15545/The Empty Nest

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The Empty Nest
Date of Scene: 29 August 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: Lucifer sells mostly all the furniture in the front room of the penthouse so he and Nathaniel can go shopping!
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Sinister

Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer has been busy. To the point that almost ALL of the furniture in the main room of the penthouse is gone. The piano remains. The bar is still there - but the shelves are empty as all the whiskey has been relocated - and it seems as though some of the shelves have been broken down. The elevator has gotten quite a LOT of use today as movers have taken everything down for it to be relocated somewhere else. Donated likely, because think of the tax writeoffs - but a few pieces were actually sold otherwise.

He stands in the kitchen, smoking on a cigarette, drinking a cup of coffee and just waiting for Nathaniel to show up to see the empty nest...and find out the reason behind it. After he reacts to it.
Sinister has posed:
This is the exact kind of nightmare that someone that is Obsessive Compulsive, dreads. The change in the environment! Luckily, Sinister's focus tends to be toward habitual practices and attention to detail, but when one's become accustomed to...

The flutter of wings on the balcony, coming in from all directions, tells a story of the raven flock arriving and coalescing. But then, when Sinister enters the penthouse, there's an immediate halt and stare arouund. A slow accounting, of exactly what isn't there any more, which is just about everything. Except the kitchen sink, appliances and Lucifer. "Were we robbed?" it's asked quietly and a little dumbfoundedly. "Although I understand that asking such a question paints me as an utter imbecile..."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shakes his head. "I would like to think that if a robbery were to have happened I wouldn't be casually standing here smoking and sipping a coffee." He thinks on it. "Then again, perhaps I would be doing just that...only with a little more anger on the brain. But no, my love, we were not robbed."

That much is explained as he shifts to set the coffee on the counter and then steps out of the kitchen and towards Nathaniel. "It occured to me that much of what has been in the penthouse has been of my own choosing. Designed by the single Devil who didn't care with whom he shared his space, or his bed. Which means out with all the old Devil-only items... and you and I go shopping. So that this room has a bit of us both. And just so you know, yes, the bedroom will be next."
Sinister has posed:
"But I /like/ the bedroom how it is. One giant bed and a lot of light..." it's a mild reproach, not quite a whine, but it's as much as Sinister can do then to not frown and scold himself for the tone. "My goodness, I sounded terribly put upon there, didn't I?" eyes meet the devil's own and he inhales deeply, exhales slow, approaching the island in the kitchen with purpose. And that purpose is? A kiss on account and a stealing of a cigarette.

"I think if I have too much of an influence, everything will be covered in tweed and heavy velvet." He jokes. "But then, I do admire dark wood panelling. It makes a room warmer."
Lucifer has posed:
"Well I wasn't saying all of that would change. Just maybe a different bed. Just as big, but newer and I don't know if you like a squishy bed or a firm bed... or if any of that matters to you..." Lucifer smirks, returning the kiss and raises a brow at the stealing of his cigarette. Though he responds to such by simply lighting another.

"Also, you say that last bit like it's such a travesty. I /want/ your tweed and velvet furniture, with your dark wood paneling... Perhaps all of that with some sort of gothic or neo-gothic twist....something that makes this place OURS and not mine but you live in it."
Sinister has posed:
"You know, there's these amazing beds that are intelligent, now. You can program one side of it to be soft and the other to be hard as a rock, if you like. But I'm actually a mild fan of waterbeds and goosefeather... though I admit that last is mostly because of childhood memory." He chuckles, not remotely ashamed of having stolen that smoke, the furniture's all gone!

He leans against the counter, hip touching hip and stares at the empty space, all its potential laid bare. "Maybe..." he looks around, all the light, all the space. Uncluttered. "...deco additions would work?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer winces a little. "I'm not the biggest fan of water beds...for a few reasons...but a goosefeather bed might be nice. Or one of those smart beds. But that's for later us. Right now us need to decorate this area..." He motions and then grins.

"Tho, I suppose in hindsight I should have warned you. But I also figured a blank slate might get the ideas running. Deco additions? Perhaps. You mean like those funky black and white style pieces? I do still want something like a...oh I believe they were called fainting couches when they were most popular. I happen to like those...that's my only solid foot down want for this room that you can't protest to. Anything else is open to discussion."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister exhales slowly again and nods, his eyes travelling over the space. Slowly, the glow in their depths intensifies as he concentrates, until the strangely liquescent flames lick at his eyebrows. He lets the cigarette dangle from his lips on one side, counterbalancing the glow from his gaze and raises both hands, fingers outstretched.

It isn't being suddenly decorated, but here and there furniture seems to just appear. A gothic fainting couch as black as coal, engraved with scrollswork and feather plumes and apolstered in a velveteen that resembles snake scales sits where the little foot of the 'L' used to be, matched with similarly black and richly stuffed high backs and a long setee. Some of those vanish, a coffee table appears in the deco style, in ebony and gild. An ottoman style footrest. That vanishes too.

Curtains of heavy deep and regal blue, are bunched up in the edwardian style BETWEEN the vast windows, gathered in their middle and hanging like women's bustles. Here and there, dark wood panelling matches the imported sandstone pillars, gothic scripture and neo-pagan designs decorating their corners. An actual fireplace mantle, made of a silvery marble.

A few statues of elegantly sweeping bronze, not all of them people. There's a crane there. And hints of some far eastern culture and style, in the appearance of Alhambran cabinetry, for some of the curios that should not be immediately seen...
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer watches as Nathaniel does his thing, looking to the pieces that are there but not there. A sort of vision that the man has, bringing it to life in a subtle way, and giving Lucifer an idea of what the man has in mind. The sitee, dressed in snakeskin pattered velvet with feather plumes a plenty. All the rest of it fading in and out and the Devil smiles more and more with each faint thought that comes into view.

"Of course, it'd be cheating if we just made furniture appear. So now comes the moment where we need to decide precisely where we are going to find all of these things. Purchase them. And get them back here. Course bringing them back will be easy, if we can manage to not have too many eyes on how we transport things..." He pauses, smokes, reaches for his coffee to take another sip. "I'm none too sure about a crane statue. Perhaps something a bit more fitting for us. Like a raven and snake... unless that's just too bloody obvious..." He offers this much more. "But I do like the ideas you have in mind thus far my love."
Sinister has posed:
And because the 'Lucifer' has to make an appearance, at the reception area of the sunken living room, a throne appears of ridiculous batwing design, bepillared and befooted with beastial claw feet. The cushioning is very red, "Oh, no, no, no..." -- the bat motif becomes a dragon which seems a lot more appropriate, considering it has multiple heads and crowns upon each one -- "much better, although /exceedingly/ over the top and a bit too thumbing of the nose, don't you think?" But a high backed chair reappears, one that has a certain measure of 'regal' and 'kingly' appeal. And then another, because you need two. They settle in at the fireplace when they've disappeared and reappeared a couple of times.

"You might be able to make things appear out of nowhere, but I can't quite muster matter creation unless I make it out of myself. And although I -could- be a couch if I wanted to be, I think that might be a bit strange, if I made a replica of myself into one. I'd be perpetually concerned that I'd bite my own bum."

He looks askance, over the tableau again and it all fades back to the bare bones. "There has to be a place or two that caters to gothic custom design. This is the modern day. People have lairs to furnish and castles to decorate, after all."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer does also give a bit of a wince at the appearance of the bat throne, then affirms that it looks better as a dragon. But when two throne type regal chairs appear in front of the fireplace /that/ has him giving a nod of approval. "I think I like the idea of two thrones, one to match each of us but also compliment each other."

As nathaniel continues to explain how he cannot just make things appear, they have to be created of himself, Lucifer nods. "Actually, contrary to what some may believe, I cannot just make things appear out of nowhere. They have to have some sort of existance...perhaps not right there in the area, but I have to pull them from somewhere. I'm not as much a magician as people may think I am. Parlour tricks at best unless I am performing actual ritual magic. But yes, it might be best you do not make a couch or something out of yourself. That would be slightly weird..." He confirms this thought and then chuckles.

"Well then we might want to get to finding a place, cause right now... this is what we have. I've already donated or sold everything to give us the blank slate we needed to plan on. I'm thinking that most of what we're looking for might be sold more in a European store than somewhere in the US."
Sinister has posed:
"That very much depends on the niche market. The US sells to a niche far better than europe does, because there's always some nutter that wants their penthouse all done up in victorian gothic." Winking at Lucifer, he exhales, then slings an arm around the devil's shoulder, leaning in and resting his crown against Lucifer's head, just above the ear.

"We could also hire a custom furniture maker and interior designer to turn our imagination onto paper. Rather than going strictly with the boxed and pre-made. But lets look at that /along/ with some of the basics. Sotherby's can certainly accomodate some of the high end furnishings. Many estate sales on old hotels have deco pieces that are genuine."

He turns his face toward the dark hair, nuzzles his nose there and is silent, as if he were just looking into the archangel's mind in silence and companionship.

And then there's the smell of ozone and the ring opens up by the fireside, tentacles descending to drop a pair of overstuffed 'thrones' in well worn leather and darker wood, by the fireside. Regency with a twist, because apparently THAT came from memory and Sin knew where they were. "Next time, don't get rid of everything all at once, at least leave a couple of seats until we've got our vision straight." Murmured fondly.