15668/It had to happen someday. Whether they are aware or not, Starfire meet Firestar.

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It had to happen someday. Whether they are aware or not, Starfire meet Firestar.
Date of Scene: 03 October 2023
Location: The Coffee Bean - Manhattan
Synopsis: Angelica went to study and encountered Koriand'r and Damian Wayne. A friendly interaction to follow.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Starfire, Robin (Wayne)

Firestar has posed:
Some people should really learn how to use their time better. Judging by the droopy eyed red head, Angelica is one of those people. She has a coffee at her table, some sort of pastry, a book on Physics 101, and a book on Philsophy that she is currently glarings daggers at.
Starfire has posed:
It's not that Kori doesn't understand how schedules work, but professional modelling is always hectic and chaotic at the best of times, with photographers being delayed, sets needing to be properly arrayed, the /outfits/ getting lost... and then when you add in the troubles of being a heorine?

Well, there's a reason Kori's always hungry and on the move. And it's so difficult to grab a bite to eat without a crowd when you're famous and can't just pull on a ballcap and sunglasses to hide your identity.

Not that she's not trying, a purple ballcap pulled down in an effort to tame her curly hair, dark sunglasses covering those glowing green eyes and a fair portion of her cheeks... even the leather jacket she's got zipped up does something to help.

But her denim shorts are... well, shorts. So that particular hue of orange and the length of her legs would give her away all on their own, no matter how fetching her purple and white sneakers are. Luckily, colleges are full of overburdened students too busy worrying about projects, exams and the like to really people watch... so maybe no one /will/ notice the tall redhead who breezes into the shop and approaches the counter to order a vanilla shake and some french fries like she's committing an act of international espionage.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian uses too much of his time.

Between being Robin, attending university, shadowing Lucius Fox while learning how to run and operate all the different functions of Wayne Enterprises - in the event that anything happens to Bruce - and being part of the Titans as an active member.

But every now and again he comes across a 'free period'.

Damian walks into the shop wearing black cargo pants, a black long sleeve shirt, and a backpack on his shoulders. He has his jacket slung over a shoulder, yet as he walks in, he identifies Koriand'r immediately, a look in his eyes that's just as hardened as his father. "Kori. Funny seeing you here. How've you been?" and in his greeting, has probably saved Kori from being hounded by people who find her extremely attractive.
Firestar has posed:
The cafe is busy-ish with people of course. Must have the study fuel and the commiseration of that test that came too soon for the students around the area. Most of them truly do keep to themselves, trying to force more knowledge for the test they should have been preparing for a week ago. Cramming indeed.

Angelica does look up from her book long enough to eyeball the one trying to be incognito. Either she doesn't recognize the woman or she is trying to be respectful of her privacy.

Her attention move to Damian when he enters and a flash of recognition crosses her features. When he calls the other lady by name, Angelica smirks a little and tries to go back to her book. It isn't long before she shuts the book and sighs, reaching for her coffee instead. She touches the Physics book, almost looking at it fondly. The other book gets a face and looks at her coffee. It is clearly more appealing than Philosphy...way more appealing.
Starfire has posed:
Kori draws her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose so she can peer over them (just like in the movies!) and quirks one eyebrow before she gives a guileless little blink, "It does not /seem/ funny... is this one of those practical jokes? Is that why it's funny?" She glances around and frowns thoughtfully, "Is this not a real coffee shop? I do /not/ understand your Earth humors."

There's another pause and then she breaks into a bright grin, "But truthfully, I was just across town for a shoot and decided I wanted a snack." She gestures around and includes Angelica in the sweep of her arm, "And this place is often full of people too busy to bother me, yes? There's a similar donut shop in the area they call Mutant Town, but it does not have french fries. A sad oversight in the menu, I am certain."

Her shoulders rise and fall and she settles on a seat with a huff of breath, "But things have been remarkably uneventful. There have been no alien invasions, nor any sizable monsters rising out of the sea to threaten the well-being of cities... it has been... /boring/ I dare say!"

She tilts her head and eyes Damian once more, "And you? Are you attending classes? ...Are you avoiding attending classes?! Oh my goodness, you are /skipping classes/!"

...It's really not clear if that last part was Kori joking again or if she just made several leaps of logic at once.
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"Figure of speech, Kori." Damian attempts to explain, though he understands that Tamaraneans - or at least Starfire - has a difficult time with metaphors and turns of phrase. "Kind of like saying 'lucky to see you'. If that tracks." Damian suggests with a slight smile. For a shoot? Damian looks her up and down. "Makes sense. Though people might still bother you." He looks around...

And he spots Angelica.

"Hm. How long did the wait on that coffee? I see someone we can sit next to. Groups make people uncomfortable, could be good cover to both of us." Though Kori is deeply concerned he's skipping class and he shakes his head.

"The Professor cancelled. I only skip when /other/ matters override any allegiance I have to the syllabus." He smiles faintly at Kori, offering her an arm. "Come on, let's go meet a friend."

Whether the arm is taken or not, Damian will lead Kori to Sngekica, a friendly look in his eyes. "Angelica, if I remember correctly? Ms. Stacy introduced us at the Opera House. I hope you don't mind if we join you today, or would that distract you-" a brief look at her work. "from your Physics homework?"
Firestar has posed:
Rolling the book over, Angelica sighs and makes sure again that the work she needs is done there. It is. Immaculate writing and detailed equations. Someone knows this part of things a little too well. Finally she accepts her fate and moves that book to her bag on the floor.

The Philosphy book gets a filthy look again as she opens it up. Saved by a voice, she glances up to see Damian and Kori draw close,"Angelica yes. Gwen's friend." she agrees and studies him for a second,"Damian...Wayne I think it was. There were a lot of people there that night and I am bad with names." The last is admitted with a shy hint of a smile.

Looking back at the book she just put away she shakes her head,"I wish. I could do that all night and not break a sweat." She eyeballs the other book and sighs,"This one...."

Something in her mind clicks and she smiles a little again,"Of course, please. By all means. Sit. They are a great little place, but sometimes the emphasis is on little."
Starfire has posed:
Kori is all barely covered snickering and desperate attempts not to snort as Damian falls directly into her oh so clever joke of 'Seeming roughly about as naive as Kori actually sometimes is.'. She shakes her head and gives a little roll of her eyes, "Oh no, people are generally intimidated by tall women... so they naturally do not approach me." She frowns thoughtfully, or if they do, I simply lift their car up and they... reconsider."

She perks her eyebrows and shrugs lightly, falling into step alongside Damian, "Well, so long as you are not skipping classes for /fun/, this is acceptable. And yes! Meeting friends is really quite nice. And a good use of time when one unexpectedly has it free because the professor decided they did not feel like teaching! Or so is my understanding. /My/ education was largely automated. Computers do not believe in 'slack days'."

Kori gives a bright smile to Angelica as she's introduced, and a little dip of her chin in a nod, "Greetings! I am Kori, I am a... friend and... compatriot of Damian!"

Kori gives the text books an exaggerated look of wariness, "Oh... those /do/ seem quite dense. And learning philosophy seems so tricky. After all, if you do not 'get' the lesson, are you failing... or simply discovering a /new/ philosophy?"
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian looks over her work briefly, understanding the equations and formula even when written upside down. Damian doesn't give out compliments too readily, and even keeps plenty to himself, but he seems to nod faintly in approval of her work. Yet, he frowns as the philosophy book is put away, but Ra's forced him to read so many that it just left a taste in his mouth when others don't perform the same action. Oh well, not everyone is Ra's and Damian is still working through trauma.

"I am indeed. Good to see you again. I trust you're doing well?" He asks softly, though he looks at Kori. "This is my friend, Kori. She's on a break from a modeling gig not far from here." He raises a brow at her hesitancy to define their relationship but he says nothing, instead taking a seat.

"Sometimes I skip for fun." He teases. "But I rarely have time for fun. So it's not often. But discovering a new philosophy? That does have a nice ring to it. No such thing as a terrible method to approach a problem, just different methods." He shakes his head, gritting his teeth.

Be friendly.

Stop grinding your teeth.
Firestar has posed:
The introduction is met with a polite nod to Kori,"It's nice to meet you Kori. A model? I am starting to meet a few of those." she admits and nods to Damien,"Gwen being another." She does smile when she thinks about the intimadation,"It's always good to be able to put the guys in their place. Unfortunaetly, I don't really present all that threatening so I have to try other things. Some work better than others."

She produces a phone and there is a picture of her with a /massive/ Native American, well over three hundred pounds and around 7' tall, with his arm around her,"My ex, but he's still helpful when I have to get someone to leave me alone." she explains. She offers Kori one more thought,"My education came from necessity, but that is a long story that most people aren't comfotable with."

To Damien she offers a shrug and admits,"I am doing well enough. Getting back into the swing of classes and a few other things that take up my time. I wish I could skip a few classes." Her eyes back to the Philosophy book,"This just isn't something I get my head around. Physics and Math at least have to make sense or...well they don't work correctly. I can't explain I guess. Hard as I try."

She smirks at the mention he skips classes for fun sometimes,"I wish I could test out of my Physics classes. I honestly know more than my current teacher. I know that sounds arrogant, but it's true. Maybe I can try looking at it from a new approach like you say, different methods."
Starfire has posed:
Kori might have a decent shot of understanding a surprising bit of the physics work, despite her constant air of carefree carelessness... except she is far more absorbed in simply basking in the warmth of the friendly atmosphere and fighting the urge to reach out and give Damian a shoulder squeeze at his uncomfortableness with philosophy. Because that sunny, beaming smile Kori /always/ has hides an awful lot of trauma of her own.

But that's what not thinking about it is for! It works great! She nods to Angelica and smiles lopsidedly, "Well, it's a bit of a thing in New York, honestly. Models, actresses, singers... we lurk all around you! Like... vampires or something!" She shakes her head slowly, almost sadly. "Not that a vampire would make a good model. Imagine the difficulty when anyone tried to check their makeup in a mirror."

Kori's eyebrows perk up at that picture as she whistles out softly, "Yes, I imagine he /does/ help with that!"

She sighs out and nods solemnly, "And yes, sometimes it's frustrating to know the answers but have to obey the lesson plan so as not to outpace your peers... but I am sure you will do quite well with your studies!"
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"Hm..." Damian eventually turns his eyes to Kori. He couldn't read her mind AT ALL but he /could/ read the eyes. Body language. Damian breaks his own barrier, he gives her a small smile and tries to set his hand just as briefly on her knee in appreciation of the thought, before he nods. "I never understood why men were intimidated of talker women. Should women be afraid of tall men? I fail to see how it affects attraction." Damian speaks in honesty, but then again, relationships in general are complex.

"I know plenty of models apparently." Damian tells Angelica as if he didn't understand why it was a consequence of station, but he does nod at the picture of her ex. "I can see how he'd be perceived as intimidating." Damian admits, but he smiles at Angelica. "Perhaps not anymore, but you can spite that fact by exceeding expectations regardless and finding your success." He tilts his head.

"I excel at these subjects. I could tutor you if you like." He's working on *kindness.* Butvhe does turn his attention to Koriand'r for a moment. "Vampires would probably make excellent models. If any of their legends are true, anyway." Damian is aware of their existence but he's not going to freak people out.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica's smile falters just a little when Kori mentions vampires. She looks at the table a moment and picks up her coffee. She takes a sip of it and finds her composure once more. Laying the cup down again she nods,"Vampires need to model as swimsuit models." she mutters darkly, but shakes that off finally and forces a smile,"I'm sorry. Long story and I can't remember it clear so that makes it worse, but yes it is a pain knowing I was past this level when I was a sophomore in high school. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that."

"I don't know why men are afraid of tall women. Small minds I guess." she replies to Damian's comment. A hint of a smile makes its way back on her features,"I mean I admire a woman that can do what they have to do to make it as a model, I just don't know how they do it." She looks at the picture agian and takes the phone back to her,"I miss him, but sometimes...right church, wrong pew I suppose." she admits,"Life goes on." She considers Damian's offer and admits,"I could use all the help I can get in Philosophy, but I am just getting by financially as it is. I don't know that I could pay for your help. My girlfriend and I are both good cooks, she far more than me, but we could arrange a meal or two here and there if you wanted."

She stays away from anymore talk of vampires, but it is as obvious as her red hair that she has some bad experience or really bad intent towards such beings.
Starfire has posed:
Kori's shoulders give a helpless shrug and she heaves out a sigh, "It is all /very/ confusing, quite frankly. Many Earth social norms are confusing. On a broader, galactic scale. But I suppose that's to be expected simply because Earth has had so little contact with the broader galactic community." She shakes her head slowly, "I believe it would be accurate to say you have had the misfortune of having a great many of the /jerks/ of the galaxy dropping by your planet."

She smiles warmly and shakes her head a little bashfully towards Angelica, "Oh no, I mean, being a model is nowhere near as impressive as being a physicist or a psychiatrist or something else... well, it's /impressive/, but really, sciences and education are far more beneficial to society than selling the latest line of swimwear or the like!"

Her eyes dart between Damian and Angelica and she grins impishly, "Oh! I am sure Damian did not mean he would offer tutoring in exchange for monetary payment! But merely out of the goodness of his heart... isn't that /right/? Friend Damian?"

Eyebrows perk meaningfully. Not that Kori's hinting what she intends for his answer to be! She's /far/ too nice to be trying to intimidate him into free tutoring!

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"Small minds is an accurate declaration. Men like to feel big and powerful, most of the time. So to be dating someone bigger than them makes them feel small. Unimportant. It's an ego thing." He suggests to Firestar with a little lift of his shoulders in a shrug. "Are you saying vampires need to be swimsuit models so they get more sun and die?" Damian asks, a humor in his eyes. Though she tells them it's a long story and Damian raises a brow at her.

Requires further investigation.

He watches Firestar take the phone back and he nods softly. "Sure, some meals wouldn't be out of place." Damian admits, though he looks at Koriand'r and he shrugs. "I wasn't intending on charging any kind of monetary gain. I'm a *Wayne*." As if the statement spoke for itself. He doesn't need anybody elses's money!

Though he keeps his attention on Kori for a second, a chuckle on his face. "You never know, models can be just as necessary to success. Without models, businesses wouldn't be popular." He tries to encourage. "They come by often. Thankfully, there are plenty of defenders to keep us from harm."
Firestar has posed:
Managing a soft chuckle inspite of herself, Angelica tells Kori,"I am sure you have your patience stretched in ways that would make a perfect saint into the worse of sinners. I don't know how you do it." She nods nod about her mentioning a lot of jerks finding their way to Earth,"Sometimes I want to go up into space and see if there is a sign that reads "Morons welcome, jerks preferred". Too many I have met that meet the qualities required."

She considers Damian and she does say,"I wouldn't be opposed to every one of them getting a little sun in the morning." She pushes the dark away for now and smiles when he mentions meals, not money and being a Wayne. She finally nods and says,"Well, I am terrible with Philosophy so I would appreciate the help. I think once I break the Physics class, they will let me test out of some. I have had enough in my past to have the degree work already done. I'm not looking forward to Economics. Pretty sure I will be out of my depth there next semester."
Starfire has posed:
Kori snickers softly and offers a wink to Angelica, "Oh, I mostly try to remember commercial jingles until I forget why I was momentarily consumed with the desire to incinerate someone's belongings en masse... so far it has worked out well!"

She bobs her head to Damian and grins lopsidedly, "Yes yes, you're a Wayne, but space stations do not grow on trees and what if you wanted a /red/ one? Surely that would cost even more! ...Mind you, I was not /really/ concerned you would charge money. You are, after all, indeed a Wayne and possessed of a charitable and sunny demeanor!"

She shudders at Angelica's list of courses and shakes her head slowly, "I am /quite/ content not having to deal with economics. It is, I suppose, the one bright side to being /deposed/ royalty. Once your family no longer controls the government, you no longer have to worry about /running/ it... and seeing as the government is on another planet, I do not foresee myself having to /change/ this behaviour any time soon!"
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"She really does. She has a habit of seeing hte best in people. Her patience is...virtually...endless." There's a warning in that. You can only push someone so far before they snap. A wise man fears the anger of a gentle soul. "Couldn't tell you, despite all of my resources, I've never been to space." Lie. Blatant lie, actually, but Damian wears the face of someone who knows what they're talking about with distinction. He /knows/ this game and he plays it well.

"Fair." Vampires do, in fact, suck.

But he does smirk a little bit. "Alright. I'll help you where I can. Here-" He pulls out a card and passes it to Firestar. "That's how you can get in touch with me. We'll talk and see when I can help."

Resources! Connections!

He turns his attention to Kori for a moment, a smirk on his face. "Oh. Sounds fun." He tilts his head. "I /could/ buy a red space station..." Is he joking or just being silly? He frowns though. "I'm sure that will change someday, Kori."
Firestar has posed:
The mention of incnerating someone's belongings does get a smirk out of Angelica and she admits,"I can understand the desire to incinerate someone's belongings. I have had a few experiences with that feeling."

When she shudders on the couse load Angelica nods,"I know there are rules for a reason, but you'd think if you are working towards a degree in Physics it wouldn't matter if I can be philosophical or not." A sigh and she doesn't chase that furthur,"Royalty though? That is interesting too. Active or not." she adds.

When Damian talks about the gently soul she nods in agreement. Space is brought up and he lies about going. She smiles and agrees,"I've never been to space either I am afraid." A lie of her own this time. Big one.

She looks at the card and slips it into her book bag,"I appreciate the offer to help. You'll have to get me a list of things you like to eat and don't. Allergies and such."

When he mentions the space station as well, Angelica smiles wider, real mirth in this. She doesn't know much about the situation that the other two speak of on changes, so she stays out of that part of the conversation.
Starfire has posed:
Kori perks an eyebrow at Damian skeptically, "I do not think my patience is endless... so much as typically /I/ am the one trying the patience! ...Though that may have something to do with the company I keep." Her lips twist thoughtfully, "We, after all, do /all/ try other people's patience, so perhaps we merely... mesh in complimentary fashions. This is, I think, something a Philosophy major would be better equipped to contemplate the details of than I am."

She shrugs lightly and grins at Angelica, "Oh, it's interesting, but then I wound up here on Earth and... I think perhaps a representational democracy would be best for the future of my people... perhaps a constitutional monarchy. I could certainly handle being a figurehead with no /inherent/ political power... after all, active rulership would mean leaving Earth. Or at the very least, far more time taken up by forms and figures and far less punching large monsters until they stop trying to stomp on buildings."
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"You'd think. But, such is not the rules of collegiate excellence." Damian shrugs a little bit, but he doesn't seem to commit too much to the thought of philosophy and it's relationship to physics. "General education is important, as are humanities. You need a set amount of them." Damian - just like Angelica - is FAR smarter than he looks. Though he nods at her words about royalty and looks at Kori. "Agreed. It's a resource, one you can use."

Though Kori's perked brow does make him smile a little bit. "You don't try patience often." He tries to tell her. "Hmm...that's an idea. We're all like-minds. We all offend and try other's patience. Which, in turn, causes us to practice patience." He looks towards Firestar then. "Free philosophy lesson." He teases her softly, and he seems appreciative that Firestar stashed the card. "I don't have any allergies and I'm an omnivore."

Reign it back, Damian.

But, as they sit there, Damian smirks softly at kori as she speaks of her origins and how she might leave earth...which would be bad.

But the night is full of laughter, learning, entertainment, and trying to figure out social interactions.

Looking at you, Damian.