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Late-ish study session
Date of Scene: 07 October 2023
Location: Chinese Food Restaurant, Two Bridges
Synopsis: A chance encounter introduces Agelica to She-Hulk. The duo were joined for dinner by Damian Wayne.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, She-Hulk, Robin (Wayne)

Firestar has posed:
Angelica has her books set up in a corner booth. It is a table big enough for 6, but was the last one open when she arrived so they put her there. A plate of food, a glass of tea, and papers to stare at fill her existence.

The place is still full, but she doesn't seem overly bothered. She appears to have people pretty much zoned out for the moment. Her Philosophy book is currently getting the stink eye.
She-Hulk has posed:
The door opens a mousey woman with long black hair peeks in.. frowns a bit, and swears a little under her breath about who let her favorite spots be known.. before she turns back around, she seems to stomp off.. the thing is she turns a corner and well shifts upwards!

     Thanks to MR Fantastic, her clothes don't rip (cause the bills for that, wow! ) . She adjusts her top a bit and smirks before she goes back in . But now when he opens the door, she gets attention .. Then again, when a nearly 7ft gammazon walks into a place.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica doesn't give the mousy lady more than a passing glance. Not that she has any issue with her, just making sure the one coming in doesn't have bad intentions. Once she establishes that, it's back to the books.

The door open again and she sighs, looking up to see the newest arrival. This time, the red brow raises a little and she studies the gammazon for a moment. She's seen She-Hulk on TV of course, but not in person. For one that has seen some ridiculous things, something things are only believable in person, like now.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Walks into the place couple of reasons she changed, one people getting out of her way .. Two, when she goes to the counter, yes, they ask what she wants and yes, they make it fast. She's an avenger.. is it cheating? Yes.. does she feel guilty.. as jen, yes as shehulk, hell no this is a perk! But she is directed to the huge table to sit.. so she walks over and sits down before she pulls out like 6 books that look massive and would take 2 arms .. but she seems to be holding it with one hand like you would an empty folder.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica watches the woman, offering a polite nod to her and reaching for her tea for a sip. No sense bothering the other woman as she appears to be busy with her own bookwork. Angelica isn't exactly a social butterfly and even though she has seen a lot, there are certain things you just don't see often. She-Hulk is one of those things.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Chuckles as she lays out alot of very heavy books "Dosn't that look like a brain pain waiting to happen " She sighs " It's a good thing I love reading or being a lawyer would have been the worst mistake. maybe i shoulda listen to my cousin and become a scientist "she sighs " But what can you do.. so whats your major red? "
Firestar has posed:
A little smirk touches her expression as Angelica listens to She-Hulk and her question,"I am afraid your cousin and I would be in a similar coat with him. My major is Physics."

She eyes the stack of books that She-Hulk has and shakes her head,"I am suddenly not feeling quite so sorry for myself after seeing that. I like to read too, but some subjects just hate me. I am sure Law would be a struggle..." she indicates the book infront of her,"...Philosophy is killing me."
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Nods " bruce wanted me to join him in Physics, I was good at it " She grins " He was better, butt I would find stuff he couldn't " She chuckles to herself remebering something.

     She looks back. " this is just for a client.. I'm boning up on some stuff in case it goes to trial , but I hope not " . She sighs. " I'm hoping he does what I say" .

     She frowns " I don't remember Physics needing Philosophy.. unless you didn't go into the pure Physics course in that case.. you took Philosophy instead of ethics.. both are painful, but Philosophy is the lesser of two evils " .
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
It's become fairly commonplace.

Studying took a lot of work. Work that has eventually lead to rumbling stomachs and a craving of finer food than the normal Italian-styled flatbread pizza that serves as the normal fair for quick, delicious food.

...and Damian technically needed to study. He didn't, really, but it's good to revisit certain topics. The door to the Chinese restaurant opens and a bell sounds off to alert servers a new customers. Damian was dressed in casual clothing as opposed toh is usual formal attire.

Black sweater, dark-colored jeans with a belt, a simple backpack worn. Despite his simple appearance, he's probably armed to the teeth if anyone knows the correlation between Damian and Robin.

He looks around for a moment, and he manages to spot Jennifer and Angelica seemingly enjoying a moment.

...so he's going to go interrupt it, approaching towards them with a small and short wave.
Firestar has posed:
"Bruce...Banner." Angelica fills in. She smiles a little bit, figuring that was the connection, but not being positive,"I have seen him in passing. Never formally met either one of, well him."

Shaking her head she admits,"Degree program. It was one of the two required for the degree, so lesser of two evils and all that."

Her attention turns towards movement and she offers a nod to Damian as he approaches, giving him a once over"Crowded house. We might be able to make room." she suggests, beating him to the interruption because she is like that sometimes.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Lifts an eyebrow but she's in shehulk form, so she kinda sticks out though she has several legal books in front of her. she cocks her head, " you know, young mr wayne? " She asks, looking to Firestar.
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"Angelica. I'm finding ourselves meeting far more often than I'm used to." Not a bad thing, judging by the way green eyes remain soft while regarding her, though his attention shifts to Jennifer for a moment. "She-Hulk, right? Seen you on the news." And studied extensively from a distance. Never know when a Hulk is gonna go dark and that's a bad idea for /everybody/. Yet, as Angelica starts making room, Damian smiles softly and joins them in the booth.

"Thank you."

He looks between the two. "Have I interrupted something?"
Firestar has posed:
"We've met a time or two yes." Angelica replies with a nod,"Not very well, but he seems all right overall. A little intense."

She looks back to him as he draws closer and she does move towards the center of the booth,"You must not be particular about the crowds you travel in." she teases lightly.

Since he seems to know who She-Hulk is, because who doesn't, no obligation to try to introduce the woman she only just met herself.
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Chuckles and shakes her head softly. " Nope, I was just talking to to her so I wouldn't have to review some documents on the off chance the case with your father goes to court is all, " She says softly, clearly aware of who Damian is it seems.

     She grabs her very large plate of eggrolls to munch on one.. she has over a dozen eggrolls, but being a hulk burns alot of food.
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"A little intense?"

Damian's hearing was /excellent/. Though not quite superhuman, he knows what to listen for. How to tune out certain things and how to focus on the little things. Shame he doesn't have particular tech to help him, could've gleamed more. But less than his hearing?

He was great at reading lips.

"How so?" He asks Firestar teasingly, "No, not really." he admits about the crowds, thoug hhe does smirk at Jennifer for a moment. "Few things with my Father rarely goes to court. But, it will be an interesting sight to see for certain."
Firestar has posed:
Watching She-Hulk get after those egg rolls, Angelica looks amused at what she eats and the conversation between the two. She doesn't know much about law or Damian's family so she stays out of that.

When he questions about the intense she raises a brow a little. Not overly extroverted, she gets bette then more she is around someone,"You presence mainly. Sure of yourself, that's difficult for a lot of people, intense for me for sure." she replies and then leaves it alone when he says not really. No sense burying any deeper.
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Wow. She-Hulk getting after those egg rolls is impressive. Damian doesn't comment on it though.


He has struggled with overconfidence. Still does. But he doesn't pursue that thought any further than he has to. "How's your studies?"
Firestar has posed:
The trio talk off and on around meals. She-Hulk gets called away and has to leave before the other two. Angelica visits with Damian about her studies. As usual, she really is hating Philosphy. The college is considering letting her test out of several classes including the lower level Physics classes.

After food and good conversation, Angelica has to make her way home. Plans for the weekend. With a polite smile and a waves she heads out, bidding Damian a good evening.