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The planning stage
Date of Scene: 21 October 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: Gathering of some of the heroes getting ready to go to Mexico and face some unknown critters.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Thomas Raith, Faith Lehane, Wonder Girl

Harry Dresden has posed:
Things are getting weirder and weirder about the situation with the critters. More than a few have had a dream about it. Harry contacts a few to sit down and have a conversation about it.

He has the wards lowered so people can come in, but only a select few people. No sign of Mouse tonight, but that can mean anything. His highness, Mister, is stretched out on a few file cabinets and is holding court. Well in his mind he is anyway.

There is a six pack of Mac's homebrew, cold on the desk. Harry is studying a map and frowning to himself, muttering under his breath.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith is partially out of the loop... but there was promised beer so he is coming. The Club owner also brining a full tray of cheese manicotti, because Smash is still trying to make vegitarian options on the Blue Lady's menu a thing and the customers are still ordering steaks instead. "Faith, you mind getting the door please?" he asks since both of his hands are full with hot cheesey goodness.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane is bored, and there is no better cure to boredom than an invitation to a demon slaying hunt..Or whatever.

She's a bit fuzzy on the details but what's important is that it involves a bit of action and hopefully some shedding of blood. With things being a bit slow lately, Faith is more than eager to check in with Thomas' brother and figure out what's going on..

Which is why she saunters in, dressed in her usual punk look - this time featuring a very short black tight crop top, red arm warmers and scruffy jeans. There are still a few days of sumner left - either that or she finally wore through her already threadbare denim jacket and is just putting in a tough girl face as she steps in afterThomas.

She grins and nods, slipping towards the door, swinging it wide open for him. "Sure, think you overdid it just a bit?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Even with wards down, there's still some measure of being polite needed so when a blonde woman of below average height lands and heads for the door, she knocks. "Heya, it's Cassie!" she greets to make sure no one else might riled up by mistake.

You never know when someone has beef with someone else.

so eventually she enters, dressed in very clingy blue jeans, a black high necked muscle tank with a golden =W= across her chest tucked into her waistband with a plain black belt and boots. A pair of silver wrist bands on either arm covering about half of her forearm. before leaving the rest of each limb bare till the shoulders.

"So, pre-work team meeting?" she asks with a chuckle and a smile to those already here before her.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry looks up as people start to enter. He motions to the chairs around the desk, pauses, gets up, and grabs the beers before heading down hall to the apartment area,"Thomas and Faith, Cassie. Cassie, Thomas and Faith." he says by way of introduction,"The seats are more comfortable back here."

Once in the apartment area he mutters,"Flickum Biccus." and the candles in the room light up. He takes a seat on one of the big chairs and motions around,"Make yourselves at home. We have a lot to talk about and a few unknowns we're going to have to work with. I wanted to meet the three of you and Willow, but wasn't able to reach her."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith sets the tray of food down as well as some "To-go boxes" and plastic silverware. "Any friend of Harry's is an aquantance of mine." He says with an amused smile, giving the young girl one of those carming smiles that he does almost by reflex.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane arches a brow as the girl with the golden W on her chest enters. "What the hell, you supposed to be like Wonderwoman Jr or something?" she says by way of greeting.

Cans of beer are of course the first thing she notices and makes a greedy grab for a can or two before settling in a chair, cracking it open, taking a big gulp and sighing.

"So let's get to the damn point already, I take it y'all saw some crazy ass dreams with monsters or whatever, and now we're gonna bash some heads. Right?" she glances hopefully towards Harry maybe a bit too eager con the head bashing bit.
Wonder Girl has posed:
The fun thing about divine immortality and being below average height. Cassie probably going to get carded for a long time to come.

The shirt. It's pretty much merch. There's all kinds of that available even at the Themysciran embassy. "Wonder Girl technically. It's even a formal title." she says playfully. The blonde grabbing herself a beer and popping it open with a hiss and a quick chug of the contents.

"And I guess that makes you a Slayer, Faith. And Thomas, the Vampire." she sort of guesses. The nose could give a feral mutant a run for their money.

The shared dreams get blonde hair bouncing as Cassie nods. "That'll probably be the easy part I bet. I'm guessing there is a big bad. Some mystical mojo or McGuffin that needs dealing with."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"There are a few more than will come along. Those are either less trusted, less known, or wants to be left on the outside of the circle. The dream came to Satana. She wants to see these things and take one of the big ones to her lab. I don't want to know. I met someone recently that will make for a gunslinger. I am OK with the vibe I get from her."

He takes a drink from his own beer and continues,"Last will be River Shoulders. Him and trust without question. You three need to prep yourself, he's a legitimate sasquatch. He walks and talks and is smarter than most people."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith sighs shaking his head and says in a tone that implies he has repeated the line a dozen times and expects to continue doing so for a long time to come. "White Courtier. The Vampire thing is mostly a ... political affectation." He dishes some of the food out and grabs a beer, not questioning that his brother is letting someone who calls herself "Wonder Girl" drink... Not his circus, not his monkeys. He himself hasn't had any dreams more then playing peeping Tom on his Alternate Universe self and his relationship with some Red headed witch that looks like the chick from Jawbreaker. He chuckles a little bit at Harry's description of River Shoulders commenting "As a member of most people, I take offense to that...
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane a brow at Cassie and smirks, "Ohhh, Soo does that mean you're as strong as Wonder Woman too?" she grins, dark eyes glinting dangerously. "One of these days we should have a throw down..Friendly throw down of course.." she winks. Who knows what she's up to?

She peers at Harry, listening impatiently and sighs. "Ok yea we got it. So what now? Are we gonna hunt something tonight? Whiever else is coming can come in whenever, they're late already so screw 'em. I'm not much for talk and I've had a rough night so where do we start?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie Sandsmark says, "So big, hairy, Clever. Cool! Brains and brawn are always handy." Cassie smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "I've got siblings that are downright idiots. And they're gods and demigods." she points out with a grin to Thomas.

Beer is sipped. She is twenty five after all.

"The OG Wonder is my sister. And yeah, I can do a lot of what she can. She'd wipe the floor with me sparring though. I'll give you my number, we can 'train' down at the Embassy. I'll be gentle. You don't have to be." she adds with a playful tone and a wink right back of her own."
Harry Dresden has posed:
The exchange between the two women get a shake of his head,"River Shuolders will be there soon. Thomas can fly on a plane..." he looks at the other man,"...I think." That is definately a playful jab.

"Jane cannot. Satana can teleport and said she could take others, but I have my own way." Harry comments,"I don't want to owe that one too many things. She is mostly like Thomas, but she does profess to be the daughter of the Devil, so there's that."

He looks to Faith,"Can you fly or will we have to find an alternative means for you to get there? Do you have a passport?"
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane grins at Cassie and gives her the thumbs up. "Sounds like fun, count me in!" of course she is no goddess, just a super strong chosen one but she doesn't exactly fight fair either..

Harry's response causes her to frown slowly, arching a brow, "Uh....Wait, did you say daughter of the devil? Can we even trust this chick?"

To Harry's other question she scowls, "Seriously, do I look like I got freaking wings on my feet? where the hell we going anyway?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
"It's still Mexico right? I'm from LA, I've done spring break there. Border hopping should be fine." Cassandra estimates it the ease. "Faith's hot, only thing she has to flash is a smile they'll let her go wherever she wants. We can just grab a car and drive. Convertibles for the win."She could probably just rent one, but it does sound a lot like she might swipe one. Another playful smile given to the brunette before aiming it to the others.

"They all claim they're the devil, or spawn of. If it were true we'd be up to my... armpits in antichrists. Guess having a daughter of Zeus balances it out." she adds and keeps that playful tone in her voice.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith comes back from a quick phone call, saying simply "If the guy won't leave, call the cops. Or put Crush on him." To whoever it was and shaking his head. "sorry, jelious husband thinks his wife is in the VIP room." He smirks at Cassie's assessment but adds, "I can get her a passport that will get her past custums..
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I meant on a plane, over borders." Harry replies to Faith,"For the record I trust her want to have what she wants. I am wary of her on every other level. She wants what she wants and she will go along and at least distract one of the bigger monsters."

Glancing towards Cassie, he smirks and tells her,"I have witnessed some things that...make me agree she just might be what she claims." he explains,"It puts me a ease knowing I have a daughter of Zeus along the way. Sort of a balancing act."

Nodding to Thomas he asks,"Do we need to take the party to the club and change his mind?" His eyes move between Cassie and Faith,"I think it might be entertaining. If you can get her a passport then that leaves me and Jane getting there and back in question. We can go through the Ways. Willow can come with us or she can go with one of you."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane peers slowly at Cassie. "Sooo just to be clear, you ain't shittin' me when you say you're like a god or that you're somehow related to Wonder Woman..?"

She just grins and elbows Thomas playfully. "Oh yeah? sounds like fun.."
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Daughter of A demon. Plenty legit enough without the bullshit." Cassie agrees sagaciously. The bod of her head bouncing that blonde mane down over and past her shoulders.

Of course when Faith expresses a query on if Cassy herself is full of the proverbial crap. She shows off a little bit and floats off the ground. A few inches before she sets down. Of course aside from that she slips a phone out of a pocket in the front of her pants. Way better chance of surviving there than the back pockets The denim itself struggling enough as it is.

The phone just gets unlocked and Cassie is showing Faith some selfies taken last time she was with Diana and Donna. There's even a few with their mom on Themyscira. "We have the same dad. I'd introduce you but uhh. Zeus is still as much of a horndog as ever. Most of the fam is. It's umm, genetic." she states while putting the cell back in that pocket with some jiggling and bouncing against constricting pants.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Shaking his head, Harry takes a drink of his brew and sighs softly,"I can't tell you what to do, but I would suggest minding what you agree with around her." Harry advises about Satana,"She hasn't done anything to me...came close once but I get what happened and it was as much on me as it was on her."

"River Shoulders is an honorable sort so I trust him. Once we have everyone sorted out we will go to Mexico and get this dealt with."

"I don't think the Olympians are ready for Faith. I am pretty sure she is more than any of them could bargain for." Considering that he adds,"That said, it might just be what they need to shake them out of their comfort zones."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane peers at Cassie, intrigued. And mention of her dad just gets a laugh and shrug from her. "Horn dog? Heh, well as long as he ain't jumping my leg we're five by five. Sounds like quite the family. At least they're not offspring of the Devil...Remind me again why we're not killing miss 'daughter of the devil?'"
Wonder Girl has posed:
"He can be so embarrassing though." Cassie shrugs her shoulder. "He might, and he might also try it as an actual dog. Most of those legends are true in some form" she admits. "It's so much TMI now." she adds and hangs her head with another chuckle at her own expenses.

"Just maybe remember steel toed boots if you're ever in Greece. Anyway, it's a trip to Mexico we are planning, so it's probably going to cause me much less dread and worry. I'll remember to bring my weapons and other gear."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"All right." Harry says,"It will take me a little while to get a path through the Ways figured out. After that, we'll see."

His attention moves to Faith and he asks simply,"Assume she is what she says she is. Tell me how you intend to kill something that can't die. That would be the big reason." he tells her. He moves his attention to his beer, smirking when Cassie talks about her father being embarassing,"Isn't family fun?" he asks with a shaking of his head.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane laughs "Heh, ain't that what parents are for though? I mean at least they didn't abandon you..." she friend, fists clenched at her sides, totally losing track of what they were all brought here to discuss in the first place..

He talks of an unkillable woman and that gets her laughing. Possibly only slightly nervously. "Are you kidding me? everyone has a weak spot, everyone, you just haven't found it yet. That's part of what being the slayer is about. Speaking of, I guess I still gotta make an appointment with one of those SHIELD goonies about the Scythe.."
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Mom, she didn't. For dad, it was just a fling and I fluked by way into all this!" Cassie points out and sweeps a hand down and up along her body. Much like a game show model with the major prize.

The mention of unkillable gets a hmm. "There's flavors of things not dying. It's not a one size fits all." Cassie explains with a more serious tone. "There really are things that will not die. There are also things that will not stay dead. The trick then is where to put them. They can be beaten, they can be duped. They can be imprisoned. It might not be forever but it can be long enough." she adds and finishes her beer finally.
Harry Dresden has posed:
The point of the meeting is made. Everyone has a better idea about how they need to get where they are going. Harry provides GPS location. Everyone knows there is no way he got that himself.

For the next little while, he just listens to people talking and comparing war stories. A soft sigh and he settles into drinking a second Mac's brew, adding to the conversation here and there.