15705/Getting to know things.

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Getting to know things.
Date of Scene: 13 October 2023
Location: Monitor Room, Watchtower
Synopsis: Angelica went up to the Watchtower. Despite a little unease, she managed to hold down a conversation with Batman and got to pick his brain for a while.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Batman

Firestar has posed:
The teleporter brings her up from planet side. She pauses for a moment, a little nausea rising up, but passing faster than the last time. Diana showed her how to get here and so when she gets a chance she comes up to look around.

Once her mind is in the game again, she starts to wander around the place. She is still learning the layout, but getting the hang of it. She finds her way to the Monitor Room in hopes to see who is about and maybe get to watch and learn more about it so she can take her turns at the seat.
Batman has posed:
The Watchtower is definitely impressive, but understandably it takes a little while to get used to. Just finding one's way around is no simple thing.

At least at first.

While Gotham's Dark Knight can certainly appreciate the advantages of having a base above the gleaming planet below, it isn't exactly his favorite place to spend time. No surprise there, given how committed he is to cleaning up his own city. Monitor duty is something to be endured instead of enjoyed. But it only works if everyone takes there turn. No matter how many other things they might prefer to be doing. So here he is.

A steady flow of information flashes across the various screens that are spread out throughout the room, a constant rolling scroll of news and images from just about every corner of the globe and while the computer might be able to assist in sorting and prioritizing that information, it really does take a sentient mind to determine if League assistance is actually required.

While he might be aware of her presence, Batman does not immediately offer greeting though he does finally lift his voice without ever turning around. "Hello Firestar."
Firestar has posed:
Angelica's eyes finally fall on the figure at the controls. Her face falls a little as this one is a bit more difficult to read. She isn't really all that good at social things anyway, couple that with it being the Dark Knight and she is hesitant to go in.

She finally shakes her head, biting the proverbial bullet and walking into the control room. A good impression is always important and keeping it is equally important. Drawing to a comfortable distance and replies,"Hello Batman. Do you mind if I linger in the background and watch how things work? If it's a problem I can come back later. I just want to get to know the operations so I can do my part up here."

She's nervous. When she is nervous she either clams up tight...or babbles...a lot. Guess which one he is getting?
Batman has posed:
In all fairness, the Dark Knight rather excels in giving people a hard time reading him. It's practically his purpose, or at least that's how it seems at times.

While it might not exactly be the warmest approach to take with one's allies, maintaining the air of distance, that emotionless veneer that is so hard to read at times does serve him rather well when it comes to working out in the field, out in the streets of Gotham. He is hard for his enemies to anticipate because he strives to be.

It is only a happy coincidence that it also makes things difficult for his allies as well at times. One might suspect that he enjoys it. But it is just a suspicion because it is hard to imagine Batman enjoying anything.

Except maybe justice.

"I don't," he says simply, swivveling in the chair to face her at last, dipping a nod towards her slightly. "Truthfully there isn't very much too it so I'm sure that you'll pick up on it quick enough," he says. Is Batman actually offering reassurance? He just might be at that.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica moves to where she can look at what he is doing without hovering on his shoulder. She looks at how he operates the computer and crosses her arms. She does have the protection suit on of course, but she still doesn't want to get too close just in case. It's always something she worries about and clearly doesn't know Batman's power set or lack thereof.

Looking around, she finds a chair and moves it to sit and watch,"I am hoping to catch on quickly yes. I hate to ask people to babysit while I am learning things. I am not bad with computers so that helps."
Looking out over the planet she admits,"This view never gets bad. Breath taking..." she pauses,"...well it is for me." Clearly not sure how to talk to him yet. A little more awkward than when she met the three of them.
Batman has posed:
The view might be the only perk of monitor duty, admittedly.

The expansive windows that seem to be placed wherever practical and possible given structural limitations offer a truly amazing view that never seems to get old. And while it might be difficult to tell for sure, even the Dark Knight seems to take the odd break from watching the monitors to peek out at the vista of space and the blue-green orb they orbit below.

"Understandable and commendable," Batman says quietly, dipping his head towards her once more. "The computer does all the heavy lifting. It's monitoring all the news feeds and emergency bands from the planet and sorting them by priority. You won't even see the lowest scroll across the screen though you can have any situation called up on the monitors with all pertinent information available," he offers up quietly.

"Mostly what you're expected to do is to monitor the high priority issues and determine if this is something that any available Leaguers should be called into address. You are also assessing the potential impact and helping to determine who should be sent where. Though again, the computer can give you guidance and input based on all the members abilities," he continues on. "Still, it is your judgement that is being relied on at the end of the day," he adds.

"Most of the time though there are not events large enough that you need to worry overly much about assessment. When smaller issues present themselves you can send alerts to anyone that might be in the area, but no need to do much more then that."
Firestar has posed:
Watching the planet again, still awed at the sight of it. She finally shakes it off and gets back with things. Looking at the computer banks and taking in what Batman says about the opetations, she nods and replies,"It is good to have a guide, but the computer might miss things a person would catch. Not trying to insult your computer, I have just witnessed that in the past."

Pausing she looks around and asks,"Is there emergency masks in case of something happening outside? If I can breathe, I can stay warm enough in the vacuum if need be." She did mention that before, but she doesn't like asking questions without explaining herself.

Thoughtfully she asks,"Has anyone bene fool enough to come at this place and try to attack it?" A strange, but legitimate question for sure,"I know the Justice League has a lot of enemies, comes from doing good for the universe."
Batman has posed:
"Anything is possible," comes the Dark Knight's reply.

Of course that might be part of the reason he strives to be ready for virtually anythingm a challenge that, on the whole, he manages to deal with remarkably well. "That's why we don't rely on the computer alone," he agrees. "And it is why there is usually a Leaguer on duty to make sure that things are running smoothly and adding thought, not just programming, to the process. Still, it's a valuable tool and it will make your job easier," he promises.

Getting up from his seat, he moves to a hanging box by the door, motioning towards it. "There are full enviromental suits along with breathing apparatuses in here for anyone that needs them. You'll find similar layouts in just about every room, just in case. A breach is unlikely, but it is best to be prepared," he agrees with an approving nod.

Giving a small shrug, Batman turns back towards that bank of monitors, starting to walk back over. "It has happened. Not all of our enemies are Earth-bound and even down there one can't forget that we have a number of enemies with expansive resources or extensive technical knowledge. Again, one of the reasons we like to have someone always on duty."
Firestar has posed:
Making mental notes, Angelica take in everything Batman has to say. She studies the conputer panels for a moment and she tells him,"When I was in Canada with Alpha Flight, Mac and some of the senior members were teaching me tactics. I am still very much a student, but I get better as the days pass."

She follows after him when he goes to the locker and studies the equipment, marking in her mind where they are and what they have,"I was a little anxious about coming up here the first time. Not just the teleporter either. I have been out in space like I told you before, but so far I haven't found a way to breathe out there without help. My field will protect against the cold though."

A nod as he talls about the enemies not all being Earth bound,"Security in this place has to be hectic." she comments thoughtfully,"I have been wondering how we finance this place.." she pauses,"..and if that's not my concern you can just tell me."