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The people that you meet...
Date of Scene: 10 September 2023
Location: Katz's Deli, Lower East Side
Synopsis: A normal night with less than normal people trying to have a normal meal. Friendships growing.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Ghost Spider, Spider-Man

Firestar has posed:
The joys of relocation. Angelica is trying to figure things out and it's clear she's scattered. Not so scattered that she doesn't notice the would be pick pocket step in to make a grab for her purse.

While she is far from a master of any martial art, she catches the incoming hand and twists just enough to pitch the young petty thief at their balance point and send them stumbling away. She raises a brow and then continues to walk away as the thief rubs his wrist and staggers away.

Well, more fun for one day. She sighs and heads into Katz's Deli to get away from stares. She looks around the area and her eyes go past the sign on the table. A raise of her brow and a smirk touches the corners of her mouth. Shaking her head to opts for a different table. Maybe she doesn't want what Sally had.
Ghost Spider has posed:
The hum of the city is a familiar lullaby to Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. Ghost Spider. Even now, the wind ruffles her white and black costume as she lands with the delicate precision of a cat on a neighboring rooftop of Katz's Deli. The classic New York establishment, known for its sandwiches thicker than a New York phone book, looms invitingly just across the way. She'd invited Peter after wrapping up a modeling gig, hoping for some company, but he was otherwise engaged, Spider-Man duties most likely.

With a sigh that rustles her mask's hood, she finds a concealed nook between the ancient brickwork and an air conditioning unit. Here, she swaps out of the snug-fit of her Ghost Spider attire and into her civilian clothes: a pair of slim jeans, a soft tee, and a leather jacket. Stowing her costume in a backpack, she promptly webs it into its hiding place.

She's always found this routine of switching identities weirdly grounding. It's a fine balance, a dance between her two worlds. It isn't easy being a model by day and superhero by night, and sometimes the lines blur. But in this moment, with the evening sun casting long golden shadows, Gwen is just Gwen.

She drops off the building's edge with a practiced ease, shooting a discreet web-line to control her descent. It's so second nature to her now; she barely even thinks about it. Feet touch ground in the alley, and she emerges onto the crowded sidewalk, blending seamlessly with the mass of New Yorkers.

Walking up to Katz's, she catches the scent of pastrami and rye, mixed with the tang of pickles. It makes her stomach rumble in anticipation. She can't remember the last time she ate something that wasn't scarfed down between swings or during rushed photoshoot breaks.

Then there's the brief scuffle in front of her-- a woman dealing handily with a would-be thief and ducking into the deli to get out of the stares. There were lots of redheads in New York, but she'd caught sight of Angelica's profile just as she ducked inside and took a few quick steps to catch up.

Inside, Katz's is a symphony of organized chaos. Waiters move briskly, balancing trays piled high with sandwiches. The sound of laughter, the clinking of glasses, the chattering of patrons; it's an atmosphere thick with nostalgia. Photos of celebrities from days gone by pepper the walls, a testament to the deli's longstanding place in New York's history.

She takes a moment to just soak it in, reminding herself of the everyday moments she's fighting to protect. Somewhere in the distance, a siren wails, and instinctively Gwen tenses, scanning the street for signs of danger. But then she remembers-- tonight, she's off-duty.

Instead of reacting, she keeps up her pursuit, following Angelica with few more fast-paced steps until she's just a couple of paces behind her and then speaking up, eyebrows lifted and blue eyes hopeful for recognition.

Firestar has posed:
Safe from prying eyes and into eyes that are less interested. Of course she gets a few of the looks, a few boyfriends get smacked, and her face turns a shade similar to that famous hair.

She moves to find a seat and offer a slightly agologetic smile to a girlfriend who seems a little less in charge. Turning away from them she starts towards a seat. Shy and a little standoffish, she doesn't respond with more than a nod to the single guy that tries to catch her eye. Maybe this wasn't the best place to stop.

The sound of her name and the somewhat familiar voice gets her to pause and she turns back. A warm smile touches her lips and she nods,"Hey Gwen. It's good to see you. I was about to claim that table over there. You want to take the other half?"
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen smiles in return, her features softening. There's a subtle relief that washes over her at the recognition; Manhattan is vast, and sometimes it's just comforting to bump into a familiar face amidst the chaos. "Sounds great," Gwen responds, her voice filled with genuine warmth. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

She navigates towards the indicated table, weaving through the maze of bustling customers and wait staff carrying trays laden with the deli's signature sandwiches, and as she settles in, Gwen takes a moment to glance around, feeling a hint of pride. The ambiance, the diversity of people, the organized mayhem; it's unmistakably New York.

"Nice work the the guy outside," she comments offhandedly, a grin tugging at one corner of her lips. "You handled it like a pro. Are you from New York?"
Firestar has posed:
A familiar and friendly face, sometimes that's what is needed even if they aren't really well known to each other. She walks through the tables and finally manages to get the table in questions,"It's been a bit yes. I don't get out much..." She pauses and considers,"...maybe that will be changing soon."

She shakes her head and looks around the deli, a slow inhale to finally really get the feel of the place. She smile returns and she closes her eyes a little to really soak it in.

When Gwen makes a comment about the guy outside her cheek darken a little again,"Saw that did you?" she asks and shakes her head. Her eyes brighten a little at the mention of being from New York,"Oh yes. New York City girl to the core. I was gone for a while, but some times never change."
Ghost Spider has posed:
Familiar and friendly faces are few and far between for some. It isn't like Gwen is Public Enemy Number One in the same way Spider-Man is, but she feels that pressure all the time-- not just as Ghost Spider (though it's certainly there), but for Peter's sake, too.

She smiles. "I've had those moments. Times when I needed a breather, to find myself amidst the chaos of life. But New York has a way of pulling you back." There's an understanding in Gwen's eyes, the kind that comes from having her own secrets, her own reasons for disappearing now and then.

A waiter approaches, offering them menus, and as Gwen looks over the options, she adds, "Though, like you said, some things never change, like Katz's sandwiches. Ever tried one? The last time I was in here, Deadpool showed up and then a couple of mutants started terrorizing everyone until everyone ended up leaving. It was... madness."
Firestar has posed:
Once she is settled, Angelica looks over the room again. She nods to herself and then looks back to Gwen and rests her arms on the table to talk a little more at ease,"Yes. A breather for sure." she agrees and takes out her phone,"While I am thinking about it, I wanted to get my number to you. Have to keep an eye on Peter. He'd forget to eat if someone doesn't watch him. I can't tell you how many times Bobby and I caught him not eating back in the day. He forgets. That and I wanted to get you both my new address in case you need."

A pause and she shakes her head,"For as long as I've been around the city, I am pretty sure this will be a first time. Going to have to lean on your expertise on what is best if you don't mind."

The mention of Deadpool gets a grimace and she admits,"I have never met him, but I know a lot of people who have and I hear stories." A slight shudder and she considers the rest,"Renegade mutants? That's just what the world needs. More of those."
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen chuckles, a bit wistfully, at Angelica's comment about Peter. "I don't doubt that at all. Peter's brilliant, but he and I both spread ourselves too thin. It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to get him to start using his degree, either." When she's sure Angelica's ready, she rattles off her own number. "It'd be good to have yours, too. Peter's lucky to have friends who care. And I'll send you my address, too. If we cross paths, it's been there more often than not. It's not much bigger than his place, but it's on Rockaway Beach. He says it's nicer, but it can be kind of a slog to get out there."

Leaning back, Gwen considers the menu. "Honestly, you can't go wrong with the classic pastrami on rye. But if you're feeling adventurous, they have a Reuben that's out of this world."

At the mention of Deadpool, Gwen's lips quirk into an amused grin. "I've only actually met him once. He's... unique. There's never a dull moment. It can be entertaining, and at other times, downright chaotic." She rolls her eyes dramatically at the memory. "As for the mutants, New York seems to have its fair share, but it's moments like these-- catching up with friends-- that make it all worth it. I can't imagine living anywhere else."
Firestar has posed:
"I think we're all guilty of that one. Spreading too thin I mean." she admits with a smirk,"I might have lightened my load a little. Well I lightened it some by choice and some not so much. My boyfriend decided he needed to go back to nature and find himself as it were. Love the guy, but sometimes that Apache blood gets the better of him."

She considers the sandwich options for a moment and hmms,"I like pastrami, but I am feeling adventurous so maybe I will go at that reuben."

She nods again, thinking about the mutants in the city,"There are a lot of them for sure. Most of them get almost as bad a rep as my favorite wall crawler. Neither he, nor most of them deserve it." She shakes her head and admits,"Pete's boss. Sometimes I'd like to have five minutes alone with that jerk. Reality I'd probably just yell at him, but I like to tell myself I'd at least slap the taste out of his mouth." She does smile at the last of her little grumble,"It's good to have friends and I'm hoping to add you to that list for sure." She gives her phone number and an address,"Please give that to Pete. I just moved from Xavier's school and I want you two to be able to find me if you need."
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen nods empathetically, her eyes reflecting understanding. "Relationships can be complicated," she says softly, her thoughts drifting briefly. "Everyone has their journey. It's hard, sometimes, when those paths diverge."

With a thoughtful hum, she chuckles lightly, "Well, the Reuben will be a treat, trust me. I'll get the pastrami. If you hate it, we can always trade." She smiles. "And yeah, mutants and superheroes all get a mixed bag when it comes to public perception. Spider-Man has had a particularly rough time with it, no thanks to Jameson." At the mention of Peter's boss, Gwen's expression tightens a bit, her lips pressed in a thin line. "It doesn't help that people like my father -- Captain Stacy -- /listen/ to him and then go out actively hunting him down. Him and the rest of the spiders. If Jameson's going to rag on somebody, I don't know why he couldn't just pick on Bebop and Rocksteady. They're /known/ menaces and /proud/ of it -- no creative manipulation of reality or alternative facts required. Hell, they'd gladly do an interview and brag about it live on the air, I'm sure."

She laughs, trying to brush off the frustration, before adding, "Thanks for the number and address. I'll pass it on to Peter. And I'd love to consider you a friend, Angelica." There's a beat, then. "You were at Xavier's school?"

It's just about then that the waiter comes back by and Gwen places the order for their sandwiches, plucking a card out of her pocket to hand over to pay for both of them.
Firestar has posed:
"I am the queen of complicated relationships. He and I were invovled with another woman as well. I don't worry about that right now, just I knew Jimmy when we were kids and we went through...some things." she admits.

The mention of the sandwich order gets a nod,"Sounds like a plan." she agrees,"I haven't had deli anything since I went to Canada. Looking forward to it."

Talking about JJJ always brings out her scowly face,"I think Jameson hounds Spidey because he knows at the end of the day, none of the spiders are going to rend him limb from limb. Those like Bebop and Rocksteady would do it to see what it looked like. Jameson is trash. He just uses Spider-Man's name to get readers and money."

"Of course. Thanks for yours too. I just wanted to be able to catch up with each other." She smiles at the comment about friends,"I hope so. I need a few." she admits with a wink.

"Oh yes. Up until the night before last I was slotted to be the Physics teacher there. The head mistress and I had a pretty good red head battle of wills over some decisions that aren't her business and an accusation from her that was so far out of line she couldn't find it with a spot light."

When Gwen orders and pays Angelica starts to interrupt, but doesn't. Once the waiter is gone she tells the other woman,"Thank you. Relocation is stretching me a little. Next dinner is on me."
Spider-Man has posed:
In all fairness, it's not always that Peter forgets to eat.

Sometimes he is simply too busy to give it a whole lot of thought. Sometimes he is simply too broke to take care of that sort of thing. It is something of a bad habit admittedly. Fortunately, his track record is a little better at making time to eat when he is actually invited to do so. Not perfect to be sure. He has stood up more then a few friends over the years unfortunately. In all likelihood he'll continue to do so. Such comes with the territory unfortunately.

But not today fortunately.

Getting through the city without attracting undue attention remains something of a challenge for Pete these days. While webslinging might still be the fastest way to get to and from most places, the stares and pointed fingers he gets these days feel a little more accusatory.

Not to mention how the police react.

So there is much more time spent leaping from rooftop to rooftop, to trying to mainly travel at night as much as possible and otherwise keep a low profile whenever he can.

Excepting, of course, when there is trouble. Then he feels the need to involve himself, despite the risks.

That is what has held him up this time. An attempted carjacking about five blocks away. The would-be thief was left trussed up in his webbing, dangling from a street light while he narrowly managed to dodge a shot of pepper spray from the woman who's car he saved. And then had her purse flung at him.

So pretty much par for the course for Pete.

Pausing on the roof next door, he has slipped back into a much less eye-catching assemble and swiftly made his way down the fire escape, coming through the doors to the deli at a trot as he cranes that gaze around until it falls on Gwen. And a rather familiar redhead. "Sorry I'm late," he says with a smile as he pauses just long enough to grab a number before joining them. "Got held up," he offers, rolling his eyes and leaning in to kiss the blonde's cheek. "And Angel! I didn't know you'd be here too. Happy coincidence?" he asks, cheerful despite recent events.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen tilts her head, a mix of sympathy and curiosity in her gaze. "Life certainly knows how to throw curveballs, doesn't it?" She offers a reassuring smile, hoping to convey understanding without prying.

"I'm sure some of them would like to," she mutters with a thin, dark smile at the mention of rending Jameson limb from limb. "Even though it would only give him more ammunition."

But her eyebrows raise in surprise at Angelica's mention of Xavier's. "That's... quite an establishment. I've heard stories, of course. It's commendable to teach there, given the... unique... student body." Gwen's curiosity is evident, but she's tactful enough not to press too hard. "Sorry to hear about the disagreement, though. It's never easy dealing with differing perspectives, especially when accusations come into play."

At the mention of the bill, Gwen waves a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. We all go through transitions, and if I can help make yours a little smoother with a meal, then I'm glad to do it. Plus, the offer of a future dinner sounds good to me." Her grin is light and teasing, hoping to lift the mood. "We've got to stick together. The world's crazy enough as it is."

Of course, it's just about that time that Peter finds them, and Gwen's smile turns absolutely radiant as she lifts her chin to receive that cheek-peck, her hand instinctively reaching out to touch his arm.

"Late-shmate," she chides, winking at him. "I'd already written you off and found another dinner date." Then she nudges out to chair beside her. "Sit, sit. We have a waiter tonight and just put in our order, but I'm happy to split my pastrami if you like. Angelica gave me her number and wanted to make sure we got her new address. She's not at Xavier's School anymore."
Firestar has posed:
"Heaven knows I'd hate to be bored." Angelica admits,"I was never good at baseball so it can keep curving." She returns the offered smile. A quirk of a brow and she suggests,"Sometimes dodging bullets is fun?" she offers in regards to Jameson, trying to lighten both of their moods on that note.

The mention of Xavier's gets a shrug and an almost smirk,"It is an amazing place." she admits,"Some of the students are quite unique." She meets Gwen gaze evenly and admits softly,"My dad was approached by them when I was younger, but had already enrolled with with the Hellfire Club's school. One of the Hellions." Maybe she will read that since Angelica knows Gwen and Peter are a thing it is highly unlikely Gwen doesn't know who Spidey is.

A grateful smile at her picking up the bill and she admits,"It is a transition for sure." she admits,"Like you said, we need to stick together."

The movement near the table draws her attention for a quick moment and then she eases, smiling at the new arrival. Her eyes move between the two of them and the first honest to goodness warm smile of the night touches her features,"Upgraded to the red head." she teases Peter a little and nods,"Definately a happy coincidence. Gwen has my new address, you two should come by soon."
Spider-Man has posed:
"I snooze, I lose huh?"

A wry smile crosses Peter's expression and he settles into one of the free seats at the table, stealing just a moment to glance around the bustling deli. No matter the hour, this New York institution seems to be busy. With good cause admittedly, though Pete retains a little more fondness for the place around the corner from May's place in Queens.

It's just a little out of the way to go just for a sandwich. But when he's back in the ol' neighborhood.

"Glad to see that you're not holding a grudge at least. Not if you're willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and share your pastrami. So I haven't completely blown it yet," he teases gently before Gwen spills the beans about Angelica's recent move, that smile wiped from his expression as he turns a concerned gaze her way.

"We can definitely do that. Glad to hear that you're getting settled," Pete says quietly, a look of concern still on his face. "Is everything alright? That's a pretty big change to manage. I mean, I'm more then happy to drop by, but if you need any help don't hesitate to ask, okay?"

He knows she mentioned that not everyone was necessarily going to be happy that she was joining the Justice League and he can't help wondering just how much that might have been involved.
Ghost Spider has posed:
The note about Angelica's father is definitely noted in Gwen's eyes, but with Peter's arrival and the shift in topics, she lets it go for now. There's definitely a note of curiosity in those baby blues, though. It won't be completely forgotten.

"It's New York, sweetheart. You know how quickly things move here. One second you're in, the next you're out.. there's wheeling and dealing to be done..." Or something like that, her lopsided smile seemed to suggest.

It looked like there might be more playful teasing on the way, but she let it go in favor of settling to watch Peter's exchange with Angelica once his expression turns concerned. Without knowing any of the back story, she doesn't try to interject other than to nod encouragingly at Peter's mention of help and being happy to drop by.

Oh! And to receive the food when the waiter brings it, directing the Reuben over to Angelica and the pastrami to be set between her and Peter. Both with fries, which she goes for first, nipping one in half as she listens.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica nods as eh talks about getting settled,"All is well. I got everything in. It's a studio and a little sparse, but I don't need much." she assures him,"Everything is as good as they can be right now. Jimmy went back home, I had a battle of will and words with Jean, and just needed to get out of there."

She considers him for a long moment and then tells him softly,"Tonight, when you two are settling in I want you to tell her about the old days. You, me, and Bobby. I am sure he would be OK with it and I know I am. I hate to have misunderstanings with my new friend."

She looks back to the curious blue eyes and gives her a slow wink,"I am not much on secrets between friends, but there are only two here and I don't want anyone else to hear around us." she tells her with a smirk.

Oh look, food and it smells good. People are forgotten for a moment as she takes in the melty, salty goodness. She inahles gently and then pickups up a piece of the sandwich and sinks into it slowly, eyes closing a moment. Once the food is down she smiles at Gwen,"You have fantastic taste." she assures the other woman.
Spider-Man has posed:
Look, it's not like Peter is perpetually hungry.

But it's a pretty close thing. And as those sandwiches are delivered to the table the tousled haired man offers the server a smile and a nod, only too willing to mooch off of his girlfriend's plate.

"Uh huh. That makes total sense. But here you still are, sharing your food with me. Sharing your perfect pastrami *and* your fries. So you're not fooling anyone," he counters, smug tone in his voice as he too snags one of those fries, giving it a little wave in front of him before popping it in his mouth.

Turning his gaze back across the table towards Angel, Pete nods his head slowly. The hows and whys of what might have happened might be a little lost on him, having only a partial picture, but that's all he really needs to support his friend. At least as far as he's concerned.

"Okay," he says simply, nodding his head and offering a gentle smile. "Just so long as you know that if you need anything you can call on me. On us," he adds, shooting a glance towards Gwen.

When she gives permission to go into more detail about their past, he simply nods his head once more, stealing a quick bite of one of the sandwiches. "So long as you don't mind," he agrees, glancing around, that understanding of why this isn't the place to go into detail pretty plain in his gaze. "Lucky you. Looks like it will be storytime tonight," he teases the blonde quietly.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen sighs softly, dipping her head a little so she can look up at Peter through her lashes. "And here I will always be.. sharing my pastrami and my fries," she muses, grinning affectionately.

Then things get /serious/, though.

"The... old days?" She nearly chokes on her fry. Angelica /had/ just told her that she'd involved another girl in her relationship in the past. Had they involved... another guy, too? Peter?

Not that she'd judge. Or be.. intimidated by that. The heat growing around the top of her neck and the vague concern in her eyes were probably about something else. Entirely unrelated. Ahem.

"No.. I get it, trust me. And I appreciate that. Secrets sort of.. eat at us, after a while,," Gwen says softly to Angelica, nodding a little, though she still clears her throat gently. Her eyes cut over to Peter, then, at the mention of story time, and she grins at him. "I.. can't wait."

There's no anger or mistrust in her features, but there's definitely a healthy amount of amused anticipation at what was sure to be an unexpected twist in story-time, later.

"Okay... I'm sorry. I have to ask. Who read about Oscorp claiming that they filed the original patent on the new algae-based biofuel? I was on the team that was working on that at Alchemax, and that was /totally/ corporate espionage..."

Leave it to Gwen to try to lighten the mood a little and provide some lively anecdotes about the two companies while the trio eat, playfully nudging Peter's shoulder along the way and grinning at Angelica, entirely pleased to be having a normal dinner among friends.