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Korg (Scenesys ID: 1700)
Full Name: Korg
Gender: Male
Species: Kronan
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Gladiator
Citizenship: Alien
Residence: SPACE!
Education: Kronan Training Vats
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 42
Date of Birth 16 August 1983 Actor: Taika Waititi
Height: 8'1" Weight: 2045 lbs.
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Black
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Korg is a gladiator who was under the sway of some bad blokes out in the way of Sakaar. There were some scuffles and a few aborted rebellions, but ultimately it led him to gettin' out of that dead end place and onto a ship here or there as he wandered the worlds like some mystic old geezer contemplatin' his belly button.



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You know. Sort of like a rock. You know, but more emotive. Hah. A lil joke there for ya. I know, rocks aren't usually emotive. Nor motive, when you think about it. But I guess I'm kinda both. Oh and tall. Yeah. I mean, not compared to some, sure. There was that one guy. You know his name. Had a headband? And a loin cloth? Anyways. Still pretty flippin' tall. And yeah, I guess I wear clothes. What's wrong with that, mate? A guy made out of rock still has to have a bit o'decency, ya know?


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Korg was brought forth into the universe on the planet Ria by his parents O-Korg and Ahna. He was to fill the social role of warrior, tasked to seeing to the protection of the Kronan people from threats within and without. He was initially meant to be a part of an invasion force with his brother, Margus. However his invasion force was sidetracked by the Grandmaster who rather rudely used his power to cause the entire fleet to fall to Sakaar where the junk of the universe accumulates.

It was from there that Korg set foot on the path of the gladiator. He fought in the games, his invasion army providing much fodder for the Grandmaster's games, Kronan fighting Kronan and the occasional other challenger. Until finally it was Korg against his brother. They both struggled, each trying to not kill nor harm their kin, only for Margus to trick Korg into a lunge that he was able to lower his shield and accept the mortal wound. It was from that point on that Korg was a revolutionary.

Unfortunately, as revolutions go this one was a bit low key. It took a long time before a champion strong enough to lead the revolutionaries arrived and freed the gladiators from the slavery of the Grandmaster. Only now it leaves Korg with not much left to do besides bounce around the cosmos.


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Korg is pretty staggeringly easy going for a rock man skilled in martial combat. He's a warrior, a gladiator, and a rebel leader... and yet in a lot of ways he views most people as good. Sure they might do bad things, but no reason to not give them the benefit of the doubt. Then again Korg is also fairly down to earth about doing what needs to be done even if it's not the friendliest thing. If someone steps up and wants to kill his friends, well it's too bad but he'll have to stab that guy who wants to kill his friend, nothing personal right?


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Korg has a Kronan physiology which means that he is very strong and durable. His body is composed of a silicate rock that is extremely resistant to damage, able to endure attacks from most ballistic weapons, and surprisingly flexible/mobile. He sheds stones slowly over time like a person shedding skin cells, and over the years he'll slowly grow larger and larger. He is also very strong due to his body's composition and evolution upon a high gravity planetoid. He is capable of lifting approximately one hundred tons at the upper reach of his limit and his punches are capable of shattering most man-made materials.


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Korg has spent most of his life fighting, and to be fair he's pretty good at it. He's able to wield most melee weapons even if they are a bit exotic, and often he's able to win with them, but he's not exactly the best in the universe. Some people might be more skilled with them, might even know their names. To him though, most things are a pointy stick or variation thereof. He's capable of beating most attackers unless they've had perhaps over two decades of training or practical experience. But even then sometimes his physiology helps him carry the day.

Perhaps Korg's leadership isn't exactly a learned thing in the tradition of the great generals of history. But it's more that he has a certain talent sometimes in helping people move in the right direction. What inspires them usually? Primarily that Korg is just so gosh darn sincere and genuine, and when he points people towards doing something usually it aligns with their usual goals too. Could he inspire people to great heights, not really. But he could help people get motivated.

Korg, being a soldier and a warrior, has a good familiarity with the concept of a thing that you point at another thing you're really mad at over there, and then hittin' that thing. He's definitely no Deadshot, but he'll more often than not hit the thing he's aiming at. He's handled energy weapons, kinetic weapons, ballistic, and even has a talent when it comes to throwing sharp sticks.


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Korg mainly has what he carries on his back. Material goods are like, things that hold you back and tie you down. It's best just to stick with what you can carry. Like his armor, which is made from the long dead skin of a Vruulf, at least that's what the guy said when he sold it to him. But it provides a decent amount of protection. Not that he needs a lot, since yeah, stone. But it gives a handy place for him to stow his hittin' stick. Or whatever weapon he's toting around at the time. Oh and there's a really sweet hidden pouch for money.


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Korg, to be fair, is a fellow who wears his heart on his sleeve. He's not one for subterfuge nor manipulation. He says what he thinks and acts on that. He also has a tendency to take people at their word about their intentions and actions. This can easily be manipulated, though he also is fairly quick to move from words to actions and jump to his own conclusions if people are 'being kinda a dick.'

Hah, but yeah no really, mate. More just a creative way of saying that being made out of rocks has its own sort of problems. Eight feet tall, weighing a ton or so, hard to find a place to kick your feet up since folks go flying. Also, not exactly the most gentle bloke when it comes to delicate work or fine manipulation. Not to mention how hard it can be when you're talking up somebody and a part of your nose falls off.


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Title Date Scene Summary
On Adventures and the Excitement therein. March 24th, 2018 Mantis, Korg and Hzt meet Yondu. Business is discussed.
On a Road to Knowhere March 15th, 2018 Mantis, Korg and Hzt are getting ready to head out into space from Knowhere.


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