15514/Letting off steam...literally.

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Letting off steam...literally.
Date of Scene: 22 August 2023
Location: Over the Atlantic Ocean
Synopsis: Firestar went out for a late night flight and encountered Clark Kent. The two talked about her meeting with Diana and meeting him again for an interview.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Superman

Firestar has posed:
Most people count sheep when they can't sleep. For Angelica, she pushes herself flying at top speeds over the ocean where she can't hurt anyone, including herself. Currently she is flying away from the main land and while she isn't nearly as fast as Kryptonian, for her power level she can put on the speed touching 100 mph.

While she isn't completely oblivious to her surroundings, she does concentrate more on her speed than she does on people in the vicinity. Given her history with meeting people out here, she should be more aware.
Superman has posed:
"MISS FIRESTAR!" "MISS FIRESTAR!" "MISS-oooh," a voice comes out from a nearby treeline. It's someone in a suit, that manages to trip on that third Starfire. They're sprawled on the ground, even their glasses go flying, but not too far away from them. They manage to snag the glasses. Pulling the glasses on, dark blue eyes focus a little bit.

Standing up, the man brushes himself off. Wearing a light grey suit with a white button up shirt and red tie, Clark breathes out. "Miss Starfire. I heard you came out here. I wanted to set up an interview," he admits and takes a few steps forward.
Firestar has posed:
She pauses mid flight. No mean feat in its own right. She looks around the area and it takes a moment to hone in on the sound of the voice and on the form of the man that hits the ground,"Oh..." she mutters and turns towards the fallen man to fly back and help him if need be.

She doesn't rush right into him, but she does fly close and hover as he gets up on his own and dusts himself off. She gives him a long, discerning look before she offers a shy smile,"Starfire is someone else. I haven't seen her out here, but last I knew she was with the...Teen Titans or something?" It wouldn't enter her head for a moment he might want to interview her,"Are you ok mister..?"
Superman has posed:
"I said 'Firestar.' Hero with a history in Canada before coming to this country. He gives a soft smile, "I know to find Starfire you go to San Francisco," Clark says breathing deep. Dull blue eyes look at her. To answer her question, he breathes out, "My pride is more wounded than my body," Clark admits.

"You've done work out of New York lately," he smiles softly. "I do my homework. I wanted to talk to you about an interview," dull blue eyes stay focused on her.
Firestar has posed:
She could argue that he said both, but she doesn't. Instead she smiles a little and replies,"Must have misheard you then." Thoughtful for a long moment and she finally lowers herself to the ground, the yellow aura around her fading to nothing as her feet touch the ground,"If I am being honest, I have never met Starfire, I just always cringe when I think of how interchangeable our names are.

She crosses her arms and settles at a comfortable distance,"I came back home yes. I have plans to do some teaching and get some education on the side for myself as well. New York is home even though I do miss Canada a great deal. I left behind some very good friends."

Though she seems wary at first, the personality and friendly nature of the man puts her at ease a great deal,"I have seen your picture before I think. The Daily Planet? Mr.....Kent? I am bad with names."
Superman has posed:
Clark doesn't comment about names. Realization comes to him about the name and he will inwardly chde himself. "Your names are interchanageable, but not your character," and he nods about what she misses. "I miss Kansas. I understand the ache, but you can fly to Canada, right?" Clark asks honestly.

"Yes. Daily Planet," Clark affirms the questions. "Clark Kent. I saw you working with Spider-Man a little while back," he looks to the woman in yellow and red. "I have so many questions, but know this may not be the ideal time. And I may have a friend that wants to talk to you. Umm...you can find her in New York, actually," he says and pulls out a wallet and starts to thumb through a few areas for business cards.
Firestar has posed:
"It gets confusing." she agrees softly,"I keep thinking sometime I will get out there and meet her for the sake of meeting her...sometime." she agrees. A smile touches her features and she admits,"I have always heard the midwest was a lot more laid back and less hectic than New York. I can fly to Canada yes, but it's easier to take a jet. My arms don't get near so tired." A little joke.

She nods when he makes it known she guessed right. Spider-Man evokes a different response. It's not really a momma bear reaction, but she nods her head slowly and replies,"Yes. I've fought at Spidey's side on many occasions. He's among my best friends and if I am being honest I am getting very tired of reporters attacking him." It's a warning shot, nothing more.

She eases off a little and tells him,"I will talk, but if either of you are looking to railroad Spidey you should save your breath. Both of you." She watches him shuffle through his wallet,"I know you aren't associated with Jameson directly, I am just telling you."
Superman has posed:
"I'm almost insulted Miss Firestar," he says and produces a card. Then hands it to her, it's a card to a Dipolomat at the United Nations Building. This particular diplomat is for Themyscira, "I did an interview with her once. She told me to umm...keep my eyes open," he begins to stutter a little bit, "W-w-well as best I can," he gestures to the glasses. "You. Maybe you're thinking too small. You've got a big heart. Please tell Miss Diana my name," he says. Dull blue eyes look to her, "That's the important part. She'll talk to you," he puts away the wallet. "I travel for the job, so, I go places and have kept my ears low," he says honestly, because that's not a lie. "It was the price I paid for an interview a few years back. See someone that could do a difference," he smiles and then looks to the water.

"I would still like that interview, but I know the kind of weight that card brings," he speaks candidly. Clark doesn't hand out that card to just anyone. It can take people to a powerful ally, maybe more.
Firestar has posed:
She eases a little bit and tells him,"Spidey has been under a lot of fire of late Mr. Kent. My best friend is being accused of some things that make no sense and that makes me edgy. Forgive me for being over protective."

Looking at the card, her eyes widen significantly,"Diana of Themiscira?" she asks just above a whisper. Studying the card a long moment, then she looks at him again,"I mean...I will of course. Let her know you sent me. Thank you."

Starstruck. It can happen. It just did. She tries to shake it off and adds,"I mean if you want to interview me too sure. I don't know how interesting I am, but I would talk to you." She looks at the card and shakes her head,"This is...wild." she mutters to herself.
Superman has posed:
Clark treads very carefully here, "I'm not sayng there is no interest in Spider-Man, but I know some papers can be umm...bias. One in particular, doesn't like your friend," he admits and looks to Star. "If, and when, anyone at the Planet looks for Spider-Man we just want the truth," he says trying to assure her that Spider-Man would get a fair interview.

"Well, it's up to you if now, or later, works. I got your attention and this," he pauses and starts to dig. He pulls out his own business card after retrieving the wallet (again). "The only problem with heroes, they're not exactly in the phone books," he tries to joke. "Sometimes, you do things like keep an eye on a location from time to time."
Firestar has posed:
Defensive about her friend, but she isn't going past mama bear warning mode for now. She nods and admits,"If you do go looking into him, look real hard at how stupid it would be for a man of his capabilties to try and shoot someone. I can assure you, he couldn't shoot his way out of a wet paper sack, let alone get as close as that shot did."

Curious, she watches his reach into his pocket again and come back with the card bearing his name,"I will tell you what. I need to get some flying time, clear my head. If you want to interview me we can arrange it. I will try to give you a call when the weekend gets closer. Would that be good for you?"
Superman has posed:
"He'd break the gun unless it was specially calibrated," Clark begins. "He can pick up cars. If he's rushing, wouldn't the trigger break?" Clark asks curiously. "You press down hard to knock it back, someone like him does it? -Snap-," he tries to assure Firestar that Clark is unbiased.
Firestar has posed:
"He would break the trigger potentially, but he can throw a car, move in and out of a situation almost faster than a blink, and can grab someone and throw them or swing away and drop them." she tells him.

The aura around her rises again and she does as well,"For now Mr. Kent, I need some time to clear my head and then get some sleep. Thank you for being open minded about my friend, for the card for Princess Diana, and of course for your own. Have a good evening."

She rises into the sky and shoots out over the water flying to some unrevealed site in the distance.