15453/When you wanna check on family

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When you wanna check on family
Date of Scene: 10 August 2023
Location: The Magic Box, Sunnydale
Synopsis: Got the info she was looking for all it took was a true name
Cast of Characters: Sabrina Spellman, Satana

Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman The funny thing about family is Sabrina grew up thinking her mom and dad were dead.. very dead.. but that turns out to be wrong. Her mum is alive and hated by both the evil and good witches.. her dad is a prince of hell. She's a half-demon. It's a mess.. She's got a magic teacher now, not just her aunts.. So she wants to check up on her family.

     How do you check on dad.. well you tap into your magic knowledge, use a old book to write up the right kinda circle, then you use your infernal powers to call forth a demon into her dorm room in the circle of power and confinement she did.. of course how could she knows her own powers would kick in and true name summon one!
Satana has posed:
"And just one more ingredient and I will have the potion ready! The one that will let me control all of Boston as if it were one of my appendages!" Satana cackles as she stands in her lab, reaching for the vial of ... some very unpleasant looking red-stained green liquid. "Just in time too! This batch of rotting drakkar skin is about to go off!"

It would be bad if anything interrupted the ritual, given how hard it is to acquire drakkar skin and how much harder it is to make it actually rot.

That sensation of summoning begins. That call to her soul when it is a Named summoning.

"NO! NONONONONONONO!" Desperately Satana tries to get that final ingredient in, but ... it's too late.

The nude redhead with the horns and bat wings finds herself now in a ...

Wait. This looks like.

"College dorm?"

She's too surprised to be angry. Gobsmacked, more accurately. "What kind of college student has my Name?!"

She turns to look and sees Sabrina. "You! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!?" She launches herself at the teenager and ... hits the inside of the containment circle, flattening against it before peeling off and falling to the floor.

"You're only making it worse for yourself!"
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Blinks " Wow " She blinks again "Uhhh" She's gobsmacked herself mostly because Satana is very, very nude. She wasn't ready for that or prepared mentally. She was expecting a demon, but not her, wasn't she already out and about in the mortal realm? What was she doing in hell again? .

     She frowns " uhhh, would you like some clothes? " She asks her brain having gone blank from the girl showing up and all that.. but also watching the glow from the walls holding her at bay.
Satana has posed:
Satana, naturally, notes the reaction her nudity has generated and ... plays to it. Weaknesses are like hot dogs to her. Gobbled down rapidly.

"Oh... Sorry, I didn't realize it was you, little witch," she says in a purring contralto calculated to cradle Sabrina's reptile brain and gently tease. The horns and the bat wings disappear, leaving only the nude woman. The nude woman whose shape and general texture is being altered to suit the tastes of those present. The one present, let's be clear.

"How did you come to summon me?" she asks, her voice too reasonable to be natural. She reaches out to tap the circle of protection's invisible field, causing it to be visible (and to send massive waves of raw power into the Ethereal Plane as she tests its strength).

"Would you mind taking this down? It will be hard for me to find clothing from inside here."

She smiles. No, she SMILES.

"Unless, of course, you'd rather I stay this way...?"
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Wait, she wants to be naked. That's well, it makes Sabrina a little pink.. but then she remembers she's dealing with a demon.. a very sexy demon yes but a demon so she blinks and twists her fingers, and poof, clothing is wrapped around Satana.. worse it hugs her form, but it's decent clothing " that's okay I can put some on you.. I dunno why you came.. I asked fro a demon with the information I want .. you give it to me I'll let you go back to hell " .
Satana has posed:
Satana closes her eyes and scrunches up her face. "You make ONE JOKE about Boston being a suburb of Hell and people take liberties!" she says in a martyred voice. She looks down at the clothes and adjusts it for... *sigh* ...maximum revelation but otherwise seems fine with it. After all, if Sabrina put it on her, it's what Sabrina wanted to see her in and ...

"Let me see the spell you cast. I think you mispronounced something and you may have ... invoked ... Let's just say that it would be best if you forgot the syllables involved and leave it at that."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Chuckles " Why? Because I can make you do what ever I want and summon you when I want because I know your full name," She says clearly she knows a she crosses her arms " I just need to know what my father is up to, and I'll let you go .. that's it " She says "Sorry I took you away from what ever you were doing but I can send you back really fast if you answer that info " .