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Do They Have Robots For Everything
Date of Scene: 25 June 2019
Location: Antaeus-5, Sector 1624
Synopsis: Peter runs into Blurr on Antaeus-5.
Cast of Characters: Blurr, Star-Lord

Blurr has posed:
    After that not-so-pleasant conversation with Kinsey, Blurr had returned to his wrecked ship and started working on getting the comms array at least functional so that he could get a signal out to the rest of his team so that they could drop a supply pod with the stuff he needed to at least get it flightworthy again. And then so that he could get after Lobo and Gigas who had definitely stolen from him. Yes, stolen the insecticons that he had stolen from the Decepticons. Because he stole them first, okay? Plus, they're not supposed to get their hands on Cybertronian tech.

    Hopefully, he can track them down before they hand the things off to whoever had been rich enough to offer that much money to any mercenary crazy enough to set foot in Cybertronian space. Because things were probably going to get a lot more complicated once that transaction took place...

Star-Lord has posed:
Huge bounty, meet the craziest (but usually pretty good at their jobs!) group of mercenaries/bounty hunters in the galaxy. They don't call them the Guardians of the /Galaxy/ for nothing.

Star-Lords dealt with Cybertronians before. It'll be fine. Everything will be fine.

... Even so, the Milano is parked in orbit, with the rest of the team on standby in case something very unfriendly popped in, and Star-Lord took the pod down to the planet where Blurr was. He can see the small shuttle fly down nearby, and touchdown.

Blurr never actually saw the shuttle from the Milano, but he'd probably recognize the colors. And the pilot.

Blurr has posed:
    Those colors did indeed look familiar. As huge as space is, it's funny how Blurr seems to keep running into the same people. What are the odds, right?! First Kinsey, and now that Star-Lord guy. Right, suppose most people are attracted to big bounties. Ugh, perfect. This just -perfect-. He just hopes they don't see him. Of course, he's a giant sentient machine who seems to be in the middle of a massive wrecked portion of the jungles that cover most of this planet. And not far away from another wrecked portion of it, and the smoldering ruins of what was once some village or town, which by the way looks like there had been some super local earthquake that was probably not caused by natural seismic activity.

    Anyway, all of this, Star-Lord can probably see once he gets close enough to the surface.

Star-Lord has posed:
Well... he was going to touch down. Instead, Star-Lord brings the shuttle back around and over the massive wrecked portion of the jungle where Blurr is.

Plus, he's tuned the sensors for both the Milano and the shuttle with Rockets help after their last encounter with Blurr, since they have a better idea of what to look for. Though of course camoflagued Cybertronians are going to trick his sensors no matter what he does; that's what the mode is designed for, after all.

"Well then." Star-Lord mutters to himself as he moves to touch down next to Blurr.

Blurr has posed:
    And then Star-Lord starts coming toward him. Right. Of course. Not that there's really anywhere for a Cybertronian like him to hide on a jungle planet like this.

    "Let me guess," Blurr starts when Quill touches down nearby. "You're here looking for the giant insectoid mechs and a big payday. Well sorry but you were too slow."

Star-Lord has posed:
A pop of the top hatch, and Star-Lord is flying out of the shuttle on his Jetboots, hovering over it before he flies right up to Blurrs face on them fluidly.

Seems Quill is pretty good with flying on those things, "Well, I was actually more curious about the massive earthquake and the flattened jungle. Don't usually have signs like those around a decent bounty, and we aren't suicidal." Peter informs Blurr.

Then, he's crossing his arms over his chest, "what are you doing here anyway? I didn't expect to see you again after you went back to that Cybertronian station from Warlocks portal."

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr arches a brow at Star-Lord, watching him float around on those boots. He's unsure of whether to believe the Terran or not. "Well, then I stand corrected." he says, sounding somewhat sarcastic. "This 'bounty' must not be 'decent' by your standards, then. The quake was thanks to some giant purple guy. As for the rest of it...well, it's a long story." he grumbles.

    "I wasn't -supposed- to be here," he starts, turning back to fiddling with the comms array. "But as you can see I got shot down. And I didn't expect to see you either, but you're the one who kind of came here yourself, so."

Star-Lord has posed:
"I wasn't expecting signs of a battle." Peter points out, "either way, sounds like we're too late regardless." He looks over the flattened jungle, before he turns back to Blurr. "Are you looking for a ride back home?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Well you weren't expecting to be too late were you?" Blurr replies, the question kind of rhetorical.

    "No," the Autobot answers quickly when Star-Lord asks if he wants a ride home. "Like I told you before, the less you involve yourself with me, the better. For you." Of course if Quill is crazy enough to come here in the first place, then there's probably no point in even mentioning that. Can't force the brash ones to simply not be brash...

Star-Lord has posed:
"Yeah yeah, we're a bunch of biological insects who has no business being as awesome as we are. I want to protect your fragile terran shell so you don't get hurt!" Peter states, heavy with sarcasm.

He pulls out one of his element guns, then the other, and he starts flying around on his Jetboots as he proceeds to start flattening the jungle even more.

One section gets a massive new ice sheet baked over the trees and debris, another section is burned to ashes by massive flamethrowers as Peter torches it. Another section is soaked in a whirlwind of air and water as he actually picks up debris with the guns, and flings it into the fires he just started.

After all that, he turns upward, into the sky, flips, and flies back to hover in front of Blurr. "I can take care of myself." He gives a cocky smirk as he replaces the two guns back into their holsters.

Blurr has posed:
    "No it's--" Blurr starts to protest when Star-Lord comes at him with that sassy comeback. But then the Terran is suddenly busy showing off exactly what he can do and just how good he really is with those jetboots.

    Actually, Blurr doesn't seem annoyed by it at all. In fact, he just sort of watches with an amused smirk on his face. Blue Lanterns are definitely -not- gonna like that. Probably going to start lecturing with their high-sounding 'all will be well' talk. He chuckles at that cocky look. "All right, all right--that was pretty impressive. For a fleshbag, anyway. I mean, you've already shown yourself to be crazy enough to bring me onto your ship once, and stick around to fight Legislators, and come here, to Cybertronian space, for a bounty that clearly has extremely dangerous stakes involving mutated Cybertronian monsters." He shrugs dramatically, then. "So I guess what the slag can I do? Crazy organics will be crazy organics."

    "But since you're so good at that, maybe you could help me get back from Lobo and giant purple what's-his-face what is rightfully mine?"

Star-Lord has posed:
To be fair, Star-Lord couldn't care less what any of the Lantern Corps have to say about him... so not like their speeches are going to matter in the least. "What's rightfully yours?" Star-Lord flies closer to Blurrs face, an extremely amused expression on his face, "Are you.... offering us a /bounty/?" Insert heavy dose of 'oh realllyyyyyyy' in his tone.

Blurr has posed:
    "The bugs." Blurr says with a groan. "You know, the ones in the bounty. I stole them first." He really did. "And plus, I need them for more than just -money-." he points out, but doesn't explain what those other reasons are.

    "Uh, maybe?" he answers when Star-Lord insinuates he is offering...compensation.

Star-Lord has posed:
"I'll talk it over with the others." Star-Lord gives in response. "We'd have to do some research on giant purple guy, but I'm pretty sure we can take on Lobo."

He glances around the jungle, "So. You got a ride?" He glances back to Blurr.

Blurr has posed:
    "I can send you what I've got on big purple." Blurr says. Which probably include images and video of the stuff he did. Like getting huge, ripping up the ground (leading to that quake), and punching extremely hard. "And the transponder code for the tracker I put on his ship." he says, smirking.

    He sighs at that last question. "No, not currently. But, uh..." he glances at the cargo hold. "I did manage to secure the only one left alive." Meaning the bugs. "Not sure if you want that on your ship."

Star-Lord has posed:
"Is it dormant and won't cause any harm or try to eat us? Or the ship?" Star-Lord asks.

Blurr has posed:
    "Well, yeah. I guess. I mean, at least last I saw, it was. It's sealed up in a containment field, so it shouldn't be able to chew its way out." Blurr answers. Right. Shouldn't. "It's just, don't know all that much about these things, but that's kind of why I needed one alive."

Star-Lord has posed:
There's a long few moments of silence as Star-Lord regards Blurr. Then, he sighs, "So how dangerous are these things, then? If one gets loose, can I just freeze it with my guns?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Uhhhh--well a lot of this, is because they actually got loose earlier...and devoured a bunch of natives. And leveled a village." Blurr glances about at the pretty thorough level of destruction around the area.

    "I don't know, maybe? I don't know how your guns work, how am I supposed to answer that? If one did get loose, it would probably start eating your ship. And then eat you. Not necessarily in that order."

Star-Lord has posed:
Star-Lord pulls out one of the element guns, bends his elbow upward, and shows the side of it. "These can generate and manipulate the elements in any way I could imagine. I am quite literally limited by my imagination and the generating power in them." He holsters it again.

"That's how they work. Would forming an ice funnel around one work? How big are these things?" Star-Lord flies up a bit to get a better look at the destruction around.

Blurr has posed:
    "Huh, wow." Blurr remarks when Star-Lord tells him about how unlimited the element guns could be. "-Any way-?"

    "They're maybe a little bit smaller than me. On average. Depends. I mean I don't know, I've never -tried- to trap them in an ice funnel." he shrugs.

Star-Lord has posed:
"Far as I know, they're unique in the galaxy, and pretty useful." Star-Lord continues, "I obviously can't change the weather with them, but I can certainly do what I like locally." Peter shrugs, before he looks back to Blurr. "Tell you what. Bring the thing out in the open and when I come back I'll let you know if the others are on board... and I can tell you if I'd let you bring the 'insecticon' on board. For now, I'll see you later."

As Peter starts to fly back over to the shuttle to the roof hatch, he mutters to himself, "Cybertronians are all sorts of weird. Do they have robots for everything?"