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Yondu Udonta (Scenesys ID: 260)
"I may be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain't one."
Full Name: Yondu Udonta
Gender: Male
Species: Centaurian
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Citizenship: Centauri IV
Residence: The Eclector
Education: Ravager U
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Guardians of the Galaxy
Other Information
Apparent Age: 62 Actual Age: 62
Date of Birth 6 December 1968 Actor: Michael Rooker
Height: 199 cm (6'6") Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Come A Little Bit Closer" by Jay & The Americans


Yondu Udonta is a relatively infamous individual in a number of space systems, given his occupation as a pirate captain and his reputation for threatening to feed various individuals to his crew. Far fewer individuals know he's a bit of a softie, although he won't admit it.

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This figure stands at just over six feet in height, with another foot of red metallic fin sticking up above that. His skin is a light blue shade, and he sports a number of scars across the sides of his bald head and face. The man's eyes are red, his nose is thin with a blunted end, and his teeth are uneven and jagged. A hint of white stubble sits on his chin and jaw.

He is dressed in an outfit of mismatched leather, fabric, and armor. A long oxblood coat hangs to his shins, beneath which is a harness strapped over his shoulders and about his waist, a holster hanging on his right hip. The man's shirt is purple, with a white scarf tucked about his neck. His pants are mostly black, and his boots have armored patches on the calves and the tops of his feet.


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Yondu was born a member of the small, impoverished Zatoan tribe on Centauri IV. His innocent start was short-lived, as his parents sold him to the Badoon in exchange for food. The boy grew up in a cage, not tasting freedom until it was granted to him by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates and scavengers.

Yondu spent the next several years rising in the Ravagers' ranks until he became a captain of one of their ships. He would reclaim some of his lost Centaurian heritage, learning to develop his whistle and archery. During this time, he also picked up a number of side jobs, including retrieving a young earthling named Peter Quill for his father. He had previously delivered children to that 'jackass' father, and realized what was happening to them, something which got him into a great deal of hot water with other Ravagers. And so this time, Yondu couldn't bring himself to let the boy go to his likely death, and so instead he raised him among the Ravagers. Yondu found young Peter an individual much like himself, and he warmed to the other as if he were Peter's father himself.

Eventually, he and Peter had a conflict of opinion that pushed them apart for some time. It took a significantly larger problem--one that threatened the galaxy--for the two to come back together. Since then, he's been a friend and ally--albeit one who occasionally has to look out for his and his crew members' interests first.


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Yondu has a rough-and-tumble exterior, but an inside that's only slightly less rough-and-tumble. He's spent several decades among rowdy space pirates, and he's had to harden himself to be respected and feared by the vast majority of them. He loudly proclaims the tenets of the Ravager code of honor, which (perhaps ironically) involve 'stealing from everyone.' However, Yondu also understands what it means to be and do good, whether that's direct action or indirect support of others' efforts. Accordingly, Yondu finds himself balancing the role of fearsome pirate captain and concerned, loyal friend to those whose goals might be at odds with those of the Ravagers.


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Yondu is a Centaurian, from Centauri IV. He has several racial traits.

In addition to having blue coloring and red eyes, he is moderately stronger and more resilient than a human of his same size and age. He is edging out of the prime of his life, but his strength and reflexes are close to a human peak range.

Yondu's race possess a large red fin on their heads and upper back, a dorsal appendage that assists with awareness, similar to a very mild echolocation. There are major nerves in and through the fin, which allows a cybernetic fin to replace it, and allow a stronger level of this echolocation.

Racially, the language of the Centaurians is clicks and whistles in multiple octaves, and it is difficult for them to speak human language, but they can manage. Whistling is a natural state for Centaurian vocals, and they have a vast mental library of distinguishing different types of subtle and quiet sound.

Lastly, Centaurians have a subtle natural rapport with nature, allowing them to sense things 'out of balance' in a wild environment, such as a toxic dump or a ship in a ravine. To do this, they must relax in the space and find an empathy with the natural world. Yondu is really not very good at the this, though sometimes he can track with it if he can focus and the planet is not too unfamiliar.

Cybernetic Fin:

As a Centaurian, Yondu has a natural fin on his head and upper back. Well, he HAD one. He has replaced it with a cybernetic interface, that links directly into his brain, and allows him his extreme awareness. He can sense spacially within about a quarter mile, using the echolocation of ambiant sound. This ability links into his archery, as the arrows respond to the sounds he creates, but is only connected in the sense that he can tell where the arrow is, even if it isn't in a place he can see, so long as he can 'hear' that zone. Since he can find his arrows anywhere within the distance, that means he can give them new orders via whistle.

Without the fin or if it is damaged, Yondu is as deaf as a human, though he can still direct arrows to some (far lesser) degree if he can see them, but it is extremely clumsy. Out of sight is out. It would be like issuing an order to 'turn left' to a car you can't see the orientation of.


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Yondu is an accomplished archer with yaka arrows, meaning that he commands the arrows with a particular and complicated set of whistled signals. Yaka arrows are made from a specific metal found on Centauri IV. However, it's not whistling alone that makes him effective--in addition, Yondu has an exceptional sense of spatial geometry (via the echolocating), arrow trajectory, and related combat tactics that he employs for it all to come together. Usually yaka arrows only change direction with whistled commands, but some masters can change their speed or cause them to hover as well. He is one of these masters. Yondu is entirely able to shoot arrows in a more traditional way from a bow, with similar effect, and then whistle to adjust them, but due to his high mastery, there is no point in the bow anymore, really.

Like many Ravagers, Yondu is an experienced brawler, comfortable with bar fighting, drunken boxing, plastered judo, and sloshed capoeira. He's not remotely the /best/ at any of these styles, but he can hold his own against most opponents.

Yondu is not a giant fellow, but has a long background in making people see that doing what he wants is the best way to not be dead: and instead, to make a lot of money. He has a finesse and skill with his ability to apply pressure in the right areas, or to simply make the right example of someone at the right time, to get his crew, or a mark, to cooperate.

Yondu is proficient in the languages of the Centaurians of Centauri IV, a language based in whistles and clicks, and can pick up languages with similar patterns more easily than he can those with words such as from Earth. However, he has managed to master English, though he can't speak for long periods without sounding gruff and vocally tired.

Yondu's a respected leader among the Ravagers, in part due to time served and in part due to his natural ability to determine others' skills and delegate accordingly. He doesn't always feel the need to be in charge, but when he has the chance, Yondu can manage and direct effectively and efficiently.

Having grown up in the Ravager's school of 'fix it or get hit', Yondu has a background of repairing ship machinery and making quick choices. He has a good knowledge of repairs on many of the major systems on his ship, though he is certainly not the best one to do the job, he has the knowhow to get it at least flying to someone that CAN repair it properly. Meaning, he knows which sections can be jettisoned, which are important life support, and how they are networked together. He can do this on other ships to an extent as well, which suits pirate boarding party needs in a pinch to get a door open on some poor ship they're boarding. He'll usually prefer to delegate his crew to this, but can do it himself well enough to know who to delegate!

Yondu has been around a long while. He's been a captain almost as long! He has been to a large number of systems and planets, and is an old hat at navigating the stars, and knowing where the little stops and hidden areas are to get a drink or meet 'that guy'. Experience means he also tends to know where those things 'might be' even in unfamiliar areas. He's one of the only ones that can read his personal maps (of course), though most of the knowledge is not kept on any map: it's all memory and experience.

While he's since become a captain who orders to do the flying, Yondu is an accomplished pilot of a variety of crafts, from the Ravagers' largest cargo vessels to scout and fighter ships and even more menial construction and transportation vehicles.

The Ravagers are pirates, scrappers, and thieves. Yondu is all of these, especially the last. 'Steal from everyone' is his unofficial motto for life, and he tries to live up to that as fully as he can. He is excellent at a variety of skills related to making things disappear into his possession, such as stealth, slight of hand, fast talking, distraction creating, passing the blame to Someone Else, quick drawing, sensing when things are Not Going Well, and so forth.


Yondu is a ridiculously skilled whistler compared to humans, but also to those among his own race. Centaurians whistle and use a variety of noises in their language, so to him, this is as natural as speaking. Having had years of practice to improve his particular approach to archery as brought him to the mastery level he is currently at. He can whistle across multiple octaves, perform difficult trills and even perform circular breathing while whistling without any real effort. Ironically, he can't really carry a tune for music's sake: at least not by human definitions. Centaurians would consider him a very charismatic 'speaker!'


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Yondu's preferred weapon is an arrow made from yaka, a tough and sonic responsive metallic substance that allows the arrow to fly at rapid speeds, turn on a dime, and perform other incredibly agile tricks in response to specific commands whistled to it. It can be used without a control fin, as these are the arrows that are employed by the archers on Centauri IV. However, it can only be used to full degree by someone wearing a Centaurian control fin cybernetic, which requires that person to be a Centaurian, to fully interface properly. Yondu possesses several different fins in different prototype stages, as well as multiple arrows, though only one arrow is active at a time, as they are extremely dangerous when given improper commands.
The arrow leaves glowing magenta energy trails as it moves, and burns holes in foes (cauterizing) as it hits. It can also be commanded to alight into flame, to be used to ignite things.

As a side note, Yondu can hold onto the arrow to do a few very slow feats such as slowly descending or rising. Faster and the arrow will cut him, of course. It's a bit Mary Poppins.

Business Associates:
Yondu's built up a considerable collection of associates and contacts with which to do business--generally more on the wrong side of the law or reputable market than not. They're not incredibly trustworthy, but neither is Yondu; both sides can reasonably assume that the other is only reliable in very specific and limited scope as is beneficial for them.

As a Ravager captain, Yondu has command of a large ship, the Eclector, which has the capacity for several dozen crew members, nearly as many smaller crafts (roughly the size of Peter Quill's Milano), and space for considerable storage from thieving and pirating expeditions. It has faster-than-light capability and can, in case of emergency, separate into four smaller 'quadrant' ships.


Yondu is a member of the Ravagers, a massive organization of pirate 'clans' that can generally be discerned by ship. While he can most frequently lean on his own crew and its loyalty (whether freely given or pressured, due to his rank), Yondu can also turn to the captains and crew of other Ravager clans when he is in need. Such aid, of course, may come with any number of obligations or favors due in the future.


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Law Enforcement:
Yondu's an outlaw, and as such various planetary, system-specific, and galactic forces of law and order are willing to and interested in ending his career and throwing him in some sort of prison.

As a pirate captain, one of the largest omnipresent dangers is a crew who thinks they can do the job better. Yondu's managed to keep his gang in line thus far, but the threat remains that, should he show weakness or posit an opinion different enough from the Ravagers' shared cultural values, he'll have to fight off a mutiny or find himself alone and adrift in space.

While he's not /actually/ an evil guy, Yondu's hard-earned reputation has cast him in a pretty intimidating and unscrupulous light. As a result, many won't work with him--or they assume he'll backstab them given the opportunity. While (depending on the individual) they may not be wrong, it certainly makes Yondu's life more difficult on a day-to-day basis when he's got to prove or otherwise persuade others that he's not going to screw them over.


Peter Quill is, to Yondu, a protege, son, and complete pain-in-the-ass. He's screwed over the Ravagers numerous times--but Yondu can't bring himself to unleash the pirates' wrath on Quill. The day may come when he has to choose between loyalty to the one or the other.


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Title Date Scene Summary
A Day to Relax August 26th, 2021 While feeding some pigeons, Yondu meets a Blue Lantern named Kinsey and chat with her for a little while.
A Crimson Witch meets a Centaurian August 4th, 2021 Yondu happens to meet the Crimson Witch and the two have a bit of a chat.
Egyptian Grace July 6th, 2021 An Ivory sketching session in the MET leads to Yondu commissioning a piece of art.
Burnout in Space June 1st, 2021 Loki meets Yondu and then Rocket. Poor Rocket is deprived of the bounty that is Loki.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Interception on Contaxia December 6th, 2019 Summary needed
Guardians of the Galaxy: Jailhouse Rocked December 1st, 2019 Yondu 'interrogates' Quill aboard the Eclector, following his betrayal by Rocket Raccoon.
Guardians of the Cesear November 27th, 2019 Oh, the same ol' same ol' for them durned guardian brothers.
Guardians of the Evidence Locker November 21st, 2019 The Guardians of the Galaxy are broke and kind of in debt to the Ravager Yondu Udonta. Rocket hatches a brilliant plan: rob the evidence locker of a Xandarian garrison on the border planet of Ataxes III. They're cops, so they MUST have the best contraband, right? This plan surely can't fail, and it definitely won't have reprecussions for the Guaradians down the road.
Guardians of the Feelin' November 16th, 2019 The crew of the Milano are intercepted by Yondu, whom they owe a lot of credits and/or drugs. Sans Quill, Rocket takes control of negociations and stages an unsuccessful mutiny with the arrival of Gamora. Drax's sudden unexpected arrival and expert diplomacy skills aid Mantis' gift giving forethought into a smooth transition back into normalacy. I. Am... Groot.
Treasured Advice June 14th, 2018 Yondu assists Mantis with her puzzle.
Do you remember Jangpiss May 15th, 2018 Yondu, Groot and Gamora examine a Furby.
Are you not entertained April 9th, 2018 Bjorn fights Thor while the Guardians, and friends, eat popcorn
The Ship of no Answers March 27th, 2018 Yondu pesters Gamora and Groot about the job he wants them to do.
Sailor Venus and the Pop Culture Caper March 26th, 2018 Bjorn, Quill, and Yondu land on a planet, and a rave breaks out!
On Adventures and the Excitement therein. March 24th, 2018 Mantis, Korg and Hzt meet Yondu. Business is discussed.
Nobody home on Knowhere March 22nd, 2018 Yondu stops by, looking for Star-Lord, but meets a new crew member instead.
Ravager Down June 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Get Him to the Galadorian May 26th, 2017 Zardu Hasselfrau is Missing and Due At A Show. The Guardians must fix this. Yondu ... is not helping.
The Maltus Falcon May 19th, 2017 Summary needed
When Two Tribes Go To War May 16th, 2017 The Guardians--by virtue of their association with Yondu--have a showdown with Kanjar Ro and a crew of slavers on a far-off asteroid station.
We're Not Gonna' Take It May 7th, 2017 Summary needed
The Edge of Reason May 5th, 2017 Summary needed


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