15481/The Wayne Enterprises Casting Cou... ah ... Job Interview

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The Wayne Enterprises Casting Cou... ah ... Job Interview
Date of Scene: 15 August 2023
Location: Wayne Tower One - Old Gotham
Synopsis: Satana gets a job! Bruce gets a new assistant!
Cast of Characters: Satana, Batman

Satana has posed:
Bruce Wayne is a hard man to be a PA for apparently. Three PAs in a row have been hired on, started working, and then mysteriously leaving, always citing 'personal reasons'. It's all rather mysterious. New hire #4 is currently cooling her heels in the antechamber to Bruce's office for the final interview.

The preliminary interviews, the background checks, and the various assessments have indicated this one scores high in all the things that are important to the job: discreet, intelligent.

There was one key thing missing in the reports on Bruce's desk: she's drop-dead.

When her turn to enter Bruce's office arrives, the tall redhead automatically attracts all eyes to her. There's nothing you can quite put a finger on. Her dress and deportment are perfectly professional. Her long red hair is tightly tied into a very severe bun, for example. Her very, almost absurdly, blue eyes peer out from behind glasses which can only be called 'librarian glasses'. Her very sensuous form is tightly encased in a picture-perfect business suit; a power suit, really, of the feminine persuasion. Everything is perfect.

And yet...

The sculpted clothing fits her form ... and then some. As if trying to highlight her charms. The pencil skirt has a hem that's flirting right at the edge between too short and acceptable. And the stockings beneath are just a little too calculated to highlight the legs in ways that keep dragging the eyes up their length.

Nothing you can put your finger on, yet the impression is one of raw sensuality barely restrained.

"I'm happy to meet you Mr. Wayne," the thrilling contralto says as the bombshell strides in, tugging at all eyes, hand extended for Bruce to shake. Her left arm is curled up against her holding a computer tablet of unfamiliar manufacture.

"I must say it is exciting to meet the talk of the town in person!"
Batman has posed:
Unlike some employers, Bruce Wayne isn't necessarily difficult in the conventional sense. He's fairly polite if occasionally distant and absent minded. He absolutely refuses to stick to anything close to a schedule and regularly leaves any efforts by his assistant to organize his day in absolute shambles by about nine in the morning.

In large part because he is almost never actually in at nine in the morning. In point of fact it is pretty rare to see him in before noon. He usually -- though not always -- at least pops into the office for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

That can be a little bit difficult to assistants used to more... professional executives.

He also is not usually involved in the hiring of his assistants either, but apparently Lucius Fox absolutely refused to have anything to do with the process this time, especially after the last several have tendered their resignation in short succession.

His point was emphasized in an email still open on the computer in Bruce's office. 'Find someone you can work with and don't drive her to quitt within a week. Just, please'.

Indeed, it might be the only reason Gotham's First son actually happens to be in the office today. As always he is imaculately dressed -- no doubt it helps to have a butler -- and he is holding a small collection of papers as he gets up from his desk, starting over towards the door with his face still buried in them. Her resume no doubt.

"Of course, of course," comes that ease reply, politely friendly. "Glad to have you here with us, Ms..." he says, shuffling those papers as if searching for just who it is he's interviewing here.

Not exactly on the ball, is he? At least not to outward appearances at any rate.

He does finally lift his gaze from those papers at last, brow almost immediately arching ever so slightly as he eyes the woman before him. For just a moment, less then a half-second those eyes seem to almost go flinty in consideration. Then they are back to those bright blue orbs, suitably vacuous for the playboy billionaire that rumor suggests leaves most of the business to his old friend and much more astute businessman, Lucius Fox.
Satana has posed:
"Hellstrom. Satana Hellstrom." The silky smooth voice seems designed to infiltrate the ear and curl up around the reptile brain with soft cooing. "Please do just call me Satana if you prefer a first-name basis. Otherwise, naturally, Ms. Hellstrom is fine. Different people have different desires in their approaches." Did her voice drop a semitone on 'desires'? Nah. Must be the imagination. "I am adaptable. I conform to what is needed from me."

While she talks, there's a period where her absurdly blue eyes seem to fill Bruce's world. It's not as if they've grown to fill his vision, like some cheap comic book trope might use. It's just that for that period only her eyes seem to matter. The rest of the room is still there, but only the eyes engage.

And then that effect vanishes.

Is that a very, very brief flash of annoyance in her face? Nah. Must be the imagination again.

"I do specialize, however, in rapid reorganization. I know that the busy life of a modern executive can't be run like a drill sergeant. You'll find, I think, that flexibility is something that is frequently mentioned in reference to me."

She signals to the papers Bruce is looking at, making some assumptions as to the contents.

"I was told that you would be making the final choice. 'This time.'" The quoted words are expressed with a bit of puzzlement in her face. "I'm not quite sure what that meant."
Batman has posed:
It is pretty easy to write-off the heir to the Wayne fortune as another spoiled trust-fund brat who came into his real money, his real influence far earlier then his peers thanks to that unfortunate business with his parents. And while Wayne Enterprises might have become one of the most formidble multi-nationals around, credit goes -- rightly -- to the man that oversees the day to day running of the company, rather then the name at the top of the stationary.

Of course, appearances can sometimes be a little misleading and even the seemingly shallowest of pools can have a few hidden depths.

As Ms. Hellstorm might have discovered.

Of course, Bruce might not be the only one in the room with a few surprises tucked away.

He is hardly a stranger to beautiful women. By all accounts Bruce Wayne has dated a succession of beautiful women, from socialites to models to actresses. The tabloids are just full of stories. And of course there is always his other life, the one that doesn't get talked about. The Dark Knight's own rogue's gallery has more then it's fair share of tempting fruit. And while the stories might not end up in any tabloid, rumors in certain circles might at least suggest that the lure of the more... complex women in his life might have a little more appeal then it should.

He might be sued to such things, but it is not often that he finds himself nearly trapped in the eyes of somone he's just met. That they've quite found a way to fill his senses. And even when the worst -- or best -- of that sensation passes his eyes narrow ever so slightly as they sweep over the latest applicant for the job.

"So I see," Bruce says, clearing his throat and breaking eye contact, motioning towards one of the chairs in front of his desk even as he goes to circle around it. "Your resume is top-notch and you have some remarkable recommendations. You are most definitely qualified for the role, I don't think anyone would dispute that. Which, of course, is why you've reached this point in the process."

Because otherwise what HR department would ever put someone like her in line to work with someone of his reputation? It seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen, even if he has always been a perfect gentlement with his other assistants.

Sinking down into that chair once more, Bruce again chances making eye contact with Ms. Hellstrom. "As you indicated, I'm not a conventional executive. I'm not always the easiest to work with and I've gont through more then my fair share of assistants as of late. At least as far as my Board is concerned," Bruce admits freely, a brief half-smile lighting on his features.

"I suppose the question is whether you'll be able to succeed where they've come up short."
Satana has posed:
Satana takes the offered seat, perching at the edge of the seat and, when her hemline crawls up to flash a bit of flesh at the top of her stocking when crossing her legs, she blithely tugs it down to propriety again. The eye contact doesn't have that world-filling effect the second time.

"Yes, I'd heard about that," she says with a professionally neutral face. "There's a PA's discord and there was some talk on how your long-term assistant got married, and how none of her replacements could pass muster."

She leans forward as she speaks, in an attempt to increase the sense of intensity in her voice, but having the unfortunate (or not?) side effect of calling attention to one ever-so-slightly too-tight button on her blouse. Like a wardrobe malfunction about to happen at any moment.

"I have thoughts on that. Too many PAs have become spoiled by CEOs who are clockworks. They have become used to machines, not people. They can't stand chaos." She smiles slyly. "I, on the other hand, excel at chaos." Something in her eyes suggests she finds that amusing. "I'm unafraid of change. Indeed I thrive on a lack of routine. I think in this regard I am different from most PAs you're likely to find. Very few PAs are as ... quickly adaptable ... as I am."

And again a hint of amusement in those eyes as they crinkle up against the edges of those world-filling blue eyes. Wait, it's happening again!
Batman has posed:
The fact that there is a discord channel out there where the personal assistance discuss the trails and tribulations of working for him does seem to amuse the man briefly, and a faint smile appears on Bruce's features for just a moment before it is wiped away. "Perhaps a testement to my own inability to change," he allows. Which might have seemed a little more likely if it hadn't already become apparent that there is a little more to him then meets the eye.

On the other hand, the show going on in the office is truly outstanding. A real masterpiece. He has seen many, many similar displays, but none done quite so well as this one. That skirt just edging up a little too far over those legs. Leaning forward just enough to make that business suit strain to continue to conceal more then it reveals. Some small part of him wants to applaud.

It's probably best not to know just what the other part of him wants to do.

Leaning back in that high-backed leather chair, Mr. Wayne steeples those fingers in front of him as he regards her, listens to her own opinion on why so many of her supposed peers have failed to live up to the task at hand. They are probably valid points. Thus far she is every bit as impressive as the resume in front of him would have suggested would be the case.

Maybe moreso, since no simply description of her skills and past experiences could quite match the woman herself.

"A fair assessment," Bruce agrees. "I'm not always as involved with company business as some CEOs, and I rarely adhere to a regular schedule," he conceeds with a small shrug. "I sometimes go absent with little notice. Occasionally for prolonged periods of time. And I am sometimes guilty of... indulging myself," he says with a shameless smile. "Like you said. Chaos."

He meets those amused, vivid blue eyes with his own icy ones and again his own narrow ever so slightly, fighting back the distraction that they offer. Instead he smiles like nothing is unusual. "So. If you think that you can... handle me, handle the challenges of the role you might just be the change of pace that's required here," he says simply.

Maybe he's like any other man and that decision is driven by the wrong part of his body. Or maybe something else has tweaked his interest and keeping her close at hand seems like the best way forward.

One probably frought with all sorts of complications though.
Satana has posed:
Satana smiles at the job offer, keeping her poise, not expressing excitement, just momentary satisfaction (as one would expect).

"Thank you, Mr. Wayne," she says, standing and bending forward to reach across for a handshake. "You won't regret the choice!" OK, a hint of excitement as she lies to him. Of course he doesn't know it's a lie yet.

While the handshake is going on Bruce's intercom gives its subtle notification. "Mr. Wayne, there's someone at the door with ... coffee?"

The receptionist seems confused at this. For good reason. Nobody ordered it.

"Oh, that would be the coffee I ordered," Satana says. "My that is quite the serendipitous timing. I did some research and found your favourite coffee place and how you preferred it prepared. I took the liberty of ordering it for you in advance of the interview."

Satana straightens up and waves her tablet. "Something to do while I was waiting," she adds with a bit of a sheepish look.

She pauses.

"I hope you don't mind...?"

...being stalked to the point of knowing your coffee preferences...
Batman has posed:
There is a distinct possibility that he's playing with fire here.

Of course it would hardly be the first time. Heck, it would hardly be the thousandth time when you get down to it. Risk taking is pretty much inherent to his very essence. Each night he takes to the streets of the city he's taking the distinct chance that this will be the night that he does not come back in the morning.

He has just learned to excel at shifting the odds in his favor. And while this most definitely is not one of his carefully laid plans, sometimes you just have to see where an opportunity goes. He's made his decision. There's no going back now.

Bruce rises from his seat as well, the smile plastered on his face seeming entirely sincere as he leans forward to offer his hand, slipping it into her own. "I'm sure I won't," he agrees with a quiet chuckle. she might not be the only one who's lying right now. He might be playing a hunch, but he's not sure of anything just yet. Only that this Satana Hellstrom is not entirely what she seems to be.

The mention of coffee draws another arched brow from Gotham's foremost billionaire and his gaze flickers back towards his new PA with a questioning look. One that she quickly clarifies. "Ahhhh, most efficient of you. And so perfectly timed. Quite impressive," he says with a quirk of his lips before turning his attention back to the door. "Thank you Maria. You can send it right in," Bruce adds.

So, his new assistant does her homework. Pretty normal, for any good PA really. Though Bruce Wayne has a lot more secrets to hide then most.

"I can see that you just might keep me on my toes afterall."
Satana has posed:
"I can't claim the timing," Satana demurs. "I just ordered. They delivered when they delivered." She pauses and puts on a perky smile, tilting her head and hugging her shoulders together. (With the intended 'unintentional' effect, naturally.) "But I'll claim credit for it because adapting to chaos means adapting to the good as well as the bad. So ... it's my timing, yes!"

She winks at Bruce and steps to one side to give the delivery boy a clear path to Bruce. (Maria has already taken care of the paperwork components.)

"I assume HR will have me signing paperwork, NDAs, etc. as usual?" she asks. "But after that, when should I start?"
Batman has posed:
Too late to turn back now.

But then Bruce isn't one for a lot of second guessing his decisions. It's made, and nothing he's seen thus far suggests that it was a mistake. If anything, keeping an eye on his new personal assistant seems like a better idea then ever.

...for her abilities to dig into his life. No other reason.

"It does seem fair. One takes the good with the bad. Regardless, coincidence or not it impressed me," the dark haired billionaire says with a low laugh, taking the coffee from the young delivery boy with a nod, pausing to take a quick sip before nodding his apparent approval. "Nicely done."

Even Alfred would be impressed. Though would likely insist that a proper tea would be a better choice.

"As to your start date, you can begin just as soon as oyu're able. You will likely find yourself at loose ends from time to time what with my erratic schedule, but I'm confident that you'll be able to find ways to make yourself useful," he asserts.

And in the meantime, he will have to dig a little more vigorously into the life of Satana Hellstrom, just to be on the safe side of course.