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Sin's Confessional Aftermath
Date of Scene: 15 October 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: The Devil and his Doctor enjoy some deep conversation, a flight in the night, and then a casual date in the park.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer

Sinister has posed:
Sometimes when you return home, there's a spring in the step, a flourish, a lightness.

And then there's today, where coats are tossed over the back of a chair and bee-lines are made straight for the liquor cabinet, with marked steps.

With the professionalism of the seasoned veteran of the liquor offerings, two glasses, two bottles, no ice to speak of, they're done with mind and hand. With his back turned, Nathaniel comments "...that was unexpected."

Understatement of the century.

"Playing it back in my head, I think that it probably sounded a lot worse than intent."
Lucifer has posed:
"Oh I don't know... it's not like you admitted to wanting to take away the very heart of the person you've worked so hard to become." Lucifer offers, throwing his own coat on the back of a chair and roughly pulls his tie off. "Or was it misinterpreted? Like there's many facets to that which is Sinister and you want to end part of it and not the whole? Except that wouldn't very well work either... and then what's left? Doctor Nathaniel Essex? Who wouldn't be what he is now without the thing he's wanting to end."

This is all said while he makes his way to the bedroom to finish pulling off the tie and the button down shirt, replacing it with a tee shirt and then goes to change his slacks into jeans. Which will take a moment, and for that moment Lucifer has gone silent aside from the noises that come with throwing clothing around.
Sinister has posed:
"Well..." when you put it that way, it really does sound rather abysmal, doesn't it? Frowning with thinned lips, Sin stares at the mirror behind the whiskey wall. "Don't you go looking at me like that you ass, you're the one that went and said it."

He abruptly turns from his reflection, collecting drinks and following the fallen angel to the open space of the bed chamber with its illustriously large wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows. The whiskey is proffered and he moves to settle himself on the edge of the bed, bottle floated to the nightstand for refills.

"I suppose picking apart the intent helps. The analysis of the experiment so to speak. Not that I'm an experiment, just the scientific method -- I'm exceptionally angry. With myself. My other selves. The rest of me. What was Sinister once, is no longer what I like the look of. Am I supposed to admire the rest of me's desire to erradicate this face? And shut me up, shut me out?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer takes the proffered whiskey, listening as Nathaniel sort of breaks it down even more. "I suppose that's the heart of the issue isn't it?" He sighs then downs the whiskey in one swallow before moving to actually sit next to Nathaniel on the bed.

"Which is also what makes that particular power so problematic. It used to be fun... but that was mostly because I used it against women to get into their minds, and criminals to get them to confess. I think I used it on you, once, in the beginning of our courtship but it was out of amusement... and now things have changed. We've changed...for better or worse is yet to be seen I suppose. I think, at the heart of it, your intention is that you don't wish to be seen as the evil monster most view you as..." Saying this much more before taking in a breath.

"And let me be clear. I'm not upset with you, per se. I get upset at the general idea of someone taking their own life. No matter the reason, no matter what leads to that moment...at the end of it...it's a selfish thing to do. It's one of the most abhorrent sins one can commit. Not only the fact that it's murder, but it's murder of self..." He looks away for a moment, but he stares into nothingness. "There's a special place in Hell for people who do it... and no salvation for them... even if they were the most devout of believers... the golden gates slam shut and it's down you go."
Sinister has posed:
"Well, the alternative is sitting every last one of them down and having a stern heart to heart talk." The response is a little droll as is the tone. "Somehow, I suspect that will backfire entirely." He grimaces, staring at the floor for a moment, then leans sideways to put his head on Lucifer's shoulder, continuing the stare at the floor. "I'm honestly at a loss. I'm not suicidal. I'm.... I'm... uuugh. Clonicidal. But then you get into the concept that each clone has individuality and that none actually believe themselves to be a copy. Some do. Most don't."

He sucks on his cheek. Looks up at the wall, then straightens, reaching to cup Lucifer's cheek and turn his face toward him. "Ask me what my deepest -desire- is. Not the dark bit. Just the desire bit."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer listens and nods. "I get that. In the long run of things. I think we both just got caught up in the moment of what was asked..." Saying this much at first while then still listening to Nathaniel go on. Then he finds his head turned and easily allows himself to be made to look upon Nathaniel. That request made.

If he was being honest with himself, he's done with the whole desire game. Find another way to prove to people who he is...he could just go all Devil or Angel and maybe that would be enough. Still, he has his lover to appease in such a moment and with a breath, he holds Nathaniel's gaze. Those eyes flicker to life with hellfire and he speaks after a moment in that compelling way. "Tell me. What's your deepest desire..."
Sinister has posed:
There's no hesitation. The tattletale of the power coming to life shows on Nathaniel's face, plane as day. "You," the answer that was given the very first time, compelled but no less honest for it. He swallows, strokes his thumb along that cheekbone, then lets the limb fall down to Lucifer's lap, cupping one knee and squeezing.

"It's still the truth. And I wouldn't leave you, unless I was dragged away against my will." The words are softened, thick in tone, quietly given. Powerful regardless.

There's a wonky smile that follows. "Still sounds ludicrously sappy when I hear it. No less truthful, though."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer lets the flames in his eyes die out and then he just smirks. "Well, you're a bit of a sap at heart when it comes down to it.." A chuckle from him then before leaning forward to rest his forehead against Nathaniel's own.

"I love you, Nathaniel. For all that you have been, are, and will be. Whatever needs to be done, I'll be by your side to make it happen. Just don't forget that there are people around you who understand how some of what you've done was by necessity. Not all, of course, but some...and I'm not ever going to judge you for your past." Then he shifts, offers a tender kiss, before settling back again.

"So...how shall we conclude our night, hmm?"
Sinister has posed:
"There's a lot that was less than..." forehead to forehead, Sinister winces one cheek, teeth gritted a moment, then relaxed. In time for the kiss, which is returned, savoured and metered out with the hand returning to curl around the back of the devil's neck, to ruffle hair and scratch lightly. "I love you too. Still don't say it often enough. And I take pride in talking the hind leg off a donkey sometimes, you'd think I'd get the hang of it. Still forever mired in that conditioning that actions speak louder, I suppose."

His gaze ticks up, his express going wry, then with a stretch, he floats over his whiskey.

"We could do just about anything, I suspect. The night is actually pretty young."

And then there's a wicked little look that pops up on his face and he stares through the devil a moment, before focusing firmly on those crystal blue eyes. "Tell me, Lucifer Morningstar, Samael of the Host, archangel of chaos... what is it that YOU desire?" -- throwing a bit of the whammy of psychic assistance in there, to squirrel through like a telepathic sorting office.
Lucifer has posed:
"You say it though, and that is enough for me. Your love language is words, acts of service, and such things like that. I know you love me even without the actual words leaving your lips." Lucifer offers and then nuzzles for a moment before there's that stretch and Nathaniel is floating over his own whiskey.

The night is young. This much is truth. He is actually about to suggest something when he spies that wicked little grin and hears his name..wait..names. A brow lofting upwards.

"I have all that I could desire. A place to live, a successful business, a lover. I desire for that to remain as it is for the rest of our days."
Sinister has posed:
"Well, now." Sinister's own eyebrows lift and he considers that. A smile, a cluck of the tongue. "I don't know why I thought your answer was going to be more involved, but I'm quite glad to be proven wrong." His whiskey is lifted, sniffed, sipped and smacked at, satisfied.

"I don't know how that looks in three hundred years time. I expect that it will have evolved. Or we'll have the most swanky, anachronistic night club this side of the Lunar colonies." -- A wink.

Thorough thought process follows. "I think I persuaded Nick to write the Song of Azrael, before you arrived."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles softly. "Likely because you think I have some complexity of mind. Much on it, much to consider and deem worthy or not. Alas, such is not the actual truth. I have all that I could desire... and one of the things I have I never knew I desired it until it came to be." He smirks.

"I wonder what the song of Azrael would be about... definitely a challenge. I hope he does actually write it. Eventually we'll have the whole of Sainthood covered..." A soft laugh comes from him then.

Finally, he cmpletes his own circle of thought. "How about we go flying. It's been a while and the weather seems nice for it tonight..."
Sinister has posed:
"Yes, please." Okay, that came out rather quicker than Sin meant it to, but he has the good grace to look a bit guilty afterwards, looking sidelong beneath his brows, head a little hung. "They've been itchy lately. I took to the skies a couple of times but it wasn't quite right. I think they want to chase, or be challenged, I'm not sure which it is." Rising, he leaves his whiskey on the side table, for it is hardly going to go bad.

Short work takes him to the balcony doors, opening them with a slow, deep inhale of brisk, crisp air. Breezes stir his hair -- a shadow of the moon lighting pale skin looks altogether eerie, as it hits the planes of his face just so, making him seem carved, rather than a grown, living being. That's just made all the more so by the glow of his eyes.

A flex and the fire-burned raven wings erupt seemingly of shadow until they're all stretched out and poised.
Lucifer has posed:
"One of these days I might learn some slight mannerisms or such that you may have when they get all itchy for some fresh air.." Lucifer comments with a smile, standing and following Nathaniel to the balcony. The fresh air hitting him, stirring him a bit more to life and peace than he was before with all the mullings in his mind about tonight's events.

Shortly after Nathaniel's wings flare out and poise, his own emerge from his form. White and stark under the moonlight and thank goodness for mutants and metahumans and heroes aloft so they don't seem too out of place should they be spotted.

There's a few flaps and flutterings before Lucifer takes off into the air, finding a nice updraft to lift himself upon. "It will become you chasing me if you don't hurry up my dear!" And he flies off. Slowly.
Sinister has posed:
"It usually does..." itchy shoulders, more antsy shoulderblades, but they don't do that thing where they bulge any more these days. They just sit underneath and claw at his skin from the inside. Bastards.

He's soon airborn though, the black wings much harder to see at night, the broader corvid-like pinions always having to work a little harder to catch up with the -actual- angel.

But he does after a bit, coming up underneath and somewhat reaching into the undertow. "They still want to come out in your presence more than I want to let them."
Lucifer has posed:
"Well if we're alone like in the Penthouse or something, why won't you let them? Do you think it will become too much of a constant thing?" Lucifer asks, diving down a bit to meet Nathaniel aside for a moment.

"I don't think that's such a bad thing, you know. And I will tell you a secret.." He pauses, flaps a few times to catch another draft. "Mine want to come out a lot more often than I let them. Around you, around others... they long to be seen, admired..."
Sinister has posed:
"They do?" This is a genuine surprise to the man with the black wings, swinging left, swinging right with the way the aerodynamics work. New York stands stark against the night sky, illuminated and cosmopolitan. Sin's gaze looks that way, but then seeks the ancient being at his side again, tracking the shape of the angel against the night sky.

"Admired, I can believe. I imagine that Raphael's wings like to show off, too, if the images and iconography are to be believed." He chuckles, musing then on why he keeps his inside. "I think I thought it was gauche to just let them hang out, when you don't. Like, they're a peculiar kind of host fan club. But they really do want to be out. A lot of the time, it's like restless leg or like I'm hiding a whole part of my own body, which I suppose that I am."
Lucifer has posed:
"MMhm. Perhaps we should come up with something like... Wings Out Wednesday. Where we just spend time together in the Penthouse, order food, have drinks, watch a movie or something but with our wings on display for each other. Maybe that will satisfy them for a while." Lucifer offers this with a soft chuckle.

"I suppose they do. But vain is a sin, and I don't think my heavenly siblings would give in to such no matter how strong the desire. Course, I also don't think anything we do can be weighed unless, of course, you're giving Father the finger somehow. It's tricky, and I serve as an example in some regard." He chuckles again and then dives a bit before flapping his wings in another updraft and banks to the left and right some. There's no destination in mind, they could fly until their wings tire out or they find a spot they want to land and look around...whatever seemed like an idea in time.
Sinister has posed:
It's a challenge anyway, to fly around the skyscrapers of New York and not collide with the vast panes of glass. At speed, that's practically a feat! There might have been one running-feet-along-side-of-building moment when Sin misjudged how close he got, flapping like mad to get the lift again then a sharp turn around the side to stop himself going headlong into the next.

"Wings out Wednesdays sounds like a thing that could work. Or Freedom Friday. I feel like alliteration is necessary in this." He comments, contemplating. "Are sins actually applicable like that, to the Host? I thought it was just those of us that could be saved or condemned. I thought it was just if you annoyed dad."

Because that's totally a logical conversation to be having.

"I think I'm probably on the repent pedestal, when it comes down to it. Not that I care, I know I'd burn."
Lucifer has posed:
After some point, Lucifer shifts to flap his wings but stays in place, a sort of hovering affect. This is likely shortly after Sin's running against the skyscraper and then trying not to collide with the next one. "You alright?"

When the topic turns into those alliterated days of wing outing he tilts his head as Nathaniel inquires further about sins. "What do I really know? I disobeyed father, betrayed him even, and got cast out. Course, there had to be -someone- to look after the damned... I guess... which also meant he knew there would be a reason for people to enter damnation." He shrugs again. "But honestly? I'm not the expert... that's more a question for the Host I think."

At that last statement, Lucifer just grins. "And you'll burn beautifully..." Pausing. "So, destination in mind at all or... just flitting about?"
Sinister has posed:
"Well... it's been a while since we went to the aquarium, but we've also not been to the zoo since the Ankylosaur. I think I might actually want to watch the nocturnal animals a while. Zoology was also something I studied, by the by. I did quite a lot of anatomical studies from life, in locomotion and cellular make-up on samples. It's how I can accurately tap into the abilities of things, you see. Though that wasn't my initial calling. I just wanted to follow evolution in the fossil record, in modern samples and pocket populations."

Ok then.

"But we could also get snacks. I'm having a bizarre urge for chinese. The stuff off of time square, though..." he looks at the wings, back at his own. "I suppose it doesn't really matter if they're out?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer thinks on this for a moment. "We could get chinese and then see about going to the zoo to watch the nocturnal animals." He offers, because the night is still young yet. Of course, Nathanial's explanation about zoology and anatomical studies regarding evolution go a bit over his own head, but he does smile and nod as if he understands.

"I don't suppose it matters if our wings are out... but I also think Times Square is a bustling place, we wouldn't want our wings to really be in people's way. Which they can be, even if tucked behind us." Saying this much and then he shifts to take off towards Times Square. They can figure the wing logistics out when they get there.
Sinister has posed:
Off to the skies once more! Well, mostly just so he can dive down and glide to a halt, shrug the wings back into his body and adjust his collar, to saunter on in to order whatever it is that is the craving. Beef chow mein, it seems like, with a side of crabcorn soup.

The fact is, Sin forgot to put his shoes back on, but cannot seem to be bothered to manifest any. Barefoot in October, because why the hell would he act like he didn't intend that?

Whilst waiting: "There does seem to be a grand design in nature, you know. Or rather, a set of simple rules that end up being very complex when you add that they apply to every nuance." Munching on a complimentary mint.

"Was it immensely boring for a long while, before mankind came about?"
Lucifer has posed:
Skies. Flutter. Land. Suck in wings. Order food. For Lucifer, it's apparently crab rangoons and general tsao chicken, extra chicken and sauce, no rice. Lucifer is also in socks but no shoes, and it's at this point he is happy it's not raining.

"That is an interesting question. The truth of it is, I don't know. For a while there were fights among the others who fell with me. Those who were still by my side against those who were wholly pissed off that I caused them to also fall." He says this after paying for the order and while they wait. "But in some ways I blinked and suddenly things were happening. The first two humans fell from grace. And the rest is...somehow history. Written or otherwise."
Sinister has posed:
"Right..." -- they're being watched by a tourist couple, who seem to be completely confused by the lack of footwear. Sin just smiles and waves at them. "Nice evening, isn't it?" -- la di dah di dah.

"First pair of humans and woman mark two. Mind, I don't know how accurate that part of it all is, unless they quite literally reproduced like viruses. I suppose some of that creation myth is all a bit of creative license."

Who knows. Well, potentially the very-distracted-at-the-time Lucifer. But maybe not.

"I've been curious about this. Did the others that fell also end up with infernal faces? Or just you?"
Lucifer has posed:
Their order is ready and so Lucifer goes to pick it up and then motions for Nathanial to follow him. "They all became demons. Lessers to me, since I was the main attraction to the Fallen..." He states simply. "Eat in a nearby park?" He offers this, since their food is all in those nice to-go containers and there's a few parks pretty close to where they are.

"Some of them reign over portions of Hell, some of them administer tortures. Most just lull about and bemoan their decision to follow me..." He chuckles at that last part.
Sinister has posed:
"I wonder if they could find the same freedom as you have, now that Hell kind of takes care of itself. Hmm." Sinister nods though to the suggestion of the park. "Lets. And then, to listen to the Children of the Night, such sweet muuuuuuuuusic they make..." in his best bella Lugosi drawl, Sin takes the little take-out carrier with a grin and a wave to the people that had been staring.

"Overall, I could have had worse cravings. And I'm glad I don't feel the cold."

A gesture to the nearest little park, where they can eat safe in the knowledge that there's nothing in the dark worse than they are. Woe betide any mugger trying it there, right?
Lucifer has posed:
"No. They cannot. You have to think of Hell like a prison. I'm the prison guard. They're the leaders of the different 'sections'... and the souls there are the inmates..." Lucifer explains. "I'm the only one that can freely leave Hell. At least... that portion of Hell. It really gets all weird cause there are rituals where people summon demons and other parts where I'm sure demons can come and go but..." He shrugs.

"And I suppose there was that one time... because I was gone... and before other measures were put into place... a few did get out on their own.. but we stopped it. So.." He says all this as they enter the park and he finds a little side table where they can sit, eat and continue to chat a bit.
Sinister has posed:
"Huh. Maybe they should get the chance to find their freedom. Prison guards that can take vacations, if the warden could... it would be in your ballcourt to allow it. But I suppose many of them are not the same as they once were, eh?" Opening his soup to let it cool from scalding, the work upon the puzzle box that is the foldable chinese take-out boxes begins. It foils him for longer than it should.

"I mean, I've set Johnathan free. He's no longer ... me. And severed from the group hivemind."
Lucifer has posed:
"Mindless is one way to put it. The more they've been exposed to Hell, the more out of their minds they've become. Demonization is...nasty business..." Lucifer says this much more while pulling a crab and cream cheese stuffed fried wonton out of the bag they come in. He tears it in half and then pops one half into his mouth to chew and savour.

"I suppose I could see if anything can be done to... re-instate their minds a bit...if they can prove they can be among the living and not cause much trouble..."
Sinister has posed:
Sin looks at Lucifer a long while then, watching him tear into the food with a studying expression. "How did you keep your mind intact, love?" he asks, because it's something he never -has- asked before. "All the years, all the things, Hell itself. How?"

The imagination can paint a pretty picture of a horrific one. The imagination at the moment is running wild, because the expression Sinister wears is genuinely in mildly horrified awe.
Lucifer has posed:
"I never really stayed in Hell after the fall of man. I was the serpent in the garden, I was behind the Pharoh whom Moses dealt with, when Cain killed Abel, tempting Christ in the desert..." Lucifer offers this and then shrugs. "Hell didn't twist my mind because I am the one who twisted Hell." Which likely paints Lucifer in a very different light in some ways. The Lightbringer also being the Tormenter... it's almost as if the Devil himself is a two-sided coin in the flesh.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister shakes his head a little, popping an expertly seized beef slice, noodles and actually sizeable vegetables into his mouth. He chews whilst still wearing that horrified awe. "You had a lot of things to work through, I think." And how much of it was surrendering to the stereotype, wearing the hat that he was forced to wear.

Probably no small part of it.

"You learned from those with very creative imaginations, I suspect."
Lucifer has posed:
"I did. Learned from the best and the worst. And many in between as well. Witnessed the rise and fall of various kingdoms and sat in the background of most of them.." Lucifer comments, eating the other half of his wonton then.

"Course I could also argue that those who lost their minds did so due to a further punishment for following me... especially if they were upset by it after the fact. Knew what they were getting into, didn't like the effect to the cause. So they went mad with it."
Sinister has posed:
"Hmmm," -- sipping on the crabcorn soup, Sin draws one foot up to rest the heel on the bench he's on, using his knee as a rest for his elbow as he soups. By the distant expression he's imagining that and also thinking of other things.

"I suspect also, that when you don't need to sleep and in fact, can't sleep in hell, there's no respite but your own thoughts and if they're screaming at you, eventually you'll go absolutely Doolally." He shivers, dramatically.

"Late night ponderings of a curious mind, who has in no small way pondered how such transformations occur."
Lucifer has posed:
"And mind you, these are just the angels. Making a soul turn into a demon is much more fun." Lucifer comments with a grin, though whether he's joking or not is quite hard to tell.

He sets aside the bag of rangoon to bring up his portion of spicy chicken. Course, for the Devil, spicy is a mild term. He takes a bite of the chicken, chewing thoughtfully for a moment. "Is there any sort of reason why the makings of Hell is a curiosity of yours? Is it just because you're living with the Lord of?" Asking this with a slight tilt of his head and another bite of chicken taken.
Sinister has posed:
"Somewhat, yes. The latter. When one's significant other is Master of perdition, it makes one thing a bit, just to fully try and understand what you can, within the limits of things. Much in the same way you've attempted to wrap your head passably around all the technological mumbo jumbo I peddle as Cyber witchcraft." Said with a grin, Sinister finishes the soup with satisfaction and opens up the puzzle box of the chowmein take out again, reclaiming his chopsticks.

"You also never know when there'll be an odd kind of pop quiz."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer laughs at that last bit. "Who's going to give you a pop quiz? Uriel? Raphael?" Asking this in further jest as they simply sit, eat and converse. After a moment he looks around a bit and then takes an unnecessary breath in and out. "This is nice. Just sitting, eatting, chatting... almost giving off a vibe that we're actually a normal couple that does normal couple-y things..."

He takes another bite of his food before mixing it around a bit, making sure all the chicken pieces are nicely coated with sauce. "I think it's a good thing that we both try to understand the other's hobbies and trades and general existence... I only wish sometimes that I could help you more than I am usually able."
Sinister has posed:
"Well, it takes a lot of time and study to get a doctorate. You're highly intelligent and I'm sure you could mail it in, but you could try. You'd be a fantastically amusing demonologist. Imagine all the lecture tours and debunking," Sinister laughs at that. "We are a normal couple when we're BEING a couple. The way we relate to one another is actually better than your average, you know. Sometimes I wonder if you wonder if you're doing it right." he winks.

"And for the quizzing thing, just in case I get cornered by a determined Order of St James, or a templar, or some nut who thinks I'm not good enough for you. I can't imagine your actual family gives a hoot."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles a little and then stirs his chicken a bit more. "I do. Sometimes. Wonder if I'm doing it right. But then I remind myself there isn't one way to be a couple. We have our way, it works for us, and we're the better for it." Admitting that much before chowing down a bit more on his food.

"Ah. I forgot to set the Templars after you... maybe the next time we're in England I'll file a formal complaint. Accuse you of witchcraft or some such..." He smirks then.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister lets out a nasal snicker, deftly working the chopsticks like tiny knitting needles with his noodles. It's definitely an art, being able to bundle on the chopsticks like that. "You say that, but I wouldn't put it past someone like Michael doing that to make trouble. Or Enoch." He shrugs, looks out over the late night humanity heading toward 5th avenue and Times Square. He watches a lingering time, a fond look on his face.

"I can see that working better though if I was accidentally timeslipped. All the tehcnology I can employ, would entirely get me burned or hung. That would be hysterical."
Lucifer has posed:
The fact that Nathaniel makes no comment about Lucifer, himself, worried on doing the coupling thing right actually relieves the Devil a bit. No comment means he must be actually doing things well, yes? The conversation remains on summoning the Templars or the Order of St James. "Heh. I think Templars still exist even, but it's more a formality than an actual role these days. Also, they could try to burn or hang you but... you wouldn't really perish, would you? Just enjoy a nice neck cracking or sauna..."
Sinister has posed:
"A burning at the stake just wouldn't cut it, nope. You're dead right on the hanging though, it would cause issues. And now, with double indemnity, they couldn't try me twice!" Not that that would be a major issue, we're just going to mention it for the sheer heck. Assumptions are probably fairly accurate on the part of the Lord of Hell.

"Now here's a weird question for you, considering you're immortal and aren't ever going to face this -- do you have a bucket list?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer laughs and shakes his head some. "Oh the conversations we have... good thing this park is mostly empty. We'd be attracting odd looks for sure." Mentioning that much but at that last question he seems to think on it a moment. "You mean one of those lists of things you'd want to do before you die? I can't say I do... I could probably put one together but at the current moment.. no." Pause. "What about you? Ever had one? And if so, has it changed over the years?"
Sinister has posed:
"It might be a notion to entertain -- things that you've never done, would like to do, would like to experience in company." Sinister grins to the rest of it. "Oh, I've heard people chatting about what they'd do in the zombie apocalypse. Society turns much more of a blind eye to the weird these days, unless you face cancel culture." He rolls his eyes at that, taking a few more mouthfuls of chow mein until it is deemed finished. He folds the box back up and floats it to the trashbin, in an overarm lob.

"I had odd things on my list. Creating the perfect power combination was one of them, finding the best genetic match available." He muses "I would like to meet a dragon, at some point." Another musing. "A lot of things I've ticked off. Like returning to the Titanic."
Lucifer has posed:
"I'll have to think of some things... I'm sure I could come up with a list of things for us to do..." Lucifer repeats a little and then grins. "Well, we would surely survive a zombie apocalypse, that's no question. It's the rest of the world I'd be worried for... and maybe pick a handful to help survive..." He grins then.

"Meet a dragon? That... I think that could be arranged. Eastern or Western dragon?" Asking this much before he finishes the final bites of his general tsao and follows in Nathaniel's steps to float the trash over to the bin. "Rangoon?" Offering the bag then. "Or fortune cookie?"
Sinister has posed:
"Fortune cookie," Sinister replies, taking the one from his pocket and proffering the other over. Always get two! "They're more ridiculous but amusing--" His is unwrapped, broken, the paper inside of it removed, as the cracker is popped in his mouth. THe chew is so satisfyingly noisy, isn't it?

At length: "You will find yourself in a mystery," he pauses "...and sometimes apparantly a bit prophetic."

The inquiry has him curious though. "I imagine there's a cultural difference. I don't know which kind I would approve of more. Or would approve of me, more."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer takes the proffered fortune cookie and unwraps it, breaks it, pulls out the paper and pops one half of the cookie into his mouth. "I was once told that you should add the words 'in bed' at the end of your fortune. It apparently can make most of them more amusing... and certainly suggestive..."

Then he looks down at the slip of paper from his cookie and says aloud, "You will be hungry again in one hour." There's a blink then before he chuckles. "I think my fortune is broken.."

The topic soon turns to dragons. "Cultural, sort of... also the depiction. Eastern dragons are a bit more lax... but Western dragons can be fun... and sometimes come with a horde of treasure..."
Sinister has posed:
"You've met a few in your time?" He assumes, does Sin. "And fortune's not broken. Prophetic. Didn't say what you were going to be hungry for, did it?" All mock superior, he looks down his nose with an amused hauteur. But he's also thinking about adding 'in bed' to the end of his. "I don't know if the sauce on that one is something intriguing, tantalizing or disturbing. Maybe a bit of all three."

You will encounter a mystery, in bed. Oh yes.

"I've met merfolk. Atlanteans are in the process of evolutionary change and that's quite fascinating to watch from a distance, before they wallop you."
Lucifer has posed:
"One or two. We might even have a dragon in hell..." Lucifer offers this and then smiles. "Could be a few places in the east where we can go meet an Eastern dragon as well." Saying that much more before he considers a few things. "Anything else on this bucket list of yours?"

When he brings up meeting merfolk, Lucifer grins. "Oh yes. The Atlanteans are a very interesting group. I should introduce myself to them some time..."
Sinister has posed:
"I would love to study their technology, as well as them. You could put that on my bucket list -- investigating the advances of the other races that secretly share earth." Sinister grins, then muses. "Oh... just a few weird things. Mostly involving my work, honestly. Alien technology, alien DNA. I have to study alternate life, to be able to fully comprehend all that there is." Pause "...You know. Not a small thing. All that there is." He rolls his eyes at himself and laughs softly.

"Why would you have a dragon in hell?"
Lucifer has posed:
"So would you want to try and find someone who could take you to space and explore alien life?" Lucifer asks, picking up his bag of rangoons to take another out and munches on it thoughtfully. "You -would- have just a weird and random bucket list involving all sorts of technology and the like.."

At the question about the dragon, Lucifer laughs. "The same reason why Hades has Cerberus... and sometimes Cerberus gets loose so something has to chase it back to it's own Hell..."
Sinister has posed:
"Ohhh, so it's a guardian creature. Not treasure, souls. Gotcha." Sin grins, shrugging his shoulders though. "Maybe that would be an adventure. Would abilities and evolutionary kinks work the same on another planet? Inquiring minds want to know. No rush though, there's still plenty to achieve here -- and pressing matters that we -really- should get back to."

There's a pause as the garbage of the fortune cookie is also sent to the bin. You might be a supervillain, there's no reason to be a litterbug.

"You know, I think all I fancy doing tonight, is to stare at the work in progress tell it 'No! you will not have me this day, fiend!' and enjoy you. I think I need wingtime, if that's alright."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles and nods. "Something to put on the list of things to do. We don't have to do everything in one night or whatever... we have time to spread it all out..." Which is all he says to that, because sometimes leaving questions intentionally unanswered is all part of the fun.

"I think that can certainly be arranged, and in short time as well..." Lucifer says this, making sure his trash goes to the bin as well. "A hop home and some wingtime...it shall be done." And so he offers his hand to Nathaniel and then works to give the man precisely what he's asked for.