15734/A juncture of Jills at a Jacuzzi

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A juncture of Jills at a Jacuzzi
Date of Scene: 23 October 2023
Location: Sparadise
Synopsis: A rather remarkable assortment of individuals find their way to a seculed Spa to put their feet up and feel the bubbles. It's also notable in the fact that nothing nefarious seems to have occurred or ruined their relaxation. Some tips, facts and opinions are floated.
Cast of Characters: Spiral, Fairchild, Power Girl, Wonder Girl

Spiral has posed:
    Out on this backroad by a two-lane highway is a scene right out of the opening of a indie film or roadtrip flick. It's got character and its got vistas to take in. What it doesn't have is a lot of urban sprawl, noise pollution and tons of traffic. Probably entirely the point of putting out here where a patron will be able to wind down enroute by a long drive with the top down or windows open.

    Sparadise is a literal oasis, albeit augmented so that it can provide a number of places for one to take a dip and steep away the tension of reality. A few bikes are parked out front, and after one finishes with checking in at the front desk, another little trip must be taken down some landscaping of what the owners imagine a tranquil path looks like. There are fountains, steadily rising privacy screens until one can descend a small grotto towards the main attraction of the spa: Mudbaths, jacuzzi and sunbathing. The grotto seems proportioned almost like an amplitheatre, with the stage being where hills and valleys drop away to one of those amazing backdrops where a setting sun would look killer.

    Unobtrusive staff try to keep their presence at a minimum, unless towels, drinks or other creature comforts are needed. The jacuzzi's are all a-bubble. One woman in particular is already there and is eyeing a nearby mud bath with a great deal of skepticism. A towel wraps around her figure as she wraps a finger around her long white hair.
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild tends to get a lot of attention, a distracting amount of attention, at most spas and gyms. Probably being a famous superhero, six and a half feet tall and well....built like Caitlin will do all that. This place says it's got a lot of privacy, though, and it's meant for people who want to get that sort of pampering without being bothered by fans and/or dudes who want to try to outlift her.

You're not going to outlift her, dude.

She's making her way to the jacuzzi area in a green one piece swimsuit with some some jumbo super large absorbent towels, her red hair pulled up into a sloppy bun on top of her head, "Oh, hi. Uh, I'm...I'm Caitlin, I guess we're gonna be...whirlpool buddies," she says.
Power Girl has posed:
Get out of your comfort zone.

That is the advice that Karen Starr has received as of late. Feeling like she is in a little bit of a funk, that she is having a tough time relating to others and feeling properly enthused about her life, she has been trying to do things that she normally wouldn't. To open herself up to new experiences.

So far so good, really.

And today marks her next effort on that continued path. This particular spa has come highly recommended for it's quiet, out of the way nature and relative privacy, so it seems like it is a good first step in trying something a little bit new. Something that she might normally pass up on. So like some of the others present today, the tall blonde winds her way down towards one of the waiting pools, sweeping her gaze over the vistas offered.
Wonder Girl has posed:
While more often than not, most of the features of a Spa day can be found at the Themyisciran embassy. And some of those Amazons are very good at a massage. And they've just been introduced to saunas.

There are things Cassie Sandsmark has learned to appreciate that they haven't figured out. Mostly things like facials, pedi/mani treatments. The extra girly stuff that started being important when you stop looking like a scrawny tomboy and fill out into someone with looks that could annoy a sister that is also the Goddess of Love and related fields

So finding a place that does those things and discretely is kind of important. The gym she ignored, that work out she can get at the Titan's Tower

When Jacuzzi time hits her itinerary. Cassie is in a scant little red string bikini, outlined with a golderm piping and strings as a more plain white fluffy towel slings around her shoulders.

"Oh wow, umm. I think maybe are we all somehow multiple booked or is this communal? It's my first time here. So not sure what the deal is." she states as she starts finding herself surrounded by women that could be the embodiment of people's body image issues.

Even Demigoddesses.
Spiral has posed:
The fit looking woman with that notable hair turns towards Caitlin, and immediately Spiral realizes the other woman has come better prepared. Her brown eyes drift up to the pilled hair, and then to the swimsuit. She adjusts her towel again and turns to face the new arrival. "Caitlin." Spiral murmers, like it's one of those helpful tactics to remember names if she repeats it soon after hearing it. A bit of a brief tonguing of the roof of her mouth and then she summons a faint smile. "Sure, buddies. My name is...Rita."

More arrivals, and the collection of individuals assembling seems suspiciously diverse and eye-widening. In Spiral's case, her paranoia ramps up a few notches as does her well-developed complex of doing comparisons. She is not immune to old flaws, particularly body image related. "Oh wow." she says with forced calm.

Spiral, having done a little hocus pocus to appear to have the normal amount of limbs, pupils, but still her shock of white hair, now considers a little more in the swimsuit department. But that will require attention elsewhere. She inclines her head to Cassie and Karen, eyes drifting and a smile forced onto her own face. "I'm not opposed to company. Not at all. The more the merrier as they say?"
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild is still getting used to strangers knowing her name, although it's been a few years now, "Hi, Rita. And...everyone else. Yeah, I think it's meant to be communal," she says. "Price of privacy, I suppose. We have the place to ourselves, but we have to share."

She sinks into the water, letting it roam over her. Her long torso doesn't get her that deep in the water, her bosom just above the water line, long powerful arms draped over the sides.

"I definitely know you two, at least," she says, nodding to both Cassie and Karen Starr, "At least by sight and reputation, if not personally," she says.
Power Girl has posed:
For her part Karen has never really done the whole spa thing. Such are the drawbacks of being grown in a lab.

It does mean that she doesn't really have a whole lot of expectations when it comes to this entire experience though, so the fact that they have all seemingly been redirected to the same pool doesn't strike her as particularly odd or intrusive.

But then she is very much here for the new experience, and a big part of that is starting to meet new people.

Dipping her head towards the others, the statuesque blonde offers up a smile and a little wave. "Hi. I'm Karen," she says, offering up her own introduction as she starts to make her way over to the waiting water, pausing long enough to drape her towel over one of the loungers by the jacuzzi, a white bikini offering some degree of modesty as she steps into the waiting waters.

"Oh. Well it's nice to meet you all as well," the blonde heroine adds, letting out a quiet sigh as she sinks deeper into those warm waters.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Well the original occupant seems okay with everyone inadvertently intruding on her so Cassie at least tries to look a little more relaxed. Though it's more duck on a pond for those that can pick up on body language a bit better than she can.

"I'm Cassie, you guys probably know my older sister more. You especially!" she smiles to Karen, Justice League stuff with Diana, and then back to Caitlin. There is some craning of her neck to aim that expression at the much taller women and the one already soaking in the tub.

With the others climbing in, Cassie follows suit, setting her towel down on the edge in arms reach. Then sliding into the water with a soft mmm.

Her below average height meaning she actually can sink down with her chin almost touching the water line. Her hands up and behind her head baking sure her hair behaves when it starts sinking into the jet propelled bubbly water and isn't snagged against the walls of the tub.

"So much better than natural hot springs!" she says with a giggle as she adjusts how she sits.
Spiral has posed:
Spiral bites her bottom lip, because she's seen a few of the faces here before as well. She swears she has. The bingo ball dispenser in her head has all the letters of their names, but the jumble needs to pop on out and Scrabble them all in order. One thing is for sure, her instincts are making like an energetic chihuahua. She keeps a firm mental hand on the collar of it for now.

Spiral heads towards the same pool of bubbling water, the jets at a low flow so it's not like stepping into a warzone with Aquaman yet. With the dexterity of a dancer, she walks on tiptoes and instep, a subtle little flourish to help with her sorceress abilities. A blue bikini materializes under her towel before she flourishes it off. Eccentric lady lets the towel fall where it may.

With some modesty manifested, her hands go to collect up her ivory hair and twists it, the mannerism making her look like she's inadvertantly making ~someone is crazy~ gestures before she's done and ready to step into the water as well. Submerging into the water with the others, she tries to let the tension bleed out of shoulders and neck. These ladies make her anxious, for differing reasons. Her mind is ready to run away with conspiracy theories and anxiety.

"Good to meet you Karen. And you, Cassie. So, Caitlin, Karen and Cass...And Rita."

Damnit, she should have said her name was Kristen!
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild grins, "We are a big bubbling pot of alliteration, it seems," she says.

Caitlin's in the Justice League, too, although she and Karen sort of fill the same role, so they tend to be rotated in and out for each other. Except the flying. Caitlin can't fly. She's also pretty strongly allied with the Superman family, a la Karen. She can see the nerves around, especially on Rita. She does her paladin thing and tries to make everybody comfy.

"I think this place might cater to superhumans. Would explain how I got some of their direct ads in my marketing. It's a little suspicious, but as long as it doesn't lead anywhere sinister, I suppose it doesn't harm. I guess supers do need sort of spaces to...relax," she says.

The steam has built up a bit of beading of water on her chest and arms and she sighs as she feels her hyperstrong muscles melt a little.
Power Girl has posed:
With recognition slowly donning on the others, it should come as no surprise that the same can be said for Karen as well. It might take her a moment, but the truth seems fairly apparent. Just take a look around.

"Ahhh, I thought some of you seemed kind of familiar," Karen admits with a smile, giving a little wiggle as she makes herself comfortable, slipping beneath those bubbling waters as she leans back against the side casually, arms draped and spread out there. "I guess it makes sense. This place was recommended to me. Maybe they knew that it catered to a particular kind of clientel," she agrees.

In some ways she is a little more comfortable all of the sudden. While she might not have had a chance to interact much with the others, Caitlin and Cassie at least are familiar. And while she might not recognize Rita, she at least seems to fit in.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Not gonna lie, it managed to get around my spam filters too!" Cassandra adds as she starts reclining a bit more. Thankfully she doesn't take up room the others might need so when she floats a little, not one gets her feet, with freshly painted and dried red toenails in their faces, chests, and other body parts.

"It would be nice for a change if one of these things wasn't "Nefarious"." Air quotes there. "And we can just relax, sip mimosas I am twentyfive by the way, and chill without a building coming down on our heads or some weird plot to enslave us." of course that might have jinxed then whole thing, but sometimes being cynical and pessimistic first can be it's own form of optimism.

It's weird how that can work out.

Plus they've all been in the hero game long enough to see how things tend to go.
Spiral has posed:
Rita leans back and tries to will her muscles to unknot and bleed out the tension. She gives her bottom lip one more gnaw for good measure and becomes thoughtful. "Hear hear." she says quietly. "Let's hear it for an opportunity to jump at a sudden spaceship crashing, energy blast from a cursed idol or entity from non-euclidean space invading our timeline."

Oh, say, that warm water is actually doing some good. Rita side-eyes towards some nearby controls. There are ~buttons~. There are ~dials~. "Hellooooo little darling." she whispers and cranks the jets up a few degrees of vigorousness. Oh damn, that one is getting her right in the lower back. Yes yes yes. Rita leaning back and lets her forearms tread water while she is lightly pummelled in a nurturing way. "There we go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-." Her voice almost makes the motorboat effect with the rabbit punches to back.
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild blinks as the water stimulators and jets get activated, "Oh, these -are- enhanced. Sometimes my enhanced physiology can't sense stimulation from weak sources, but these are actually rather...vigorous," she says, wiggling around a little in the water.

"And yes, I really do hope this isn't a trick from some sort of evil scientist or cult or terrorist group. For one, I will definitely split this swimsuit in half the second I throw a punch. For two, I want to have a nice spa day and the dinner menu looked really good. Three, it would be very foolish to gather some a formidable grouping of superheroines and then try to jump us. But arrogant baddies gonna do their thing," she says.

"For now, though, I think it's okay to relax and give the benefit of the doubt. We can handle it if it goes the wrong way."
Power Girl has posed:
That draws a brief smile from Karen and the blonde Kryptonian clone glances downward as the bubbles become a little more vigorous, a pleasant froth filling the pool around them. "That could get a little awkward yes. I don't exactly trust my bikini to maintain it's structural integrity in the case of a fight either," she admits with a wry shake of her head.

Whatever buttons and dials that Rita played with, they do seem to have a particularly appealling effect and Karen wiggles a little more, finding her own jet. "They do seem to have gone to some extra effort to make it suitable for those of us with unique physiologies," she agrees, nodding Caitlin's way. "So long as that's all they've done."

It might be a little cynical, but chances are all of them have some reason to be a little wary. It's more then likely all of them have encountered -- or been responsible for -- similar traps in the past. And will again in the future.

Ahhh, the glamorous life of a super heroine!
Wonder Girl has posed:
The tub wall jets actually hit Cassie in her upper back when they get dialed up. She also maybe kind of has to reach back behind and over head to grab the edge of the tub so she doesn't get pushed by rushing water to the middle of the Jacuzzi.

The massaging effects do have a very visible effect on Cassie besides floating her like a leaf on a pond. The half nibble of her lower lip. "I... have enhanced senses. This feels sooooooo gooooood!" she states in a little high pitched squeak.

It's possible she might actually have started cheating with her ability to fly to stay in the one spot in the water. Despite being divinely super strong. She's still a tiny little thing that weighs one hundred and twenty something pounds.

'I will not complain if these tubs suddenly have evil restraints!" she might actually need them considering the circumstances.
Spiral has posed:
Spiral raises one leg so that a set of toes can crest the waters. The jacuzzi is so big, this seems to be possible even with the notables in the stew today, without having to force everyone to play footsies. Voluntarily play is possible of course. Her piggies wiggle at the surface of the frothing water. "Nothing with half a brain will make trouble if they have any sense." Still, that does cause Spiral to give a little glance to the left and right. "No MoJimps...mmmmm...we'll be alright."

Rita seems to be definitely relaxing, letting it all hang out, allowing her attention to wander. A dreamy little smile plays over her features and she almost giggles at Cassie's comment. Her hold on her illusion slips as well, and in addition to her lazily floating arms comes another pair that arch and cup behind her head. And ~another~ pair that rises out of the water and swipes gently along her cheeks and tucks strands of hair back behind her ears. "Restraints aren't evil. They're just...seatbelts. Seatbelts plus."
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild shakes her head at Spiral, "I don't know what those imps are and I don't wanna know," she says. "Too much restraint reminds me of labs. And not the fun kind of labs where I do experiments, but the bad kinds where psychos try to turn people into weapons," she sighs.

"Sorry, turning off superhero brain, relaxing. I'm not good at relaxing. I'm a little type A, an overachiever. Happens when you start college at ten," she says.

She tries to imitate, sliding her arms behind her head and arching a bit to relax.
Power Girl has posed:
Life in a lab is definitely something that Karen knows a little something about.

"I'll try to do the same," Karen agrees with a wry smile, letting her eyes slide shut for a moment, letting the warm, bubbly water sooth her, trying to let go of some of those more cynical impulses. She idly swishes her legs beneath the surface of the water, strill controlled enough not to send up a whole new cascade across the surface. Only her Kryptonian DNA probably keeps her from floating right up to the surface.

"I've never actually done the spa thing before," she admits, tilting her head back, a quiet sigh slipping from her as she does. "It's kinda nice," she admits
Wonder Girl has posed:
If anyone is going to know something about restraint's it's the adopted Amazon. "It's all about consent!" Cassie points out playfully. "Safewords. Hades, half of Themyscira can't sleep unless they're hogtied or something." she adds. Half joking.

"I once showed some of my non-blood sisters some of the nastier medieval restraints in a museum. They though 'The rack' was a massage table.

Letting her own legs extend and bob toes above the water she keeps an arch so she can get those water jets between her shoulder blades right where she normally can't scratch herself.

Flexibility has it's limits and the middle of her back is definitely beyond her reach.

"You guys should definitely come to Themyscira. All this. Minus the cosmetic pampering. The hot springs are natural, but that also just means you need to bathe proper after. Sulfur smell. But it's also hotter." while she and Karen could probably hot tub in a volcano, she's not sure about Cait and Rita, the appearance of extra arms not actually bothering her.
Spiral has posed:
"Oh labs don't have to be terrible. Many fine things can come out of them. Fine, beneficial, greater things that are more than the sum of their parts." Mental note: Collect more body parts tomorrow. Spiral stretches out her other leg and adjusts her position slightly. A difference in posture, by degrees, can make a lot of difference. Her eyes close, though one opens a slit to peer at her Jacuzzi buddies as if object permanence isn't fully trusted yet.

"A big bath of sparty pants'." she says with a good natured tone. "I like this spa. It's not full of purple goo." She doesn't elaborate on her old Boss' preferences and questionable Likes.

Cassie's sharing of facts have Spiral peeking again, checking facial expressions for jesting or legit factoids. "Living on just a single island for so long, it's no wonder they seem a little...different. In perspectives and proclivities. Well, if the opportunity ever arises, perhaps a small vacation there on their little island paradise. I'm always keen on investigating new cultures, especially exceptional."

Spiral raises a hand to beckon over one of the furtive Staff of the place. Whether they've been forewarned of the exceptional clients today or not, they're respectful, and to the physiques in attendance, not a little awe. "Drinks please. I'll have anything refreshing, strong and not purple or...jello-like." she adds with a tone of seriousness.
Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin Fairchild peers at Spiral curiously, "Purple goo? Do you have some sort of trauma? Is this about the Grimace shake? Because I think that was just a meme," she says.

She turns her head with a wide grin to Cassie, "Oh, I want to go so much! I only know Wonder Woman a little bit, but everything I've heard, it seems like an amazing place. All that history and mythology, the isolation leading to parallel developments of society, just...so fascinating!"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Drink orders. Cassie beams, "Pink Mimosas!" she suggests and does that swirling sweep of her fingers to suggest all around." Rita gets a reassuring smile. "Rose, vodka, and raspberry lemonade. In a champagne flute, garnished with slices of raspberry and lemon." she explains with a grin.

"I could chug them by the pitcher. And thankfully I don't get drunk on terrestrial booze." she says like it's the best thing ever.

"If you wanna get hammered but can't I can usually call my brother Dionysus. He's usually got a hook up for party supplies." connections via divine nepotism.

Cait fangirling about the island gets a big and almost equally fangirlish tone. "Oh my god you will love it. It's a lesbian anthropologists dream!" she states with first hand experience. "Though I'm an archeologist more. I'll have my master soon. Then that PhD! I have my whip and fedora already on order for that!"
Spiral has posed:
"Oh...Mojo." Spiral sing-songs and rolls her eyes for emphasis. "I can never eat jello again after suffering under his service. Pudding, fruit cups, custards, jellos or the like. Yes, probably trauma." Her eyes seek out the simmering mud bath pit over yonder, but it's blessedly hidden from sight from her vantage in the jacuzzi.

"Mojo had a plan to get a pair of eyes on the Isle of the amazons. Had me whip up an Amazot, cybernetic, beautiful...according to ~his~ standards, which was one of the reasons it never passed the sniff test and make it onto the island." Spiral raises three sets of nails and eyeballs what the water is doing to their finish as she says absently, "I'm so glad that little scheme failed. He was so furious. Did you know he had a hand in with American Gladiators? Or was that wrestling..." she frowns.