4143/On Adventures and the Excitement therein.

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On Adventures and the Excitement therein.
Date of Scene: 24 March 2018
Location: Knowhere
Synopsis: Mantis, Korg and Hzt meet Yondu. Business is discussed.
Cast of Characters: Korg, Mantis, Yondu Udonta

Korg has posed:
    Each ship's home station is usually a small place of peace and quiet away from the wild activity of Knowhere. Outside the denizens of the Celestial's rotting noggin hustle about, the street traffic is hectic and the streams of vehicles high above are like an unending river of steel and plastic. But inside the half-dome construct where the Hoff sits crouched like some great eagle with wings folded, there is something akin to calm.
    But as such things are, they are often meant to be broken. There's a heavy /crash/ of metal upon metal as a toolbox falls straight over the side of the winged vessel, a cascading fall of spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more esoteric devices all fall heavily like spattering hail upon the back of a man who luckily... is made of stone.
    "Hey, hey, hey, quiddit up there, eh?" A small insect-face peeks over the edge of the ship's prow, is wings flickering and hissing.
    "That's the third time, mate." Korg reaches down and starts to pick up each tool, tossing them into a nearby plastic container. "My feelin's are startin' ta get hurt, right?"
    Only for that small insect being to slip out of view while its wings rub together in something akin to laughter.

Mantis has posed:
    "Third time means he is doing it on purpose," comes the serene voice of Mantis as she walks down the gangplank that leads out from the ship's interior. "His emotion is amusement, not contrition. You should perhaps rip his wings off if he continues to behave in such a manner." She actually sounds like she means it. Maybe she does on some level. Not that she generally condones any of her crew harming the other members. It wasn't like there were many. Just the three of them.
    She should see about changing that.
    She bends and picks up a wrench, offering it to Korg a moment later. "Once Hzt finishes up there, we should be ready to head for Andromeda. Get that load in there turned over, pick up our credits. Go see what else can be found."

Yondu Udonta has posed:
A large trader barge, with the large streaks of silver and blue triangles dotting the starboard side of the hull, exits the dock location just to the north of the Hoff. It takes a while for it to move out of the way, but it finally does so, large engines pulsing in the otherwise quiet of the hangars.

Just as it leaves, two far slimmer, lean little hawklike ships come in: one to either side of the Hoff: one takes the newly empty spot, and the other just on the opposite end. Both, as they near, have clear Ravager markings: the starlike emblem blazed. Both are steel, with various striped or colored panels on the spread wings. They roost alongside the Hoff at those two stations: not crowding, but there was some intent in settling in with like kind.

On board, the Ravager captain Udonta is organizing the two smaller ships, having left the big Eclector in orbit. After the landing, the first of the two ships folds the front wings in, and immediately there are voices from the lowering ramp.

"You ask again, and yall will be on the OUTSIDE o' the ship when we leave."

Korg has posed:
    Still picking up this hydro-hammer here, and this atomic-powered trenching tool there, Korg is able to at least give some acknowledgement to Mantis' words even as the small Brood that goes by the name 'Hzt' seems to shrink in on himself and hunkers down not just against the grimness of his mistress' words, but the psionic echo she uses in the absence of his connection to the hive-mind.
    But Korg lifts a heavy hand in her direction as she saunters along, "Yeah, nah. Some folks just have to make their own enjoyment sometimes." He tosses a few more of the tools into the bin with a clank and a clonk. "Especially when they feel that their current activities are unchallenging and/or unstimulating. Right?"
    But then the twin avian ships loom for a moment, their shadows blotting out the gleam of light provided by one of the large beacons that serves as a universal source of illumination for the satellite in space. Once they settle and Yondu is seen advancing, Korg offers up. "Case in point, mebbe?"

Mantis has posed:
    As the ships move in toward their landing spots, Mantis' attention diverts to them instead of her companions. She does send a psionic wave of reassurance to Hzt automatically. "Perhaps so," she murmurs softly.
    Ravagers can be good or bad to see. While they are part of the same group, they also tend to be rather abrasive at times. It comes from living by their own set of rules that may or may not be reflected by the rest of the universe. It is part of what drew her to them. Her powers allowed her to join quickly into their ranks. Yet, there are some who do not approve of her as a newcomer. The question is, where do these men fall?
    She picks up another tool and adds it to the plastic bin as her antennae shift a bit, picking up on the new emotions coming into her range. She doesn't try to use her telepathy. It's rather gauche to do so without provocation.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
The ship Yondu is exiting housed about five other members, one of which stays closer to the ship, but still comes out and starts to do a general check over the exterior. The other four group loosely around Yondu, a natural semi-circle that designates him obviously as their leader. Yondu looks the Hoff over and turns to quietly confer with the light orange crewmate on his left, gesturing a bit at the Hoff. The crewman answers; Yondu considers the information while looking over. He rubs thumb together against a few fingers of the same hand, the other sliding to rest against his belt, as he heads over, at ease. The stride is confident but relaxed.

"Hey hey," Yondu calls, loudly, tone jovial. The other set of five Ravagers from the other Ravager ship start to cross over to join them, but that greeting? That is clearly to the Hoff crew.

The emotions of the Ravagers vary: most of them are eager about something, one is upset but subdued, a few are bored, and Yondu is more reserved and careful than the smile suggests. He really could go either way.

Korg has posed:
    As Yondu and his comrades draw closer, Korg steps forwards. His large stony mass seeming to move with a curious ease as he opens his arms in a wide accepting gesture. "Hey mate."
    The jovial voice of the rock man lifts as he gestures towards himself at first. "My name's Korg." He jerks a thumb to the side, "This here's Mantis. And that lil bug fella up top is Hzt." He holds up a hand as if to stay Yondu from a possible complaint. "No worries, mate. Yeah he's a Brood, but his stinger bits got the ole chop."
    Hzt hops forwards and perches on the edge of the ship, looking down at the other Ravagers, his tail wagging expectantly almost like a canine. Korg does, however, continue. "You got some mighty fine lookin' ships there. Looks like we're gonna be Dock Buddies." He stops and looks up...
    "Mebbe Ship Neighbors?"
    "Yeah, nah. How about Space Pals?"

Mantis has posed:
    Mantis offers a small smile in response to the greeting, that zen like aura able to be almost felt by those who get close enough. "This one believes Ship Neighbors may be the most fitting until we learn more of our new companions." It is said loud enough to be heard by Yondu. "Intentions will decide if it becomes one of the others."
    She raises her voice a bit more so that it is obvious she's talking to Yondu now. "Greetings, this one did not expect to see others." She looks to the ship he vacated then back to the captain who approached. She doesn't bother looking at the second ship. She's not sure if it was a show of solidarity that they chose this docking location or a show of power since they made sure to settle on either side of The Hoff.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
There is some obvious dissent and dislike that rolls through Yondu's crew at the Brood. Mutters, comments. Some hatred, some anger. Yondu stills it with a brief motion of hand, and even if they don't agree, they do quiet.

"Korg, huh. Kronan?" Yondu guesses, tilting his head, since Korg spoke up first. "And her, what's this fine lady's name?" Yondu asks, with an amused tip of a few fingers at the ship itself.

Korg's rambling earns a very patient look from Yondu, and, "Sure." All of those. Yondu finally turns towards Mantis, and, still smiling, approaches her, with a simple sway of wrist that causes the rest of the crew to stay back. They are armed, of course, and look like what they are: motley space pirates, but they don't have weapons out, aside from one guy that's using it to trim his finger-claw-nail-parts.

"Nah, never do expect us, yet here we are all the same. Well hi, Mantis, then? 'M Yondu Udonta, Cap'ain o' the Eclector and this array of jackasses," Yondu says, with an offhand gesture behind him, which makes his crew laugh. His mood is stable, calm: nothing hints that he'll pick a fight.

Korg has posed:
    "That's right, nice of you to notice." Korg says, his face lighting up visibly. Which is difficult considering the stony aspect of those features. He is, however, self-aware enough to step back and out of the way even as he waves off Hzt who is making stinging motions with his hips and pointing in the direction of the other ravagers. "Shh, s'alright, kid. We're buddies. For now n'all."
    But that said he steps back and turns around to face Yondu even as he remains marginally close. Not enough to intercede directly too quickly, at least to the casual glance. But perhaps that comes from his knowing that Mantis... can take care of herself.

Mantis has posed:
    The green skinned woman doesn't do anything but remain in place with her hands at her sides. There is no movement that implies she is going to attack. Nor does she seem ready to defend if an attack came. She just is. That is ever Mantis' way. That is the most dangerous thing about her though. That lack of anything to show there is danger in her slight form.
    "This one is called by many names but Mantis will do. This one is captain of The Hoff." She doesn't need to motion behind her since the trio are obviously referring to the sleek black ship behind them with the single red light along the front of the craft. The star emblems are atop afixed to the wings but in a way that shows her vanity about the design since she isn't making them as prominent as perhaps they should be for a Ravager.
    She sends another wave of telepathic reassurance to Hzt, knowing he might be picking up on that animosity from the other crew. Her antennae shift a bit as she does this but there is no other indication of what she's doing. "My crew are not jackasses. Well, perhaps Hzt is at times but he is endearing in his own way so it can be forgiven."

Yondu Udonta has posed:
"Eeeh, yeah, they can be a, what, an acquired /taste/," Yondu jokes. The 'taste' joke has some extra meaning to it, because the crew things it's pretty funny, they snicker and nudge each other. Which helps lighten the whole situation a few layers. "A'ight, Captain Mantis," Yondu says, weighing her in his own way: mostly just with experience. "We ain' here to push on you none," Yondu clarifies. "Nothin' personal at all. Saw y' here, heard about yer new ship. S'pretty," Yondu observes. He isn't threateningly saying it, though.

"But more t'the point, I've a big job coming up. Pullin' in local Ravagers that want a slice. A pick-up-'n-go, not too much firefight expected - but some. Might cause a few dents'n'scratches." Yondu walks (meanders) in a circle while he talks. "But if yer more the lone gun, I can respect dat."

Korg has posed:
    Korg is watching in his own inimitable way, that pleasant smile on his lips and his eyes following Yondu's strolling gait. At the last few words to come from the man he'll pipe up. "Oh yeah, nah. There's three of us though." He looks up a bit towards the edge of the Hoff as the black vehicle looms partially above them with the small insect-like Hzt clinging to one of the fore sections.
    But then Korg looks back to Mantis and Yondu, "Oh, ooh. Unless yer meanin' the one gun we sorta share between us? Yeah I think it's Hzt's turn ta carry it."
    Upwards, "You got it, mate?"
    Hzt hisses and shakes its head back and forth.
    "Cor, stink one, mate. Yer makin' us look like amateur hour, here."
    Hzt makes a rude noises and hops.
    "Go get it, yer makin' us look bad."
    Hzt rushes off and runs up along the spine of the Hoff and then flips over and into one of the open hatches.

Mantis has posed:
    That was not information that needed to be shared but Mantis doesn't seem the least bit perturbed. Certainly the situation may get a bit more complicated if this other crew opts to act on the revelation.
    She moves to the conversation at hand instead of focusing on the circus behind her. Her circus. Her monkeys. Or Brood as the case may be. "Not enough of a lone gun to pass on up a score," she says with another of those faint smiles as her antennae shift forward. Yondu has her full attention it seems. "This one can always get the ship repaired if need be. A firefight is no deterrant." She tilts her head to the side. "Even cuts?" Ah, therein is always the question. It's always about the profit margin.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Yondu's grin grows. He's pleased. His red eyes slip to the antics of the crew, but he doesn't judge them poorly for it. At least, not at this point. If the gun turns out to squirt water, then that could change.

"Cut relates to what parts y'in for. I don' like talkin' specific shares on a hangar dock. What if I send ya a little package, and ya think about it," Yondu says, fishing a little stick out of his rugged duster, and chewing on the edge of it with his uneven teeth. "Also give ya a bit of time to talk to other Captains, see if I'm as pretty and fair as I /seem/," Yondu adds. He's deliberately giving her a chance to weigh the situation. He's still calm, but optimistic. Somewhat amused. And clearly confident about his reputation. "And t'find your guns," Yondu comments, with a thin-lidded aside glance at where Hzt went.

Korg has posed:
    At the look of amusement and the sidelong comment, Korg seems entirely unperturbed and simply replies with, "Why thank you." Clearly pleased that Hzt will have the time he needs to find the jam-pistol that they'd been using for when one or the other of them had to be on guard duty of a sort.
    But other than that he says nothing else, instead seeming content to let Mantis chart out their future endeavours, so he looks to her... then back to Yondu, then back to her.

Mantis has posed:
    "Some do not need them," Mantis says simply at the comment about the guns. Her tone has never changed. It is conversation and polite. After all, a crew that doesn't carry guns on their persons at all times must have a reason they feel that confident. Korg, it might be obvious. Hzt, he really should be carrying the gun at all times come to think of it. Mantis was another storey entirely.
    "This one will make inquiries. This one looks forward to looking over your proposal." The fact he doesn't want to talk shares makes her assume that it won't be even cuts. He'll likely want the larger portion since he is the one with the job and the plan. While it isn't ideal, it is understandable. Not that she won't be trying to get a better portion out of it when the time comes. Should the job be worth it.
    From the feelings Yondu is experiencing, she's pretty sure it will be.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Yondu perks up WAY too much about the 'some do not need them' thing. His emotions rocket, as if she commented about making a surprise party for just him. He releases a deep laugh, clapping his hands together twice. "No they /don't/," Yondu laughs loudly, and points around to his crew. They laugh a lot more uncomfortably about it. Yondu /probably/ isn't a gun user.

"I like you," Yondu says, still extremely loud, to Mantis, approaching out of his little strolling circle, to tilt his head and get a closer look at her, but there is not a speck of aggression in his mood.

"Good. Don' disappear on me now, lookin' forward to bargainin'," Yondu says, a joke, but also a bit of an edge there. His smile lingers a bit more, before he nods once, and then leans back on his heels, starting to move away. "Sure thing, Korg," Yondu adds, jovial tone, to the upbeat Kronan.

Korg has posed:
    As Yondu makes his way, Korg lifts his large rocky hand to give a wave, still smiling all the while. But once the leader of ravagers is far enough away he'll turn to the side and tells Mantis lightly enough, "He seems nice."
    But then Hzt pushes open one of the viewports and perches upside down upon the hull of the Hoff, holding the jam-gun under one of his arms and waving it around as if to show it off to Korg and Mantis. Looking up, Korg shakes his head. "Too late, mate. He's gone."
    Hzt visibly wilts, the firearm's barrel drooping as he makes a sad buzzing sound.
    "Yeah, nah. Sorry pal. Right cock up. No worries, mate. I think we got a job."
    Hzt hops up and cheers, his remaining tail bits twitching happily.