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A United Trinity
Date of Scene: 24 August 2023
Location: Observation Deck, Hall of Justice
Synopsis: The Trinity of the Justice League meet for the first time in ages. Could new things be in store for the team?
Cast of Characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman

Superman has posed:
With Clark crossing Bruce's path in Gotham, old conversations with Diana linger. They never really left his mind since Gotham. He looks at his League communicator for a moment before looking down at the empty museum. "Well, here goes nothing," he says and presses the commlink. The channel is a private one. Honestly, no one outside of the Trinity may have it.

"We should talk. I'm at the Hall. Superman out," and then he breathes out.

Even before he left, Clark wanted a united front for the League. It only intensified upon his return. However, timing, missions and everything else got in the way. Sky blue eyes just keep focused on the observation.

Now, it's just like Tom Petty said, it's the hardest part. For all Clark knows, Bruce is defending Gotham, and Diana is building bridges between Themyscira and everywhere else. Still, he will try this tonight and a few other nights each week. Maybe it'll get a response. The World could use a Justice League that's more than just myth and story.
Wonder Woman has posed:
When the message is sent, Diana is in her office reviewing a number of reports and memos regarding matters important to her nation and people.

Setting everything aside, she sits back in her chair and considers what was said and how. After a moment she gathers the documents up and puts them away. Before messaging her assistant: Ellen, I am stepping out. There is League business that I have been asked to attend to.

Moments later the Amazon Ambassador and Princess, now wearing her iconic armor, lifts off of the balcony and soars high into the sky toward her destination.

Making her way through the Hall on arrival, she slows as she sees Superman. Coming to stand near him, she tilts her head and offers a smile, "Hello Kal."
Batman has posed:
With Clark's recent cameo in Gotham City, the Dark Knight did commit to making some time to meet up, to talk.

Whether he expected it to be quite so soon is debatable to be sure. And when the Man of Steel sends out his message he will receive a confirmation of receipt back. But nothing more then that.

As has been noted on more then one occasion, Bruce can be a little lacking in the social nicities, at least once that cape and cowl goes on. He clearly has to know them -- he was practically raised by Alfred afterall and one would be hard-pressed to find a more polite individual on the planet. But he definitely does not seem to give great weight to honoring them. At least when is not parading around as Bruce Wayne in public.

In many ways that is the real mask he wears.

His arrival is not quite as quick as Diana's to be sure, but he does at least show. That's not always a sure thing -- though he does seem to have a pretty good sense of when it is a real emergency, when it is truly important and when it is a more general request that he can disregard.

That shroud like cape drapes his form, giving the illusion at least that a veil of shadows goes with him wherever he goes and when he slips into the Observation Deck of the Hall of Justice he offers no verbal greeting to the other two, simply padding closer and offering a faint dip of his head in acknowledgement.

"I'm here," he says flatly.

Always such a little ray of sunshine.
Superman has posed:
Seeing Diana arrive in uniform causes Clark Kent to blur away. A second later Superman is standing in his place in uniform. "Diana," he says with a soft smile and gives a nod as she arrives. "Now, we wait to see if the third member of this trio shows," and time ticks by until there is a sudden arrival.

Batman walks in doing his best Chris Traeger impression, a ball of positivity and sunshine. Actually, Superman would be quite frightened if Batman -did- that.

"Thank you both for coming. We haven't met like this in too long. I think we need to discuss the League. Where it is. Where it should go. We have colleagues missing and new heroes rising up in the steads of our missing allies. Take for instance the rumors I've heard of a new Green Lantern, definitely not human," he says just pointing out it's not the usual roster of Lanterns Earth is used to. This is not bad, but he uses this to point out change.

"I'm open to talks, expectations, hopes, whatever we can do to become a team again."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince probably noticed the blur as Clark quickl changed during her approach but she says nothing of it. She does smile however.

"He'll be here." Of that Diana is certain. If only because Superman asked him to.

When Batman announces his presence, she turns to offer him a smile and nod. "Batman."

Looking back to Superman as he begins to speak, she listens to his reasons for meeting. The mention of missing or absent friends and members brings a soft frown to her brow as well as a nod of understanding and agreement. "It is true that League members on active status have been lower. The reasons why seem to be quite varied of course. That others have stepped up outside of the League is reassuring. Perhaps it is time to consider a list of those we might wish to extend an invitation to."
Batman has posed:
Wherever possible the Dark Knight avoids going out in the daylight.

There is, of course a fairly good explanation for that. For one, more crimes are committed after the veil of darkness descends on the world and illicit actions have a better chance of going unseen and unnoticed. And of course it is a matter of effect. The human mind plays tricks on itself, imagines things that aren't there and ignores those that might be. Fear of the dark is very much built into the human psyche, so much so that their cities are full of light at all hours, driving back those shadows as much as feasible.

And he thrives on that fear, that ignorance, on turning it against the criminal mind.

So it is not entirely natural to be standing here, bathed in the light of day pouring in from the doomed roof overhead that gives such a view of blue sky above. Of the sun glinting off that glass dome and spilling it's warm light across the chamber.

With the polite greetings offered and exchanged, Batman walks to the center of the chamber with that cape draped around him, clutching it close. Even when he finalyl break his silence, he does not actually turn around to face the other two.

"The League has usually functioned on an emergency basis. Coming together at need before we've gone our seperate ways again," he states quietly. "It's a strength, as well as a weakness."

Finally he shifts, glancing back over his shoulder towards Clark and Diana for a moment. "You know my feelings. Whenever possible I'll answer the call," Bruce allows, just a little grudgingly. He does hate to take his eye off of Gotham, even when there is good cause. But then recent events have proven to him why it doesn't pay to do so.

Of coruse one of the reasons he has trained and mentored so many other heroes is give him a little more freedom -- and to offer up better protection to his city.

That kind of breaks down when they're part of the problem though.

"If we need to recruit others I don't see an issue with that. All of us, at some point or other have had to step away. The League endures."
Superman has posed:
Diana speaks about opening the doors. Letting more people in, which is a good idea. Batman seems to agree, but brings up strengths and weaknesses with the League. "Yes, but people look up to us. Whether we like it, or not, we've been hoisted on pedestals. Yes, the League comes together as needed, but separates. Acting as a safety net for the world," then the sky blue eyes rest on Batman. "We both know when threats are quiet, it's usually worse than when they're loud. And our enemies have been quiet for -too- long," Superman adds pointing out one of the reasons he called them together.

"I agree with the both of you about more members. Should we leave it open ended or keep an eye out for recruits?" he asks leaning on his associates. Both have merits and flaws. The former can bring out a -lot- of people looking to thrill seek, but there could be a diamond in the rough none of them are aware of. A list is a bit more manageable. It just doesn't account for people they may have never met.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens to both of them. Resting her hands on her hips thoughtfully she nods. "That is what we will have to decide as an organization. It shouldn't be just the three of us deciding. The others should have an equal opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions. I can see the value as you said, Kal, in an open invitation to try out and the risks. It would be my preference, however, to arrive at a process the whole of the League will support by which we observe prospective members and then extend specific invitations."

With a shrug, she looks between the two. "It will also likely require some input or oversight from the United Nations and their thoughts on how to proceed."
Batman has posed:
Things are rarely, if ever, entirely straight-forward.

It is rare that his expression ever gives much away. Even in that, it seems, the Dark Knight cannot make things exactly easy. Like the other two, he also listens, for the most part far more then he speaks.

But then information is his stock in trade, first, foremost and always. And few ways lend themselves better to information gathering then just taking the time to listen.

"If we want the advantages of their support it is unlikely that we can ignore their imput," Bruce agrees quietly. Even then he manages to keep his expression neutral though there is just a hint of impatience in his tone. A dislike for bureaucracy. For procedure.

Surprise, surprise. The vigilante doesn't much care for rules when they get in his way. Who would have ever guessed that one.

"I think it makes sense that any League member can nominate another. Giving each of us a say is probably the fairest approach," Batman agrees quietly, though again there is a faintly grudging note to that concession. It is not how he chooses to oversee things, though even he is not nearly so dictatorial how he manages the protection of Gotham City as he once would have been. Having his own 'family' of sorts has changed him for the better in that respect.

But a bastion of tolerance and openness he most certainly is not.
Superman has posed:
"What should be the limit? We all know there will be a member that would try to recruit their whole family and a neighbor," Superman explains. He just wants to figure out an agreeable number. A few names can be thought about instantlyf rom everyone, he resumes.

"And that leaves the most important question: When?" Superman knows it's hard to get them together, but they should all be there. This way everyone is on even keel. Or at the very least, most of everyone.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods to Batman's thoughts then turns toward Superman. "I believe that every prospective member should have already demonstrated the ideas and character that the League represents - before they are members. Those who can contribute immediately should be preferred. Perhaps we can look at prospects that need additional training to be placed with some of the more localized teams? The Titans might be one example."

Pacing a little as she thinks, she looks back to the others. "We should bring this to the rest of the members as soon as possible and then begin a list of potential candidates to discuss."
Batman has posed:
Of course it all makes perfect sense.

At the mention upon having another meeting, it is almost possible to hear Batman sigh. He doesn't, but it is still almost possible to hear it none the less. His expression doesn't change in the slightest, but it is near impossible to not imagine his cheek giving a little twitch, a facial tic starting up at the thought.

"If we're going to invest all members with more say it is necessary to trust that they can exercise some measure of judgement," the Dark Knight says quietly.

Trust? In others? Could it be?

In fairness, a more democratic League was not his idea, not his priority. He is just pointing out the logical end of such a thing. But it does sort of sound as if he is conceeding the necessity of it all.

That cape settles around him a little more tightly, drawn close as that cowled gaze flickers back and forth between the two of them. "Drawing on some of the other teams is as good a plan as others, especially for some of those that might not yet be up to dealing with some of the threats we face," he agrees, dipping that cowled head Diana's way before his gaze flickers over to Clark.

"As to when, check with the others. I will make myself available," Bruce promises, this time that quiet sigh is very much audible and not all in one's head. "You're not wrong. While the usual threats are being quiet is the time to prepare," he admits.

It is pretty much Tactics 101. No matter how difficult it might be for the human mind to maintain a level of vigilence when no threat presents itself.