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Hangin' with Spidey
Date of Scene: 30 August 2023
Location: Roof tops on the edge of the city.
Synopsis: Angelica needed to tell someone about her new status and wanted it to be somebody that would be happy for her. Someone needed a best friend right about then and so she summoned Spidey.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Spider-Man

Firestar has posed:
Angelica sent him a text message. Her hands were shaking when she did that so the idea of talking on the phone seemed like a long shot at best. Coordinates just say: Meet at the usual place.

Firestar lands on the roof with a bottle of Evan Williams, two cups, and a bag of Chinese take out that is favored by each of them. Setting things down, she paces in ways that tells Spidey she either needs to go to the bathroom or she is excited about something.
Spider-Man has posed:
While there is surely a great deal going on, that's almost always the case.

While Peter is not always the most dependable, or the most timely at least when it comes to getting back to his friends texts, he tries. And these days his calendar is actually a little more open the normal, given the fact that he is trying to lay low and avoid attracting the attentions of the NYPD as much as possible.

The results, thus far, have been decidedly mixed.

Still, when it comes to getting around the city there is nothing faster then swinging -- at least not for him -- and Angelica's text sounded reasonably important.

Enough so that he cuts off what he was working on and begins picking his way towards that rooftop with the view and as much privacy as one's likely to get in a city this big.

It doesn't take him long at all, and soon enough Peter Parker -- the Amazing Spider-Man -- lands in one corner of the roof, rising back to his full height slowly as he starts to walk over towards her, amusement in his voice.

"Well, well, what's all this?" he asks lightly. "It almost looks like you're celebrating something?"
Firestar has posed:
Hearing his approach, Angelica moves to the bottle, taking the cap out and pouring one for each of them. She takes the cups to him, offering one to him before hugging him and pressing a kiss to his cheek,"I am." she agrees softly.

She reaches into a sealed pocket in the costume and holds up a business card, but on closer inspection it is metal. On the face of the card is her name and the words: Justice League: Probationary Member.
Spider-Man has posed:
Even with the mask on, concealing his features there is a clear moment of surprise from Pete. Apparently his Spidey-sense doesn't warn him about things like this. Who knew?

Taking a step closer, he leans in a little to look over the card in her hand. "Wow. I mean, wow. Congratulations Angel!" Peter offers up, throwing his arms around her in turn and sweeping her up into that hug. Really, how could he do any less?

She is clearly proud of the achievement -- and really, how could she not be? -- and he rolls up that mask enough to reveal his grinning visage beneath. "That's amazing. So... wait. Does this mean that you can get me out of any parking tickets I pick up? Maybe forgive overdue library books? I'm talking some serious fines here," he teases lightly.

Then his voice softens to something less playful and he presses a kiss to her cheek. "I'm really proud of you. That's... amazing."
Firestar has posed:
She laughs as he takes her off her feet to hug. She squeezes him tight and rests her head on his shoulder for a second,"Thank Spidey." she tells him softly,"Thanks for being happy for me."

When he asks about getting the tickets fixed she thumps him playfully,"Watch it." She sighs and once she is on the ground again she raises her glass towards his,"To the new horizon and the undiscovered country." she invokes the old sci fi toast.

"I knew I could count on you to be happy first and worried later." she tells him,"Others have been too concerned about the dangerous part, but think I should stay with the X-Men because that is never dangerous."
Spider-Man has posed:
There is no doubting the danger component, that is for sure.

But when oyu get right down to it, everything they do is dangerous. Putting on a costume and taking to the streets and skies is inherently dangerous. But it is a decision as well. To put one's own welfare at risk to try and make a difference.

Setting her back down, Pete's smile dims only a little, though he takes that offered glass from her without hesitation, raising it and clinking it lightly against her own. "I'll drink to that," he agrees lightly. Everything else can wait.

"Mmmmm, I can understand that. I mean, you're definitely stepping into the big leagues here, Angel," he agrees with a nod. "But you're pretty darn capable and you already put yourself on the line for others. And it's not like you won't have some formidable backup, right?" he points out archly.
Firestar has posed:
A smile touches her lips as the cups tap and she takes a drink before she says more,"How many times would a sip or two have put our anxieties and worries on the back burner back in the day?" Mostly teasing.

She nods and agrees,"It's the big leagues for sure. Alpha Flight and the X-Men have their own heavy hitters and I am still here despite their best efforts."

Swirling the drink a little she adds,"It's still the big leagues. Back up. That's something else. I meet Superman and Batman tonight. I have spoken with Wonder Woman before, but that doesn't make it any less inspiring to see her again. You talk about three power house personalities. Superman is everythign you ever imagined and then some. Diana is the portrait of dignity, strength, and a heart as big as the world. Batman...I am still trying to figure that one out. He's intense, moderately scary even in an ally setting, and larger than life. Moreso than the other two as crazy as that sounds."
Spider-Man has posed:
That draws a quiet chuckle from him and he lifts that glass towards her once more before taking a slow sip himself.

"Probably a time or two," Pete agrees wryly, casually leaning against one of the building's outcroppings for a moment. "And you have at that. Just more evidence that you're ready for something like this," he points out.

Listening to her describe things, Peter can't help but smile again, just at that note in her voice. "Mmmmm, sounds like a pretty interesting experience," he agrees. "The other way to look at it, is that they had a chance to weigh and measure you. And they felt you belonged in their ranks. That says something too. Hopefully enough for any of those why might be worried about your safety," he points out quietly.
Firestar has posed:
She smiles a little and pokes his chest with her left index finger,"They asked me about our associations. You are pretty important Spidey. I was ready to face the three of them to defend your good name. Make sure you keep it good."

Taking a sip of her drink, she smirks a little,"I saw that the other night. That kiss from Gwen. You two seem like a good match after all this time and the chaos surrounding the both of you." she teases softly.

"You know me, think first and action second. If it comes to action be abusive, but elusive." she explains,"I know some big bads among their rouges gallery, but there are some heavy hitters at my back."
Spider-Man has posed:
That sobers him up a little bit. That the fact that she is friends with him could have cost her an opportunity with the Justice League.

He has always had something of an iffy reputation, in large part because of the Bugle. But this current situation with the suspected assassination attempt on the Mayor has definitely taken that level of mistrust to an entirely new and unfortunate level. And just how he is going to manage to deal with it, well, he's not entirely sure yet, in all honesty.

"You're a good friend Angel," Pete says quietly, offering a more muted smile. "I'm glad that you didn't lose out on an opportunity because of me," he adds.

But the mentin of Gwen, the teasing brings that smile back to his face. "It does make everything that has been going on lately a little easier. We've known each other for awhile, but it just kinda... clicked, you know," he agrees.

Then, glancing towards the food she's brought along, Pete grins once more. Priorities! "Okay, lets make this a proper celebration and dig in. You're going to be part of hte Justice League. I know someone in the Justice League. That's amazing!"
Firestar has posed:
She is quiet for a moment and then she tells him,"The fact I was ready to defend you as hard as I did sealed my membership." she assures him,"They seemed to be impressed I would stand up for you in the face of them."

Taking the food out of the bag, she pats him on the stomach and admits,"You're my best friend. Never forget that." She smiles as he talks about Gwen and hands him food,"I know. Make sure you take care of each other."

She chuckles and lastly and admits,"You know someone in the Justice League and I know Spiderman. We'll have to decide which of us is more fortunate."

Dinner passes as the pair talk about things and just enjoy each others company before heading back into their worlds again.