15573/A prelude to disaster. A sandwich menace is born.

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A prelude to disaster. A sandwich menace is born.
Date of Scene: 07 September 2023
Location: Living Quarters, Titans Tower
Synopsis: Nadia runs into Kori while she's watching cooking shows. They talk about science, spaceships, and then Kori goes to make lunch. Hopefully the Titans Tower remains standing.
Cast of Characters: Starfire, Wasp (Pym)

Starfire has posed:
It's hardly a common occurrence, but there are in fact some days where the Titans are not called off to battle giant monsters, invading aliens, or multidimensional tricksters causing havoc for their own amusement.

This would be fine if it could be predicted and monitor duty could be arranged /around/ the lulls in activity. But it cannot. Fortunately, with the impressive technology at their command, you do not strictly /have/ to be at the Titans communications array and computer mainframe if an alert sounds.

You could, if, say, you were a princess of Tamaran on monitor duty, find yourself parked in the lounge of the tower as it were, with your cell phone out, eyes darting between that small handheld screen and a much larger screen on the wall. A screen filled with... /cooking shows/!

Yes, Kori is taking feverish notes on her phone as she watches a cooking show, brow slightly furrowed, tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth in fierce concentration.

Whatever is brewing here it surely cannot go uninterrupted.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
When Nadia was first recruited for the Titans she was offered the chance to have an input into the facilities. Specifically the scientific ones. And that means glorious exciting shiny lab equipment!

And so, even though she's yet to really help the team with all those exciting adventures, she's often stopping by the Tower. To configure, calibrate, and totally not play around doing totally unnecessary but cool science experiments. Not that she would ever admit the experiments aren't necessary! Really is /any/ knowledge wasted?

And thus in the spirit of curiosity she flits into the Lounge area on insect wings. To learn what culinary plans a certain Princess has in the works. "Hi there Starfire," she greets. "Or do you prefer Koriand'r?" A frown. "Did I pronounce that correctly? I have been skim reading all the Titans data on the various cultures they have encountered over the years but there is so much to learn..."
Starfire has posed:
Kori's tapping away, and might not even notice Nadia at first... at least until she calls out. She nearly bends backwards to peer over the back of her chosen couch with a bright smile, "Oh! Hello Miss Nadia! You may call me whichever it is that pleases you! We are friends, we simply have not had time to become /well acquainted/ friends!!" She smiles even more brightly and giggles out, "Kori is often what people default to in casual situations such as lounging about the tower."

She hums out softly, "Oh! How is your lab shaping up? I do hope we're providing enough room? And you have plentiful experiment ideas? I would be happy to assist if you require heavy lifting though... I suppose you can also shrink and grow things and likely adjust their weight... but still! More hands make for lighter work!" She frowns thoughtfully, "But then too many cooks spoil the broth, but I have spoiled several on my own, and surely /one/ cook cannot also be /too many/ cooks and..."

She trails off and heaves out a sigh, "I admit, sometimes I think I am no closer to understanding Terran idioms than I was when I arrived."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"If everyone calls you Kori and that's okay I'll do the same," Nadia says with a beaming smile of her own. "And you can just call me Nadia if you like." She lands and the insectile wings fold away into a sleek backpack portion of her suit. "Oh I'm not really setting up a personal lab. I'm just adding some new equipment that expands the facilities available for everyone. Some of it is little tweaks to things you already had. Others I'm building versions of things I made for my home lab."

She hmmms thoughtfully.

"To be honest the /real/ fun starts when I can see what I can do with all the equipment the other Titans have contributed. It'll be interesting to learn about all kinds of different fields."

She leans against the side of one of the couches. "Experiment ideas? Gosh I have so many things in the works I have to cheat with microverse time to keep up. I want to be up to speed on the teams unique physiologies and powers so if anyone gets teleported off world or just hurts themselves training I'll be able to help out. Plus work on my technical skills in case anything needs fixing after an attack." She grins. "Also I need to devote time to mastering the home entertainment system." Who knows how many games consoles the team have plugged into the lounge TV. Probably all of them.

"Some of them throw me off too. But then I grew up in quite a remote location where we didn't really.. you know. Live the same way everyone else does." Which is the polite way of saying secret Soviet era Siberian bunker.
Starfire has posed:
Kori laughs softly and bobs her head, "Very well! Nadia it is! I am glad you are settling in and embracing the spirit of teamwork we were founded on! We really can accomplish far more together than alone." She tilts her head and hums softly, "Admittedly, it has been some time since I've provided any sort of scientific boon to our group... I'm afraid I've not been in contact with the /other/ Starfire in some time. Though I'm sure they've been busy helping those in need across the galaxy."

Her eyebrows perk and she nods solemnly, "Oh! Yes. That's a very good idea! I am sure we will all be able to assist in providing thorough demonstrations of physiology and powers!" She heaves out a playfully exaggerated sigh, "Even if it is /distressingly/ close to a doctor's appointment... or so is my understanding. Perhaps I should schedule a checkup. Earth doctors are often /very/ confused by me."

She playfully half pouts, "But I suppose that is to be expected. And yes, well, so long as we can all live our truest selves, it works out in the end! And we most definitely encourage that around here."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"The other Starfire?" Nadia wonders. "A clone? A version of you from another dimension? Or the future?" She tilts her head. "Distant past. Assuming some very complex temporal manipulation... Oh! Virtual scan of your mind in a robot body?"

It's hard to say for sure if she's guessing what the Other Starfire's origin is or working out all the different ways to make extra copies of the alien Princess.

"I suppose I'm the closest thing the team has to a doctor right now," she muses. She is after all a super genius. And she's worked on people before. Usually autopsies but it's not like she killed them first! "I'm sure we can find a time to run some tests. If you let me know the sort of things which upset you I can work out ways to make things far less distressing for you."

"Oh have no fear there. I am getting so much done. Won't be long until we break ground on GIRL," she enthuses. "Not that we need to break ground as we're modifying an existing site not actually starting from scratch."
Starfire has posed:
Kori giggles and shakes her head wildly, "Oh no! ...Though if you ever see me walking around with black hair and a surly attitude and Raven is /not/ nearby giggling in an alarming manner, that is in fact my twin sister Kommand'r... please attempt to alert the authorities as soon as possible. No no, the other Starfire is a spaceship! I..."

She trails off for a long moment, teeth worrying her lower lip, "Served aboard. Rather... uhhh... /without/ being asked my opinion on such service. But those of us who were unwillingly employed rose up and now the ship is a symbol of freedom!"

She shrugs lightly, "Also, it is still a ship. I can call them in case of emergency but they do important work of their own that I try not to interrupt."

She giggles softly and smiles warmly, "Oh! I am sure your bedside manner as it were will be more than pleasant and I will have no worries about any inspection or checkup. You will, of course, be prepared with appropriate devices if blood needs drawing... honestly, the amount of needles I have seen less prepared professionals bend and snap on my skin is... well, it does not hurt, but it is a waste of time and valuable medical supplies!"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"A spaceship does sound rather interesting technically speaking. I'd love to know how everything works..." Nadia muses, then she winces. "Oh. I see. Well... I am glad you were able to get out of that situation and turn the ship to better uses! When I escaped from the Red Room I made sure to take as much from them as I could. So they wouldn't be able to do bad things with the data."

She blinks a few times and then giggles.

"Oh no I wouldn't use anything so crude as a needle. With Pym particles I can simply take the sample directly through your skin. The probes move between the gaps between cells, without causing any harm, then shrink the blood and collect it." It would certainly be cheaper and more efficient to just use a stronger needle. But that's far less SCIENCE!

And then she huhs. Like a little lightbulb went on in her head. "You know know that I think about it the communications device you contact the ship with must be pretty interesting too. If it can reach interstellar distances...."
Starfire has posed:
Kori's eyebrows lift and she hums out softly. "Oh! I suppose it /might/ be interesting... the communication device! I can certainly make time to show it to you!" She smiles brightly and chimes out in a joyous tone, "Oh! And I am /equally/ glad you were able to escape this Red Room! You seem like you are /far/ better suited to your current life style than anything called a 'Red Room' would have you doing."

She frowns thoughtfully and sighs out as she reaches over for the TV remote to shut it off, "I think I am ready to attempt cooking once more. It is... tricky. I wish to make something for my friends, but... you all have quite different taste senses to me. Everything is somewhat of a guessing game, yes? But I believe with the notes I have taken and starting simple with a grilling of the cheese..."

She trails off, only a /little/ ominously... how much havoc could Star cause just cooking a sandwich?

The world may never know.