15532/Meeting the Whisperer prt 2

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Meeting the Whisperer prt 2
Date of Scene: 26 August 2023
Location: The Serpent's Den
Synopsis: The meeting with the Whisperer conlcudes with information regarding the whereabouts of segments of the Sceptre of Eternity
Cast of Characters: Magneto, Boom-Boom

Magneto has posed:
"I see," Magneto's response forms a bridge between his thoughts and the Whisperer's account. His gaze then shifts towards Sabretooth, determination etching lines upon his face. "Secure the perimeter, Victor. We can't afford any unpleasant surprises."

With a guttural sound, Victor Creed responds to the directive, his form departing the bar, a silent sentinel poised to watch for approaching shadows.

Magneto's attention circles back to the Whisperer, a contemplative air enveloping him like a cloak. "The Cult's strike in Madripoor's Low Town means that one fragment must have passed through there. Yet, their efforts might have been for naught. That leaves us with three yet undiscovered," his words echo a cadence of strategy and deduction. The question that unfurls, heavy with purpose, lingers in the air. "Do you possess insight into the identity of the segment that they are actively searching for? Also, the whereabouts of the remaining three?"

The Whisperer's hand moves, a gesture like a brushstroke of mystery. "I can only offer conjecture concerning the recovered fragment," his voice, as elusive as smoke, wisps forth. "However, the Segment of Death is rumoured to linger somewhere within Egypt's embrace. The Segment of War is believed to have been buried deep within China's heart, while the Segments of Pestilence and Famine find their resting places in the embrace of India and Greece respectively." Each detail, unveiled like fragments of an age-old map, adds to the complexity of their pursuit.
Boom-Boom has posed:
It's probably a stretch to call a place like this divebar in Cairo secure. Well it's a point of view really.

Tabitha Smith, known to a number of people and probably a few watch lists as Boom-Boom does her best to eavesdrop, having found herself a place as close as she can to eaves drop.

And enjoy her drink. That's a challenge in and of itself.

The rest is constantly glaring at people trying to hit on the blonde. Or at least dismissively eyerolling. "Oh I hope someone is taking notes" she whispers to herself as things get explained to Magneto.

The locations of horsemen get a grin. "Dude gets around!" more snark under her breath. Odds on Magneto knows she's snooping much like other X-Men. having encountered her bio-electric signal in Madripoor. But for now she's trying act like she's stealthier than she might currently be.
Magneto has posed:
"Hmm," Magneto muses aloud, his thoughts shaped into words for the benefit of Israa as much as anyone else. "The proximity between Greece and Egypt does stand out, contrasted by the greater distance to China and India. The discovery of a segment once buried in India aligns with the Madripoor incident. I surmise that the Segment of Pestilence might be the one to have been recovered from its original resting place."

He weaves his insights as threads in the tapestry of conversation to the benefits of Israa. "However, a blanket search across entire countries would indeed be a lengthy pursuit. It's plausible they now possess precise knowledge of the resting places, which would explain why they now take action."

Turning his focus to the Whisperer, Magneto seeks further guidance. "Do you possess any additional fragments of information that could assist in narrowing our hunt? Information that might aid in focusing our efforts?"

A brief pause unfolds, pregnant with anticipation, before the Whisperer's voice breaches the silence. "The Segment of Death is whispered to lie within the sepulchre of a past monarch, a ruler whose tomb is adorned with intricate reliefs depicting rituals surrounding death. This monarch is believed to have possessed ties with the realm beyond life."

Israa's voice interjects, a shard of recognition adding to the discourse. "Could it be the Tomb of the Desert King?"

A knowing note tinges the Whisperer's response. "Indeed, that very tomb is the one spoken of. Legends weave the tale of the Segment of War, concealed within a mountain fortress, a sepulchre befitting a mighty warrior."

Continuing the narrative, the Whisperer shares further revelations. "The Segment of Pestilence found its resting place within the tombs of plague-stricken victims. Meanwhile, the Segment of Famine languishes within a valley that once thrived with fertility, now a barren wasteland.

However, that is all I know."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The Greek thing and Egypt mix gets a hmms. Proximity is one thing, easy convenient commute as far as antiquity goes. But The others might have needed time to set up. At least she does have an earpiece so someone can hear her whispered snark.

"India, China, Madripoor hit, Egypt, and China." she keeps her voice low. "Starting to sound like an old Role Playing Videogame. Macguffins abound." she adds.

The extra hints get relayed too. Along with more snark. "It's dangerous to go alone, take this. Our princess is in another castle." she adds before taking another sip of her drink and doing her best to not look like she actually hates it with each subsequent attempt at consuming it.
Magneto has posed:
Addressing Israa, Magneto's gaze is a conduit for his inquiry. "So, you possess knowledge of the Segment of Death's resting place? Given its proximity to their stronghold, it would be a bold assumption to believe they haven't already recovered it. Yet, venturing forth without confirmation would be recklessness. An investigation is imperative. Would you consider accompanying me in this endeavour, Israa?"

A nod of assent flows from Israa, her readiness evident in the subtle movement. "I can guide you to the location. However, it's not situated within Cairo. Prepare yourself for a substantial journey. It might be prudent to seek additional assistance, perhaps even the support of the X-Men. They could rendezvous with us at the destination."

Magneto's thoughts ripple through the air like a stone's skip upon water. After a moment's contemplation, his words form a measured agreement. "Indeed, your suggestion carries wisdom. Let us proceed as such."
Boom-Boom has posed:
On the upside the X-Men already know now. The man, the monarch, the magnet, will just have to ask. Odds are Tabitha is likely to suggest they get their nerdy research types to figure out exactly where. "I wonder if Emma will mind if I borrow one of her whips. I think the professor probably has a fedora." she jokes in that hushed voice of hers.

It's probably going to be one of things where you both want to and not want to blow the place up since tombs and stuff like this always seem to have weird stuff. Like mummies and zombies. But still, archeology. It's like thieving for historical preservation.