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Weapon Talk
Date of Scene: 29 October 2023
Location: Sunnydale, Avalon
Synopsis: Phobos drops off something special at the magic box..
Cast of Characters: Phobos, Faith Lehane

Phobos has posed:\<br\>    The summons had come in the small hours of the night. A trill on the cell, a quick encoded message. It had been enough to get Agent Aaron moving. Out of the normal walks and halls of the Triskelion and into the depths of WAND where the strangeness of SHIELD takes a turn for the eerie.\<br\>    It's along those halls that he travelled, stepping past storage bins and vaults in excess. Mysterious artifacts hidden behind layers of barriers and wards, mystical enchantments layered heavily for the security of not just the people holding them in storage, but for the world as well.\<br\>    He found the storage space. C-35. The letter and numbers were depicted large against the metal door. Once the door was opened with the right code sequence it took time to secure the large wooden crate that held it. Even more time to get past the magical wards that were placed, using the green and grey metal charm that was keyed to the psionic frequency of the barriers in place.\<br\>    Once that was done, however, it was just hefting and carrying. Something which Alexander was well qualified for.\<br\>    The drive from Manhattan to Jersey was uneventful. The large black utility vehicle normally carried an entire team of TRT soldiers whenever SHIELD needed boots on the ground. For this gig, however? It was just the young Olympian and his cargo.\<br\>    Thirty minutes later that large black vehicle rolled up in front of the Magic Box, the gas brakes firing sharply.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Wee hours of the night? Not a big deal for the (dark)Slayer, who is used to being up at all odd hours of the night. If any thing, she was getting pretty bored, maybe a bit frustrated with rumours of the growing threat of the giant chicken demon..Thing..That could be harmed but kept returning full force.\<br\>\<br\>But this was just the beginning. Time to up the stakes.\<br\>\<br\>Faith waits patiently outside the magic box, supplied with a full case of beer as she waits at the rendezvous point, wondering if he will even turn up.\<br\>\<br\>When she sees the heavy utility vehicle, she seems pretty impressed. \<br\>\<br\>"Nice wheels." she smirks, giving it the once over, "You come alone?"
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    The driver-side door thumps open and out hops Alexander. Not in his SHIELD gear, though if one looked closely enough at the license plate they'd see the tell-tale eagle emblem. But otherwise it was just a large black vehicle, though a lot about it seemed to speak to 'Law Enforcement'. Just gave off that vibe.\<br\>    As he saw Faith Alex's lip twisted up in a smile. He was garbed in civvy clothing. Blue jeans, white sneakers, black t-shirt covered in turn by a grey hoodie. All he needed would be a blue baseball cap and sunglasses and he would be _invisible_. Or something akin to it.\<br\>    "Hey, Faith." He gave a nod as he walked along the sidewalk and the side of the van, hands at his sides as he lifted his gaze up toward the vehicle then back toward her. Pale hazel eyes met hers as he added, "Yah, security detail in extremis. Though to be fair I think we might have a satellite eyeballing us, just in case. Try not to cuss too much. Sensitive ears at Triskelion actual."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane arches a brow at the all black vehicle, and really, she's not a big fan of authority figures. Fortunately she kinda sorta knows Phobos, and it's a good thing too, or she might give him a rough time otherwise, "Yo, what's up, Phobos?" she asks by way of casual greeting, nodding towards the big black van, "So, what you got hidden in there, early Christmas present for me?" she's playing dumb clearly, she has her suspicions Afterall.
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    Stepping around the back of the vehicle, the young Olympian turns and tilts his head as he looks at her. A small nod is given, "Sort of. I wasn't given too much detail in the briefing, but you guys need it." He touches a hand to the small datapad hidden under a flap underneath one of the turn-lights. He keys in the code quickly then swipes a thumbprint before it activates. The rear gate slides up, the metal whirring as he steps back.\<br\>    One hand goes to rest over his chest as his gaze distances briefly, then he looks back toward Faith. "So here it is. Hopefully it is good weirdness that will end bad weirdness and not lead to more bad weirdness." A beat, "Whatever it is."\<br\>    Then he hops up into the back of the truck, the large five by five wooden crate stands alone and tied down with a variety of bungie cords. He starts to undo them, small flickers of light seen from the runic inscriptions that had been made in the wood. He turns to her, "Don't worry about tipping the delivery-man, I get pizza when I get back."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane loves weapons, more than anything. Call it Slayer instinct, or an unnatural fascination in anything violence related given her background or..Something else. Whatever the hell you call it, she is intrigued, following him towards the back of the van, peering intensely, almost greedily at the crate,\<br\>\<br\>"Soo..What hoops do I gotta jump through to get this thing? I mean, I don't usually like to behave shelf and I hear Nick had a chat with some black ops chick an' all..But I know most of you authority figures do t just give away free stuff for nothing so what do I have to do?"
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    "I'm an authority figure now?" Alexander turns and looks at her with a slight widening to those pale eerie eyes, his expression a touch amused. "I had no idea. That's kinda cool." He bites his lower lip thoughtfully in reflection, but then seems to return back to the here and now.\<br\>    "Hoops, I am not aware of any at the moment. Save that there will be records showing I have transferred the object into your keeping. There might be followup, agents dropping by for inquiries." He grabs the crowbar from where its held in with a strap in a recess in the back of the equipment case for the van. Taking it to the crate he starts to move around it undoing each of the bindings with a heavy /kachunk/.\<br\>    "Main thing I imagine is don't fuck up." He says that with a casual ease, "Kill the big bad, save the damsel, etcetera."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs loudly at that, "I mean, come on, you're big bad SHIELD, right? Most people know better than to mess with them..Well except me of course.." she is fascinated by the object,waiting eagerly, impatiently as he undoes the bonds keeping the object within contained. "Pretty high tech security, you anticipating a thievery? Although probs a good idea given what I've seen in my visions.." she shrugs a shoulder, licking her lips,.\<br\>\<br\>"You kidding me? I don't ever fuck up. Slayer, remember? It's kinda my job, and this is my..What you call it? Fated weapon? I solemnly swear Im up to good, or whatever the hell ever." she smirks, "It's my job...As much as SHIELD is yours..\<br\>\<br\>Faith pauses though, considering, "Sooo, are there any like, release papers I gotta sign...?"
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    "Well." Alexander answers her first few thoughts as he murmurs, "There was a non-zero chance this might be part of a heist or some sort of set up. But unassuming nice little old me seemed like the ideal security to simultaneously give the impression of a low level security measure while providing high protection value."\<br\>    The last KACHUNK is heard as he finishes undoing the crate and the front of it falls forward, the wooden panel thumping onto the floor, revealing the stone in its sedentary glory with its bulk pierced by the point of that blade stabbing into it.\<br\>    He steps back. "Release papers? Nah. This is a big enough thing that you accepting it and our talk right now is likely being monitored eight ways to Sunday. So your verbal accepting of it should be enough."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane frowns, considering some things, nodding slowly, solemnly, "Well Damn, I ain't used to things being handed over to me so easily, so willingly, but I'll do my best to protect it with my life, I'll give you that.." she smirks, "I hear it's been sittin' in storage for a couple years, collecting dust, glad to give it a good purpose, contribute to society as a good little citizen an' all that.." she smirks, her tone almost cynical, but she shakes her head, clearing her throat. "Thanks...l really appreciate this, you won't regret this.." Faith doesn't usually show any one any level of respect but there are a few people who have perhaps earned it.
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    There's a small smile as the young man eases down bending at the knees and he gets his hands around the base of the considerable stone. There's a slight scrunch to one eye as his arms tense and that hoody's sleeves slide up his arms against the surface of the rock. He grimaces then _hefts_ the stone and weapon as one, lifting them up and then stepping over toward the edge of the van. Carrying the large weight of it with relative ease he hops off the back of the truck and down onto the ground with a heavy /crunch!/.\<br\>    "S'alright, Faith. I have you in you. As it were. Har har." He says that with a slight smirk then he gestures toward the front door of the Magic Box with a nod. "C'mon, I'll deposit it inside and we can leave the stone in the middle of the floor. Though you gotta promise to take a picture of Giles' face when he sees it. Alright? Alright."\<br\>    And with that he starts toward the door.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane stares at the stone and frowns, staring in disbelief. Both at his impressive strength and..Well, the whole fairytale thing. "Woah, are you shittin me? This ain't no sword in the stone and I ain't no King Arthur..I just knew there was a catch!"\<br\>\<br\>She scowls. Was this part of the prophecy? Well the stone part is a bit fuzzy at any rate. "Ugh.." she waves a dismissive hand towards the Magic Box and on second thought, Faith actually thinks to open the door for him, "Yeah yeah, I'm sure Giles will know what to do with it, heck I'm sure he'll be fascinated when he sees this baby sitting in the middle of the floor!"\<br\>\<br\>She grins wickedly. Clearly she forgot to mention most of this stuff to the others. Not like she's a staple Scooby member Afterall.
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    It takes some doing to shift to the side a little, to shuffle his grip, and then easing through the side Alexander is able to get through the door. A few strides down and into the middle of the room. Then he kneeeeels down slooowly, and with a resonant /THUMP/ sets the stone and the scythe down upon the center of the Magic Box display floor.\<br\>    Straightening up he motions with a nod, "This is your deal now. If you need a hand or just another pair of eyes to keep a look out before you do whatever you're supposed to do, let me know." He tilts his head and looks at Faith for a moment, those pale irises seeming almost alien as he ponders her from afar. Then he gives a nod.\<br\>    "But if you're cool..." He lets that word linger and then peter out as he gestures over his shoulder with one thumb.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane steps back to take in the Scythe's glorious appearance, appraising its smooth yet perfect workmanship, although much of the blade is buried in stubborn stone, hidden from view. "Mm, it's beautiful, can't wait to get my hands around it, you know?" \<br\>\<br\>It takes her a moment to tear her gaze away from it, nodding towards Phobos, "Got it, I'll make some calls, let 'em Scoobies know what to expect..I guess they'll have to beef up the defenses here or find a safer spot but for now it should be safe in the stone..Right?"
Phobos has posed:\<br\>    "No idea, honestly." Alexander says as he steps back, then gives a nod. "Just something like that, always good to have eyes on." That said he lifts a hand. "Seeya around, Faith. Good luck with the thing."\<br\>    As he says that he turns and starts back toward the door.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane grins and salutes him as he heads out for the night, "Thanks! Wish me luck, this ain't no picnic, but I got it covered..I hope.." the last part is muttered more quietly under her breath. Yeaaah, let's hope this doesn't go sideways..