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Press packs and plans for the future.
Date of Scene: 28 September 2023
Location: GIRL HQ (Under construction). Somewhere between Gotham and New York.
Synopsis: Clark interviews Nadia at a GIRL press event. Her plan for world domination is revealed.
Cast of Characters: Wasp (Pym), Superman

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
With the GIRL HQ having it's official ground breaking ceremony (only a formality as the disused subway station is technically already built) there's been something of a media blitz campaign to promote the Non-Profit. A very low key media blitz, because most members of GIRL are either super geniuses of super heroes (or both) and they tend to be pretty easily distracted. Or get called away to stop a certain menace getting into (more) trouble!

But there are some media types that not even Nadia will forget to meet. And with the number of awards the duo of Lane & Kent have won over the years? Well you can bet Clark Kent makes the list!

Currently the petite scientist is loitering around at the entrance to her future lab to be. The old subway steps have been adjusted to make them as accessible as physically possible and there's a billboard put up which proudly proclaims this is where GIRL HQ will be located. Is the sign excessively sparkly with glitter and big bold pink lettering? Yes. Yes it is.

She's dressed in a red Summer dress with smart but sensible shoes but a battered leather bomber jacket with the GIRL logo on the back. If it's getting a little late in the year for dresses it doesn't show. New York might have cold winters but they're nothing to a girl who grew up in Siberia!
Superman has posed:
Clark will attend all sorts of events to keep his feet on the ground. Some may consider stories like this to be a demotion. However, he'll volunteer for these stories. Today, he volunteered.

Dressed in a simple grey suit with a muted red tie, he is there writing in the details that come about. He is there with the other mediea types.

Clark even notes the pink glitter on the sign. If they're allowed, he'll try to go down further. If not, Clark will just keep writing on the surroundings.

When it comes time to ask questions, Clark will definitely present one. "What do you hope GIRL will accomplishment for both the short-term and long-term?" Clark asks. It's just his idea of the scope for the organization. People will want to know and he hopes that the long term goals may attract more to the cause. A win-win answer in his view.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
There aren't many media types around. It's about as close to a one on one interview as a journalist can get without actually scheduling in something! Most of the other journalists took few photos, read the press blurb, and then ducked out to get some serious drinking in before their deadline. Coffee obviously. Probably nothing stronger.

Probably. (Although newsroom coffee is notoriously bad! Why else would they have so many interns go out to get the good stuff...)

She gestures for those remaining interested individuals to follow her down the steps and accessibility ramp. Practically skipping. "So short term we're going to help improve access to education for women and all groups who are traditionally under-represented in STEM fields, she explains brightly. "So that'll be college funding, school outreach programs, online education resources that can be used world wide for free, and we're also going to be working with the local community. Hiring people in the local area and from disadvantaged groups where possible for all our support roles."

She beams a smile.

"Long term? We're going to change the world. Cheap and clean energy projects, safe drinking water, work on medical treatments that are not profitable for a for-profit company to even think about doing.... Honestly you name it it's probably in my to-do list. Repair the climate, conservation work with endangered animals, helping mutants and metahumans get medical treatment that's unique for their needs. Probably even helping our planets alien guests too."
Superman has posed:
Clark writes down the first answer that comes forward. He notes a few things as the answer does prompt some ideas.

Piggybacking off of that he will ask, "How does someone apply to your organization? Your mission statement has the potential to make waves and make them quickly."

That second answer gets more gears going, "Will you work with other organizations that work with either mutants or metahumans? I know there are schools that work exclusively with mutants. Science Departments that have a footing in the metahuman community," Clark says not naming names. Everyone has heard rumors, at least. So, he poses that out there just to see if his article may start some inadvertant networking. On paper, this organization sounds great.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"They just go to our virtual lab and sign up," Nadia says with a grin. "Or they turn up in person. Eventually as we grow I aim to put resources up in ways that make them accessible in the most countries and regions possible. So even people who live in areas with restricted internet can access them. But that'll take work to get established globally. Our only requirements are wanting to learn about STEM fields and not having the support of the established networks."

Established networks typically being there for helping men into STEM.

"Members don't get paid. But they also don't have to pay any fees to use our service. People who contribute more to group projects get priority access to resources. So basically the more you put in the more you get out. Anyone joining as an employee, for example security staff or people doing maintenance work, they'll get hired like any other job. But I intend to recruit locally to any GIRL sites. I don't want to build a location in an area, bring my people in, and then cause local people to struggle. GIRL HQ is here for the local people too. So we have to give back to the community."

She shrugs when talk of mutants or metahumans comes up. "I'll work with anyone who is aligned with our values. Mutants and metahumans have unfortunately had a history of scientists... you know.. treating them as lab rats not people. That isn't acceptable and any organisation which is doing that sort of research?" She pauses like she's about to proclaim she'll crush them under her boot in a super genius rant (probably the sort of outbursts half the remaining journalists are hanging around to hopefully see!). Then she gives a sad sigh. "Well we'll show them a better way. If you don't treat everyone decently you don't deserve to wear a lab coat."
Superman has posed:
Dull blue eyes look to Nadia as she begins to explain how it works. The more work that one puts in, the better it pays off long term. Dull blue eyes nod at this one. "What if someone develops a world changing item at your facility, who would get credit?" To Clark the organization could get credit since it was done there. However, he wonders if the developer would get some form of credit.

"Will the researchers ever get paid?" he asks. Clark's not sure if Nadia ever planned for the researchers to get paid, similarly to how non-profits will wind up paying people. Dull blue eyes hold some curioiusity.

A nod comes from him about wanting to be better. "What would you tell those that hold those concerns about your facility? What will you tell them to assauge those concerns?" he asks with honest concern. GIRL already poised themself better than many organizations. However, not everyone will believe that at face value.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"It depends on the situation. If we're receiving funding from a specific source, say a clean water project has asked us to do some research, then that'd be a GIRL project and everyone who helped out would get credit. If it's a member doing something because it fascinates them? They get credit. You come up with a type of solar panel that's cheap to make and environmentally friendly? You get to win the awards." She shrugs. "And in that particular example probably very wealthy."

"That very much depends. Some people might simply use GIRL as a resource," she explains. "But if they're primarily working for GIRL on research projects? They'd get compensated accordingly. Like in the clean water example that would have a budget some of that budget will be used to pay for staff. Supplemented by charitable donations. We already have Kane Industries on board to provide financial support."

Not that Nadia's project isn't tax deductible!

"Concerns about teaching science, technology, engineering and math to young women?" She says. A bemused look on her face. "Gosh that is a very sad thought..." There's a shake of her head. "We're here to fix the world. Help people become teachers, doctors, scientists and engineers. Just accepting the world can't be changed is defeatist. We all deserve better than that mindset. And GIRL is going to show that change isn't only possible it's something we should all strive for."
Superman has posed:
Clark waits for a few moments. Somethng about this makes him suspect. "What will GIRL get out of these achievements?" That's a bottom line that makes him curious. Something about that altruism feels a little too good to be true.

Dull blue eyes look toward Nadia for a moment.

Everything she speaks about offering a better solution toward those that may be apprehensive, it's warming. Something about it stands out to him. Yes, it's a clinical like answer, but it fits. Clark believes other answers wuld sound similar, it would take a leap of faith on both sides.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I don't follow?" Nadia says, tilting her head to one side. "GIRL is an organisation. It doesn't have a sense of achievement!" A shrug. "It's just a tool to help people. The members of GIRL get to learn, invent and create. One person can't fix the world by themselves. The more brilliant people I can work with the more I can learn myself. The more good we can all do. I have no interest in doing science to get rich. We're going to do science that makes money a thing of the past."

There's no hint that she's lying either. If perhaps an alien's super senses listened closely they'd know she's 100% serious. Or she's somehow able to control her hear rate and breathing.

"There are plenty of documented alien species out there who have evolved past money being a thing. I'd like to think we've got what it takes to become a society that's the best it can be."
Superman has posed:
And that's the answer Clark is looking for. On paper it's an organization. However, to the creators it is a tool. Somethng people can use for self-improvement. Give minds the resources they may lack. That's what stands out for Clark.

"Not many can understand, but maybe you will help them," he offers as a retort. "Is there anything you would like to add?" he asks. it's a good open ended question for those to tend the interview on. Clark does have a good idea of the organization.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Once the work has been finished we'll be offering tours of the facility for local residents and any potentially interested partners," Nadia says after a moments consideration. "Including the media and anyone interested in donating to support our work."

She gives a little curtsey with ballerina grace.

"Thank you all for taking time out of your days to come to todays event!" Another beaming smile. "If anyone still hasn't picked up one of the press packs just let me know and I'll make sure you have everything you need."