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Complicated History
Date of Scene: 30 August 2023
Location: Carrickmoleen - Killiney, Dublin
Synopsis: Armed with a question or two, the devil tracks down the Professor that upsets Sin.
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Phantasm (Drago)

Lucifer has posed:
It doesn't take much to figure out where Professor Tweed resides in Dublin. Lucifer knew that - at the very least - that's the city the man lived in. Knowing he was a professor meant that public records weren't going to be that difficult to get into and all it took was a little tweak here and stroke there and voila. He was pulling up to the homestead of the professor in a high class rental. Sports car. Black.

Cause why not.

He takes a moment to look around the outside of the home, tilting his head one way and then the other before giving a nod of his head. A shift then but he doesn't enter the home. No no. He's a respectable home invader. He'll wait. Outside. Leaning against one of the few colomn pillars. Smoking.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
While by no means a castle, the structure and grounds of Carrickmoleen are not lacking in terms of style. The early 1800s two acre residence sports a rather respectable assortment of buildings. Other than the main building, there are two well maintained greenhouses full of various assortments of fruits and vegetables growing inside, a coach house, a well maintained tennis court and some luscious green lawns immediately adjacent.

To those who have been granted permission to enjoy the interior of the residence, they may even get to enjoy an enhanced view of the coastline from one of the balconies. For those stuck outside, they may well have to content themselves with the Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian influences of the property.

It appears that Lucifer is one of those stuck to contend themselves with enjoying the building.

It's awful peaceful here. Not a soul in sight. And Lucifer could be waiting for awhile. Unless he knew what the mysterious professor's schedule was for the day. There's the soft cro-ack of a bird. But save for the familiar sound and appearance of a certain friend on certain days, there's nothing impressive about it.

But eventually the wait is rewarded as the brown coated, tweed hatted, sunglasses wearing, satchel carrying professor strolls down the road from the general direction of the nearby station. Seemingly not a care to the man's posture. The professor slows, tugging out a box to shake out a distinctively shaped object from a box before pressing the acquired item to his lips. The box slides into his pocket as he soon retrieves another object. A flicker of flame appearing from his fingers to be brought up to the previous item.

The man has not even reached the end of his driveway, and he's already lit up.

Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer figures that if he wants to remain on the good side of the professor he's going to need to be on his best behavior. Especially since he already went a length or two to find out where the man lived. So he's patient. Because he can be.

Though he's likely on his second cigarette when the professor gets close enough for ear shot.

"You are both an easy and difficult man to track down, Professor. Course, someone in your profession, it makes a bit of sense." He looks to the house. "This is a very nice establishment. I like it." Turning back to him then. "I do hope I find you well?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The professor's approach was quiet, leaving Lucifer to be the first to speak. Whether it be an unintended or planned outcome of his slow approach is up for debate. But as Lucifer opens the outdoor arena of the driveway with pleasantries, Professor Heenan slows to a stop to consider the taller man. "It is one of the better days of the better years." He allows, looking to the home as Lucifer indicates to it. An expression assessing the building as if it were the first time forms. "Well...Comforts come few and far between. Which gives all the more reason to indulge when available."

The short blond looks to Lucifer, cracking a small, sardonic smile, "Have you had a chance to look inside already or did you opt to wait for my arrival?"
Lucifer has posed:
"With the assumption that you did not know I was coming, I opted to not peek inside the home, and wait for you to arrive. It's only good manners since I did already invade a part of your privacy by figuring out where you live." Lucifer says this much and then looks back and forth once more. "Comforts are less often come by for many, this is true. Though I do believe everyone deserves some form of indulgence or another. A nice house. A good meal. Great sex." He shrugs then.

The topic shifts then. "If you'd permit me a moment inside and a little of your time, I won't take up too much of it. I went through all this effort with a purpose, you see, and I intend to see that purpose through. Anything else that comes of this meeting is..." he chuckles, "a further indulgence."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The man in the hat takes in a long drag of the cigarette, listening to Lucifer's answer. Letting out a slow stream of smoke from his parted lips, he gives the slightest of nods. Once the cavity was emptied, the mouth shifted purposes, forming words to go with the visual. "Right..."

The professor moves up towards the doorway, pausing under the porch to turn to an elegant stone pot hidden behind a potted bush. The curves conceal the stones and sand within. The remnant of the Irishman's cigarette is soon snuffed out, "Although, your eventual stop was not already considered. Mutual interests and all." Hand free, he unlocks the bright wood and glass door, holding it open for the visitor. "Tea?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer raises a brow, watching as the progessor snuffs his cigarette out while he - personally - just lets his go up into ash that scatters into the winds and away from the house. "Your saying you figured I was going to stop by eventually? I suppose I'm not surprised. Though I can't imagine the reasons you might have worked up in your head. I've only got one real concern on my mind considering our...mutual interests.." Saying this as the door opens and they both walk inside.

"Tea would be lovely. Earl grey if you have it. With lemon." Cause why not be specific when you can be?
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The professor watches Lucifer for as long as it takes for him to crossover into the threshold. Door closing behind to let any of those who may linger to know that two within is enough for now. Walking down the sparsely funished but adequately decorated pristine hallway, he pauses by the stairwell, gesturing to either entryway. "Help yourself" He allows, before stepping past to the doorway beyond into the far back kitchen. "Sofa in front of the TV is most comfortable. The Green seats are second most."

Instructions given, Leonard makes his way over to the stove, grabbing a kettle to fill. "If you are concerned about the one you were traveling with. You need not. The war is long since over, and I no longer have a side to be on. But I still reserve the right to not be delighted at his presence."
Lucifer has posed:
"No one has to like everyone... there's no rule about that... people are allowed their feelings. But you're right. My concern was the safety of my companion, as he is very dear to me. There might have been a worry that you'd wish to settle old business." Lucifer says this much before shifting to go take a seat on one of the green seats. Comfort is the least of his worries.

"So I know part of the story. You were sent to assassinate Nathaniel Essex. Because, to everyone's knowledge, he was working for the Nazis... but something stopped you. Do you remember what?" Lucifer being unable to help his curiosity.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The sound of the water going into the kettle is quite audible. With no other activities being performed in the kitchen and the conversation being left to Leonard to continue, there is little contention for the attention. The scruffed visage of the shorter gent seems more intent upon getting the kettle to it's new position upon the stove than rushing to answer such a question.

It is indeed a loaded question. And is there a correct answer to such a thing?

Once the kettle is left to the task of heating, Leonard quietly walks to the cabinet, opening the door to pull out two mugs. One a deep gray with the other a speckled white.

The cabinet door paps shut before the silence is broken. "At the moment, I was thinking nothing of him." He admits, "And more of the child he was secreting away."

There is another pause, glancing to the side in thought, before he shakes his head, moving to a tin upon the counter. "I suspect you'd prefer honesty so I will be frank. Had I seen him any other day after that and the mission been the same. I would have finished my task. But- With new information found. Plans change. Enough was found that day to remove that assignment entirely."
Lucifer has posed:
"I see. And that's entirely fair. You had a job to do and so did he. It would have been unfortunate but that is simply how things could have gone. Thankfully, to some, it did not go as planned." Lucifer says this after a moment and then lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "Is that crass of me to say? It felt a bit crass. But then, I cannot tell a lie. Goes against my nature. So while it may be crass it is also true."

A moment or few pass and Lucifer takes time to look around the room he's sitting in. Perhaps to see if he can peek at a picture or two. Gain some sense of the man who's home he's entered. "So. What's your secret? Cause I can tell you've been around for a lot more than the second world war.It's had me curious. Though I won't be offended if you choose not to tell."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As far as pictures are concerned, Lucifer ends up finding things to be lacking. While there are several instances of artwork to be displayed upon the wall, the only photographs appear to be that of landscapes. Untouched lands, and distant views of the more cleanly kept ones. One has an odd look to it. Seemingly taken from the opening of a cave to show nothing but the greens and blues of fields and lakes disappearing into the horizon. No shots of him with colleagues, No images of ladies or families. Just simplistic landscapes of the Irish countryside.

But then again there is more than one floor and they are in the more public portion of the home.

There is the sound of a knife upon a cutting board. The requested lemon is having a less than stellar time at the moment while Leonard sets about playing host to his guest. The question, like with the other one does give pause as the professor glances in the direction of the seating area Lucifer chose. "Secret?...Interesting you would assume that to be a singular item." There's another sound of blade reaching board, "Even a man barely out of their teens would have more than one."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer chuckles after a moment and then shakes his head. "Do not misunderstand me. I am well aware that - for anyone - secrets is usually plural. But I am seeking a specific secret from you. Unless it's taken more than one secret to keep you alive as long as you have been." Lucifer says this before standing from his seat to get a closer look at some of the pictures that capture the beauty of the Irish country side.

"Certainly not from any deal made with me and I am sure you would just as soon throw that knife at me, or even toss me out of your house, if I joke that you must have made friends with a leprachaun." He doesn't touch the picture but he does lean in close, almost as if trying to place where some of the scenery photos were taken from.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The problem with the scenes of the Irish countryside is that when they only seem to focus on the land and they seem to steer away from actual buildings, they tend to look the same. But the general sense of peace from the composition of the pictures, photographic, and painted are about the same. What glimpses of the coast line show them not to be of any nearby coastlines, but perhaps from the more independent side of the isle. The cave one, while different from the others in terms of focus simply from the framing of the shot is no better in distinction. The pictures gathered seem more to give off a general feel than a specific destination. Or perhaps it is to give a message.

If you know. You know.

"You are correct." Leonard responds, "...I do not answer to you." The knife sets down upon on the counter, "...At least, not at this moment. But, things change. And what seems forever, may not be the case." An assessing glance is given over to the kettle. Patiently waiting. "I guess, you could say a friendship was made. But it was long before I was born and it seems to have blessed...or cursed, depending on who you ask, a few of my clan."
Lucifer has posed:
"This isn't like one of those Highland friendships where it's finally determined that there can be only one? I mean I suppose not because you haven't tried to kill Nick..." Lucifer says this and gives a chuckle. "Is that a part of it though? The whole Phantasm thing? Is there more to it than just being able to dream walk?" A musing over that a moment before he turns to go sit down.

If there was a message in the art and photos, Lucifer isn't showing if he knows it or not.

He likely doesn't.

"Anyway. You can also tell me you don't wish to tell me and we'll leave it at that. Move on to another topic. I do not mind either way."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"That's more a Scottish problem." Leonard points out regarding the only can be one thing. "Well, there usually is just one. But not during the transition."

As the kettle starts to give the slightest of whistles, Leonard turns towards it, grasping for a towel. "Killing Michael would be counterproductive."

As the whistle starts to become a bit more audible the toweled hand removes the kettle from the heat, a shuffling causing for the metal cap to be flipped open without incident to the professor's hands. "There's a lot of power in a name. And great loss when you lose it." He comments, moving over to the mugs where the tea bags are already situated within. "Back when the borders between worlds was weaker... A shared ancestor of ours, Loegaire, did right by an entity that lost theirs by giving it a new name. They regained their strength. And from that, he was blessed with power."
Lucifer has posed:
"That sounds like the plot to The Neverending Story." Is what lucifer says first and then gives a shrug. "But you're right. There is power in a name." It's all he comments as he sort of processes whatever has been said. Perhaps even thinking on if he remembers a story like this, perhaps from one of his many tomes and books in his library.

"And the power was passed on. Generation to generation? Does it weaken with each passing or get stronger? Perhaps stay the same. And Nick is related right? ...Are we talking about the phantasm power?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Considering the different rooms, it may not be apparent when Leonard frowns. Setting the kettle down, he brings out the two mugs, settled upon plates to accommodate for the availability of the lemon. "Not quite." He answers, offering over the dish with the speckled white mug. Drink passed off, Leo moves over to the sofa, reclining half hazardly upon it. The professor seems to be good with practicing the taking advantage of comfort when it is available. "The one who carries has some say in who will end up gaining the ability. Loegaire chose me. I am the second. And, if things work out, Michael will become the third."

He takes a moment to sip his drink before the mug lowers, "The power given is about the same once finished. But, certain people may have inherited quirks prior to that."
Lucifer has posed:
"So...the dreamwalking that Nick can use... is likely a quirk of the power you might give him when the time comes to pass?" Lucifer asks this, really just out of curiosity. "I mean it seems you're waiting for just the right moment to pass it along to him. And when that happens... do you continue existing or is that you finally saying it's time for you to pass on?" This is all, actually, really fascinating to Lucifer. He's genuinely interested in all this and takes a sip of the piping hot tea without even as much as a flinch. But then, the Devil would run hot.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"He is nowhere near ready."

There is a strong sense of certainty to the tone used to convey those words. With the unblinking manner in which he addresses Lucifer, he's very much committed to that stance. "Even if I wanted to move to the other side on a more permanent basis right this moment, I would not be able to."

The professor looks to his mug, "...It is complicated. He is linked. But not fully bound yet."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer seems to think on this for a moment and then gives a nod of his head. "Is it...rude of me to wonder if there is anything I could do to help him? Prepare?" Then he takes a breath. "Also, does this have less to do with the dreamwalking and more to do with the magic that happens when he sings certain songs? Or both?" Now THAT is likely the question.

"You must understand. Ni--Michael--has become very dear to myself and Nathaniel. He has done several favors for us, and in turn we've done a few for him...but I still feel like I owe him for a few things he's helped us with. So if there is something I can do to help better prepare him for whatever is needed... I'd like to. Or I can stay out of it..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The mention of the musical magic, Leonard raises a brow. There's a silence that lasts for a good few moments before the Irish man gives a low grumble. There's a deep draw in of breath before it is let go in what could likely be a betrayal of some frustration. Or an unspoken concern.

"I...am not surprised that you some how came across him. If anything it but confirms some of my suspicions ever since he was born."

The professor takes a moment to sip his tea. Upon leveling the mug, he adjusts his seated position. "Michael was not my first choice." He admits, "I had all but chosen my successor. Intelligent. Strong sense of morality but not to the point of crippling. Right bloodline. But then-. She suddenly met someone. A whirlwind romance. Or, as some might like to say 'a match made in heaven.' A quick marriage. A quick annulment. But by then the damage was done. There was no way I was going to separate a mother from her child by picking her."

Leonard looks to the mug, watching the steam for a few moments. "Now. Imagine the CONVENIENCE that in such a pairing that one really old bloodline united with another old bloodline?"

He lifts the mug up again, "I suppose that is a really long-winded way to say 'The spoken spells are not part of the Phantasm package.'"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer thinks on this for a moment. Then he gives a shake of his head. "You're trying to imply that some divine power interfered with your plans. Made certain things happen. Nick being the product of that interference..." Though, when Leonard mentions that the spoken spells aren't part of the Phantasm package he raises a brow and thinks on it more.

Then he thinks on the spealls themselves. The names of them, and he sips on his tea once more before he chuckles. "Oh. Oh how did I not see it. Right in my face and I was blind to it... of COURSE it was divine intervention... those bastards..."

There's a lifting of his shoulders then. "I would say that mine and Nick's meeting was accidental... but now it feels almost like divine injustice. Put him in the path of Lucifer and lets see how they handle each other. Ha. Jesus wept....this is incredible..." He then looks into his tea for a moment. "And Ni-Nichael-he's...not allowed to know any of this. Right?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Leonard sips his drink quietly as Lucifer pieces together the elements placed before him in a manner that best suits the devil's interests. "It's a theory." Leonard allows, "...As to the true culprit is, I do not know. But. If it barks like a dog...Looks like a dog.-"

Leonard leaves that point on its own to be filled out on the guest's own time while he takes another moment to sip his tea. "I can not say that the very energy may have been bastardized into those spells, but the sheer reformation of what is. Wasn't meant to be."
fThe professor looks over to the angel across from him. Considering. "Most of his life is the product of someone or something pulling the strings. Driving away the options. Forcing him to a set path. Forcing me to play my own hand too early."

There's a long draw of breath. "...Maybe, your paths were meant to cross, less for your reaction. And more for his rebuilding. But- despite the reason behind it... when you know who of your own meddled in something that wasn't theirs to meddle with, please do me the favor of punching them in the face."
Lucifer has posed:
"Sounds like we need to find out who our unworthy Geppetto is and cut the strings off..." Lucifer offers this while taking another sip of his tea. "Also, I will gladly punch whoever it was in the face. And likely then some..." He might even have an idea or two, but that also makes him wonder why none of them have come to try and stop him from befriending Nick. Or, perhaps, they did not think that his meddling would get this far. Now sets the path of them losing their hold which will make them try a little harder.

Who knows.

"You didn't really answer my question though. If this is something I shouldn't talk with to Michael directly, then let me know. I have been candid up to this point and can remain so if needed." Or, he could be given an all clear and get Nick's opinion on the matter.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"No I didn't." The admission is rather quick, acknowledging the avoidance of the answer. The professor cracks the slightest of half smiles to the call out. "Conversations are fickle things. A lot is said, but not everything ends up being touched up on. Sometimes you just need to repeat yourself."

With the tea level down enough, Leo leans back on the sofa. He's not necessarily in the most proper of forms but the Irishman definitely appears comfortable.

"But I didn't last time either. It is all a judgement call with yourself. I'm just going to say, Times of happiness is few and far between. Be careful of what you share and when. Because once you tell him, you can't take it back." He looks to the mug, "...On the other hand. If you think great harm would come if he didn't know, well...Do I really need to tell you what to do?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer thinks on this for a moment and then he nods his head. "I think if certain things come to pass, I might be forced to tell him. Otherwise, it will just be waiting for the right time..." This is said before Lucifer finishes his tea, likely in one go.

"Well. I thank you for your time. You have been a most excellent host. But I think it might be time I take my leave. Somehow I am sure we will meet again, but I will reassure Nathaniel that he has nothing to fear of you coming after him. In as much that you won't." Saying this as he stands, levitating his mug back into the kitchen to set on the counter.

There's a turn as if to walk towards the exit and then he smirks. "By the way. I am much aware that you can buy your own drinks. I was just trying to be cordial in the midst of the angst Nathaniel was feeling from not being able to place you. But I will let you buy your own should we ever meet in public again." And with a step, two, Lucifer cares not of present company's thoughts and disappears from sight in a plume of smoke and sulfur.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Most likely we will." Leonard agrees, regarding the running into each other. "Ideally not until Michael is ready." As the guest gets to his feet, the professor shifts, moving to his own. "Do try and not get him killed with your antics. I strongly suspect Eileen would be quite put out, wherever she ended up."

While the host may have been planning to escort the guest out, when Lucifer poofs away, leaving just the hint of a foul scent where he stood, Leonard glances to the hallway.

If he has to return that man's rental...