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At the Hall
Date of Scene: 05 October 2023
Location: Observation Deck, Hall of Justice
Synopsis: Karen runs into Angelica for the first time since the redhead became part of the Justice League.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Power Girl

Firestar has posed:
Angelica wanders in the Hall of Justice. She isn't wearing Firestar's constume, just looking civilian for now. That does expose her identity to some, though she might just appear to be someone working for the League in a civilian station.

Her green eyes sweep over everything, still trying to wrap her head around the fact she is permitted to be here and to walk freely in a palce so many great heroes have trod. She shifts her bag on her shoulder a little and leans over the telescope to see where it is pointed.
Power Girl has posed:
For the time being at least Metropolis is home and that makes it very easy for Karen Starr -- better known as Power Girl -- to stop by the Hall on a fairly regular basis.

There are times she still very much finds it hard to believe that she is part of this organization, especially considering how she begun her life. But here she is, and while she might still be trying to figure out a great deal about her existence, this is definitely one of the better parts of it.

Stepping out onto the Observation Deck, the tall blonde glances around idly, letting her gaze drift over the few people gathered around before she casts her gaze skyward, a faint smie sliding over her expression. The view is magnificent to be sure, and while she can get an even better one just by flying, it's not quite the same as standing at the center of the Justice League's activities.
Firestar has posed:
The sound of footsteps draw Angelica from her revelry and she steps back from the telescope to look and see who has entered. It takes her a second, then the light of recognition reaches her bright green eyes. It occurs to her that she is in civilian gear and reaches into her purse to produce the red mask that she wears in her Firestar costume, unbottoning two buttons on her shrit to reveal the bright yellow costume that she wore the night they met.

"Hey. You remember me?" she asks curiously. She keeps a comfortable distance until it is established whether or not she is remembered by the Kryptonian.
Power Girl has posed:
One can't stare up at the heavens all day.

At least it's not a good idea unless you want to inevitably bowl someone over. And that's something that would come a little too easily to Karen.

The familiar voice catches her attention and the tall blonde drops her gaze down. While Angelica might not be in her full costume, the mast, hair and the big of her outfit revealed is clue enough to who it is. A smile crosses over Power Girl's expression and she dips her head, turning to walk over and meet the other hero.

"Of course I do. Firestar. It's nice to see you again," she connets with a smile. Are you just visiting? Or have you joined the League as well?" she asks cheerily.
Firestar has posed:
Being recognized, Angelica puts the mask back into her bag and buttons up the shirt to a comfotable level. From within her shirt she holds up a silver card identifying her as a probationary member of the Justice League.

"I was offered a place here recently. I still hesitate flying in right now since I am known to be seen in the presence of mutants and some suspect I am. Still, people seem to think I am a cleaner or something, not giving me a second look." she tells her.

Her smile widens a little and adds,"It's nice to see you too. Good to find a familiar face amongst so many new ones. Like I told you that night, I am not the most social animal around those I don't know. I try, but that's usually the bulk of it. It is so good to see you."
Power Girl has posed:
Listening quietly, Karen tilts her head for a moment before giving it a little shake. "Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be an amazing addition to the team," she enthuses before that smile grows a little more serious. "Still, the League numbers Aliens, Amazons, Atlanteans and Sorceresses. You being a mutant shouldn't effect anything. And you certainly shouldn't be shy about asserting your proper place here," she insists.

Of course Karen might be a little naive. Those who don't realize she's a clone of Supergirl and not nearly so old as her appearance might suggest might not recognize that particular fact of course. But clearly her heart is in the right place.

Smiling once more, she nods and gives a small shrug. "I think I'm much the same way," she admits ruefully. "But I am trying to get a little better about it. Still, I'm glad to know that there is another friendly face on the team. Hopefully you'll feel right at home in no time and if there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to let me know."
Firestar has posed:
When Karen congratulates her, her cheeks flush pink briefly and she smiles,"Thank you. I will do everything I can to make it worth their while for bringing me on."

There is a knowing nod when Karen talks about all the others that make up the team. She considers what is said and replies,"I will keep that in mind." She does understand, but doesn't want to mess with Karen's perpective right now.

"Well maybe between the two of us we'll keep each other engaged when things are happening and we want to withdraw from a room full of too many people. I'll watch yours, you watch mine." she suggests,"It is good to see a familiar, friendly face for sure. I have gotten to know Diana some and she is amazing, but it is good to know more than one person." She considers and adds,"It's been a while since I have felt at home anywhere, but this place certainly has something about it that makes it feel...welcoming. I know it is a strange thing to say. It is awe inspiring too."
Power Girl has posed:
Upon occasion, simple public appearances are part of being in the Justice League is seems.

Those are not Karen's favorite 'missions' as it were and the suggestion that they might watch each other backs on assignments that others might enjoy, or at least feel are not a serious part of their work draws a low, appreciative laugh from the Kryptonian clone.

"I think I could agree to that. I mean, I can think of worse things than having to talk to strangers, but having someone else around who can make up an excuse to call you away from some painfully dull social engagement isn't the worst thing in the world," Karen admits with a smile.

"Mmmm, I'm sure you'll get settled soon enough. Not everyone is as easy and approachable as Diana, but I think you'll find that everyone is a good sort at the very least."
Firestar has posed:
Anxiety, Karen has seen a little bit of it in Angelica in the time they've spent together. She is more at ease this time than last time. She definately doesn't care to be on the public missions either.

"Sounds like a deal." she agrees,"I am not the best in the social engagements for sure. I try to be, it just doesn't work out."

"I met Diana after Clark Kent sent me to meet her. Once she and I talked for a while she invited me here and I met Superman and Batman as well." She shakes her head and admits,"Superman is amazing, Batman is intense. Like I said, glad to have someone closer to my world as it were. Those three are wonderful, they are legendary. That is a little above my pay grade."
Power Girl has posed:
For her part Karen smiles at that description, nodding her head in understanding. "Oh, I definitely know what oyu mean. They are legends," she agrees without hesitation. She might have been part of the League longer, might have spent more time with all of them, but that doesn't change the facts, not from her point of view at least.

"I try to focus on the fact that they're just people too. That they end up having the same sort of issues as the rest of us," she admits. No matter what they might have accomplished in their lives so far. "Well, Superman and Wonder Woman anyway. I'm not so sure about Batman," she adds, though a faint smile suggests that she's kidding. Mostly. Probably.

"Either way, I'm glad to have you with us. If there's anything I can do to help get you scheduled, please don't hesitate to ask," she says warmly.
Firestar has posed:
"I am glad I'm not the only one that feels that way." she admits,"I just want to get settled and fit in. My last team setting...didn't work out. The one before that did well enough though, just had to come back to New York for college."

A soft chuckle escapes when Karen mentinos Batman's potential issues. She thinks it over for a time and then,"So I agreed to take Watchtower duty. You want to be one of the people that makes sure I can do that on my own eventually? Diana said they would give me someone to watch over me until I get the knack for things."
Power Girl has posed:
For Karen the Justice League is her first team experience. Her only team experience really, so she does not have anything else to compare it too really. "I'm sorry to hear that," she admits. 'Hopefully this one works out a little more like you would prefer," she adds optomistically. Sometimes the right fit, the right chemistry can be hard to find.

Justice League Monitor duty is a right of passage certainly. It isn't always an exciting one though. And in some ways it's only worse if it gets exciting as that means something has gone pretty wrong in the world. "I think I could give you a bit of a hand with that," the tall blonde agrees readily. "Most of the time it isn't that exciting so any company tends to be welcome," she admits.
Firestar has posed:
"Sometimes fitting in with your own is harder than meeting new people with no real connection at the root and just growing from there." she admits,"When I was in Canada with the New Warriors, we argued at times, but we always had each other. More recently I wasn't so comfortable."

She looks around the room and admits,"I am am surprisingly comfortable here. Seeing you, hitting it off with Diana so well...easier to stand with friends rather than potential family I guess."

"Oh I have the impression it's usually about like being a night watchman at a storage facility. Occasionally things will get tense I would think." A smile curls her lips fully and she nods,"I would appreciate the company for sure. Thank you."