15531/Tinkering and Thinking with Family

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Tinkering and Thinking with Family
Date of Scene: 26 August 2023
Location: The Kent Farm in Smallville, Kansas.
Synopsis: Clark and Kara catch up, plan and laugh a little bit.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Supergirl

Superman has posed:
Clark Kent is working inside the Kent Farm. Right now, he's going over spark plugs and other smaller bits to a tractor engine. A cover of "Planet Caravan" place through the barn. The acoustic guitar and hand drum sounds weave through the air. Clark likes moments like this because he does what Ma Kent taught him, "Make the world smaller."

Whenever a lot is gong on, he'll do repair work on things. Becoming laser focused on something else allows all the other thoughts to simmer down. Some even fully form when they're on the backburner.

And so that's why he's working on spark plugs. Standing there in a pair of light gray carpenter pants with various black grease stains, and rubs, strung about. A simple white shirt that says, "Bibbo's" and features the name of a restaurant, bar combo in Metropolis also has some of these stains. This is not his only Bibbo's shirt, just a worn one. Clark cycles out clothing that's not suits. If something gets enough wear, or tear, he'll wear them working out, fixing things and generally doing anything that can further damage them.

His glasses rest on the work bench near a half drank glass bottle of Doctor Pepper.
Supergirl has posed:
"I've got it, Ma! You just relax today!"

And with that, Kara came trotting out of the house, down the steps, then across the yard toward the barn. She had opted to come over to visit and it just happened to time with Clark's. Though she was giving distance to her fellow Kryptonian. He seemed busy with his own thoughts and she wasn't going to interfere. He'd open up when he wanted to.

"Morning. Clark." She moved to the fifty-gallon barrel where the chicken feed was stored, grabbing a bucket as she lifted off the lid. Only to find that it was almost empty. Putting down the bucket, she picked up the nearby 50-pound bag of feed. The top was torn off, not really in the proper way but using a bit of super strength. Then she started pouring it in to start filling the barrel anew. While she waited, she glanced over to her cousin.

"What're you working on? Or just fiddling?" She was dressed comfortably. Blue jeans, boots on her feet, a tank top with a flannel shirt thrown over that though the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows. Real farmers didn't wear shorts. Too much stuff to get hurt on in this sort of setting.
Superman has posed:
"A little of both. Making sure the tractor is okay. So, it's work, but you have to fiddle with small parts," Clark says and gives his cousin a small smile. "Got a lot on my mind and I'm tryng to make sense of it all, Kara," he looks back to the spark plugs.

"I haven't seen you since the interview. Did the photos impress people that much?" he's not questioning her ability. Clark thinks the world of hs cousin. Just some people are hard to impress. He expected Kara's portfolio needed to be bigger before someone's socks got knocked off. To him, it's not a matter of If, but it's just a question of when. Someone will notice her talents then she will have some great opportunities ahead.
Supergirl has posed:
The way her face fell let him know the answer without vocalizing. Not that it stopped her from saying it to. "I mean, one of the standard shots was used with your article for the Planet, but no one else seemed to want them. They wanted something more... dynamic. Like him getting out of his helicopter or something."

She continued holding that oversized bag as she spoke, with one arm. Not something a normal gal her size would be doing but they were in the privacy of the barn. They would hear if someone was about long before they could get close enough to see.

Kara's lips twisted into an amused smile as she continued. "Next time I'll be sure to ask the villainous multi-billionaire to perform like a trained poodle so I can get some better shots. I'm sure he'd appreciate that."

Then more serious as she looked him over. "You seem fully recovered at least. Just a reminder to us both how scary he can be. Stupid ring of his. I should've heat visioned it so it melted." Not that she would ever do that. She even looked guilty even suggesting she should've done it.
Superman has posed:
Clark thinks for a few moments on this one. "Would a different dynamic shot with a Co-Ceo to a multibillion dollar company work?" Clark asks in response to seeing the face fall. "And this one is a lot nicer. She won't act like a trained poodle, but I'm sure we can arrange -something-."

A nod comes from Clark, "I have. Lois took time off and everythng. I finally know why so many people -almost- like sick days," he smiles a bit then his own face drops a little bit. "She has been pretty busy since." Sighing, he pushes past that.

"I didn't get enough time to test a theory about the ring. I was on an assignment. Lex was there, I wore gloves, but there were so many -other- people. Including the aforementioned Co-Ceo," he says looking back to hs cousin. "Lois and I wanted to test why -that- ring caused such a reaction. Also, the limits it might have," he shrugs a lttle bit. Yes, it's risky, but it's not like they can ask Lex about it.

"Met with Batman and Wonder Woman at the same time," he says knowing it's been a while since talk like that came about.
Supergirl has posed:
"New Co-CEO?" That has her attention as she finishes with the bag. The empty is tossed aside and another bag is pulled up just as easily. Rip off the top and it too was being poured in the barrel. It should be plenty to keep them going for a while until the next time one of the Kryptonians came to visit again. Not that the Kents waited around. They tended to be stubborn.

"I'm in on getting pics of the Co-CEO." And she was going to ask who it was but something else had her attention for the moment. Something far closer to home.

She knew Wonder Woman and Batman, having met them a few times. Kara was on the Watchtower rotation and a part of the Justice League so it happened from time to time. Not very often. Which, honestly, with Wonder Woman that was a disappointment. But Batman? She was fine not meeting him often as he scared the bejeezus out of her.

"What did they have to say?"
Superman has posed:
"She was something else until -very- recently, but she deserves it. Honestly, it's been overdue. I'm glad someone finally realized it," Clark says honestly. He may smile a little too big when it comes to the thought. However, he was happy for them. They got what was so wanted and he was happy for her. Obviously, there' a story to tell, but he keeps it to himself.

"And I scheduled an interview with them -before- the announcement. Plus, she -did- mail me a pie. And I did give her one in return," his words kind of trail as it dawns him. He had an exchanging of pies with a CEO.

Pushing away from that, Clark starts to speak on other matters. "We actually talked about League business. You'll see what's happening very soon," Clark says trying not to be ominous, the trio just needed another talk first. "It's been long overdue," he admits honestly. "Have you check in with the Titans?" he asks her.
Supergirl has posed:
Kara didn't push. He'd tell her when it was time to tell her. Or he wouldn't. Sometimes there were things that were kind of out of her league. No pun intended. Though she had to pause a moment and narrowed her eyes at him before she answered his last question.

"You exchanged pies? With a Co-CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Or is this the other kind of pi? Is this a math joke?" Cause he was Clark and somehow she wouldn't put it past him to tell math jokes.

She finished up with the second bag then put the biodegradable bags over into the bin to be added to the composter later. For now, she pulled that bucket back up and scooped out some of the feed. Then the lid went back on the barrel to keep any critters out. "I haven't caught up with them lately. Been trying to get with Red Robin but our schedules haven't really synched up. Since he ran things while I was out in space. I figure he might want to continue but between the Bats and the Outsiders, which I think he is leading now too, I'm not sure he has enough hours in his day."
Superman has posed:
"Not the number. It would be hard to exchange the endless number, especially when you factor Geometry and physics into it. I meant actual pies, Kara. The edible variation," he says just making it clear. "She's a friend. If Lois hadn't reappeared, she -might- have been more. But her heart belonged to another. Then Hurricane Lane arrived," he says that nickname with affection. "And she turned my world upside down. Maybe she sensed somethng. . .," he wouldn't put that past Lois to somehow get a weird feeling about Clark.

"The bats are hard to pin down. I hope you find him," he says and then nods about the outsders. "You should keep trying. I have faith in your abilities."
Supergirl has posed:
That has Kara pausing, standing there holding the bucket at her side as she looked at the engine of the tractor he was tinkering with. She understood the basics but really should apply herself more to try to understand engines better. Though with modern engines it was so much harder than with the older stuff. Like the tractor.

"Hurricane Lane. Fitting." Because Lois did sort of sweep in a room and take everything over until she exited. It was just the power of her personality. Amazing really. Not a lot of people had that. When he mentioned maybe she sensed something, Kara had to nod. "She has instincts. I don't understand them really. Not something I can even begin to aspire to having. But it's what makes her such a good reporter." And a little grin. "Though harder to date while having a secret identity of course."

She tilted her head. "I didn't know you had a kinda crush on someone though. Now I definitely need to meet her. If she was good enough to impress you."

But back to the last thing he said, she sort of looked down at the dusty tips of her boots. "Yeah. You always have believed in me. Even when I am doubting myself." He helped her even when he was dead, of all things. Having left a message for her which had inspired her to push through instead of giving up. "I appreciate it, cuz. More than I can really say."
Superman has posed:
"Don't I know it. I'm so glad she knows my identity. She's part hurricane and part bloodhound, I don't know how," Clark admits with a chuckle.

Clark allows Kara to see, "I'm surprised you're not taking over the world with electric cars. I'm sure you could learn their systems so quick and improve on them," he suspects she would lean into her knowledge of Krypton.

Clark blushes a little bit, "Well, Lois and I didn't talk for a while. I thought she didn't want to be in my life. So, I had to move on," he says softly with some sadness creeping into his voice. "I did have two. Something almost went there with one, but the threat to Lois," he pauses for a moment. "I think she reminded me of Lois, because of a similar drive, but on her own, the CEO is pretty amazing. Not as amazing as Lois, but let's just say, I hope everything goes well for her," Clark feels a little bad about some unfiltered comments he might have said. "She's getting close to what she wants. And a mild manner reporter cannot compete with that," to him it's just facts. Would he have liked it to go somewhere? Maybe. He knows that someone else casts a very large shadow over hm. So, it would have complicated things.

"Then Lois kicked down the door and made me a happy man," then he sighs and looks at the engine. "Which is why I'm a little sad I haven't seen her much lately. I guess this is how she feels when we go into space," he admits and tries to focus on the engine.
Supergirl has posed:
"Probably. Or like those military spouses. When their partner heads off for months or even years to another base and they get very brief visits. It's that absence makes the heart grow fonder thing," Kara theorized.

At mention a mild mannered reporter couldn't compete with this mystery CEO reaching her dreams, she gave a little half shrug with the side not holding the bucket. "You're with who you should be with. And she gets busy in a story, she tends to disappear. That's just Lois. Always has been." For as long as Kara has known her at least. "Course, that doesn't make it easier to get used to. Especially with you guys taking things to the next level."

She glanced down at the bucket and seemed to remember what she was supposed to be doing. "I better go feed the chickens before the come hunting for us. If video games have taught me anything, it's that chickens are dangerous." Not true at all and she's trying to make a joke about it.
Superman has posed:
"I think our escalation is why it's hitting harder," Clark admits for a moment. Then he looks to Kara about to take the feed to the chickens. "They get ornary if you don't feed them right away. Or if you get at them too much. Be careful, the ducks are safer," he says even though she probably knows that.