,"Everything is going as well as can be expected. Teaching Physics this fall and starting my degree work for Physics at the same time." Her features crease a little with concern,"Talk to me Pete. It's just us. No judgement or anything, what's going on?"
Spider-Man has posed:
Cracking open his own drink, Pete takes a long, slow pull from it. Street hotdogs and pop might not exactly be the healthiest meal imaginable, but right now it's certainly hitting the spot. Letting his camera dangle from the strap hanging around his neck, he half turns towards her, actually managing to look somewhat relaxed, cheerful even as he listens to her news. "That's great! I'm glad things are working out so well. You're really making a life for yourself," he enthuses.

The smile dims a little as the talk turns to his own current situation, giving a slow shake of his head. "Mmmmm. Just a little bit of a rough time as of late. I've run into a few of my baddies lately and the results have been a little... mixed," he admits. "We stopped Doc Ock from making off with some radioactive materials awhile back but he got away," he says. Not to mention the toll to Peter's back. Ow. "Then the Scorpion ambushed a bunch of us in the park the other day. He, ahhh, kinda got away too. It was a little embarassing," he admits ruefully. "And on top of all of that, I think Dr. Conners has become the Lizard again. He seems to be roaming around Central Park. No one's been hurt -- so far -- but I'm not having a lot of luck tracking him down either," he admits. "It just hasn't been my finest hour as of late."

"I suppose on the bright side, it can't get any worse, right?" Famous last words Parker.
Firestar has posed:
There is a soft sigh and maybe he is expecting a bunch of smypathy, but what he gets will probably surprise him,"So you mean to tell me you have battled two of your worst rogue's gallery and they got away? You haven't been able to track them down or stop Dr. Connors' bad decisions? Why not. Aren't you the all knowing, all powerful, and unstoppable one?"

She is trying to make a point and not drive him into the ground so she puts her food and drink behind her and goes in closer to hug him, pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek and then leaning on his shoulder,"You're just a person my friend. That doesn't change no matter how much responsibility you have. At the end of the day I know you pushed yourself to the limits and beyond to do what you did accomplish. If you want I can do more fly overs of the park to keep an eye out for him."
Spider-Man has posed:
While Peter can be as guilty as anyone about engaging in a good pity party, he does know her fairly well. Well enough that he is sure that Angelica isn't going to run him down just for the sake of rubbing salt in the wound. And while nothing is likely to get him from piling everything on his shoulders -- at least not for long -- he seems to understand the point she's trying to make, a brief, wry smile curving over his lips. I don't know about all knowing, all powerful and unstoppable. I'm pretty good, but maybe not that awesome," he allows.

Jugling his food for just a moment, Pete leans in and returns that hug. "Fair enough," he says, the smile that slides back over his expression a little more sincere, a little more genuine. "You're not wrong I know. It just seems like I haven't had the best of luck as of late," he admits. Though it might be fair to ask when his luck has ever run particularly well. At least for any perioid of time. "I know you're busy. I really don't want to burden you," he says. "But, if you happen to be in the neighborhood and happen to be flying by, well, if you could keep an eye open I'd certainly feel better about it," he admits.
Firestar has posed:
She sighs and laughs softly as she nudges him in the shouler with her head,"Make no mistake Pete, you're pretty awesome. I just don't tell you much because it would go right to your head."

She stays against him for a little longer and finally breaks the hug,"As long as I am in New York you know you can call on me." she tells his,"Yes I am busy, but you're among my best friends and family. If you need me I will find the time. I like to fly anyway, so I have an excuse."
Spider-Man has posed:
"It totally would. And then my mask wouldn't fit and my secret identity would be exposed. It would be a whole thing. Probably best to keep you around to make sure my ego stays in check," Pete agrees slyly, already seeming to be in slightly better humor. Everything she had to say might have been pretty self-evident, but apparently he just needed to hear it from someone else.

"Food and some good perspective. You really are the best," he says lightly, leaning over and brushing a quick kiss across her cheek in turn before he straightens in his seat once more, taking another bite of that quickly diminishing hot dog. "But really, thanks for everything. If you don't mind grabbing a bird's eye view of the park every now and then, I'd really appreciate it. I mean, I need to deal with the others too but get Doc Conners back, that's kind of my priority. It really plays havoc for him and his family when the Lizard comes out to play."
Firestar has posed:
There's the Pete she knows. A smirk and she turns her cheek towards him when he leans in to kiss it. She closes her eyes in that moment, the smirk becoming a legitimate smile. After he moves back she turns to get her food and drink back before some poor schmuck tries to steal it.

She takes another bite of the hot dog and listens to him when he thanks her and talks some more,"You're welcome. I don't mind flying through. I fly every day, I will just start popping through here more often and look for doctor Conners. If I see him I will call you and take the time to scout where he is going. I don't want to hurt him and my power is a bit all or nothing when it comes to stopping someone."
Spider-Man has posed:
It is remarkable just how quickly one's day can turn around thanks to a friend and Pete beams a smile her way as he finishes up that hotdog, lingering a little more over that drink, sipping it idly as the breeze picks up, rustling through those leaves, setting the whole forest to its own unique song.

"I do envy you. Just a bit," he admits with a smile, leaning back against the bench, sprawling out a little as his head turns upward towards the bluie sky, a number of puffy white clouds idly drifting by at an unhurried pace. "I mean, even just swinging is pretty great, but flying has to be pretty nice," he conceeds. "And again, thanks. Any extra eyes that might help spot him, might help me bring him back to himself are greatly appreciated," he says sincerely.
Firestar has posed:
The last quarter of the hot dog seems to be more than she wants and she offers it to him,"Take it. Got my cooties." she teases mildly and reaches for her drink again. She looks towards the woods area and sighs softly,"It's not the Rockies, but this place is very nice when you want to get away."

Her amusement is clear as she shakes her head,"Here I envy you and your abilties. You'd think we would both be satisfied with what we had." she muses,"There is nothing like flying no and you know if you wanted I could take you with me. Catch a line around my waist and dangle or something." While she would do it, the last bit is said teasingly.

"As for Dr. Conners, I am on the watch with you. Just keep the phone close incase I am the one that finds him."
Spider-Man has posed:
His eyes light up as she offers him the last of her hotdog and he accepts it with a grin and a nod, making it vanish almost as if he had magical powers. "MMmmmm, if this is what it entails, I'll take your cooties every day of the week," Pete asserts, his gaze starting to roam over the nearby park.

"I mean, it's not exactly like being out in the wilds I imagine, but given what the rest of Manhatten is like, it sure makes for a nice little break from all of that," he conceeds. Not that the rest of the city doesn't have it's charms. Sometimes you just miss what you don't have close at hand. But Peter is undeniably a city boy at heart. "And you jest, but don't be surprised if you're flying by sometime and suddenly have a hanger-on," he teases in return, winking her way. He's probably not above it.

"You got it. You call, and I'll be waiting with baited breath. You are my very favorite Angel."
Firestar has posed:
Taking another drink of her Pepsi, Angelica smirks playfull. Placing the cap on the bottle, she sets it aside,"I always knew you were a cootie guy." Looking back over the park and nods,"I agree. It is the best place in the city. We are both city kids, but I got used to the mountains up in Canada too. It is a nice change."

When he talks about catching her with a web out of surprise she laughs,"You better hang on tight if you surprise me because you're going to go for a ride until I can see it's you." she warns lightly,"I'm your only Angel Pete. You know that." she adds lastly, shaking her head,"It's still fun to be your favorite though."
Spider-Man has posed:
"What can I say? I am unabashedly shameless when food is in the offering," Pete admits with a grin, once again sprawling on that bench, closing his eyes for the moment and just enjoying her company and the sound of the breeze rustling through all those leafy doughs nearby. It's peaceful. And there isn't a whole lot of peace to be found in this city. Not for him. Certainly not as of late.

"Semantics," he counters, cracking one eye open and peering over at her with a half grin. "It still makes you the favorite," he agrees with a frim nod. "And I'm pretty good at holding on, even when someone tries to shake me off. It might not be as glamorous as flying but it comes in handy sometimes..." he teases.
Firestar has posed:
"No trick to your heart." she teases,"It really is your stomach." Watching him get comfortable, she laughs and settles her back against the end of the bench. Taking a deep breath, she exhales slowly and enjoys the peace.

"As long as I'm your favorite, that's all that matters." she tells him with a wry grin on her face,"I heard you might be pretty good at hanging on to things. We might have to test that someday."
Spider-Man has posed:
"I am an open book," Pete agrees with a grin for her before laughing quietly at her suggestion. "We just might. I'm always up for a little experimentation in the name of science," he agrees lightly, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly as he does so. "Thanks again for making the trip out. You really have helped to improve my mood. Almost enough to forget that I have an assignment to complete on what should otherwise be the perfect sort of afternoon to just kick back and enjoy," he admits wryly.
Firestar has posed:
"Uh huh." she replies,"Open book indeed." A raise of her brow at the mention of science experiment and she lets a grin touch the left corner of her mouth,"In the name of science you say?" she quips teasingly.

"Don't worry about that Peter, that's what friends do. It's part of the job. Next time I might need you to listen to me." She drinks the last of her Pepsi and places the bottle back into the bag. After that she cleans up the two food containers and throws them away as well,"As for the assignment, you better get on that or Aunt May will come calling. I had a chance to go see her last week for a bit. She sure does dote on you and still shudders at the idea of that icky Spider-Man."
Spider-Man has posed:
"In the name of science," Peter agrees with a solemn little nod though his eyes glint mischeviously beneath the bright sun overhead that manages to find it's way down through even those leafy boughs. "It is important to pay her the proper respect. Use it or lose it," he assets with a little smirk.

Nodding his head, he lays a hand on her shoulder with a smile. "I know, and I would definitely be there for you if you needed to talk. You're a good friend," he agrees, making sure he has his own things, gathering up his nearby backpack and storing everything away. The mention of Aunt May makes him smile. "You did? Good. I wish I got out there more often myself. We still have to both catch her for dinner one of these days," he admits ruefully, standing from the becnh at last and giving a little stretch. "But yeah, I'm more worried about Jameson if I don't come through with these pictures this afternoon. I really need the paycheck," he admits drily. Surprise, surprise.
Firestar has posed:
"Well in the name of science." she agrees with a similar solemn expression,"She has to have her recongition." Touching her shoulder draws a real smile,"I will call. You know that." She smiles at the mention of Aunt May and the duo going to visit her,"She needs to see you more Pete. She misses you."

Watching him stand up and stretch she listens to the mention of the evil man,"You know. Sometimes I think he is actually just jealous that he can't be half the man that you are. That's why he gives you trouble and hates on Spidey both. Both men are more of a man than he'll ever be."
Spider-Man has posed:
"I wouldn't put anything past him," Pete agrees wrily, giving a small shake of his head. "Jonah is Jonah I suppose. It's too much to hope for that he'll ever change, ever see the light. I guess I should just be grateful that a good chunk of people don't believe what they read in the Bugle." Even if they did it probably wouldn't change what he would do. But it would certainly be even more discouraging then it already is some days.

"Ugh, I know, I know. I need to do better," he agrees with her point about Aunt May. "I'll definitely make time to drop in and visit sometime in the next couple of days. "Right now, I better hoof it though if I'm going to make it over to the zoo in time to grab a few photos," he says with a roll of his eyes. "You're the best Angel. Next time I'll provide the food," he says with a grin. "Well... Aunt May will anyways."
Firestar has posed:
Angelica shakes her head in regards to Jameson. He never really took a shot at her, unless it was something she did with SpiderMan. She never cared at any rate, but seeing him beat up Spidey makes her a little more touchy.

"If he isn't careful the Bugle will be the Enquirer of New York." she muses and stands up to give him a hug,"I don't mind feeding you Pete. You know that. Be careful out there, take care of you." Another quick kiss on the cheek and she withdraws,"I look forward to seeing the two of you next time. Be safe. Love the both of you."

With that she turns and makes her way into the crowds and heading towards the exit that will take her towards home. A few minutes later, Firestar rises from the woods and patrols the area to look for the Lizard.