15721/Showing the New Girl the Place

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Showing the New Girl the Place
Date of Scene: 19 October 2023
Location: Monitor Room, Watchtower
Synopsis: Superman shows Firestar the ropes, with some help.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Firestar, Wonder Woman

Superman has posed:
"And this is the Monitor Room. Everyone has to do a shift, even Batman," and even Clark's amazed that most people miss this yet, they have evidence Batman's there. Superman waves toward the monitoring room. He gives Firestar a moment to drink this in. All the darkness of space around them, the various com signals, chatter and visuals. It is a lot for anyone. He points to the very large monitor station. "This piece of equipment is nearly automated. It's tuned into several police, military and other signals. This how we monitor the world. Nothing truly evasive more like a mixture of Cops, rescue organizations whose jurisdiction is quite large and seemingly endless," and he speaks the tone in a "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." People can take that power as the start of something dictator-like. When the League simply wants to be there. Not quite stopping a crime before it starts, but stopping one before it needs Avenging.

"A lot of people don't really like monitor duty. It can be boring when it's just yourself and if you don't have caffeine this can be jarring," Superman's just going to be honest on this one. "That's why we have the espresso machine," and he'll give the exact place to find that. Sometimes it's just needed.
Firestar has posed:
Walking into the room with Superman, she nods and Angelica nods,"I came up here a little more than a week ago. Batman was on duty. I was hesitant at first, but I asked if I could stay up here. He agreed and gave me the run down on how things work."

"Power Girl said she's watch with me a few times so I am not solo the first time or two." Angelica replies. A playful smile touches her features,"Espresso machine could be a good thing. I have considered taken it up anyway, college is getting into a grinding groove."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Stepping into the room, the curious smile on Diana's features grows more friendly on recognizing Superman and Firestar.

"I wondered who was on this shift. I suppose I could have just looked at the schedule" she considers, laughing lightly.

"Superman. Firestar. It is good to you both."

Hearing the reference to the espresso machine, there is a guilty glance toward that Infernal Machine of Temporary Energy. She is well acquainted with it. Perhaps more than she would care to admit.

Sparing a glance to the monitors, she wonders, "Has anything come up?"
Superman has posed:
And Superman is genuinely surprised about Batman doing that. It kind of warms him. Like seeing a friend is still human, underneath all the brooding exterior.

The surprised look on his face turns into a smile, "She's family. You can definitely trust her," oh, his biasness is coming out on this one.

"I was giving her the tour, but I'm a few weeks late it seems," he admits. The man's not trying to sound sheepish.

"Diana, always a pleasure," Superman says with a small bow of his head of respect. "Nothing has come up yet, but we did just get here," Superman looks back toward the station. He can keep up with it, but man did it take some time.
Firestar has posed:
A smile touches her lips as she nods,"She told me she was from the same place I think or maybe that you were relatives? Sorry. College brain drain sometimes. I remembered there was a connection though."

Her attention moves to the entrance of the room and she smiles a little wider,"Diana!" she offers happily. Looking back to Superman and then Diana again she nods,"Breaking in the new kid. So far no disaster to speak of like he said."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince hears the talk of Power Girl and she smiles as well. "She is another valuable addition to the League. Having two intelligent and capable women join can only make us all stronger." She isn't biased in her own ways. Not at all! But only for the best of reasons.

"Hello to you both.." She moves closer to the others, "I hope there isn't much breaking.. in the world or of our new members." Looking up to the array of monitors then back to the others, she asks Firestar, "How do you feel so far?"
Superman has posed:
"Who vouched for Power Girl?" Superman's just curious. It's him checking in on family, because he totally would have nominated her. "Yes, we are relatives. Cousins," he admits not hiding anything about that.

"I just don't want anyone to be shellshocked when the first emergency happens," Superman's intentions are good. Honestly, it makes him think of the time the super senses kick in. How big the world feels. How you can hear everything.

"We do need to see what we can do about her uniform, if it gets damaged," he looks at Diana. "I just want her to have the same support as people like Captain Atom."
Firestar has posed:
Angelica gives Diana a smile and a stage whisper,"Over whelming. Everyone I have met have been fantatic, it's just whole psychological aspect now. I just got any mutant's dream and trying to make sure I live up to it." She winks at Diana and glances back to Clark.

"I can't help you there. We met at the Hall of Justice and visited about doing the sensor duty so I am not solo." She smirks a little and adds,"Her uniform is certainly unique. It could be disasterous if it broke." She considers and adds,"As I think of it, maybe I might change up to using the one I usually wear in Canada. Might ease into the League as a little less known look here with the New Yorkers and the surrounding area."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince considers the question from Superman and nods. "She and I have spoken of that. She feels a lot of pressure trying to live up to your reputation and expectations." Smiling, she adds, "She doesn't want to disappoint. You, or the League. Things I assured her she has not done. And that I doubt she will."

Looking to Firestar she smiles, "You'll adjust to it soon enough. We're all here to support each other."
Superman has posed:
"We're all just people, Firestar," Superman points out. Yes, they can do amazing things. However, they were all still people.

"We will make sure you're comfortable. I know it can be overwhelming," Superman remembers some conversations with Mary Marvel. She was similarly starstruck. It stuck out to him. A reminder to keep people feeling comfortable.

"You'll adjust to things soon enough," he gves a resassurng smile to Firestar. It looks like she is, actually.
Firestar has posed:
"I will do my best to adjust." Angelica admits,"Hopefully I can be helpful for supporting others." She really is still getting her head around things still, but at least she doesn't stammer, stutter, or get lost in her own head anymore.

She nods to Superman and tells him,"I am getting that yes." she assures him,"The people here are a little much to live up to at first. I am getting there. I adjusted to the X-Men for a while, this is just a little more...intense. You two, Power Girl, and even Batman have made me feel welcome here and in general. I think it just takes a moment or three to get used to him. He's pretty intense. Each of you are in your way, but I am working on the adjustment. Promise."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles. "You've been doing fine, Firestar. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You will settle in and find your voice with time. We all want you to succeed and we will help you in any way that we can. But don't think that is an indication of any lacking or deficiency on your part. Everything that you need to succeed, you can already find within yourself."

With a knowing nod, she agrees, "Yes. That is just Batman's way."
Superman has posed:
"It will take time Firestar. It can still be overwhelming for the 'Old Guard' sometimes," Superman even does air quotes around those words.

"Listen to Diana. Whenever she says something, it's typically true," Superman does see Diana as the middle ground between Superrman and Batman. So, he always takes her words to heart. She won't sugar coat things, but they won't be as blunt as a mallet unless absolutely necessary.