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Excellent Elevator
Date of Scene: 05 October 2023
Location: Elevator, Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Danny and Kara and discover that not all elevators are created equal.
Cast of Characters: Iron Fist, Supergirl

Iron Fist has posed:
Sneakers and a business suit usually means that somebody is new money. Old money knows better. But Danny Rand was both old money, or at least more than one generation of money, and yet, he hadn't been raised with it. No, instead, he spent his formative years in K'un-Lun. And besides, his bright white sneakers were really comfortable.

Completing his purchase at the Four Freedoms Plaza gift shop, he made his way to the elevator, pressing the button. Of course, no matter how efficient one was, it still took time, and this building was one of well, many in the New York city skyline. He was used to it.

Impatient, he turned his back to the wall, near the button, and used it to lean against. Was that good for the grey suit? Who knows, but it was comfy, and so he did it.
Supergirl has posed:
The elevator slowed almost as soon as it had started, coming to a stop three floors down. The doors open and outside was a young woman with her hair back in a ponytail. She was wearing a red and black plaid pleated skirt matched with a black button up top and a red blazer over that. She had a camera hanging around her neck from a strap and her phone in hand. A quick turn and she raised that camera to get a picture of Johnny Storm along with Ben Grimm. "Thank you both again!" She clicked her picture of Ben waving with a smile on his rocky face while Johnny was beaming a bright grin and doing the bunny ears behind Ben's head.

Stepping into the elevator she started to reach for the button but paused seeing that first, she wasn't alone and that person was near the button she was going to reach for. Then second, he'd already pushed the floor she needed. She took up a spot on the opposite side, though she didn't lean back, flipping through the camera images as she waited though she did off a polite. "Good afternoon," to her companion in the elevator. Until she glanced up and recognized him. "Oh! You're Danny Rand!"
Iron Fist has posed:
Danny Rand had positioned himself so that other people could access the panel without him having to move, but he could also press any button someone indicated too. He watched the young woman in the plaid skirt and the black shirt, who seemed intent on pressing a button, but when it didn't come, he figured she was going to the same floor as he.

He generally didn't strike up a conversation with people in an elevator. But when she correctly identified him, he smiled, "you got me." He didn't seem perturbed to be recognized. He was really chill about it, well, he was chill about everything.

Kicking off from the wall with a gentle push, nothing that should have done anything, he immediately extended a hand to shake hers, but a blue light flashed, and they could feel the elevator coming to a slow.

"Uh, I didn't do anything."

One wall seemed to change its appearance, becoming a monitor or polarized screen. It changed to what looked like lush green foliage, though the plants weren't anything that Danny Rand had ever seen.

A feminine voice stated, "Please remain calm. The elevator has come to a full and complete stop. You are perfectly safe, and normal service should resume shortly. Water and nutritional bars are available in the hatch marked A3. Thank you for your patience while we resolve the issue."
Supergirl has posed:
As he pushed off the wall and started to bring up a hand, Kara was starting to offer own. Then the light on and the elevator started to slow. She looked at the panel curiously. Not like it told her it was stopping on another floor to pick someone up. But the blue light was new. And usually they didn't flash. He hadn't touched it at all.

As it came to a stop, she already had her camera out and clicked video record. Then the wall changed and she blinked, looking at it and shaking her head. Only to be followed by the voice which explained the situation.

"Best. Day. Ever."

Okay, that might be a little strange to most people but she was happily recording and clicking pictures. Then she held up the camera while giving him that hopeful look, silently asking if she could take a picture of him too. "They have snacks! In an elevator just in case it breaks down! Who thinks of stuff like that?"

And after the picture was either taken or declined by him, she was looking for the hatch in question and finding the nutritional bars in question along with the Four Freedom Plaza labeled water bottles. One of each were claimed.
Iron Fist has posed:
"Turn of phrase, or quoting tangled?" He asked as she cheerfully declared it to be the best day ever. Most people were upset about any interruption in elevator service, even if it was just to stop on one floor to pick up more passengers, or drop some off. So many people were in a hurry. Few had the wherewithal to just stop and sniff the roses, or in this case, admire the foliage?

He nodded, "sure, unless you want an usie?" Yes, he had seen Ted Lasso too, or wherever that term came from. He would pose for any shots she wanted to take, smiling, giving a thumbs up, that sort of thing, letting her take as many as she wished.

"That would be Dr. Reed Richards. According to the tour, he designed the building." He took the offered bottle of water, and took a curious look at the nutritional bars.

With the positioning, he had his back to the wall that was showing the forest or whatever it was. At first, there was movement. Was it a screen, a projection, or the outside? It was hard to say. It looked like a glass window, but then, a moment ago it had been a solid wall.

There was some kind murmur, animal noises, nothing that was too easy to identify. And then, a large creature with a beaked mouth, a small horn near its nose, two curved larger horns above its eyes, and colorful frill coming from the back of its head. The coloring on the frill made it look like a peacock, but other than that, it looked, well, like a Triceratops. And it seemed to be eating the leaves.
Supergirl has posed:
"Quoting what?" Seemed she didn't know that reference. Nor did she know what an usie was, though she did end up taking one while holding up the kawai fingers for the screen herself. "Usie. That's funny. I'm going to use that," she promised, not realizing that it was not his own original creation either.

But after that, she tucked the bottle of water into one of her pockets and the snack bar into the other one. No was she was going to actually open either one. Unless they were locked in here for days and her solar battery wore out. The personal one that kept her alive. Hopefully it wouldn't be coming to that.

"You should install this in the elevators at your building," she suggested. Then paused as the noises changed. And soon they were facing a peacock Triceratops that was munching the faux foliage. "You think Dr. Richards came up with that too? Or maybe that was one of his kinds."

A beat and she offered that hand again. "Kara Danvers. Daily Planet. You good with me using you in the article? I'm one of their multimedia intern writers. So sort of get paid but not a lot and write about lots of stuff. Get to be my own photographer and the whole thing. I'm not like the big boots in the industry who get their own crews and stuff. Yet!"
Iron Fist has posed:
"Oh, it's from tangled, a Disney film based on the Rapunzel fairytale. One of Disney's classic animated films." And not at all because it was one he remembered before he lost his parents.

"Lots of people like to take selfies, photos of themselves, but when it's a group, it's an usie. More inclusive that way."

Looking around behind him, he blinked, startled, not expecting to see a dinosaur. "Y-yeah, I uh, yeah, I'll? is that, a dinosaur?" It might have thrown him for a loop, as he knew it to be extinct millions of years ago.

He took her hand, shaking it, "Danny Rand, Rand Corporation. Sure, what's the article about?" He was a little, only slightly, more tense, knowing he was dealing with a reporter. But he still seemed pretty darn relaxed. "I'm sure you'll get there. Keep up the good work, Kara."
Supergirl has posed:
"Huh. I need to check that one out. I love Disney animation from way back in when. Like last century? Oh My goodness, such great stuff!" A little face. "Not so much in the last few 15 years." She had good parents who had shared the Golden Age animated classics from Disney. After they adopted her. Though she wasn't giving all that information to the businessman before her.

"Oh the article is on the Fantastic Four. I got to do a one-on-one..." Then she paused and her brow furrowed. "Two-on-one? No that doesn't sound good at all!" Did she blush? She might be blushing. "An interview..." Much simpler. "With Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. So figure I can top it off with the elevator trip and how amazing this is!" She pointed at the dinosaur. "I mean that? How can anyone not love that? And I get to randomly meet THE Danny Rand of Rand Corporation. So nothing weird and I'm not going to start grilling you for answers or anything. Though I'd love to interview you someday. I'm trying to improve my skills. I've sat in on some of them and I understand if you'd rather a real article and not the fluff I tend to get." She gave a little shrug. "I could get my cousin to do it and just sit in! Clark Kent. Or Lois Lane! Both of them are sort of helping guide me in my career path."
Iron Fist has posed:
"Moana, Frozen, Tangled, Mulan, Pocahontas, Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, they made so many great ones." Made, past tense. He left out that he agreed that most of their more recent fair had been of lesser quality, as he tried to remain positive, and it wasn't nice to badmouth anyone, especially another company.

He laughed at the way she phrased her interview, and the blush. She was definitely adorable. "I hope that half of the Fantastic Four were a great interview."

He had positioned himself so he could see her, and the dinosaur, without having to make big movements. "Oh, I'm just a simple guy. That... that is something really special."

"Wow, that's some impressive journalistic chops. I bet there's tons to learn from them both, and just when you think that you've got it all figured out, they show off a whole new skill level?"
Supergirl has posed:
It was oddly peaceful watching the dino munching leaves happily. Which obviously was what it was designed to do. And thus worthy of being recognized and reported. She'd be sure to highlight it. In fact, it might get it's own article outside the Fantastic Two out of Four. She still wasn't quite sure what the title of the article would be but there had been a few quotes during that might help. She'd know when she listened back to her recording later.

She clicked a few more images of the dino wall then looked back to him. "Yeah, I'm really lucky. I mean, I only know Lois because of my cousin but I'm not going to say no when she offered to help too!" Because that would just be stupid.

Though she has to shake her head at something he said. "I never feel like I've got it all figured out. About anything. So much to learn. I figure we always are learning, no matter how old we get. I mean I'll probably still be learning when I'm really old. Like...fifty!"
Iron Fist has posed:
He had the better part of a decade on her, though that might not have been immediately obvious. He had a terrific diet, and even better training regimen. But she still seemed so much more youthful, that vitality, the innocence, the wonder. "Fifty, really, that old huh?" He grinned, thinking about everything that she had said.

"You know, some people live to twice that age. Imagine what you'd know by then." Of course, what were the chances of a girl her age thinking about what life will be like when she's four or maybe even five times her age.

He opened his bottle of Fantastic Four water, and was about to take a sip, when the blue light flashed, and the screen with the triceratops began to morph back to the wall it had been. The same feminine voice stated, "Please remain calm. Normal service will resume momentarily. Thank you for your patience."

That second message seemed to be a mere alert, as 30 seconds later, they could feel it moving again beneath their feet.
Supergirl has posed:
"I know, right?" Kara said, sounding slightly awed at the amount of knowledge one might have by the age of 100. "A full century. I mean, there are people now who grew up without cell phones and streaming. I doubt there are any that didn't have cars now though. But it's crazy! What will it be like 77 years from now? If I make it that long." Which from what she understood, she might thanks to that yellow sun out there.

Then the light was flashing and she quickly hit the button the camera to record as the dino faded back into a wall and the voice alerted them before they started moving. "That was quick. We didn't even need the snacks." And she bit her bottom lip, considering. A moment to straighten her glasses then she opened the little door and put back in her supplies. "I really shouldn't take them since I didn't need them yet."
Iron Fist has posed:
"That or you could consider them a souvenir of your trip to Four Freedoms Plaza. It might go well with your story." He had decided to open his just before the blue light flashed, so his was already opened and partially drank. The annoying thing was that he had no idea what it was. It could be a supervillain attack, it could be a bomb threat, it could be some gear needed oil. He had no idea. It might have even been a test of their emergency system. We never do find out these things. They work, until they don't, and then they work again.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a business card, which had a phone number for his secretary, his personal secretary. "If you ever want a real interview, besides one being trapped in an elevator, give me a call and we'll set something up. If it helps you in your career and your knowledge journey, that's terrific. Worst case, I guess I can see what kind of water and nutritional bars we have for a souvenir."
Supergirl has posed:
"You think that's okay? I mean, it isn't meant as a souvenir and it did cost them money." Nevermind that they have more than enough for a single bottle of water and a snack bar. Kara seemed to weigh heavily on this moral conundrum them finally tucked the items back into the pockets of her blazer.

She took the card like it was made of gold, staring at it a long time and smiling a bit goofily then finally turning that smile on the man who handed it to her. "Thank you so much! I will try to setup something soon. I promise, really mellow. I'm not one of those trying to get the big hidden stories. Yet." Another yet. She knows they exist, she just right now is trying to get her foot in the door and that was done with the lifestyle sorts of stories.

At his suggestion about his own snacks at Rand Corporation, she had to laugh a bit. "I'll start a vlog comparing them all. Luthor offered coffee and pastries. Upstairs, I get offered some leftover pizza from Mr. Storm. I suspect his sister would die if I revealed that though. And we'll see what you have to offer! The scoop at eleven. Dun dun DUUUUN." Then she giggled at herself as the elevator reached the bottom floor. The card he had given her was tucked away safely in a pocket with her snack bar and she moved to exit then get out of the way so others could enter the elevator.
Iron Fist has posed:
"I'm sure it is," he said, knowing that no company of the size of Fantastic Four Inc. would bat an eye at the cost of a bottle of water and a nutrition bar. Plus, she had touched them. Even if she hadn't opened them, a lot of companies would consider it used from the minute it was removed, much like a hotel minibar. Some of those even had pressure sensors, so the minute one was touched, it was considered used.

Moving to whisper towards her ear, but not so close as to invade her personal space, he said "the minute I get a big hidden story, I'll be sure to let you know." Pulling back, "In that case, you might want to plan visits to Disney, LexCorp, Stark Fujikawa, Wayne, Apple, Xanatos, Roxxon, Microsoft, so many."

But with the elevator reaching the ground floor, he picked up his bag from the gift shop, and gestured for her to leave the elevator first, like a gentleman.