15452/Martial Arts and Law Mashup

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Martial Arts and Law Mashup
Date of Scene: 10 August 2023
Location: Bryant Park, Midtown
Synopsis: After Fight pancakes?
Cast of Characters: Colleen Wing, She-Hulk

Colleen Wing has posed:
The noise from the alley is subdued. Unusually quiet given the lethality at work. Whispers of steel against leather. Controlled explosions of breath. Strikes blocked and countered and blocked in Inception-grade countermoves.

"Would you stop being so damned SLIPPERY!?" one voice says in angry frustration. This is followed by an unusually loud sound of crunching bone. "Yes, like that. Thanks."


"How many more now?... Eleven. Shit."
She-Hulk has posed:
What happens when you are a gym rat and a lawyer and you just finished a massive legal battle, Well you work out, but when the gym closes, you have to go for a run, mostly to work off all that adrenaline that was going into your system and well to keep yourself from shifting tooo much.

     The thing about being a hero is you are really good at picking up sounds. You recognize crime.. bad guys.. fighting are top of the list.

     She frowns and starts to walk towards the sounds of course, she's shifting up. Thankfully the outfit she has on is one of her stretchy ones that doubles for Shehulk

Colleen Wing has posed:
"Look, would you guys STOP already!?" The sound now is not one of breaking bone. It's the sick sound of flesh being sliced. "I get it. You want to be the one who takes down the 'traitor'. But THIS ISN'T THE TIME and YOU AREN'T THE ONES. You're just cannon fodder!"

This is all huffed out a few syllables at a time between sounds of exertion, metal striking metal, and other sounds of apparently now lethal conflict.

"I'm not trying to kill you, but you're forcing this!"

Another sound of wet tearing.

"I'm not going to lie down for you, so if you don't FUCK OFF you're all going to be lying down for me!"

As She Hulk approaches said alley, she sees a white-clad woman with a sword in hand battling now ... nine standing figures in black.

And if she's REALLY observant, she might see the silhouettes of two more skylighted at a building two blocks away with the telltale glint of binoculars where their eyes would be. But they're probably not important, right?
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Frowns as she spots the girl fighting with what looks like a sword " HEY " she says suddenly, accelerating her long powerful legs, moving much much faster now as she gets closer in a hurry " Look, defending yourself is okay but Killing is not okay " She shouts.. she doesn't really spot who's fighting yet .. "As for you guys SCRAM," She shouts loud enough to rattle the windows ..
Colleen Wing has posed:
"TELL THEM!" Colleen lets that out in a frustrated screech as not one but THREE swords get caught by her defending blade. She wrenches her own blade to one side and lands one solid kick on the outermost of the three assailants. If this one survives the whole fight, he's going to need lots of reconstructive surgery on that nose...

"I didn't pull the sword first!"

She practically does a limbo to avoid an incoming slice, watching the blade pass just barely over her nose.

The black-clad assailants regroup to take into account the new threat; four of them face Jennifer and start positioning themselves for an all-sides attack.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Lifts an eyebrow, she looks over those swords and notes they all look normal.. so she just crosses her arms as she quickly steps in front of colleen, but then she does something they might not be expecting.. she grabs those sword ends.. she grabs them with her hand.. most people would know this to be very very stupid.. But the moment she does, they will realize it's a mistake at the sound of twisting metal as she twists them up like they were paper.
Colleen Wing has posed:
That actually gets a sigh of relief from Colleen behind her. Then another curse in Japanese as one of the sneaky ones coming in from behind tries to launch an attack on the new threat, only to find his sword caught and directed against the bricks where it shatters.

"Are you STUPID!?" Colleen asks in an aggrieved voice. "SHE JUST FOLDED THE SWORDS! At least try something else instead of sticking to something that you know doesn't work."

It's hard to tell if she's more annoyed at the attack or the incompetence.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters She crosses her powerful arms " Two choices here.. you do something stupid .. or you run," she says this is looking at them with her eye's glowing and even leaving small smoke trails from them.. Only to blink when one tries a snap kick and grunts.. only to hop back. It's clear he just hurt his foot.. " Really " She looks to the readers, "As she said, I just broke the swords.. sigh. Clearly they went for stupid and loyal hench " . She looks to Colleen " These guys for real? " She takes a swat at one of them who, again, instead of dodging things, his martial block will stop her from sending him crashing into a trash bin.
Colleen Wing has posed:
"They picked stupid, right?" That's Colleen's voice, resigned. "You must be She Hulk. Danny mentioned you. Thanks for the assist."

Now that she's no longer overwhelmed by excessive numbers, Colleen reverts back to using the sword for defence only, blocking incoming attacks and retaliating with kick and punch and knee and elbow and forehead instead.

The bodies hit the ground just as fast. They're just more likely to get up now.

"They're the scrubs. I don't know why they're here. They should know better."
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Turns and points " those guys over there most likely , they were spying on the flght. I'd toss something at them but I don't wanna kill em by accident " She says as she dosn't kow they are the demon types at least not yet . she looks over at the guys on the ground and moves tog rab them and start lining them up so she can bend some steel around them to keep em trapped " Danny.. Wait you must be colleen ! "
Colleen Wing has posed:
"Colleen Wing, yes." Colleen is 'helping' by grabbing up some of the people to line them up alongside Jennifer's pick-ups, but adds a few vicious elbows to maximize pain and recovery time. "Danny's talked about you, but we've never met. Chikara Dojo. Once one of these twerps."

Ah. The source of the hostility is now clear.

Her eyes turn to where Jennifer points. Ah. Now I get it. The masters are probing. They want to see if I've slacked off or gotten better. They're planning something, and it involves me."

She raises both her fists in the direction of the skylighted figures, raising the middle finger on each one.

"That should get the message across."

She turns her back on them, then (a subtle insult) and watches as Jennifer ties people up with steel. "Neat trick. Could you show that one to me?" she asks with a grin.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Laughs and smirks " Sure, just means get shot then get a blood transfusion from the hulk and don't die from the shot and the radiation and your set " She quips back as she chuckles and sighs before she looks down " guess I'm going home green though.. i shift back. These jeans are gonna quit on me " She says, rubbing her hips " Ahh well, i was doing an extra run to get over nerves anyways " .
Colleen Wing has posed:
"Nerves?" Colleen looks genuinely taken aback. "How could someone like you have rattled nerves? I mean ... if anything bugged me and I was you ... I'd just ... tear it into several pieces and ask it if it regretted its life choices!"

She cleans her sword on the clothing of one of the captives and slides it back into its sheathe.

"That would beat what I have to do: risk damaging my grandfather's blade to cut the problems into several pieces."
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Blinks " yeah we should go , I don't think danny wants to hire me to cover you for murder " she sighs " And I just won a huge case so I was a little buzzed from it .. needed to blow off steam, I won but still it's alot of stress and working hard and all that .. even if it's over I need to release all of it .. " She sighs rubbing her neck .
Colleen Wing has posed:
"I use meditation for that. I'm surprised Danny hasn't bent your ear over that." Colleen snorts, then. "Or has he and you do what I do and just nod politely?"
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Laughs and rubs he back of her neck a bit more " yeah that one " She says and sighs " My cousin tried to get me to do that stuff it dosn't work for me " She sighs " I'd rather go for a run or do some boxing or something to relax.. that whole at one with yourself , I'm a woman I'm pretty away of myself "