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Groot (Scenesys ID: 1163)
I am Groot.
Full Name: Groot
Gender: Male
Species: Flora Colossus
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: "I am Groot."
Citizenship: Knowhere
Residence: Spaaaaaaaace!
Education: Planet X rootlines
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth I am Groot. Actor: Vin Diesel (voice)
Height: 240 cm (7'10") Weight: Varies
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Hero" by Pegboard Nerds


Groot is the seemingly dumb, naive, or just plain strange plant alien in a group of extraterrestrial vigilante/criminals. What most don't realize is that not only is he incredibly intelligent, he's very wise and kind. Some people just can't see that past his rough exterior... or his eponymous catchphrase.

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Before you stands the massive, tree-like being known as Groot. Built on the scale of an oak tree, the being stands at variable height, but typically around eight feet. A thick bark flesh covers his interwoven branch body, some places clearly showing a lack of internal organs or even solid torso and limbs. His face is that of a noseless humanoid, formed as if from a single sheet of bark, then carved with eye holes and a mouth. There's a surprising amount of expression on the sturdy wood, from solid black eyes to the lipless mouth. Branches with a leaf here and there sprout form the back and top of Groot's head in sprigs, giving a wilder appearance to the already wild, massive being.

All of Groot's body is formed from haphazardly interwoven vinebranches with plates of bark on the chest and back, forming a thick carapace for the torso and limbs. The branches bend and warp with Groot's needs, showing surprising flexibility in Groot's flesh, furthering the humanoid appearance where he walks upright with the two arms and two legs of a human. Where he differs is in the asymmetrical configuration of sublimbs, like having three fingers and a thumb on one hand, but four and a thumb on the other, each comprised of twisted branches. Instead of traditional feet, Groot's legs in in broad root clusters like the base of a small tree trunk. The 'toes' of this firmly root him down where he stands, functionally similar to grasping claws on some climbing animals.


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Born on the world known currently as Planet X, Groot was a sapling to a dangerous, very intelligent race of tree people known as Flora Colossi. Being both vicious and malicious to other races, they didn't share Groot's way of thinking. His race captured various aliens to serve as a slave workforce, keeping them and treating them poorly, which ends up leading to an issue later on where he kills a fellow sapling. The sapling had been torturing a human slave, one named Hannah, that he had become familiar with, and out of fear for Hannah's safety murdered. After freeing Hannah and helping her escape, Groot was captured and then sentenced to exile for his crimes. Being an 'Ennobled Rootline,' Groot escaped a worse punishment.

Traveling the cosmos, Groot wandered for many years, seeing many things and learning much. He eventually got caught up in a scene that caused him to become wanted by Nova Corps, resulting in his incarceration. During that time, Groot was cellmates with Rocket, another incarcerated felon, and built a friendship with the raccoon-like alien. It wouldn't be until later, when Groot, Rocket, and various others that would eventually form the Guardians escaped the Kyln. It was then that Groot had a family and a purpose, helping his allies save the galaxy from the evils of space.


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Groot is a strange beast. On the one hand, Groot is a kind, thoughtful creature, prone to childlike wonderment. While most people would say he seems rather dull, infuriating to others, and a brute all around, Groot rarely resorts to violence without reason and is prone towards acting on moral grounds or for driven purpose. He's self-sacrificing, caring, and generally nice to have around, but doesn't have much to say for those not willing or simply incapable of understanding. To most people he comes across as naive, but to what extent that is accurate only those that really know him could attest.


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One of the often unseen parts of Groot are the spore-like growths that lie dormant within his body. Functionally like little lights, these insect attractors double as a means to see if alternative lighting becomes unavailable. The glowing motes will float for a time before dimming, but Groot can use his control over plant matter to shift them about and prolong their duration a bit.

Colossi Durability:
Unlike terrestrial wood, Groot is nearly bulletproof and very resistant to fire. While not totally fire or firearms, low caliber weapons employing either would have negligible effects on his body. He is only severely damaged by extremely powerful projectile weapons or standard energy weapons with explosive or incindiary effects.

Colossi Endurance:
As long as Groot is in exposure to light, he can photosynthesize and create more energy to prolong his stamina. In normal conditions, assuming day and night cycles, Groot could engage in constant combat for over a week unabated.

Colossi Physiology:
Groot has no need for food, as he photosynthesizes, meaning only air, water, and light are necessary for survival. Groot can live for a very long time if he isn't killed, presumably for several centuries.

Colossi Strength:
In likeness to trees, Groot is incredibly strong. He easily throws around weights that exceed several tons. He can lift more by growing, though it really depends on his current size to determine how much he is capable of lifting. As a baseline Groot of standard size, at roughly eight feet, Groot can lift roughly ten tons.

Explosive Vegetation:
In addition to regenerating, Groot can expand to large size in moments when the need arises, changing anywhere from a couple feet to full grown in seconds. This rapid growth isn't without preparation, and often it means Groot has to give up some manner of regeneration for a short while.

Groot is deceptively intelligent. He is both a brilliantly scientific mind, but also understands a great many things on a social scale. Groot, from the time he was a sapling, was taught a great many things and has a phenomenal ability to learn new things shown to him. He might not always show his understanding, but those that can understand him often have a hard time disagreeing with his rationale behind his plans.

As a being so closely tied to plants, Groot has a fundamental control over plant matter. He can control plants in almost telekinetic ways, creating walls and bridges, inciting them to strike out against enemies, and absorbing their mass to regenerate himself. Smaller, greener plants seem, to be easier to control, but really any plant that isn't dead is possible for him to hold great control over.

Groot can regrow his whole body from a single sprig. This takes time similar to that of bamboo, though slightly accelerated if exposed to regular light. Taking around three months to grow from a sprig to a mature Flora Colossi, Groot can use explosive growth speeds to mature quickly, though doesn't unless forced to out of necessity because of the toll on his energy reserves used for stamina.

Vine Morphing:

Groot can grow, shrink, twist, etc. various parts of his body to achieve different effects. His ability to manipulate his own body is limited only by his own creativity and available energy. He has shown the ability to make his arms into crude, wooden spears, masses of vines in the form of hammers, and subterranean roots that can entangle and crush enemies.


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Colossi Learning:
The Flora Colossi are an advanced race when it comes to teaching. They teach their saplings by photonic imprinting, teaching a large amount of information in short timespans. Additionally, information could be taught through rootlines, a vast intraplanetary network similar to the human internet. Groot, being a noble Flora Colossi, had access to the best education on his planet, and was already quite intelligent.

Groot is a brute when it comes to combat, relying on his size and strength to be a danger on the battlefield. With his intelligence, he is also capable of disabling wouldbe hazards and employing tactics, though sticks to shock trooping as his size and strength to be more fitting for. It isn't uncommon, however, to see Rocket using him as a mobile turret platform from which to lay down aggressive fire. He knows enough about how to fight to be a benefit to allies and how not to harm allies when he performs more impressive combat feats like swinging heavy objects around.

Dumb Tree:
Most don't suspect a big tree man to pose much threat when he isn't incited to violence, but Groot really is just a passive individual for the most part. Many underestimate his drive and he ends up outwitting them by playing the dumb brute that doesn't know better. Because he's so childish and can't be easily understood, it would take a mind reader or omniglot to see through his facade of stupidity.

Quantum Engineering:

Groot, at some point in his travels, learned Superpositional Engineering, the technology used in warp travel, powerful super computers, and various other technology employed by the intellectuals to make the galaxy-wide governments tick. He could be considered an authority on the subject, though has little inclination to needlessly invent or create.


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Guardians of the Galaxy:

As part of the titular team, Groot has access to any of the shared resources of the team, from the facilities of the Milano to the support of his friends.


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Groot is wanted for being a part of the Guardians, both the vigilante and criminal sides. While often guilty by association, there is no doubting that Groot has killed and is just as guilty of some things as the other Guardians. As a vigilante, Groot has earned a reputation for putting away many dangerous people, earning him enemies among the ranks of the powerful and evil. Many governments have him marked as a wanted fugitive and terrorist for his part in operations including, but not limited to arson, theft, destruction of public property, and assault of an officer.

Groot is forbidden from returning to Planet X due to his murder of a fellow Colossi. The Arbor Masters refuse him asylum on his planet despite his noble status, and other Flora Colossi view him as an outcast and a traitor.

Groot would never harm or allow harm of an innocent or one of his friends, so he could be manipulated to doing horrendous acts to prevent such events from happening. Hostages are particularly effective, since he really has a heart of gold beneath that hardened plant exterior.

I Am Groot:
Groot can't speak anything but his own name, saying 'I am Groot' in various inflections to carry across his intentions. Only people with telepathy, universal translators, or omniglot powers can understand him immediately, but others can learn his meanings over long periods of regular exposure to him, as Rocket has.

Almost like a brother, Groot would do anything to protect his best friend, Rocket. He has an unmatched bond with the gun-crazed raccoon alien to the point he would endanger himself and others to save Rocket. If he had reason to think Rocket would in some way be killed, Groot would unleash his full force on whoever he thought was responsible.


Groot's size and physiology tend to make most effects he uses fairly impeded. Even though he can keep up with humans while they run, his mass means he has a slower acceleration and tends to require more time to achieve the same feats of travel. More than just travel, Groot needs time to manipulate a lot of his body to pull off effects, like making a weapon of his hand.


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Guardians of the Feelin' November 16th, 2019 The crew of the Milano are intercepted by Yondu, whom they owe a lot of credits and/or drugs. Sans Quill, Rocket takes control of negociations and stages an unsuccessful mutiny with the arrival of Gamora. Drax's sudden unexpected arrival and expert diplomacy skills aid Mantis' gift giving forethought into a smooth transition back into normalacy. I. Am... Groot.
Plants , Tree's , Groot and Grenades March 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
War of Light Pt. 3 March 12th, 2019 AFter an explosion and all out battle, our heroes defeated a trio of villains: Arkillo, Fatality and Despero. But the real threat was deep within Takron Galtos, as an Avatar of Darkness and Death was potentially discovered!
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