15591/A quick drink amongst friends.

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A quick drink amongst friends.
Date of Scene: 12 September 2023
Location: Luke's Bar, Central Harlem
Synopsis: Angelica invited Tabitha for a drink and conversation. Tabitha has her new address and knows where Angelica will be now.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Boom-Boom

Firestar has posed:
Sitting towards the back of the bar, near the end of said bar, Angelica has a glass of amber liquid. Currently she is swiping through her phone files. About a hour ago, she sent a message to Tabitha and asking for her to meet for a drink and to talk about a few things.

The location might confuse her a little bit, but Luke's Bar is the address she sent. Sitting on the floor next to her leg is a backpack of books.
Boom-Boom has posed:
Eventually the recipient of the message sent, one Tabitah Smith makes her way into the bar, blue eyes behind her yellow tinted cat eye framed glasses while that wild mass of blonde hair trails behind her in a loose ponytail.

Spotting Angelica further in nar the back, tabby grins, orders herself a pint and once paid and tipped the woman is heading her way with a easy hip sway and creak of way too tight jeans against her legs with a white cropped tank top and a black leather vest working the other half.

"You know if you need a drink after classes, Harry's is literally down the other end of Graymalkin right? Though He doesn't card so spotting kids when you'd rather not work might be too annoying to go there."
Firestar has posed:
Glancing up, Angelica smiles and nods,"Well. This is close to NYU and I wanted to catch some time out of the usual hangouts for the X-Men." she explains,"Have a seat."

She reaches over the table and pulls her laptop out of the way as well as the book on the table. Once that is done she takes a drink of the liquid and smiles back,"You're looking enticing tonight." She nods towards three guys and one woman all checking her out and trying to be subtle. Poorly.

She slides a piece of paper across the table and tells her,"You have my number. That's my address. Give it to Sam if you see him before I do please. You're always welcome. If I am not home...well being realistic that will probably be normal, but still."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The bit of paper gets looked at as Tabby claims a place to park her rump and with a slip of her hand into a pocket, Tabby's phone is extracted so she can punch the details in along side Angelica's phone.

The compliments get a grin. "Thanks. Since classes started I've usually been elbow deep covered in engine grease and grime in the auto shop. Thankfully I don't have homework to grade and I'll be damned if I ever give those kids any!" she declares with a chuckle and sip of her drink. "And cleaning up good is a very common power among us mutant chicks after all!" she adds with a snappoint.
Firestar has posed:
A soft laugh as she listens to her friend talk,"I wish I was half as bold as you my friend. I really do." she admits. A drink from her glass again and she sets it down,"I'm not going to be around the mansion much from the looks of things." she tells her.

"It's a long story, but I was invited to do something pretty big and Jean and I had some harshe words, hence I have a new place just up the road and I left all the preparations for whoever replaces me teaching." she explains,"I just wanted to make sure you knew where to findme if you needed. Maybe Jimmy leaving was the catalyst needed to start a new chapter of my life."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The blonde leans back in her seat once she's done with her phone so she can concentrate on the beer. "How big is big? And why would you have beef with Jean?" Tabby sounds curious. "Though they've had some pretty dumb rules at the school here and there. Even with the X-Men side of things too." she ponders and looks back with a squinty frown of recollection.

"You didn't like try cohabitating with Warpath did you? Ugh. Monogomay like never seems to work. Too many comings and goings." she admits with a crinkling of her nose at the idea.

That said she gets back on track... a litle. "So anyway what's the big thing? Getting that PhD, you're gonna be an Avenger or join the Justice League or something? Don;t leave a girl hanging yo!"
Firestar has posed:
"I didn't have a beef with Jean. She found out about..." Angelica relies and lays a metallic card on the table and slides it towards Tabitha,"...this. She wasn't happy and said I needed to be present."

The silver, metallic, card has her name on it and it also reads Justice League: Probationary Member.

She chuckles softly and adds,"Jimmy and I were about half cohabitating and that wasn't a problem. It wasn't a problem with the two of us and Vanessa either, just that card caused the issue."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The League. It was a clearly correct guess. "Heh, called it!" she states and chuckles. The metallic rectangle looked over back and forth a moment before it's given back. It probably has all that funky access to buildings and wifi and stuff.

"That's pretty fricking awesome Angie! I still fangirl over Wonder Woman. Well I do a little more than that, but I gotta keep the noise down when I do." she says with a wink.

"It's the commute. New York, and Metropolis. Bit further that the city and Westchester, even if you can fly. Last I checked Jimmy wasn't airborne himself so he couldn't visit on the spot." she at least sees some issues with the long distance stuff.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica smiles again when Tabitha calls it,"You got it in one." she agrees. Taking the card back, she tucks it away again.

In a surprising reaction, Angelica's widen a little,"She is amazing. Beyond amazing. I've never met anyone like her." she explains, total fangirl too. Worse now having met her.

"Jimmy...went back home." she says softly,"He decided he needed to find himself or something. Since I was joining the League he was afraid we wouldn't see each other." A slow inhale and she huffs it out again,"I can fly at 100 miles per hour. There are faster fliers, but it's not that far." She forces a smile again and tells her,"So now I am a member of the Justice League and a female think tank called GIRL. Nadia Pym invited me a while back. Other than that, I am a student and NYU. The physics department."
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Always got it, cause I am totally straight genius. Well, not actually straight but ya know." Tabby jokes at her own expense. "Jimmy's still fast on foot as well. So bailing back to Arizona might just be his way of having a sad because you're not spending time with him instead of you being your best you!" she ponders with a hand on chin and a thoughtful furrow of brows behind her glasses.

"Well if you're also doing GIRL stuff... Phrasing... Nothing really should stop ya jumping in on X-Stuff either if ya need us or we might need ya brains for stuff. Monogamy isn't just for the bedroom. Team around girl!" she encourages brightly!
Firestar has posed:
"You're a genius Tabby. No question." she assures her with a wink. Drawing the last of her drink in, she places the glass aside.

"He's fast on his feet yes." she agrees,"I hope he finds his way whatever the case."

"Oh I've been doing GIRL stuff for a while." she teases lightly,"As for the X-Stuff, I think I will be on the outside looking in for now. Things will have to cool." She laughs softly and shakes her head,"You know if you ever need me I'm there. Just going to avoid Xavier's for the time being."
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Well just remember, in the world of break ups, you the hero in this one. No one back home gonna think bad of you. Also, like make sure they pay you good to be in the League. All I get is a teacher's paycheck at the school." Tabby points out important facts and advice as she finishes her beer.

"Anyone that does hang crap on you for bailing I'll dope slap upside their head. With extra boom!" she adds with a swish of her open palm to mimic smacking someone around.

"In the mean time I'll set things on fire extra to make up for your flames not being on!" that comes with a sagacious nod of her head and a raise of her glass before the last sip of beer is consumed.