15722/Interlude: Dream or Memory

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Interlude: Dream or Memory
Date of Scene: 20 October 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: A little trip down memory lane, whilst not-sleep meditation is happening. A few odd rememberances popped up, but overall, affirmational.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer

Sinister has posed:



Contemplation of eyelids.

All are the antecedent to the here and the now. It is probably safe to say that the day is going to rain for quite some time to come. The towering windows, high glass panes, are weeping toward the earth, the world outside grey. It's morning, it seems, that quality of light having the stark brightness of the Morningstar's promise fading to the hot rich flame behind endless clouds. The city seems to be drenched below. But where are we?

A glance around, seems to say it's a hotel penthouse. Maybe this is the Hilton on 5th? Who knows. It might be any of the many great places in the Big Apple. Sinister is here, looking down on the city through the glass, arms folded and looking... well, thoughtful is about right. His hair's been neatly brushed, not one single strand out of place. His suit, Armani, is impeccably crisp.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer stands off to the side a bit, looking around and trying to gauge what exactly is going on around him. This is their place, but also it isn't. Eyes go to see the rain falling in the city and Nathaniel standing there in his immaculate Armani suit. A brow lofts and the Morningstar takes steps towards the Geneticist but they're measured, in a way, cautious perhaps.

"All dressed up and nowhere to go? Is there some special occassion I missed the memo about?" Asking this as he makes his way to Nathaniel's side. Looking himself over, apparently in simple clothing. Jeans and a tee shirt. His usual lounging around without company attire.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister checks a pocket watch. "Nowhere to be until opening time. I don't know why I'm remembering this particular moment in time, but it's decided to pop in and say hello." The reply is dreamy, the geneticist blinking his eyes a few times to refocus himself, looking after a hesitant half-turn, to Luci in his comfortable finery. "That's not right you know..." he gestures at the jeans and T-shirt. "Or at least it won't be. Hi. I think I'm in a memory and so are you."
Lucifer has posed:
"And was I...originally in this memory or am I just along for the ride because we're still snuggled up in wings and blankets in our warm king sized bed contemplating eyelids?" Lucifer asks this and then looks himself over once more. "So if this is a memory..." He snaps his fingers, and is suddenly in a three piece suit, immaculately fit, black with red shirt and red handkerchief tucked in the left breast pocket. His hair is all slicked back and pressed down so he looks like he's ready to take on the town. "Hello. I often enjoy your memories...until I don't... this one seems... rather tame thusfar."
Sinister has posed:
"Aye. And some of them are more conflicting than others," regarding the snap of the fingers and general change of attire sported by Lucifer, Sin smiles. "You aren't in this one -yet-..." he responds.

Glancing back out of the window, he raises a hand to the pane and does a windshield wiper motion against it, clearing the view a little. "It rained all morning, but I didn't come visit Haven until the afternoon and it had cleared up by then. This was... before."

He steps aside and leaves an image of himself standing there, staring out. That's likely the actual memory, which frowns and then scowls, turning from the window pane to start pacing.

"I was quite annoyed at myself that day."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gives a side eye to the Nathaniel that lingers when the other moves before he sees that scowl and the memory fade begins to pace. "Why? When was this? Had we just met or was it a little after..." Because he doesn't know his place in this memory, or if he'll appear in this memory at all. Sometimes they're full shows, other times they're just little gleans and glimpses into what was.

"It's sometimes hard to piece together what your memory is stemming from... but I suppose that's also half the fun of letting the memory play out, hmm?" He finally turns from the window and moves to follow the not-dream Nathaniel, though he does go to eye the pacing form for a moment longer. "You don't do that much anymore. The pacing...it's almost like you're..angsty? Worried? Aside from...annoyed.."
Sinister has posed:
"Indeed. Sometimes it's frustrating when something in my subconscious is telling me to look. Occasionally, it's purposeful. I've taken you on one or two purposeful memory dives," Sin grins at that, glancing down at himself, still a replica of the memory. He clicks fingers, much as Lucifer had done and is all of a sudden in his black silk PJ bottoms with his squeaky raven slippers and a complete lack of shirt.

"Anxiety, then annoyance -at- the anxiety and a lot of telling myself not to be an idiot. This is the day I asked you out. I'd been away from Lux for a good long while, throwing myself at..."

The image changes to a little montage of dabbling in the New York Library, where Ororo Munro popped in and got enraptured by organized chaos. He can be glimpsed in the image within the memory image, hovering in his usual attire, with a kinetic storm of books and everyone in that area of the library avoiding the space like the plague.

"That. Yes, that. And a few other things." A cascade of images of different faces, one young goth with a lazy eye and hair combed down to cover his face. Another teenager with Jubilee and a fight she wasn't winning.

"I was throwing myself at things. Distractions. That's also the time period when I tortured Warren into catalyzing his dream state to be suggestive and pliable to blind rage."
Lucifer has posed:
"So you were torturing yourself, and others, at the expense of being out of your mind because you were thinking about walking into Lux and asking me out on a date?" Lucifer asks this, as if he already doesn't know the answer and then looks over Nathaniel in his shirtless, sleep pants and squeaky slippers attire. "And look at where it all landed you..."

He watches, however. All the slivers of moments of Nathaniel just sort of throwing himself at whatever he could for the sake of distracting himself from his wants.

"So what made you finally decide to stop torturing yourself and actually walk into Lux and ask me out?" He wonders, shifting to lean back against something that may or may not be behind him. A wall or pillor or something that he either manifests because of the dreamscape or just pretends it's there because he can.
Sinister has posed:
"This," Sinister replies.

There's an encounter had high above Time Square, where an open air concert had just happened. A whirlwind of directed cleaning and capturing of DNA from concert garbage can be seen happening below, with Sinister watching. And there was a Loki, who mocked him and got intrigued at the same time. He mostly seemed to ignore the god, eventually heading down to Time square.

And the memory stops at of all things, an older couple heading home. The wife trips, the husband catches her and Sin found himself staring.

"I watched them a while and they were chalk and cheese. But they filled in blanks. And that made me think about the last time I let myself feel anything. And that... didn't end well. At least not for me."

Images of a woman, circa 1930's or 40's attire, confronting him, laughing, dancing with him. And him looking at a lab result that indicated she had the mutant gene.

He actually did nothing about it and the woman lived her whole life, without him. Never married. But never got... the Sinister treatment.

"And then there was also me telling myself not to be an idiot, as it's the 21st century." He gestures there at Lucifer, grins fleetingly.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer watches the memories as they appear. The hovering over Times Square, capturing of DNA material in the bits of trash and such. A Loki. Which makes him smirk. But then the memory stops at the older couple, the woman who trips and the husband who catches her.

"That's a lot of things to come together and fill in blanks and make you realize at the end of all things, you shouldn't be an idiot." Pausing there and leans in to rest his head on Nathaniel's bare shoulder. "I am glad you finally decided such... and look at where it's all led us to, hmm? Now we're the old couple catching each other when we fall and making the best of eithers world for each other."

Well. It made sense in his head.
Sinister has posed:
"Yes indeed," The head on his shoulder makes Sin smile and he looks down at the slicked hair, leaning his face down to bury his nose in the memory of hair and scalp scent. An arm goes around the suit-wearing one, squeezing in that possessive way he often has.

He looks away then, back at the scenes of memory, which is still for some reason, showing the trash clean-up.

That seems to surprise him a bit, glancing from baggy to baggy, the truck that carted everything off for sorting. Memories are sometimes funny, with the detail that they want observed. Subconscious minds!

There's a thoughtful look, then he's gazing back at Lucifer.

"Alright. Care to take us back to normality? Maybe some fun?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer closes his eyes as he enjoys the feel of his scent being taken in. Eyes open a moment later to watch the memory as it continues in it's trash cleaning haze. Odd. Yet somehow fitting in some weird way.

Gazes meet and then that last request and he gives a single nod of his head. Shifting, he wraps his arms around the squeaky-slipper'd one and holds tight. "Some fun indeed. Away from dreams and back to normal. Awaken and enjoy." The last words he says before all likely fades back to life...and then to black as the curtains fall for fun times.