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Doctor, Doctor...
Date of Scene: 01 August 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: A bit of exposition of exploits and a bit of planning, it is good to be bad at times. Particularly when you're rather accomplished at it.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer

Sinister has posed:
It has been a busy few days for some. Wallstreet husslers, merchant bankers, general people who need to make a buck to eat tonight.

And Sinister. He's been in and out frequently the last few days and came back from the Sanctum Sanctorum in a quiet frame of mind, also. The kind that will share eventually, when the mind has lined up all the ducks.

He is currently in the hot tub, steam rolling up from the fragranced and oil-dropped water, though there's no bubbles to speak of. Eyes closed, he is sunk down to the level of just below his nose and is doing a very good impression of a crocodile for his motionlessness. A few candles are set up, but the lights are otherwise dim -- but the windows to the balcony are open, as are all the doors, so that the ambient sounds of the city and those that come up from the club below, filter in.
Lucifer has posed:
The elevator dings, signaling the arrival of one club owner. Lucifer takes notes that windows are open and the cacophony of sounds fill the apartment with the busy-ness that the city has to offer. He smirks and then walks further in to find Nathaniel no where in the kitchen or living room, so he continues on. "Nathaniel?" Calling out gently before getting to the hallway to see the bathroom light is dimmed, the door is open and there is a waft of scents coming from the room.

Approaching the doorway, he leans on the door jam and looks at his crocodile lover sitting there in the still but scented water. "Soaking off the last few days are we?" Asking this as he smirks and keeps eyes on Nathaniel but nothing more.

At least not yet.
Sinister has posed:
"Mmmmm," this with his mouth below the water line, Sin's eyes open a crack, beads of water sitting on the lashes as he gazes at nothing so much as his toes over there beneath the warmth. His attention travels though, up to the door to look the devil in the eye and trail features that he knows so very well at this point. Slow is the rise, like some ancient leviathan from the deep -- up, up, arise! Sloughing water and floating over the towel, he merely levitates out of the water, floats to the edge and settles with the fluffy terry-cloth sheet wrapping around his waist like a sarrong.

"Water hath the power to cleanse and focus, I find. If I'm not sitting by it, listening to it, I'm in it, letting everything wash away and mute the world."

There's a smile, a faint one but a present one. "How's it been the last few days? Busy?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer lifts his non-leaning shoulder in a shrug while watching the man rise from the water like some sort of...siren? Merman? Who really knows. The little smirk on his face never seems to fade. "Busy enough. Clubs been hoppin' but that's likely due to it being summer time. All the college kids who can drink are coming to find themselves..." He offers this much more and then motions to the room.

"You sound so poetic... if only I didn't see beneath it and know that you usually come in here when you've been deep in thought to the point that it's driven you bonkers. Or.. you've been playing the Sinister game lately and need to relax your mind a bit." He offers this and then tilts his head the other way.

"Tho I am also questioning why you decided to wrap yourself in a towel. It's only us here and I promise I've seen you naked before. Also, this is tile and it dries quickly so you can't use the didn't want to drip everywhere excuse either."
Sinister has posed:
"I still didn't want to drip everywhere. Tile or not, I can't quite help myself sometimes," Sinister notes, taking the moment to scrub the moisture off and slick his hair back. That's done up in a knot at the nape of his neck and he hangs the wet towel to dry and sashays on over, coming close enough to breathe the scent of Lucifer deep, then a little closer still to press a warm, lingering affection, that tastes of raspberry vodka.

"You know me too well. And it's both. I've had the good fortune of remembering how -good- I am at being wicked. It is a little like having gone clean along the straight and narrow, only to find yourself falling face first into an opium den."

He reaches to brush fingertips, then strokes to the elbows, moving on past in his birthday suit to go stand on the balcony. Cigarettes float after him, one aiming at Lucifer with an inviting wiggle.
Lucifer has posed:
A single eyebrow lofts up as he watches the man slough off the wet and hang the towel to dry. That smirk is still there as he simply takes in the man before him. "Ooh... I /like/ this version of you. Emotional but still very wicked... because one can be both of course..." It's like breathing new air. Affections are returned, and he scents the raspberry vodka, giving a little chuckle.

A moment or few after Nathaniel moves towards the balcony in all his birthday suit glory, Lucifer moves to join him. A wave of hand behind to snuff out the candles - for the just in case - and then he moves to the balcony himself. A bottle of whiskey and two glasses floating just behind him. "So, do I get to hear the story of this wickedness without price, or must the piper be paid to share the tale?"
Sinister has posed:
The wicked little chuckle, like chocolate laced with cocaine, hits the airwaves in the wake of the vote of confidence in newfound mischief. He looks back, a flare of the hellish red in his eyes that only haunts the pupil, a motion that is distinctly Luciferian. That might be the point, to tease to that. He leans his elbows on the railing of the balcony though, hipshod as he gazes over the night lights and the life beyond the tower they live in.

"It's quite simple really, but I'll take a payment for the secret, because why not?" he holds his hand out for the glass, setting cigarette to lips and watching expectantly.

Assuming the price is filling him up and lighting him a'flame, the innuendo gasps for breath and slinks off.

"Whilst that interesting young woman with a witch in her head was having a breakdown, I gave her the mental equivalent of heroine and had a conversation with her dark half."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer watches the red in those eyes and his smirk doesn't falter. Not for a moment. He shifts a bit to snap his fingers so a flame is born to light the tip of that cigarette. Then he takes his own to light as well. Filled glasses come around then and one lands in the outreached hand of Sinister's. Lucifer's will remain floating beside him.

"Well...if it's a price you wish paid... you need just tell me the cost. I'm sure I can pay it with no problem..."

A pause, a breath, and then Nathaniel spills it. Or is it this? Perhaps it's this and something else?

"Oh did you now? And were you privy to hear the conversation between the two of them? It's a shame we couldn't pull that darkness out of her the other night. I was ever so ready to play with it a bit..."
Sinister has posed:
"Of course. I instigated, manipulated, controlled and mitigated it. It went strictly according to my design -- I struck a deal with the witch, to enable the pervasive chaos that she is to remain and be useful... and brokered some peace for her human host, to prevent complete mental breakdown and lunacy. It wasn't really a stretch of the logic to paint a picture for the witch as to what happens when your host is a gibbering wreck that's catatonic and has lost all ability to say your name..." inhaling the cigarette smoke, he exhales it skyward, gazing up at the stars. "She was a human being once. I think... well, I'm going to have to take a look at those research notes of the pretty young woman she's lodged in to work out what happened. Cursed to the abyss, I think, went mad, lost corporial existence and comes back on an invite and a deal or perhaps at words that were spoken that should not have been. Either way, she has quite phenomenal power -- it was interesting to feel it inside her head."

He looks from sky to Lucifer then. "The human needs to bend, not break. Removing the witch will kill her as sure as cyanide."

He turns about then, leaning his butt on the railing, despite it being cool and smiles at Lucifer. "No, it wasn't everything. I have a mad preacher in my head, which is ... well, part of why I had to get myself calm. I've been telling him to shut up and deal with it for a couple of days. I... believe I ought to get him exorcized."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer narrows his eyes a bit and then chuckles. "A deal you say? That the girl made with the witch? Or something else entirely?" Asking this before he takes a drag off that cigarette and chuckles. "Oh to have been a fly on the wall for that entire interaction... but I am glad you had a bit of fun. You deserve it."

The comment about the mad preacher in his head has him lofting a brow once more while plucking his whiskey from the air to take a slow sip. "...Should I call the priest?"
Sinister has posed:
"Which one? I am undecided whether he needs a satanic mechanic or a holy handgrenade." Sinister replies, shrugging though. Ash is flicked and he sips his own whiskey, making eye contact over the amber liquid with smoldering intent. He adjusts, shakes his head and lets the wet hair bluster in the summer night heat, it'll dry quicker that way. "I am sure I could recollect it for you though. The conversation, that is."

He smiles, crooked, with one dimple. "A deal which I made the witch think on between /her/ and the girl. A bargain which I helped her with, by implanting endorphine pathways into her mind, along with rewiring some oxytocin triggers."
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah. I got you now..." Lucifer replies to the last bit first and then he flicks ash and takes another hit off the cigarette. The wheels in his mind are turning through as he regards Nathaniel for a lingering moment.

"Well... I am both a satanic mechanic and holy handgranade. Should I go in and tell him to straighten up or get the fuck out?" A chuckle after he says this. "Cause I will if you want me to. I think I could be quite...persuasive."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer quickly adds, "And yes. I know where both those references came from..."
Sinister has posed:
"That depends on if you can lay him to rest properly or not. That might make him a hellbound heart and that... /could/ be problematic. I also think I might have to have a nice little conversation with miss Betsy Braddock about her interaction with the priest. I broke down by Westchester you see, when I was off to check on something. My battery got drained and I had to wait for it to recharge and boom, wouldn't you know it, a weirdness. She discorporated the weirdness into its constituent psychic parts and the core appeared to be the mad preacher. Putting him to rest should end that... particular nuisance from recurring."

A few more drags, a swig of whiskey.

"Although I am not ashamed to say I'd love to see you work that one."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer listens, nods and then seems to think on it a moment. "I see. Well. I would love to work that one out I think. Would be nice to see if I still have some persuasion here and there a bit." He offers, downs his whiskey and finishes his cigarette. That is, then, crushed in palm and the ashes off scattered into the wind.

He'll do the same for Nathaniel's smoke when he's done with it.

"For now, I think your water is getting cold and surely it can't be that comfortable standing out here naked. Perhaps we could go revitalize the water and get a bit more use out of it..."
Sinister has posed:
"If you feel inclined, though with us, we might want to have it cooler, because it will heat up plenty," Sinister smiles with the surrender of his smoke, dismisses the cool with a wave of his hand. "Gives everything a good airing, doesn't it?" But he sashays past with a come hither look and practically floats Lucifer along behind.