15484/Recruiting Firestar. The GIRL gang expands!

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Recruiting Firestar. The GIRL gang expands!
Date of Scene: 15 August 2023
Location: Somewhere at NYU
Synopsis: Nadia runs into Angelica and give her the pitch for GIRL.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Wasp (Pym)

Firestar has posed:
Even in the summer, the campus can be ridiculous busy. With the approaching fall semester, it is worse than usual. Milling around the campus, Angelica is studying a small map and making mental notes that she speak outloud to herself,"Room 300 for the class, 307 for the lab." she mutters.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Ahhh the sweet smell of science! NYU is a prime recruiting ground for GIRL. Or at least that is the plan. A lot of the time people in college smile, nod and take the flier, and then throw it in the trash as soon as they're around the corner. But Nadia doesn't let that, or indeed anything else, get her down. Just because they're not interested now does not mean they are not interested. Once GIRL is fully off the ground people will dig out those fliers.

Well some of them will anyway. At the end of the day it's a percentages thing. And mathematics should be in her favour. Approach enough people and the odds can only move in your favour.

And thus the petite Russian brunette is roams NYU. Wearing a Mary Janes T-shirt, a GIRL bomber jacket, and some jeans. She seems college-y enough that no-one tends to question the fact she's not actually a student. Certainly she looks about the right age for it.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica moves towards the science building and notes it's location on her phone,"Going to be living here for a while." she mutters to herself. A quick glance around her and her eyes find the flyer passing out. She frowns thoughtfully and lets curiosity get the better of her.

Physics is the theme as he book bag is full of things that say Physics all over them and she even has a sweat shirt hanging on her shoulder that indicates NYU physics department or the like. She studies the brunette walking the near and while not the most bold of people, curious enough to asks,"So what is GIRL?"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
The fliers are brightly coloured. There is probably glitter on them. Or maybe they just sparkle because of sheer enthusiasm.

"What is GIRL?" she repeats, smile spreading. "It's my research lab and cutting edge think tank." She holds out a flier and follows it up with an offer of a handshake. "I'm Nadia, Nadia Pym. And I'm gathering all the brightest minds at the Genius In action Research Lab."

Why isn't the A in the acronym? Don't ask Nadia she studied Physics and Biology. And the Red Room didn't really cover acronyms.

If Angelica knows anything about physics it'd be hard not to know the Pym name. While not quite as famous as Tony Stark or Reed Richards it's still associated with the Avengers. Not to mention all sorts of breakthroughs. Although there being a younger Pym is perhaps less common knowledge.

"We're currently using virtual meeting places to gather for research. But Kane Industries is funding the construction of a cutting edge lab. Built to the standards needed for working with superhero teams like the Avengers or the Titans."
Firestar has posed:
Curiosity, the one great killer. Angelica's usual awkward and shy shelf loses traction when it comes to science and research. The offered hand is considered for a second and she accepts it to shake. It takes a moment to get everything she stated filed into her brain,"Angelica Jones."

She looks around the area and at the flyer again. Her attention moves back to Nadia and she says,"I have heard your name before. You family name for sure. This sounds very interesting. So this is a recruitment drive? Do I need to pass some sort of assessment or something?"

Considering again she nods,"Virtual meetings are handy enough, but nothing compared to in person and hands on. It sounds like you keep some serious company. Avengers and the Titans? Ever work with any other teams? Mostly just curious. Sorry."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia Pym shakes the hand with enthusiasm. Also she seems far stronger than you'd expect a teenage science geek to be!

She blinks a few times. "Oh I'm not in the Avengers. I mean the lab will be capable to doing work for them," she explains. "But I am in the Titans. I don't really do the superhero stuff all that often. I like going on adventures but right now I'm so busy I don't have time."

She pauses and grins.

"Well I had to speak with a Professor here about some math he got wrong and I thought I'd make productive time out of the waiting around part of seeing someone without an appointment." If she's going to go correct someone in person it's only fair to find a time they'll be free. And not ambush them in the middle of class. That'd be rude.

"Membership of GIRL isn't limited. Anyone who qualifies and loves STEM fields is welcome." From the flier it seems her comment about 'anyone who qualifies' is a pretty broad way of saying 'anyone ignored by the mainstream science support networks'. "And you study whatever interests you. People who help out around GIRL and engage in other projects get priority on lab time and resources. But other than that you're free to be as involved as you like."
Firestar has posed:
Her own grip a little snug, but not tight, Angelica smiles at the contact between the two of them and releases the shake after a few. Her attention moves to a flier again and she looks a little closer. She nods as she listens to Nadia for a time, trying to absorb it all in.

"Always better to meet in private than in class. Most typical professors, typically the male ones, have fragile egos and can't cope. Learned that one the hard way in high school." A shake of her head and she passes that one by.

Finally she nods and she says,"This sounds very interesting to me. I have a...knack for Physics that came from necessity, but now I intend to get my degree work done there. I have a head start, might as well take advantage of it."

She frowns thoughtfully and adds,"I have a pretty full schedule currently, teaching Physics at Xavier's Institute as well as getting my degree." She smiles a little shyly and admits,"Like I said. A little ahead of the game when it comes to Physics. Particular physics involved in radiation."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Oh I don't really see the point in having someone else give me a piece of paper saying I am good at a thing," Nadia says with a grin. But then her family name probably makes it easier for her to get people to listen without it. "But one of the things GIRL intends on doing is supporting people who do want to get qualifications. So you'll not only be able to work it in around your schedule, but we can almost certainly find ways to help with scholarships and grants."

Hopefully without getting Kate Kane to buy a new library for the college. But who doesn't like a shiny plaque on the wall of a building they'll never visit?

"I had a pretty unusual education myself," she says with a wink. "One which included a bunch of subjects. Quantum physics and genetics. Lots of biochem too. I've got specialists from all sorts of fields interested already. Supergirl, a world class engineer, a mathematician who also deals with computers, and a biochemistry expert."

"Radiation has tons of vital uses. Although the one thing GIRL won't be doing is weapon research... I am guessing by your work as a school teacher that you probably don't intend on making deadly weapons but... I thought I should mention it."
Firestar has posed:
"Coming from my background, that piece of paper helps open doors for me and my family. Such as they are." she admits with a smile,"Like I said, I could teach without it since I already do, but I like options." There is a noticeable pause and her eyes widen just a little at the mention of scholarships and grants,"Miss Pym, you have a new member."

She smiles a little again,"I mean the research is great too, but the thought of anything helping prevent me from crippling debt is a major motivation. Don't get me wrong, I am not all about money. I'd be happy with enough to not worry about college debt or even not as much debt."

A nod and she admits,"Sometimes real world experience is a better teacher. It just doesn't always get you into the doors you want at times. It sounds like you have a wide variety of skills and people." She pauses at the mention of Supergirl,"You do know a lot of people for sure."

The last comments about radiation leaves her brow a little furrowed,"No. I have had my fill of nuclear weaponry lets say. It's haunted me in its own way. The furthur away from it I am, the better."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia Pym tilts her head and then grins a little. "Oh yes and if you can't open a door then check for a window," she jokes. "Or apply the right sort of energy and a little quantum mechanics to simply teleport yourself between two points without bothering with the door at all." She blinks a few times. "Which is something on my to-do list. Working teleportation will allow me far greater access to energy for running experiments with. Not to mention allow us to supply the world with limitless clean energy."

Quite how is a conversation for another time. Probably in a few years when GIRL has the tech to even attempt such a grand experiment!

"I hope you do not have problems with being underground?" she muses. "Our new GIRL lab is being built in an old subway station. The extra shielding being underground provides will make a lot of our more delicate equipment more accurate than if we were on the surface." It also makes it easier to make the building supervillain proof. Or as villain proof as it can be. "The flier includes all the information you need to access the virtual meeting places. Please feel free to take a look and read about how things work before formally signing up. I think it's best if everyone makes informed decisions before proceeding."
Firestar has posed:
"Take any opportunity." she agrees. She smirks as she listens to the omments about energy and quantum mechanics. The mention of teleportation makes her smirk a little,"Would have given a lot to have that available to me recently. Still would." she admits.

A shake of her head and she assures Nadia,"Underground is not a problem. Might not be my favorite place, but better than being under water by a long shot." she admits. Listening as the explanation for a while and she adds,"The more villain proof the better."

Taking the flyer in hand again she reads it over,"I will get to a computer when you have the next meeting. In the mean time I will study this over closely. Get to know the subject as it were. Informed decisions are best."

She lowers her voice just a little and mutters,"Maybe tomorrow night around midnight you could meet me near Lady Liberty. I think you have a right to be fully informed as well Miss Pym."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Don't worry we'll have all the comforts you can imagine," Nadia assures. "It'll be as bright and welcoming as anywhere on the surface. The vending machines will make nice coffee. And we'll have all the junk food you could dream of. Plus spaces people can book to crash the night if it gets too late to travel after a long day in the lab. Or night. Probably people will be working twenty four hours a day."

By people she means herself.

"I am pretty thorough when it comes to my research," she muses. She maybe does do super spy level background checks on some of the GIRL candidates. Because trusting people is important. But verifying that trust is important too. Especially when Red Room Agents might be after her life. "I would be happy to arrange a follow up meeting. You can leave contact information on the virtual server. I'm sure I can make time to see the tourist sights." Multi-tasking is an important skill too!
Firestar has posed:
"Comforts are good." she muses softly and looks at her hips with a sigh,"All the junk food I can eat. They'll never forgive me." She chuckles softly. A place to crash gets a nod,"Always good to have one of those."

"A good researcher is important in our line I think." she agrees and her phone chimes. A quick glance to it and she nods,"Well. Be sure to look as deep as you like. A follow up meeting would be great. For now...I have a friend with a lot of problems and he keeps forgetting to do little things, like eat. Almost as bad as raising a kid." A soft chuckle and a slow wink as she turns and starts to leave,"Seeing the sights can be fun. Thanks for the information. I will be in touch soon."