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Always bring a pen.
Date of Scene: 06 October 2023
Location: RockWallz Gym - Manhattan
Synopsis: Nadia and Kimberly meet on a climbing wall and get to know each other.
Cast of Characters: Wasp (Pym), Pink Ranger

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Super genius scientists have a tendency to get really caught up in their work. And Nadia Pym is no exception to this rule. The GIRL has literally spent years in her lab working away on her projects! Which is why she's got friends who can gently remind her to go out and have fun.

And that means going places she can't be distracted. If she hits the Titan's gym she'll find herself doing some superhero work or popping into the labs there to tinker with something. And thus she's at the RockWallz Gym in Manhattan. Far enough away from anyone or anything she knows that she can't casually slink off to do science.

Thankfully climbing walls are a fun way to exercise! A full body workout that helps build muscles you don't normally use. Which is handy when your usual mode of transport is flying which also puts strain on muscles you don't normally use.

And thus the teenage superheroine is part way up the most advanced wall. Pretty much all the science friends who encouraged her to come hang out having bailed hours ago.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Some time away from fighting monsters or olympic training to just...have fun. When they'd been teenagers such adventures had been common-place, from ATV's to skydiving to who knows what else...now? Well, Kim was here to rock climb alone, but she wasn't going to let that stop her!

Last time she'd tried something moderate to high, but now? Well, the brunette in the pink sports top and black shorts was tying her hair back while she approached the bottom of the wall Nadia was climbing, seeming to weigh it up. Sure unmorphed she was still superhuman but...that didn't make her -better- at climbing...
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
As a sport rock climbing has a lot of different competitive disciplines. You can compete on time, score points for the holds you use, or be judged on technique. And so the rock climbing walls in a place like this have colour coded grips and various routes. To give people who are there to practise the sport all the options they need.

Not that Nadia knows anything about the sport. She's certainly not going for time either. Right now she's just kind of hanging under an overhang. Studying the wall ahead of her. If not for all the genetic engineering and Red Room training her fingers would likely be on fire by now. Certainly the staff occasionally shout up asking if she's okay. To which she unerringly shouts a cheerful 'I'm fine' back down.

Her own outfit is a T-shirt with the GIRL logo on it and some black yoga pants which are marked with a fair amount of chalk dust.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Safety line attached, chalk on her hands...Kimberly was looking up, watching Nadia's progress in awe with a little smile. Seemed the girl really knows how to climb!

"That's awesome!" she calls as she moves to the section paralell and...reaches for her first handholds. Time to begin!

A little grunt of effort, more reflex than strain comes from her lips as she hoists and stretches, beginning her ascent!
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia seems mostly lost in her own world for a bit. Hanging there one handed, fingers on her other hand moving like she's counting, and doesn't seem to notice she's no longer alone on the most advanced wall until Kimberly shouts out. "Huh? What's awesome?" she wonders. "The way the different colour handholds and various routes can be used to represent multiverse theory?"

Her chestnut brown hair is tied back with a scrunchie, keeping it out of her face when looks around to see who was calling out, and she reaches out as if she's going to wave. "Oh. You're not... one of the people I came here with? I guess they must have gone home..." Now that she thinks back someone did call out something a little while back. Was it a little while. How long as she been pondering science stuff?

Probably too long. But she was part of a large enough group of potential returning customers (and the one who paid for everyone) so the staff have been tolerant of her distracted self.

"I'm not in your way am I? I can move to one side so you can get past..?"
Pink Ranger has posed:
"How well you climb!" Kimberly calls out, yet even as she spoke she was still making her way up the wall towards the other woman's position. Oh...and Now she was being questioned about knowing Nadia.

"Yeah I...think I'd remember if I came here with you!" she laughs, coiling and making the 'jump' to the next handhold up thanks to her height, continuing to try and close the gap.

"I'm Kim!"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I'm much better at flying than I am climbing," Nadia replies matter of factly. Not making any attempts to go further up the wall just yet. Although she does switch hands to ease the pressure on her poor fingers. "But you need a strong grip to catch other people or carry them from place to place." And typically if a superhero can fly they have to play taxi for the non-flying team mates. Who generally expect the person flying not to drop them...

"Oh that's a relief," she says when Kim confirms they don't know each other. "It was just going to be a few people when we set off from my lab. And then people kept sort of joining in from the construction team and then some people called their friends up. And before you know it there was a crowd. But... I think everyone decided to call it a day uhm. What time even is it? I had this idea for a way to build a multi-dimensional computational engine that harnesses the power of parallel worlds to... well it's not really important. You don't happen to have a pen I could borrow?"

She blinks a few times. "Oh yes. I'm Nadia it's nice to meet you!"
Pink Ranger has posed:
"I have...a marker?" Kimberly offers as she climbs, blinking a moment before she tilts her head. "Uhhh, did you say flying?" Well, she had seen stranger, she did once date a woman who could literally scream steal apart.

Closer, closer she gets until Kim makes to level out with Nadia. "It's in my back pocket but uh...is this the place to be making notes and stuff? Or did you just remember your shopping list?"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I just spent an hour working out a very complicated math problem and I want to make a note so I don't forget," Nadia explains. She shrugs but just with the arm that's not gripping the hand hold. "Yes, with my wings. I didn't bring them with me because it was supposed to be a no science and no superhero trip. Fun time off. Only I find math fun so..."

She giggles at the comment about making notes.

"It's not like I'll get hurt if I let go!" she points out. "The safety harness will catch me if I let go. And there are padded mats below us." A beats pause. "I can also reduce my size and mass so I am too light to hit terminal velocity. Meaning I could leap out of a plane and land without any serious injury. From the fall anyway. Without my suit the extreme cold and low levels of oxygen wouldn't be pleasant."

Her hand reaches for the marker but then pauses. "You don't mind if I borrow it right?"
Pink Ranger has posed:
"But where are you going to write it?" Kimberly questions, though there's a nod as she shifts her pose out just enough for Nadia to grab the marker. To be fair, she'd intended to use it to sign the bottom of the inverted climb, if she managed it.

"Wait so...you're able to shrink and grow however you want? Wow...if I don't have heels around the right people I already feel tiny..."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Just on my arm," Nadia says with a giggle. "It just has to last until I get to the changing rooms and can take a photo with my phone!"

She nods. "I'm the Wasp. No, not that one. The Unstoppable Wasp. The original Wasp is an Avenger but I'm on the Titans. But I don't really use it socially. It seems a bit petty using a superpower to stand out socially."

"Come to think of it I don't even bother wearing heels. I like my shoes practical."