4457/Do you remember Jangpiss

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Do you remember Jangpiss
Date of Scene: 15 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Yondu, Groot and Gamora examine a Furby.
Cast of Characters: Yondu Udonta, Gamora, Groot

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    "This /ain't/ gonna be the end o' the conversating!" Yondu's raised voice filters through the Milano.
    He had been speaking to Peter quite quietly earlier, but now? There were some yelled exchange through Quill's door of his room. Yondu is in the hallway just past the ladder, a glance down shows him: stance wide, arms crossed, grinning at the door that separates him from the human. His expression doesn't quite match his tone of voice, which is far more annoyed and stern.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora is coming back to the ship after using the small shuttle pod to go off on oen of her own expeditions. She's stepping into the area at just the right time to hear that hick-drawl of Yondu's that is unmistakable in its origin of who's speaking.

With an eye roll the green skinned woman steps up behind him and folds her arms over her stomach. "What, is going on now?" She asks, wearing a space suit that is generally uncommonly worn aboard the Milano, but she'd been doing some outside manuevers on her mission, so the suit was needed.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    "Certainly no conversation /anymore/," Yondu assures Gamora, wheeling away from the door, but he doesn't actually seem particularly upset. He has a strange little furred thing in his hands: it is splotchy brown and white, with a plastic yellowish beak and eerie, enormous eyes.

    "Kid's tryin' to appease me," Yondu says, fake-scowling and waggling the thing a little bit. Still, there's an edge of pleasure under the scowl.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora uncrosses her arms and walks over to a nearby cabinet where she starts to put some of her gear away. The helmet/mask she had on, the gloves pulled off of her hands. "What did you say to him now?" She asks him over her shoulder. "It wasn't anything about his mother was it? Those comments always make him instantly angry... trust me." She's witnessed it, several times, even though she herself has never said anything negative abmount Peter's mother, why would she? She didn't know the woman... Others have though, its a common go-to insult in this galaxy afterall.

"What is that thing you're carrying?" Gamora asks then.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    "A'course not," Yondu says, snorting, and then sniffing a bit, drawing a brown rag that probably used to be white from a low pocket, and wiping his nose with it loosely, then tucking it away. "But, since you say, 'Bout his mom-- HE got his panties twisted over some Terran holiday about moms LAST week, though, but it ain' nothin, I told 'im, he lucky he got me," Yondu says, and then turns to bang three times on Quill's door. He lids one eye, listening to a reply that his extremely sharp hearing does pick up, and grins to himself and the door.
    "Dis? I ain't really sure. Jus' a toy," Yondu says, offering her the Furby to examine.

Gamora has posed:
With a bit more of the gear put away into the storage cabinet, Gamora turns around then to stalk over to the door that the blue skinned man is at and she snatches the Furbie away from the man. "He loves his toys, harm it and he'll be even more angry." She lifts it up and stares at its face. "Looks like a Vektar pup from the Naros Cluster..." She mutters, having never actually looked at the thing that closely.

The furbie is deposited onto a table and Gamora takes a seat down beside said table.

"Mother's Day. It is a holiday celebrated on Earth." Gamora responds. "And you're never going to get him to come out. He's likely got his headphones on and is doing pushups or situps... At least thats what I tell myself he's doing in there when I hear the faint gruntings."

Groot has posed:
The yelling has been enough to rouse Groot from his quiet time down in his own quarters, and he steps out onto the deck before reaching behind himself absently to hit the panel to close the door. He regards Yondu with a grunt and his head cocked, and he looks at Gamora with a long blink. "I am Groot?" he asks.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    "I ain' holdin' it 'ostage," Yondu says, arching a brow at Gamora. "Y'/do/ know I raised the boy, don'cha? I know what makes him boil." The big man seems more self-satisfied about that fact than anything else, but red eyes narrow just a slight bit, a tension across his upper cheeks that is difficult to read.
    "An' also how t'set that boil just so, without it taking a dump all o'er the kitchen," Yondu gestures with one hand, splaying fingers to illustrate a big pot oozing all over a floor. He clicks his tongue against his teeth once, "He knows I hear 'im," Yondu finishes, tapping a finger to one ear. "'e's griping at me a bit. Thas' fine." His eyes move to Groot as the tree steps through, and a wave is given, easygoing.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's eyes go over to Groot when he comes in to the room. "Yondu has arrived to make all of our lives better." She jests, sort've, she knows the guy likes that kind of humor afterall. The furbie on the table is staring at Groot when he arrives and after hearing Groot's statement the Furbie replies.

"Groot, groot, wakkaloo, Groot." In its Furblish language. Its possible the toy has had some upgrades over the years.

Gamora's eyes go back to Yondu then and she smirks at him. "The way I hear it, you'd put Peter to work and leave him without food or water for days. I'm not sure that qualifies as raising."

Groot has posed:
Groot returns Yondu's wave as easily as it is given, and he ambles forward to take a closer look at the chatty little bot on the table top. A finger lengthens to poke around its base and shove it lightly around the flat surface. Groot hums and picks up the Furby, eyeing it closely.

"I am Groot," he says meditatively over his shoulder at Gamora and Yondu. He pauses to listen to Peter's grumbling, then starts making quiet humming and burbling noises toward the Furby.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    "Hey, you gotta WANT yer lives to be better," Yondu says, pointing at Gamora. He pauses, looking at his own pointing finger, and draws it back in to slowly pick some crud from under that nail.
    "Water's for the weak. He drank Jangpiss like the rest of us," Yondu declares. A pause. "Dat's a beer ol' Jang used to make. I miss that fat old asshole," Yondu says, fondly, lost in the memory of a time long past, perhaps, leaning back agains the side of the doorway he'd reclined in.

    And then Yondu bangs hard on the door. "HEY. You remember Jangpiss?" Yondu yells. He quiets, watching Groot interact with the Furby, and sends a questioning look at Gamora. Is this normal?

Gamora has posed:
The Furby doesn't have any real ability to move anything but its ears, eyes and mouth so when Groot picks it up and speaks, it just speaks right back. "Wakka loooooOOoo, Groot!" It repeats. "Ya ya ya ya!" Furbies are kind of annoying like that, cute, but annoying.

Gamora smirks at the toy in Groot's hands and then looks back over to Yondu as he pounds on Peter's door. "That won't get him back out here." She says. "And I'm sure he's forgotten Jangpiss. In fact I think its best if we've all forgotten Jangpiss... but I fear that the only way to do that is to actually drink it. Which I'm going to pass on doing."

Gamora tilts her head then at Yondu. "Why are you here again?" She asks him then.

Groot has posed:
Groot's head pops backward as the little plastic beak "ya ya's" at him and tugs lightly on a flicking ear... which then snaps off. Horrified, Groot puts the small, fuzzy, noisy... thing back onto the table. He delicately places the broken ear next to the damaged creature, shaking his head mournfully.

Groot looks at Yondu askance as he pounds, and peers around the space to look closely at the hopefully unaltered water lines. "I am Groot," he says, giving Gamora a look, and then returns his attention to Yondu. Maybe he should get some water before Yondu's nostalgia means slightly less tasty photosynthetic fuel in the near future.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
    Yondu eyes the now-broken Furby some, leans in close to it, and whistles shrilly at it. The Furby makes a terrible attempt to mimic the sound, which sounds like mic feedback. Yondu grins, pleased to have messed with it. A mild prank, overall.
    "He prolly wishes he could forget et. Think it made 'im toss his beans -- cookies? What's the saying? -- anyway, he toss 'em. Some free ammo for ya next time he's uppity," Yondu shares with a broad smile of his angled and half-metal teeth.
    "Ah was visitin'. I can visit m' /boy/, can't I?" Yondu snorts, defending himself. And clearly dodging what it was about.
    "'E can tell you, his business. But I'll get outa yer hair..." a look at Groot, "an' twigs." Yondu smooths his hands down the sides of his coat, and strolls towards the exit, in a clearly familiar way. He knows his way quite well around Ravager styled ships.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora stands up when she sees the Furby get set back down with a broken ear and then Yondu mess with its speaker system. She huffs out an annoyed sounding exhale. "This is why he yells at anyone who goes into his room. You guys break all of his things." She takes hold of the Furby and makes for the rear hatchway.

"I will tell 'your boy' that you were very sad not to get to say goodbye." Gamora tells Yondu on her way out. As she passes by Groot she glances over at him. "Tell Rocket I need to speak with him, when you see him next." And with that, Gamora and Furby leave the common area, headed for her bunk.