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Caitlin Fairchild (Scenesys ID: 1120)
Full Name: Caitlin Fairchild
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Engineer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Columbia
Status: Dropped
Groups: Superman Family, Alpha Flight, Gen 13, Space-OOC, GIRL
Other Information
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 7 September 2001 Actor: Deborah Ann Woll
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 137 kg (301 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson


Caitlin's a fairly well-known hero despite her youth. In the public eye, she's a gorgeous powerhose with a bright smile and a sunny disposition. Other heroes know her as a ready ally and honorable, civic-minded do-gooder. She's been associated with Kryptonians, Amazons, and even Asgardians.

Brilliant as she is strong, Caitlin's developed some notoriety in the tech community.

Very, very few people are privy to the secret she carries: That she is a member of Project Gen13, a cloned attempt to make a supersolider. Only her closest friends know about her adoptive family and her past, on the run from CADMUS.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Caitlin Fairchild is remarkably tall for a woman, standing as she does at nearly six and a half feet - but it's not her height that exerts so irresistible a pull over the gaze of others: it's everything else. In the crudest sort of vernacular, Caitlin is an Amazonian mega-babe - she's unerringly and almost annoyingly beautiful, her gently-tanned skin smoother than marble, her hair like the richest silk and her features so flawlessly symmetrical it almost seems unnatural.

And to make matters just a million times worse, she's that rarest sort of beauty that doesn't seem to fully comprehend just how gorgeous she is - which makes her even more compelling (or even more annoying, depending on your perspective) for the fact she lacks even the smallest hint of narcissism.

Brilliant, orange-red hair that shines like copper in the sun descends in a perfect wave to just below Caitlin's shoulders and, in front, frames a face that's absolutely nothing short of exquisite - her bangs are grown long, ending just above the thin and expressive arches of her brows. Her face is something between a box and a triangle, but remains overwhelmingly feminine with high cheekbones and a rounded chin; the line of her jaw is strong for a woman, however, her chin broad. Her features seem to speak of Scandinavian descent. Caitlin's eyes are an absolutely stunning shade of emerald green, with the smallest flecks of amber scattered throughout; her lashes are long and thick without mascara, and she wears no shadow or liner.

Caitlin's lips are a full and remarkable rubina, lower a touch thicker than the higher; she appears to paint them with a wet-looking gloss in a natural shade of pink, giving the impression that they've always just been wetted. If Caitlin ever had piercings, they've closed to completely that no trace can be found - it appears that even her ears are untouched.

Leather, polished to a high shine in green and dark purple, is the rule of the day. Caitlin's remarkable form is outfitted in a clinging-but-concealing leotard (unmistakably the sort of thing that /only/ a super-heroine would dare to put on) that makes the powerful musculature of her body difficult to ignore.

High-necked, it conceals Caitlin's entire throat - thick straps of purple leather wrap around, thick snap-closures of green resting at the front. Her shoulders are strikingly broad for a woman, and powerful; her costume's full-length sleeves stretch taut against the flawless musculature of Caitlin's thick arms, deltoids, triceps and biceps all pressed out with inhuman strength. Her hands are bare; her nails are left unpainted. At Caitlin's left shoulder is a zipper, its line cast in purple and running down the front of her body; the costume plainly showcases the statuesque redhead's (let's be honest) enormous breasts, following the curves at their sides and bottom and pulled tight across them.

Caitlin's waist is not especially narrow - her abdomen is too rigid for that, obliques honed and plainly displayed; her stomach is flat, more eight- and six-pack. That she seems shapely has more to do with contrast - the size of her breasts and the flair of her hips. Those, at least, are quite nice - smooth and rounded despite Caitlin's strength, her smooth skin bared by dint of the fact the high arch of her costume leaves her legs entirely bared. Her butt is shapely and solid, and mostly bared by the cut of her costume; her legs are long even for her height, thighs sculpted (a strap of leather buckled around one of them) and calves tight.

She wears mid-calf boots - thick, purple leather with green highlights, with zippers up their sides and buckles secured around them to ensure the tightest possible fit.


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Most of Caitlin's early life is a lie. Her birth certificate says she's 26. In fact, she's not even quite 12. Caitlin Fairchild is a clone. In her earliest memories, she was raised in a comfortable urban home by Alex Fairchild, a concrete man from Iowa.

In reality, Caitlin is the last in a line of clones developed by a CADMUS directorate program called Gen13. Derived from Alex Fairchild's genetic template, she was a wildcard experiment- the goal to produce a repeatable instance of a soldier derived from Alex's genetic code. Each generation had successive refinements and adjustments made. Each generation, Alex's memories were altered to accommodate her.

It was when Alex started noticing holes in the contrived story that CADMUS had given him that it started to fall apart. He took his longtime allies, Team 7, to the location where CADMUS was making the Gen13 clone series. There, Caitlin was waiting- 'a' Caitlin. Augmented. Modified. Fully in control of her powers. And absolutely under the control of CADMUS. The battle was brutal and bloody, and when it was done, Alex was presumed dead, the laboratory destroyed, and Team 7 withdrawing in shambles.

But the commandos fulfilled one objective- a promise to their friend Alex. Surviving Gen13 subjects had been relocated to another facility. It had taken time to infiltrate an operative into the last CADMUS facility. An ally inside the facility was able to modify her behavioural programming, to reign in the blind obedience and mindless violence. When the time was right, Team 7's survivors hit the facility hard and liberated the last Caitlin and a number of gen-actives imprisoned with her.

Team 7 set up a trust and a scholarship fund, and appointed a guardian and executor under William Wintergreen and his son, Alexander. They enhanced her education using VR therapy and improved on the programming process to improve her cognitive abilities. Finishing Caitlin's social immersion with a year of 'real' high school, she found herself to be gawky, awkward, and shyly uncertain of her role in life. It led to some self esteem issues but she focused on becoming an exceptional student. At sixteen, she was accepted to Columbia, financed by her father's friends and their anonymous generosity. For a time, it seemed like they'd successfully saved Caitlin from the threat of CADMUS' machinations.

It was in her third year of college-- at eighteen-- that 'the incident' occurred. A CADMUS operative who'd discovered Caitlin had begun slipping her drugs designed to trigger her latent genetic wildcard. She discovered and confronted him, and during the struggle her gifts manifested. She exploded into an Amazonian superhuman in a moment. With her newfound strength, she became a powerhouse ally for other gen-actives and refugee metahumans alike. Often she snuck out of school to participate in clandestine missions to save other metahumans from private corporations and illicit government agencies.

Caitlin moonlighted as a hero but saw herself first and foremost as a scientist. Her initial focus was on engineering and physics, attaining Master's degrees for both and being certified as a PE by the time she was 20. Upon graduation, she was notified by NOWHERE that her thesis project had gained her an application for a paid internship, a position she happily accepted shortly thereafter. High security, high clearance, but low-profile work. It suited her perfectly and she added a doctorate in cellular biology to her portfolio of education. The idealistic young woman was forced to quit that position when she came to understand the ethical failures associated with certain projects, such as Experiment 13.

Her work led her to developing a new type of robotic actuator that received a great deal of attention in limited engineering circles. She left NOWHERE looking for new employment, and during this interim developed an ultra-portable mass fabricator called 'The Factory'. It's sold quite well and got Caitlin her first cover of Popular Mechanics. Still moonlighting as a hero she eventually applied for a more prominent position with Stark Industries in their R&D department, the famous Stark Skunkworks.

Caitlin's adventures have led her to strike up alliances with many friends of humanity, including Thor of Asgard and Diana of Themyscira, and she's been hailed as a warmly welcomed ally of both.


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Caitlin is horribly, viciously, stultifyingly ... nice.

It's the only thing about her that tends to chafe her more world-weary allies. She's brilliant, she's powerful, she's gorgeous - it'd just be easier to deal with her if she were a little bitchy, at least. But she isn't. She's optimistic, she's pleasant; Caitlin doesn't even use profanity. She can be a bit naïve at times, though; particularly where the minutiae of relationships and romance intersect. Entendre goes over her head and she's not a font of clever advice in such matters.

Spending her first eighteen months of public life as a mousey-haired bookworm set the basis for an introvert's personality. Caitlin's a studious scholar and a talented engineer with a tinkerer's mindset.

Unfortunately her self esteem vacillates with her mood and her lingering feeling of dysmorphia. Often she's far more fixated on the property damage she does with her feet than how other people perceive her appearance. For the most part, she manages to work past it.

In many community groups she tends to become both den mother and mother hen to her peers and proteges. Unlike some heroes, Caitlin attends church regularly and is a devout Catholic. Reconciling her faith with being friends with pagan demigods sometimes is a challenge for her.

More than anything, Caitlin earnestly treasures her friendships and the people who have made themselves part of her life.


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Caitlin is the sort of genius often called 'prodigy'. Part of it is superior genetics; part of it is discipline, motivation, and ample use of VR training. Her facility for science and math is remarkably adept and she has substantial post-collegiate education to reinforce her analytic and intuitive engineering skills.

Super Makeover
Caitlin's transformation triggered something deep in her psyche. She turned into what she had dreamed of as her 'ideal' self- an attractive, powerful and athletic woman. By most contemporary standards Caitlin could be considered extremely attractive.

Superhuman Augment
When Caitlin's powers triggered, she exploded up and out, gaining a bevy of superhuman physical gifts.

  • Superstrength: Caitlin can lift over 100 tons under peak conditions. Intense physical training has continued to raise this limit over time, up from a meager 5 tons when she first started out. She can achieve a 150m standing vertical leap and launch herself nearly a quarter of a kilometer with a running start.
  • Durability: Caitlin is phenomenally tough. She can resist fire from conventional military firearms, survive falls from great heights, and endure blows from superhumans. Targeted anti-tank rounds and high-energy weapons are the lower threshold of 'danger' for her.
  • Agility: Nimble and fast, particularly for her size, she has excellent balance, coordination, and reflexes. Her enhanced physiology makes her capable of some improbable acrobatic feats like standing triple backflips or sprinting over broken terrain. Her throwing arm is like a cannon, very accurate and hard-hitting. Caitlin's sustained run speed is some 150kph and can sprint up to a kilometer at 50 m/s. The fact she trips over her own toes as often as not might be more psychological than anything else.
  • Stamina: Caitlin has truly superhuman endurance, proportional to her strength and effort. She can be temporarily exhausted by trying to lift beyond her maximum weight. After sprinting at her top speed for over a kilometer she'll need at least a few minutes to recover. A comparatively mild jogging speed can be maintained for hours at a time, even a few days in a pinch. Sleep is more a psychological requirement than a physiological one for the heroine.
  • Fast Healing: Cait won't survive bleeding out but if she doesn't die immediately, odds are good she'll pull through. With gene therapy, missing eyes and limbs can be grown and attached. If there's a disease, fungus, or virus that can get her sick, she hasn't met it. She still gets hay fever, though.


Caitlin will push through pain, exhaustion, fatigue, and stress to get the mission done. She never gives up, never quits, and never leaves an ally behind. And when all else fails, she falls back on her faith in her God and her family. Despite her insecurities and flaws and uncertainties in life, one would be hard pressed to find someone with a bigger heart than Caitlin Fairchild.


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Caitlin is a competent pilot and rated on a handful of light cargo and transport craft, including those in use by several heroic and military organizations.

Highly Educated
She's a certified Professional Engineer for both Electrical and Mechanical engineering. Caitlin also possesses minor degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice and a PhD in genetic and cellular biology.

Caitlin's got those intangible qualities many people like to see in a leader. She's rarely ruffled by danger and always cool under fire. Assertive and intelligent, she has a gift for leveraging her allies assets to best use in a battle situation, even while swinging her fists. Her tactical acumen is one of her most useful skills.

Caitlin is an aspiring cello player and has some growing proficiency with that instrument.

Super Beatdown
Caitlin is an extremely proficient fighter. Raw brute force has been, over time, supplemented by dynamic and varied martial arts training from many sources. Coaching, training, sparring with superhumans, demigods, and aliens alike has help Caitlin capitalize on her immense strength and weight as a weapon. She's a hell of a boxer and particularly relies on her superior strength to augment her grappling game.


Caitlin has a strong personal connection to the Kryptonians due to her time with NOWHERE. Few humans share her understanding of Kryptonian genetics and by extension, the tools used by Kryptonians to maintain their well-being.


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Adopted Brother
Another one of the 'children of Team 7', Alexander Wintergreen has the same familial ties to that unit as Caitlin herself despite not being gen-active. Older and more mature by several years, Alex not only helped program Caitlin's behavioural software, he also protected her 'big secret' until she was ready to learn the truth about herself and her origins. He's a bit of a black sheep, being a notorious arms dealer and gun for hire. Despite this-- and now outweighing him by a hundred plus pounds-- she still looks up to her adoptive 'big brother'.

Over the years Caitlin's established herself as a trustworthy and stalwart ally of several groups. The Asgardians view her as a welcome friend of Asgard and she's accompanied their warriors into space and battle on several occasions. The Amazons of Themyscira have adopted her as a sister-at-large and she makes regular trips to that island, considering it a second home. Moreover, she has personal connections to many heroes and some professional/technical organizations where she's worked as intern, engineer, or ally.

Caitlin's public presence has proven to be a morale booster for many young metahumans, mutants, and Gen-Actives. She's conducted clandestine raids and operations with some of the bolder ones to liberate kidnapped children and test subjects. Many look up to her and will answer a call from her for aid.

Home Assets
Caitlin was a thrifty and cautious investor. Combined with the revenues from a few patents she holds, she was able to purchase a rather nice condominium in New York.

Internet Famous
Caitlin ran a famous Instagram account, 'Capespotted', long before she started her heroics. She amassed an archive of hundreds of photos on social media and has tremendous reach with that page. Others mostly handle the day to day pull on that, but Caitlin posts regularly of her own exploits and encounters with other supers.

Caitlin generally has steady employment anytime she wishes it, courted by major tech firms all over the world. Her income is high enough she can easily afford a decent penthouse in Brooklyn as well as cover her personal travel and miscellaneous expenses.

Team 7
Metahumans gotta stick together. Her father was one of the most effective and fearsome soldiers in the world and his allies were some of the best and most competent soldiers imaginable. Though Team 7 is largely defunct, Caitlin still has some allies on their roster.

Trust Fund Baby

Caitlin has a modest trust fund set aside by Team 7's former members. It provides a minimal stipend, enough for basics of rent and lodging and food, and covered her college education costs.


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Body Dysmorphia
Caitlin suffers from some mild body dysmorphia. She still has self-esteem issues relating to her appearance. In her mind, she often perceives herself as a gawky, giant redhead with a disproportional everything. She often forgets where her toes and elbows are in a crowd, and sometimes despairingly thinks she was better off as a mousy, unremarkable nerd.

The shadowy organization behind the Team 7 and the Gen13 program, CADMUS has been a thorn in the Fairchild family side for decades. Between manipulating her father, influencing Team 7, and then engineering Caitlin herself, they have a lot tied up in the project. Caitlin represents both the culmination of years of research and a significant inherent dollar value, and jcertain elements in CADMUS have never given up on trying to reacquire her. They are persistent threat to her freedom.

Head and Shoulders
Caitlin doesn't use a codename. As the only Amazonian giant graduating college who was both underage AND ahead of schedule, she attracted no small amount of media attention. She's spent several prominent years as a superhero as well, in a public setting. At 6'5" and over 350 pounds, she definitely stands out in any setting.

Hungry Hungry Hero
Caitlin needs to consume roughly 10,000 calories a day just to maintain body mass. Vigorous exercise can easily double that. If she goes more than a few hours without eating, she'll start to get cranky and irritable? after a few days, and her body will start consuming muscle mass to keep her moving. She can survive several weeks without food, but will be badly weakened as malnourishment sets in.

Not a Real Girl
Caitlin's status as a clone vastly complicates her life at times. She has excellent documentation and identification, but there's a good chance that a thorough background check would show her identity to be a false one that's barely ten years old. She also suffers some lingering psychological issues from knowing that she's a test-tube baby.

Psychic Malware
Caitlin's education and development were a forced learning process designed for the next state of super-soldier.

Conditioning triggers are buried deep in her subconscious. The extent of these triggers is not known to Caitlin, nor are the command words. Certain phrases or events, such as telepathic intrusion, can provoke a mindless hyper-aggressive state where Caitlin attacks the nearest immediate threat to herself with no awareness of her actions. This may have dire consequences for enemies and allies alike.


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